MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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"Is she going to be okay?"

That's approximately the 48 millionth time boss has asked that question. My reply came immediately since my mouth is already in autopilot mode, "Yes Boss"

"Is she really going to be fine?"

"Yes boss"

Jiyong rubbed Dara's palms with his bandaged hands and stared at her. He has taken a good beating from those damn Alliance members but he seems unfazed of his injury and is more focused on Dara. He has been acting like a psychotic maniac for the past 3 hours that Dara has been asleep.

Yes, she's just sleeping and is currently here in one of he Triad's medical facility. The doctors have already assured our boss that her vitals are stable and she just needs to rest. I'm not sure why he's acting like all the doctors are fcking liars and I'm the one who is most credible in assessing Dara's condition. *sigh

After this, Dara will not be able to walk the face of the planet without an army of escorts, I tell you. I can already picture her guards doing an elaborate exercise of sweeping every area for bombs and whatnots whenever she is about to go to a certain place. I'm actually looking forward to the spectacular fight between the two once our boss breaks the news to her kekekeke.

I understand his peculiar behaviour, though. After seeing Dara inside a casket, I'm sure our boss has been in an emotional turmoil. That Jung Il Woo guy has really played well with his mind, shattering him with a vision of something that will undoubtedly torture him.

"She looks really pale. Is she going to be okay?"

OMG, Im going to frigging lose my mind!

"Yes boss", I muttered while pouting.

Suddenly, the door opened and Daddy Youngbae entered. I gave him the most pitiful look I could muster.

Get me away from here, Daddy Youngbae!

"Boss, the Dragon Head has called for an emergency meeting at the Hung Gates", he announced.

"I'm not leaving Dara", Jiyong firmly replied.

"The Dragon Head has already assumed that but your right-hand man must be present so he can attend it in your behalf. Almost all of the Triad members have already gathered"

Thank heavens for Daddy Youngbae!!!

"Okay. Hyung, attend the meeting in my place", boss said without giving us a second glance.

"YES BOSS!", I quickly answered.

As soon as we are outside and out of his earshot, I jumped at Daddy Youngbae's back and wrapped my arms and legs around his upper torso.

"MY HERO!!", I squealed.




We were inside what looks like a Roman theater, with stadium-style seating in half-circle facing a big platform. We call this place the Hung Gates and this is where a lot of Triad passage rites are being held.

The first time I was here was during our initiation from Blue Lanterns to 49ers. Whenever Jiyong climbs into higher Triad rank, we are gathered in this secluded place together with the other Triad members to undergo the traditional ceremonies of rank promotion. The Hung Gates is a very significant place for a Triad member since it holds a lot of memories for us.

When the Dragon Head finally stepped on the platform, the murmurs died down and an eerie silence settled in. His eyes scanned the area before he started speaking.

"I've already announced before that the former Hung Clan descendant has already passed away and that the new descendant is Choi Sulli...", he paused and a solemn expression crossed his face.

"The truth is...we don't have a new descendant since the scroll has not been passed down. The Hung Clan line has ceased to exist with the former descendant"

WHOAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell?!

The collective whispers of the Triad members filled the area as we all began talking simultaneously, mirrorring our surprise. Daesung and Seungri were already plotting something sinister to get back to Sulli because of the way she treated them before. When the Dragon Head spoke again, we immediately shut our mouths and focused on his every word.

"Sulli was the one who found the former descendant when one of the local gangsters during the dinner event told her about a man he encountered in the Blue Fire turf with an incurable disease that is always holding onto a scroll. He said that the man is becoming senile as his disease consumes him and constantly mutters about the Triads, which he thought is just a product of his imagination. But Sulli thought otherwise and decided to pay the man a visit and accompanied him to a Triad medical facility. As it turns out, he is indeed the missing descendant"

"Unfortunately, the descendant passed away shortly after he was found and he was not able to announce his successor. He also didn't have any family to continue the Hung Clan line. But Sulli, being the one who found the descendant, informed me that she wanted to claim the wish she is entitled to. Her wish is to become the new descendant with the Deputy Mountain Master as her Protector. I didn't announce that she was the one who found the former descendant since that will complicate things."

Wow. My head is about to explode from too much information. I looked at Daddy Youngbae and pouted my lips but he just widened my eyes at me, reprimanding my behaviour.

