MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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"DARAAAAAAAAA!!!!!", he yelled and kept on running but the car immediately sped away. Suddenly, black cars identical to where Dara got in scattered all over the place with a passenger at the back having the same hair length as her. He just kept on running, ignoring the yells of his men behind him. His lungs were about to burst but he kept on pursuing the black car where he saw Dara.


Dara looked back and covered as she began sobbing at the sight of GD, his face reflecting pain and disbelief as he continuously called for her. She saw Seungri in a motorcycle and GD hopped in but they pursued the wrong car.

She buried her face on her palms and cried miserably while Il Woo's laugh resonated on her ears.


The program b.exe successfully finished processing. It is actually a virus that jammed all kinds of signals within Dara's office building. No cellphone signals, no wifi signals and most importantly, the signals emanating from the bomb was jammed. Dara's office building is now a dead zone.

When the wifi in Dara's laptop shuts down, the program s.exe was triggered. But her laptop is connected to the internet using the wired connection and has successfully accomplished its goal. The program s.exe uses the signals emanating from the right earring to pinpoint Sulli's location and the trace was sent to the only website that Dara could open without raising Il Woo's suspicion - the Century Dragon Hotel.

On the other hand, the program g.exe is another virus that is now crawling its way towards the Seoul Electric Company, the main power source of electricity in Seoul.

Unfortunately for Dara, s.exe took up most of her time and she wasn't able to create a program to send a trace for her location using the left earring signals. She can only hope that g.exe virus will be able to serve its purpose later.


"What the hell is this?", the people of Century Dragon Hotel's IT Department stood up and looked around all the monitors which are all now displaying a blinking signal. The White Paper Fan (financial adviser of the Triad) entered the IT Department workfloor with furrowed eyebrows.

"All of the monitors even the ones at the reception show the same thing. Find out the cause of this", he growled.

Within minutes, the head of the IT Department reported what they found out.

"The images came from a work computer of someone named Sandara Park", he said.

The White Paper Fan straightened on his seat, surprised at the mention of the Deputy Mountain Master's woman.


"You got all you wanted, Il Woo", Dara said, her expression resigned and dispirited. She was now inside Il Woo's office in the New World Alliance headquarters.

"Not quite. The show is just about to begin!", he enthusiastically informed her.

Dara weakly grabbed the pen and paper on Il Woo's desk. She then hastily scribbled something while Il Woo looked over her shoulders, reading what she was writing.

"Eh? What's that for?", he asked.

"My last letter"

Il Woo laughed and shook his head, "You don't need that. GD is the one who's supposed to die"

Dara stiffened and her heart clenched painfully.

"Not everything goes according to plan", she mumbled and slipped the piece of paper in the right pocket of her skirt.


No..No..Please, this can't be happening...

GD was sitting at the pavement of a dimly lit street with his hands on his head, trying to gather his thoughts while Seungri eyed him worriedly. They tried to chase the black cars and looked for Dara but to no avail. The drivers and the girl passengers were innocent civilians who were just paid to drive around at a specific route. His men also didn't find her and his analysts told him that they can't trace Dara's phone because there were no signals emanating from it since it was probably disassembled.

Oh God. Dara....

His heart is hammering painfully inside his chest that he can barely breathe. Regret crept through him as he recalled what he did earlier...what he said to her. She's probably so scared at that time but what did he do? He threw a temper and lashed out at her. She asked him to say those three stupid words but he didn't say it. He is a fcking idiot!

The New World Alliance. It could only be the New World Alliance who must've made this intricate plan. He stared at the couple ring he's wearing on his finger and his fists instantly curled in tight balls.

"Boss!", TOP jumped out of the motorcycle and ran towards him.

"The White Paper Fan and his men went to the headquarters. Dara sent a signal trace in Century Dragon Hotel computers. It is still on the move", he pulled out his phone and showed it to GD.

"It must be Dara! Let's go", GD mounted Seungri's motorcycle while Seungri rode with TOP.


"! It's G-Dragon!", Ki Kwang, the driver of the delivery truck where Sulli is blurted out. He stepped on the gas while their reinforcements try to block the Deputy Mountain Master unit.

But GD is out for some blood thinking that Dara was the one inside. He zigzagged through the Seoul traffic followed by his men from behind. Guns were drawn and GD's unit were showered with bullets but the Triads will not lose when it comes to firepower. The streets of Seoul became very chaotic as cars tumbled and exploded, motorcycles screeched and gunshots were fired.

