MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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credits: OhItsLai a.k.a. daragonlai

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Dara bit her lips as people continued to throw curious glances at them. Somehow, she felt elated. She stole a glance at GD's feet. The sole of his socks are now dirty. She then looked at the unfitted shoes on her feet and smiled inwardly. It felt weird to wear a guy's shoes, but it strangely feels..hmmmm..what's the word...comforting? A feeling of security? Other couples are pointing at them and gushing at how sweet GD is. Others are openly laughing at the strange sight. GD doesn't seem to mind, he just continued walking silently.

They reached the viewing deck where the Locks of Love are. Dara took a sharp intake of breath as she marveled the beauty of Seoul from the viewing deck. She really wanted to go there but never found the time. She excitedly inspected the locks on the fence and read some of the messages left by the couples there.

(pictures of Locks of Love ->

She glanced at GD with an expectant look. zz-num-39.gif

"No.", GD immediately said with his usual noncommittal tone and scanned the city of Seoul.

"Oh come on, just for fun.", she pleaded. Dara looked longingly at the padlocks with messages left by couples at the fence. She really wants both of them to do it to leave a memory of her first date.

"That's not fun.", he said without even glancing at her.

"I promise I'll 'rent' you if we do this", she whispered while clasping both her hands with twinkling eyes.

"Very tempting, but no", he crossed his arms and stared straight at the downtrodden face of Dara.


"Too cheesy."

Dara stomped her feet in frustration and sat at a nearby bench. There's not even an ounce of pity on the stoic guy's system. Besides, he's supposed to do everything that she says but why is it that she's the one obeying his every whims?!

She shot GD a death glare, crossed her arms and sharply turned her head away. Dara looked like a kid throwing tantrums but she doesn't give a damn. She's hella pissed. She heard GD's hearty laugh and that annoyed her even more. What's the point of climbing up Namsan Tower if they're not going to leave a lock on the fence of Locks of Love?

A phone rang. It was GD's phone. He answered it and his expression turned grim in an instant. Dara eyed him curiously as he strode towards her.

"Stay here. I'll be back", he said without offering further explanation and started to leave.

"Wait, where are you going? Your shoes..", Dara was about to go after him but GD coldly stared at her, stopping her from her tracks.

"I'll be back", he said with finality and left.

Dara grimaced. What an odd guy, she thought. She looked around and saw another couple putting a padlock on the fence. Dara sighed heavily, she badly wants to do it too.

Wait... Why not? An idea popped in her head and she descended the stairs to buy herself a padlock.


"Boss, one of the Blue Lanterns betrayed us", TOP stepped out of his hiding place as soon as GD turned around the corner. Youngbae together with the rest of his unit were loitering in a safe distance.

The Blue Lanterns are the uninitiated members of the Triad. Every Triad members are subject to initiation ceremony before becoming a full-pledged member.

"Oh really", GD calmly said as he continued to walk with TOP behind him inconspicuously. From other people's point of view, they look like two normal men who just happens to walk on the same direction.

"Need my shoes, lover boy?", TOP can't help but tease his boss. Eventhough GD is the boss, TOP, GD and Youngbae still treats one another like brothers. In front of the other Triad units, they behave differently. But if it's just them, they try to act as normal as possible - which is also their way of holding on to the last strand of something normal in their life.

GD just shook his head and smirked at his taunting. TOP is behaving like there's no impending conflict that can cause them their lives. Well actually, they're quite used to it. So this kind of situation is nothing.

"QRV?", GD jokingly asked, making use of the Q code which means 'Are you ready?' (QRV)

"QWM!", TOP answered seriously in his deep voice. GD tried to keep a straight face and stopped himself from laughing. TOP didn't realize he messed up his Q code, he replied 'I will marry you!' (QWM)

"Wait, that sounded wrong...", TOP said after realizing he used the wrong code. GD chuckled lightly.

"Anyway, boss, a plate to make counterfeited Chinese currency was stolen from the White Paper Fan. He plans to sell it. The exchange will take place at one of the cable cars in Namsan Tower", TOP continued. The White Paper Fan is the Triad's administrator that provides financial and business advice and support.

"After the Red Pole, now the White Paper Fan is asking us for a favor? What's the message from Straw Sandal (liaison officer)?", he asked.

"Retrieve the plate. Kill the traitor", TOP said grimly. GD sighed. Another dead body.

"Don't kill him unless necessary. You know what to do. I'll talk to the White Paper Fan after this. We just have to safely retrieve the plate. Who bought the plate?", GD asked.

"Just a bunch of hooligans from a small-scale underground gang.", TOP answered. GD's forehead creased. That's odd. Why would a Blue Lantern try to cross the Triad for a couple of bucks and negotiate with just a bunch of hooligans?

"Let's clean up this mess", GD declared with authorization.

"Yes Boss", TOP snapped his fingers. Youngbae and the rest of their men dispersed when they saw the signal while TOP continued to follow GD.


"Anything else?", GD pulled out something in his pocket. A small bottle and a folded leather purse that contains needles. He dipped a couple of them in the liquid inside the small bottle and placed the needles in a black metal that looks like a stick with a hollow middle.

"Sandara Park is still at the Namsan Tower. Shouldn't we send someone to take her home and tell her, I don't know, a lie to explain why you left her there?", TOP asked. GD frowned at TOP as they positioned themselves behind the trees.

"I'm sure she'll go home by herself if she gets impatient.", GD nonchalantly answered.