"But the recent events regarding the attack of the New World Alliance made her rethink her decision. We all know that once the wish has been claimed, it cannot be undone. For this case, I am willing to make an exception. But this matter is not solely my responsibility, but yours as well. We are all sworn brothers and Sulli's request will affect all of us greatly since we will lose a descendant - a representation of the Hung Clan who founded the Triads. For this reason, I wanted to ask all of you if we are all in agreement to undo Sulli's wish. Please stand up if you agree"

Damn, I immediately scampered off my seat to stand up! Of course we all agreed! Sulli has been nothing but a pain in the since she assumed the descendant position! Having power and wealth does not suit her, it twists her personality.

"It has been decided, then. Sulli is now relieved of the descendant position and the Triad does not have any Hung Clan descendant from this day forward", the Dragon Head announced.

WHOOHOOO!!! This also means another thing, boss is now relieved of the Protector position!


GD never took her eyes off her. He has been sitting on the chair, his hand grasping Dara's hand while stroking her face once in a while. He almost lost her and just thinking about it brings a stabbing pain in his heart again. It was too painful to bear the sight of her inside that casket. And when he realized that she tricked him to be able to save him, no words can describe the kind of hell he was feeling at that moment.

Dara stirred on her sleep and he was immediately in full alert. He was holding his breath when her eyelids moved and slowly fluttered opened. She blinked drowsily a couple of times before finally focusing on him.

"Hey you", she said and squeezed his hand. He took a sharp intake of breath, still unable to believe that Dara was almost in the brink of death a few hours ago.

"Hey you", he hoarsely replied, his face still stiff with worry. His expression finally softened when she smiled at him, as if assuring him that she's fine.

Dara sat up despite his protests. He sat on the bed when she reached for him and quickly wrapped his arms around her body.

"Mmmhhhmmm", she contentedly moaned as she clung to him, sniffing his familiar scent. She caught sight of the couple ring that he was wearing and touched it with her finger.

"Mine", he said and caught her hand where her couple ring is, entrapping it with his hand and placing it on his chest.

"Yours", she chuckled.

"How are you feeling?", he asked.

"I need a kiss", she lifted her face and playfully puckered her lips. GD softly laughed and gave her a quick peck before asking about her condition again.

"I'm a bit dizzy but I'm fine", she paused when GD's current state finally dawned on her. He has bandages everywhere.

"Oh my God, are you hurt somewhere?", she worriedly asked as she inspected his bruises.


"Are you okay?!", Dara cupped his face and saw some small scratches on his forehead. She's starting to freak out.


"You need to be taken to-..."

"Calm down, babe", he cooed and started planting soft kisses all over her face. He gathered her on his arms again and pressed her closer to him, shutting his eyes for a few seconds and just savoring her presence.

"You lied to me. You said the antidote is in your pocket", he pulled away and locked his gaze with hers, his eyes reflecting the pain that has been torturing him.

"I have to. I know Il Woo is going to use me against you. I don't want anything to happen to you", her eyes became misty as the scary events started pouring in her mind. She firmly clung onto his neck and buried her face on his chest.

"Never do that again. I'd rather die, Dara. You're my life. If something happens to you, I don't know what to do", his chest heaved achingly.

Their talk was interrupted when someone coughed by the door. They didn't realize YG was standing there.

"I have something to tell both of you", he started. He sat on the chair and began telling them about the news he announced a while ago at the Hung Gates. He also informed them that the Yakuza and Mafia organizations were successful in obliterating the Alliance members tasked to destroy them. The New World Alliance has been completely wiped out.

"You are now relieved of your Protector position, Jiyong", he finally said. The couple both sighed in relief after hearing that good news.

Dara is still hiding behind GD when YG commended her for what she has done.

"Miss Park, your display of bravery is highly impressive", he commented.

"I'm not brave. I was really scared", she sheepishly said.

"Bravery is not the absence of fear, Miss Park. And strength is not the absence of tears. I've been observing you ever since that night when I requested you to join the gangster dinner event. I've also witnessed how you held yourself when I announced Sulli as the descendant. Your resilience is extraordinary", he smiled benevolently at her.

"Why did she wish to be the Triad's new descendant?", Dara curiously asked.