GD was in between two cars and both are pointing a gun at him and was about to shoot but with swift movements, he lets go of the motorcycle handle bars, yanked their guns and shot them. He then grabbed the handle bars again and roared the motor engine, speeding out of there until he reached the delivery truck.

TOP with Seungri were beside him within seconds and assisted him as they tried to stop the truck. Ki Kwang tried to shoot GD down, stretching his left arm with a gun in hand but GD revved the motor engine, released the clutch quickly and the motorcycle jerked with the front wheel on the air, successfully injuring his opponent as the front wheel of his motor came in contact with his opponent's left arm.

TOP and Seungri were handling their own battle at the passenger side of the delivery truck and Seungri was able to get inside. He was able to obliterate the passenger and driver and was able to get hold of the delivery truck, parking it on a nearby curb.

GD gunned the lock and opened the door of the truck, only to see a couple of boxes inside. He frantically opened them one by one, hoping that Dara is inside one of the boxes.

His hope is crushed when he saw an unconscious Sulli...but no Dara.

"Boss", TOP grabbed his shoulder sympathetically.

GD slid down on his knees and hung his head low.

"Dara...", he whispered in desperation.


"This is weird, this is weird, this is weird", Il Woo chanted while pacing back and forth in front of Dara. He looked at the clock and back at Dara who was standing beside Doo Joon with a couple of armed men behind them.

"Have you heard from Ki Kwang? They're supposed to drive Sulli to the location and leave her there", he asked.

"No, boss. I haven't heard from Ki Kwang and his men. I tried to contact them but nobody's answering", Doo Joon replied.

Il Woo frowned and pouted before plopping himself behind his desk. Ki Kwang and his men were just suppose to drop Sulli off the former base of the New World Alliance. They planted bombs and hidden cams there. Once the Triad officials step inside, he'll trigger the bombs and toast all of them including Sulli so there is no need for any of the Alliance members to be in that place.

"Something's not right!", he whined, pulled out his gun and shot the spot near where Dara is standing. Dara screamed in fright and covered her ears, trembling in fear as she stared back at Il Woo.

He then sat behind his desk, scratched his head with the gun's tip and looked at the clock once again. He doesn't like it when his plans get messed up. He even made last minute adjustments to his perfect ploy to be able to accomplish two things tonight - obliteration of the Triad officials and getting his revenge on GD. But where the hell is the descendant?

Il Woo typed in something on his laptop and the multiple screens mounted on the wall and the monitors on his desk displayed the camera visuals from the former base of the New World Alliance. Nothing. No one's there.

"Hmmmmm....Sandara Park, where is Sulli?", he asked in a playful tone.

"I-I don't know"

He pulled out the remote for the bomb at Dara's office building and pushed it while eyeing a particular monitor. The building did not explode.

Il Woo stood up and slowly walked towards Dara. He smiled at her then grabbed her hair, lifting her chin up to look straight at him. Dara gasped in pain and blew some air on as she held his gaze.

"You betrayed me, didn't you? I thought you're my friend!", he complained like a kid but his deranged eyes reflected indescribable contempt. He then abruptly lets go of her hair and rubbed his cheeks with his palms while breathing heavily.

"I even made sure your casket will be comfortable...I prepared white roses...You love white roses, it suits you", Il Woo was now talking to himself as he stared at his feet, chewing on his lips as he seemingly drifted in his own world.

"Change of plans...I hate change of plans...I'll worry about the descendant later...", he muttered to himself.

Slowly, he lifted his head and glared at her. She was already in a state of panic even before she saw the syringe that he pulled out of his jacket pocket.

"N-No. Il Woo, please stop this. Please", she stepped back but Doo Joon held her upper arms firmly.

"It's almost time for your funeral, Sandara Park"


GD was on the verge of completely losing his mind. He was destroying everything he laid his hands on, throwing things on the wall and leaving the room thrashed. He cannot stay put as he waited for the Alliance Leader's call on his mobile phone.

GD turned around and cursed loudly. He never felt this helpless before. If he could just exchange his life to make sure Dara will be safe, he would have done so. Every passing second is torture, robbing him of his sanity.

When his phone rang with an unknown number calling, GD quickly answered it, his eyebrows furrowed in anxiety.

"Hello G-Dragon!", a playful voice entered his ears.

"Who the fck are you?"