"And here I thought you were a sweet guy", TOP sighed, thinking of his twenty million won down the drain.


Dara shivered as a gush of wind blew. It's becoming cold and the sun is already setting. There's only a handful of people at the view deck. Where the hell could Jiyong be?

She looked at the fence and smiled. She bought one lock and left a message for GD. It doesn't matter if her padlock is the only one without a couple lock. At least she left a memory there.

She looked at her watch. She's been waiting for him for two hours. Dara started to worry again. He didn't get in any kind of trouble, did he? Roaming around wearing only socks without shoes, someone might've laughed at him and pissed him off and he might've fought back, and maybe they ganged up on him...The possibilities are endless.

She shifted on her seat and stretched her neck trying to look for him.

"Hey cute little miss, are you alone?", three guys looking like thugs came up to her. Dara ignored them and looked the other way.

"Ohhhh, she's a tough one", one of the guys said and was about to hold her chin.

"Do you need anything from my girlfriend", GD suddenly materialized behind the guy, hands on his pockets, dangerously glaring at the thug.

"Jiyong", Dara whispered and ran towards him.

"Come on, let's go", Dara pushed GD and urged him to walk away. But one of the thugs grabbed Dara's arm. Dara screamed just when GD squeezed the throat of the guy, applying pressure on it. The thug's eyes bulged as he had difficulty breathing and lets go of Dara. The other two guys were frozen on their spot, petrified.

Dara grabbed GD's arm. He looked at her questioningly, she just shook her head and GD finally lets go of the thug's throat. He then calmly walked away, with Dara following him from behind having a bewildered look on her face.

They were walking in silence until they reached the car. Dara was still shocked to see that side of GD. He sure can fight.

"Where did you go? Did something happen?", Dara asked with a worried look.

"An emergency.", he answered.

"Oh. You should've called me, I can go home by myself", Dara muttered softly.

"You should've gone home. Why did you wait?"

"Because you said you're coming back", she answered while trying to find the seatbelt. GD let out a heavy sigh and extended to the passenger side to help her buckle up. Dara held her breath as GD's face is so close to hers.

"You're funny", he smiled as his face hovered near hers. He then pinched her cheeks, earning a frown from her.


Dara noticed the beads of sweat on GD's forehead and a couple of dirt on his face. She quickly fumbled in her bag and pulled out her handkerchief. Without realizing it, she gently wipes his face. GD jerked back in surprise.

"What are you doing?", he asked.

"Aiishht! Hold still. Where did you really go, anyway? You look messy. By the way, next time, don't mind those kinds of lowlife. Just walk away. What if one of them had a knife. They could've hurt you, you know.", she said and continued what she's doing, oblivious to the amused stare of GD.

She's worried because those small scale thugs might hurt him? Ha!

"Thank you for saving me back there. And for the flowers yesterday. But you sent it to the wrong floor though. We're at the 17th floor. The 18th floor are for the big bosses", Dara muttered under her breath as she took off GD's shoes and gave it to him. He wore it and started the car.

"I deliberately sent it to the wrong floor", GD chuckled. Dara rolled her eyes. He sure knows how to do his job.

As GD was driving, Dara grabbed the chance to study his features. His defined jawline, his prominent nose, his cheekbones, the way he bites his lips whenever he's in deep thought, the way he laughs whenever something amuses him.

Should she 'rent' him? He's really a bundle of contradictions, very unpredictable. She can't tell what he's thinking. He has this nonchalant air around him, like he doesn't care about anything. He'll do whatever he wants to do. At one point, he'll make fun of you. Then, he'll ignore you. But, there's this gentle side of him. A side of him that makes you crave to know more about him.

When GD showed up behind the thug, her heart skipped a beat. When he announced that she's his 'girlfriend', she likes the sound of it. She wanted to experience it more, even if it's all an act. She sighed heavily as she looked out the window. How pathetic can she be?

GD pulled over in front of Dara's apartment.

"How did you know I live here?", Dara looked at him, bewildered.

"Sources.", GD shrugged.

"Thanks for this day. I enjoyed it.", she sheepishly said. He just shrugged again.

"Can I just text you if I want to 'rent' you? Or should I call the company?", she unbuckled her seatbelt, trying not to look at him. Somehow, the air becomes a bit awkward.

"Just text me.", he said coolly.

"You don't seem to care whether I 'rent' you or not", she observed. Instead of answering, GD opened his door and went to her side to open her door. Dara stepped out of the pavement and almost lost her balance, her stilettos really need to go!

Fortunately, GD was able to catch her. She scooped her up and proceeded to the apartment complex entrance while carrying her.

"Put me down, I can walk", Dara tried to wiggle free but GD clacked his tongue and glared at her. She stopped protesting and concentrated on normalizing her heartbeat because she can literally hear it!

She wrapped her hands on GD's neck for support. She can't help but stare at him. His personality is really puzzling. She can't tell if he's a goofball or a serious person.

"Open the door", GD's voice brought her back to reality. Dara was surprised to see that they're already in front of her door. She lives in the second floor, how did GD know that? Oh yeah, sources.

She typed in her keycode and the door buzzed open. GD walked inside her apartment while Dara continued to stare at him, mesmerized. Then...


"Ouch!!", Dara bounced up and down as the mattress recoiled from her weight after GD unceremoniously tossed her on the bed.

"Dork", GD softly said as he laughed at her and turned around to leave. Dara stared at his back with disbelief as GD raised his right hand and raised his pointing finger to coolly wave goodbye.

"JERK!!", she screamed.



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