"Actually, she was considering whether to be married to Jiyong or become the new descendant"

Dara gasped and squeezed GD's hand upon hearing that particular bit of news. Sulli wants Jiyong to marry her?! Her chest clenched painfully just picturing it.

"In the end, she just decided to be the new descendant and have Jiyong as her Protector. Perhaps she knew if she forces him to marriage, he would still abandon her or ignore her so she opted for something wherein Jiyong won't have any choice but to be by her side all the time and tolerate her"

"How did you know about the antidote, uncle?", GD asked, purposely changing the subject.

"When I heard your recorded phone conversation with the Alliance Leader about the special drug which is different from the medically approved ones like barbiturate, I remembered the missing drugs that were being developed in our research facility near the hot spring resort. A research documentation and two vials were missing - one for putting the body in a state of coma but the drug is not perfected yet so the person will face death if he is not given the antidote within a timeframe, and the second vial is the antidote. I took a chance especially after reading the invitation for Sandara Park's funeral"

GD's grip on Dara's shoulder tightened upon hearing that funeral invitation again. That fcking bastard is really a psycho! He even asked the Alliance members to dress the part!

"If my hunch was incorrect and that was the wrong antidote, you could've died Miss Park", YG nonchalantly told her, making her shudder.

"UNCLE!", GD growled in anger. He doesn't want to hear about Dara's near-death experience again.

"Oh! That's why I saw Il Woo at the hot spring resort during our weekend getaway! He was there to get those drugs!", Dara suddenly blurted out.

"Wait, what?! You know that bastard way before?!", GD's eyes widened furiously and even in the presence of the Dragon Head, the two started bickering.

YG softly laughed and regarded the young couple in front of him, shaking his head in amusement.

"You two have my blessing, Jiyong", he stood up and started walking towards the door.

GD abruptly stopped talking and looked at YG's retreating back with furrowed eyebrows. When he finally realized what he meant, a smile curved on his lips.

"Thank you, uncle"

"Wait, Mr. Yang", Dara called out.

YG stopped by the door and glanced back.

"You could've easily persuaded Sulli to wish for something else but you readily agreed on her being the descendant. Did you do all these to test me?", she asked.

He arched his eyebrows in amusement, "Perhaps yes. Perhaps not"

His confident footsteps faded but the scowl on Dara's face remained. She then turned to GD with a deeper frown in her forehead.

"It runs in the family, doesn't it?", she muttered.

"What is?", GD asked while suppressing a smile.




His attitude is slowly driving me to madness!

It has been two days since the incident but he is still treating me like I'm going to die if I'm not within his vision. My To Don't list is becoming longer and longer at each passing minute and it is seriously getting on my nerves!

"I want to go to work already!", I whined.

"No", he sternly said.

WAHH! This jerk!!! He even asked Bom to file my Vacation Leave for me and wouldn't let me out of his sight! I've been staying here in his place for the past days and doctors have been constantly checking on me even though all of them have already assured Jiyong that there is absolutely no need for that since I'm fine.

My God! He's unbelievable! Yes, I've been through a life-threatening experience but everything is fine now and the Dragon Head already assured us that the New World Alliance has been defeated. I want to get back to my normal life so I could put all those scary stuff behind and move forward. That's the way I roll but he wouldn't let me!

Jiyong is behaving like he's suffering from a post-traumatic stress. I tried to confront him but he doesn't want to talk about Il Woo and about what happened that night. He becomes stiff whenever I bring it up.

Just yesterday, he created chaos because of the lame prank I pulled on him. I was so bored so I hid inside the closet when he was on the living room talking to some of his men. When he went inside the bedroom and called my name, I didn't reply. The panic in his voice should have been my cue to go out of my hiding place but I thought it would be funny to prolong his agony a bit.

The moment he searched the bathroom and didn't find me, he went NUCLEAR. I am not even kidding! When I jumped out of the closet and ran after him, he has already gathered his men, their weapons drawn and ready to destroy an entire city! Holy crap, it was so awkward!

If I really did leave his place without telling him where I'm going, I bet tactical units will be in place and hound dogs will be released. I kid you not. Okay yeah, I'm exaggerating but you get the picture.

If he'll have another crazy episode again, I'll die of embarrassment I swear.

This has got to stop. I don't want to live the rest of my life like this.

I stomped my feet and sat at the edge of his bed.

"Babe..", he sat beside me but I looked away. He then shifted his position, settling behind me with his parted legs trapping me in between. He then wrapped his arms around my waist, his chest pressed against my back and his chin resting on my shoulder. I can already feel my annoyance ebbing away. Ugh! He is always using this tactic!

"Tell me what you want", he whispered on my ear making me shudder. Gah!!

"I'll give everything you want, babe. Just stop trying to get out of my sight. You still have to rest after what happened", I almost jumped when he nipped my earlobe but his arms secured me in place, preventing me from getting away from him.

"Jiyong...", I sighed and glanced sideways to look at him. "I'm fine. You're the one who's not"

"I will be if you just stay here for a while. Just bear with me babe, mmmhhhmmm?", he nuzzled the crook of my neck and kissed my shoulder.

I shifted my position and sat sideways on his lap while resting my hands on his chest, our eyes locked together. He needs to stop distracting me so we could have a decent conversation.

"Ji, even if I stay here, nothing will change with you. It's like you want to lock me up here to be assured that I'm safe. We have to talk about what's bothering you"

He swallowed hard and looked away from me, his jaws clenching. When he gazed back at me, his face was tense and he opened his mouth to speak but decided against it. Instead, he tightened his hold on me and buried his face on my shoulder.

"Jiyong, come on. Let's talk about it", I gently d his back to ease him.

He just shook his head, his face still buried on my shoulder, hiding his eyes from me. I sighed heavily while staring at nothing in particular.

"I also thought that I would die that night, Jiyong", I carefully said. He abruptly pulled back and painfully looked at me, his eyebrows furrowed in anxiety.

"STOP IT! Don't say that!", his chest heaved up and down, his fingers digging on my upper arm.

"But I didn't. And that made me realize that-"

" I don't want to talk about what happened that night"

"We have to, Ji"

"I-I can't", he hung his head low and gently shook it. "I can't", he repeated.


"Babe, I've already formed a sub-unit to always follow you around. You have to be guarded all the time. Don't argue with me about this, please"

"No, Ji-"

"I'm planning on meeting all the Triad officials so I could be assured that Seoul will be safe for you and I will-"

"JIYONG! This is crazy!"

"I ALMOST LOST YOU!", he shouted while shaking me, his eyes almost blazing with the intensity of the emotions he's been keeping inside.

"Damn it, Dara. Seeing you in the casket...that was the most terrifying moment of my life. I don't want to experience that again. I...I can't bear it", he was almost pleading as he held my hand, bringing it on his lips.

"I understand. But you can't let me live like a prisoner. If it's my time to die, then I will no matter how you try to prevent it. Yes, I'll try to be more careful from now on but I refuse to succumb to fear and be guarded by your army 24/7. Let's move on and be what we used to be, that's how we can both cope with what happened"

He shook his head, still unconvinced that everything will be fine.

"Look at us. We're both unhappy. I want the old us, Jiyong"

"My mind won't be at ease if you're out of my sight", he weakly said.

"You'll survive", I smiled at him and gave him a loud peck on the lips. I knew I already won judging by his slumped shoulders.

"I hate you", he mumbled while pouting.

OMOOO!!! The mobster, G-DRAGON, is pouting?! My gosh, what is air?! I can't breathe! He looks so freaking cute!! KYAAAHH!!!

I stared at him for a while, totally dumbstrucked.

"What?", he asked.

"Pout again, Ji", I looked at him with puppy eyes while clinging to his neck.





Dara sighed heavily when she saw me leaning on a tree near her office building.

"I'm your guardian angel today", I announced.

"I'm really sorry, TOP. I already asked Jiyong multiple times not to bother any of you guys to guard me whenever he's not with me", she said.

"It's okay. I'm actually impressed that you managed to convince him to diminish the number of guards to only one. He really organized a sub-unit amongst us to be able to make sure that you'll be followed 24/7"

Dara began walking while shaking her head in despair, "I'll try to talk to him again"

We walked in silence as we headed to a restaurant since it was her lunch break. Suddenly, my body tensed instinctively when I felt someone following us. I inconspicuously scanned the area and used the reflections in nearby stores to check.

I rolled my eyes in frustration when I finally identified who it is.

"Get a seat, I'll be right with you", I told Dara and spun on my heels to catch the retreating Seungri, who was trying to escape my claws. I yanked his ear as soon as I got my hands on him.

"OUCH! Hyung!", he whined.

"Why are you following us?", I asked while pulling his ear as we stepped inside the restaurant. I gave Dara a reassuring smile when her eyebrows furrowed at us.

"I just want to join both of you for lunch! Boss is still busy taking care of some stuff and I was bored!", he reasoned. I finally let go of his ear and eyed him suspiciously.

"Then why didn't you just show yourself instead of tailing us like you're up to something", I asked.

He fidgeted nervously and immediately pocketed his mobile phone. I was about to strangle his neck to make him talk but there was no need for that since the answer came a few seconds later.

I sensed her dark force even before she entered the premises.

"Teletubby!", her annoying voice slashed through my consciousness like fingernails scratching a blackboard.

I casted an accusatory glare at Seungri. He freaking set this up! He knew I am trying to avoid Miss Piglet whenever I'm the one assigned to guard Dara! There's nothing I want to do right now but to drag him somewhere and cause him endless grief.

"Thanks Seungri", Bom said.

"How did you two know each other?", I asked.

"Errr...She talked to me before when I dropped off Dara noona to her office. She knew we're working for the same..Security Company", the rat explained.

"I also met Youngbae and Daesung. Seriously, Jiyong is really protective of Dara, eh? He's even asking you guys to guard her. What's up with that?", Bom asked while pulling Dara close to her. Dara was looking anywhere but her, probably sensing that Bom is getting suspicious of this whole setup.

"Did anything happen that's why Jiyong asked me to file your vacation leave?", she continued.

Seungri was about to answer but I quickly elbowed him, shutting him up. I don't trust him to answer Bom's inquiries since our maknae is well-known for spawning disasters effortlessly. All he needs is to open his mouth and everything will go down the drain, explode, burn to the get the picture.

"Nothing. He's just being extra cautious. By the way, why are you here? Are you stalking me?", I desperately tried to change the subject while murdering Seungri with my glare.

Miss Piglet pouted and looked at me, "You've been avoiding me! You're not answering my calls and messages!"

HUH??????? My eyebrows almost reached the ceiling. Seungri and Dara were giving us teasing glances.

Before I could open my mouth to react, Miss Piglet was already dragging me to a table and made me sit beside her. Seungri was frantically texting someone as he sat opposite me, beside Dara.

I felt like I was trapped in a distorted reality as Miss Piglet continued to be overly accomodating as we eat lunch. Youngbae and Daesung entered the restaurant minutes later and I just knew it was Seungri's doing. They were all smiling widely at me, like they're enjoying the tortured look that is plastered all over my face. They sat on our table and greeted Bom while giving me a creepy smile.

I groaned and buried my face on my palms, cursing Seungri endlessly. I lifted my gaze and stared at him stonily while conveying a very clear message through telepathy.

'I will pulverize your , you fcking bastard', I thought.

"You will run. I will catch you. You will die", I muttered loud enough for him to hear just in case telepathy didn't work.

Seungri flinched and clung on Dara's arm but no one will be able to save him from being brutally murdered once we get out of here.

Miss Piglet lightly hit my arm to get my attention, "Stop bullying Seungri. I asked him to text me where you are because he knew I like you"

I almost had a freaking heart attack. I'm pretty sure a good amount of my brain cells suddenly exploded.

"W-WHAT?!", my eyes were bulging out of the sockets as I stared at her in pure horror.

She nonchalantly shrugged her shoulders and puffed her cheeks, smiling at me wickedly. GAAHH!!! I looked around and all of them were hanging their head low, seemingly concentrating on their food with a maniacal smile on their faces. They look creepy! My sworn brothers have completely declined from intelligent species to monkeys.

I pushed my seat as far away from her as possible and began talking gibberish.

"P-Park Bom. Uh...You see..uh...I'm...uh..."

She innocently batted her eyelashes and pulled her seat towards me, leaning her face dangerously near mine! OTTOKAE!

"Mmmhmmm?", she mumbled.


Her face was drawing near mine as I reclined backwards. She puckered her lips and I gasped in shock!

"Did you get it?", she suddenly stopped his advances and asked.

"I got it, noona!", I heard Seungri say.

"Good. Send it to me", Bom straightened up and pulled out her phone. She then got a message and opened it.

"Your shocked face is to die for", she remarked and showed me the video of the super flabbergasted ME taken a while ago.

" you just did that to prank me?"

"P-Park Bom...Uh...You see...Uh", she mockingly imitated me as a round of laughter erupted on our table.

I can't believe it! She ruined me!

I furiously glanced back at the three monkeys.

"All of us will talk later", I said between gritted teeth.

translation: Get your sorry back in the headquarters where I can beat the out of you

"Aigoooo, Teletubby. You are so cute when flustered. You look so...inexperienced", she added and winked at me.


When she stood up to go to the restroom with Dara, I tried to pull out my gun but Daddy Youngbae dashed towards me and pinned me down on my seat.

"Don't stop me. I have to kill her", I said but he wouldn't let go.

"I'm serious man, she needs to die", I was about to grab the combat knife in my boots and hurl it at her but Daesung joined in restraining me.

"TOP", Bom called out as she walked back towards us while Dara remained on her spot. Yes, come here Miss Piglet. It will be a quick death for you.

To my surprise, she gently placed her hand on my shoulder and darted her eyes to the four of us.

"I'm not sure what you guys really are but since Dara is happy with Jiyong, I'll just turn a blind eye and keep my mouth shut. She's like a sister to me. I just want to be assured that Dara is safe. I'm really worried since you seemed to be guarding her all the time", she hesitantly asked.

Youngbae, Daesung and Seungri averted their gazes guiltily. I sighed, my earlier intent to kill her completely forgotten. I stood up from my seat and faced her.

"Dara has a crazy admirer before and you know how our boss is. Don't worry, her safety is our number one priority", I assured her.

Relief flooded her face as she smiled, "That's good to hear"

I scratched the back of my head as she turned around and was about to walk towards Dara.

"Park Bom", I called out. She glanced back at me questioningly.

"Dara's lucky to have a bestfriend like you", I seriously said.

She shyly smiled at me and nodded appreciatively. Before I know it, a smile curved on my lips as well.



I stared at the couple ring that Jiyong was wearing and pouted. We still haven't done it! WAAAHH!

Seriously, is there something wrong with me? Doesn't he find me attractive?

We were in my apartment and he was enjoying watching Kung Pao making a fool of herself as she continuously ran around here and there. I sulked on the couch beside him, feeling utterly dejected.

I sighed and glanced at him but he just cocked his eyebrows at me teasingly.

"What?", he nonchalantly asked.

"What?", I asked back.

"I can sense you want to ask me something"

"", I mumbled.

He just shrugged his shoulders while smiling as if he knew what's going inside my mind, making me cringe. He went to the kitchen to get a bottle of beer and pulled out some papers from his bag. He sat back beside me, settling some Triad documents on his lap while his other arm pulled me closer to him.

He was looking intently at the documents as he brought the bottle over his mouth, hovered it for a while before finally taking a gulp. I stared at his moist lips as he furrowed his eyebrows while continuously reading, the bottle hovering a centimeter away from his mouth. He then dragged his teeth on his lower lip, making me swallow hard as I followed his every move with my scorching gaze.

GAAHHH!!! He is so effing hot and gorgeous and y and...yummy!

He tilted his head, still focused on the papers and chewed his lips lightly. God, I want to chew it for him! My hormones are in chaos as I stared at him in awe with slightly parted mouth. I really really want to devour him right now. GAHHH! What am I saying?!

He took another gulp of his beer and his lower lip slowly before biting it, making me groan. How can he look so y with everything he does?!

Jiyong glanced at me and gave me a lopsided smile, seemingly unaware of my ed thoughts despite my already raspy breathing.

"Ji", I reached for him and wrapped my arms around his body.

"Mmmhhmmm?", he looked down at me with a slight smirk, his right arm encircling my waist.

My eyebrows furrowed in hesitation as I tried to debate against myself whether I should make the first move. He suddenly lowered his head and captured my lips, it with the tip of his tongue before pressing his lips against mine once again.

"What is it, babe?", his husky voice barely registered in my hazy mind.

"Huh? Uhmm..."

Then the ultimate nuisance ruined the moment, my freaking phone rang! GAH! Whoever's calling me right now has a very bad timing.

I pouted and gave Jiyong a quick peck before pulling out my phone. When I saw who was calling, I immediately hid it from Jiyong. I stood up and was about to answer but he grabbed my wrist and gave me a questioning look.

"Bommie", I lied and smiled at him reassuringly. He then lets go of my wrist and I immediately went to the bedroom to take the call, with Kung Pao following me inside.

"Sulli?", I asked as soon as I hit the answer button.


(One Chapter + One Epilogue left!)

WTH HUNTRESS! Is Sulli the REAL descendant or what?!

Actually, the correct answer for that is YES AND NO. Yes, because technically, she is the real descendant after claiming her wish - which is to be the Triad Descendant wherein GD is her protector. No, because she's really not from the Hung Clan bloodline and the scroll has NOT been passed to her by the deceased original descendant.

In the end, she became the descendant by claiming her wish because she found the location of the original descendant. Uhhh..I hope you get what I'm saying hahahaha!

It's really fun to read your comments especially when you guys debate over who the real descendant is =))

Question 1:

Rawr_Tabi on 4-28-2012 23:29:04 says: unnie I'm just gonna ask....Dara set-up the virus for the lights in the bldg right? so that she could send the message to Jiyong...But she said that 'the antidote is in her pocket', how did Dara know that Il Woo is gonna inject something in her before she did all those programs and be able to tell Jiyong that???

punkiez on 4-29-2012 04:07:09 says: Holy shiz!!!! That was AWESOME!!!! I'm kinda curious on how Dara knew how she's gonna die tho. I remember that she sent a virus but how did she know that Il Woo will drug her and that there's gonna be antidote??? It's the morse code thing... But I still love this! Please update soon!!!! FIGHTING!


Read Chapter 34 again ^_^ Guys, everything will be clearer if you read the previous chapters. The details you're looking for may not be explicitly written but they are IMPLIED.

Just to help you out, here's an excerpt from Chapter 34:

-- Start of Chapter 34 excerpt

"What's inside those envelopes?", Dara asked.

"Hmmm...oh well. Here, take a look", his eyes were twinkling with excitement as he handed her the envelopes.

One is addressed to the Dragon Head and one is addressed to GD. Dara felt like vomitting as she read the messages inside. Her hands were trembling as she set the envelopes on her lap and looked at Il Woo.

"W-What's the meaning of this?", she asked.

"'re my friend so I'll tell you a little secret", he merrily said and explained about the messages afterwards, pausing once in a while to wait for Dara to compliment his brilliant idea like a child craving for attention.

Dara massaged her head, trying to ease the throbbing pain. Il Woo is really sick. If she can't save herself, then she has to think a way of saving her officemates, Sulli and GD.

-- End of Chapter 34 excerpt

You see, Il Woo is psychotic and everything looks like a game to him. He's really mentally unstable and he even explained, or rather BRAGGED, to Dara his marvelous plan because she's his friend. So this is the reason why Dara knows that Il Woo is gonna inject something to her.

I didn't elaborate on why he has these sick tendencies but many of you would've already surmised that it's rooted in his childhood. As you have read in previous chapters, he's insisting his friendship to Dara like a juvenile creature. He even bragged about his plan seeking for her compliments - like a child craving for attention.

Another thing I want to point out is this line in Chapter 35:

Dara weakly grabbed the pen and paper on Il Woo's desk. She then hastily scribbled something while Il Woo looked over her shoulders, reading what she was writing.

Il Woo laughed and shook his head, "You don't need that. GD is the one who's supposed to die"

Dara stiffened and her heart clenched painfully.

"Not everything goes according to plan", she mumbled and slipped the piece of paper in the right pocket of her skirt.

So as you can see, he really did tell her/bragged about his plan. I've laid out the cards all over the chapters ^_^

Question 2:

How did Il Woo know the exact time that the antidote should be injected?


In this chapter, YG explained that the research documentation and two vials were missing. Research documentation contains the details for the vials. That's why Il Woo knows the exact time that the antidote should be injected i.e. an hour after he injected the drug that caused Dara to be in a temporary coma. He also mentioned it during his call to Jiyong. 'She's just in a state of drug-induced coma. But her heart rate is declining and if the antidote is not given to her at exactly 11:00PM, she will die.'

Question 3:

Can morse code be used for lights?


Yes. In fact, Morse code via signal lamps is actually being used by warships and US Navy to exchange messages ->

And here's an example of Morse Code using a flashlight ->

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