"I'm Jung Il Woo, the son of the man that your father murdered", his tone suddenly turned serious.


"Or you'll do what? She's under my mercy now G-Dragon, so you have to do everything that I say. Where is the descendant?"

"Where is Dara?!"

"G-Dragon, you're wasting precious time. Answer my question"

"After your failed kidnapping, the Dragon Head took her in custody and relocated her somewhere", he said.

"I want the descendant"

"I can't get her tonight!"

"Okay, byeeeee"

"WAIT! You don't need the descendant. You can negotiate with the Dragon Head by using me as bait. I'm his...nephew"

Il Woo's smile widened upon hearing that bit of information. This will be easier than he thought. Indeed, he doesn't need the descendant if the Dragon Head's direct family member is in his hands - whether dead or alive. And the Dragon Head can lure all the Triad officials with him to get his nephew. Easy peasy.

"I want to hear Dara's voice", GD firmly said.

"Awww! We may have a problem with that. She's currently...inside the casket", Il Woo's laugh followed at the other side of the line while GD's blood drained from his face.


"W-What have you done?", GD pushed his palm on the wall to steady himself as the erratic beating of his heart continued. Breathing was almost unbearable. Dara inside a casket? No, he doesn't want to even imagine it. He can't stand the thought.

"Relaaaxxx. She's just in a state of drug-induced coma. But her heart rate is declining and if the antidote is not given to her at exactly 11:00PM, she will die. I used a special drug, G-Dragon. Not the medically approved ones like barbiturate. Uh-oh!"

GD shut his eyes firmly and gritted his teeth. There is no doubt that the Alliance Leader plans to manipulate him using Dara's current state.

"Name your price. I'll give you anything just let her go", he muttered angrily. This is an embarrassment for a mobster boss like him but he would throw away his pride just for her. He will do anything...

"NAME YOUR PRICE, DAMN IT!", he yelled in frustration.

"Your life", Il Woo simply said.

"Done", he replied without hesitation.

"You have to hurry up now. I'm sure your men have already traced the location of this call so I'll just be waiting for you. Come alone G-Dragon, and don't bring any weapons. Or I will smash the antidote and Sandara Park's funeral will be a reality"


The Deputy Mountain Master unit watched in stony silence as GD set down his guns and other weapons with a blank expression on his face. Heaven knows how all of them are itching to storm in the New World Alliance headquarters and show the motherfckers what hell really is. But the Alliance Leader holds a card against them - they have Sandara Park. And everyone knows that her life is more valuable to their boss than his own. Nobody was moving as he began heading towards the door.

"Boss...", TOP stepped in front of him. Youngbae, Daesung and Seungri followed suit.

"Teddy hyung called. He together with Danny hyung, Jin Hwan hyung and Baek Kyoung hyung were able to infiltrate one of the hired assassins' group as you've instructed. The assassins' group were hired by the New World Alliance and they're on their way to the location now. We could lay out a plan before..."

"Time is running out", GD interrupted TOP.

"Call Teddy hyung. Tell him that he and his team should just stay put and make sure that Dara will be safe. They shouldn't do anything unnecessary that might rouse the suspicion of the Alliance Leader or of the hired assassin's group. Once Dara is given the antidote, they need to extract her out of that place", he added.

"Let us at least you", TOP said.

"I have to do this alone", GD patted TOP's shoulder and walked out of the room.

His men stood straight, placed their closed right fists on their chests and bowed at him.


It was an isolated place in the middle of nowhere. GD stepped out of his car and a bunch of Alliance members immediately inspected if he has any weapons with him. Satisfied that GD is clean, he was guided inside an old building. It was a large area with high ceiling that can be seen from the ground floor since everything is open. GD looked up and noticed that the second and third floors are lined with armed men, all facing the edge of the railings and observing him - the hired assassins group. There were big open windows with no glass, giving him a view of the darkness outside.

He roamed his eyes and saw Teddy, Danny, Jin Hwan and Baek Kyoung all positioned inconspicuously amongst the hired assassins, who didn't know that their group has been infiltrated by Triad members. The four of them, known as 1Tym in the Triad circle, were instructed by G-Dragon before to infiltrate a hired killers' group in hopes that the Alliance Leader will hire them. Unfortunately, they were hired too late and the Alliance Leader is smart enough not to make any direct contacts with the hired guns so as not to reveal any details about the New World Alliance. But, their presence gave him a reassurance that Dara will be extracted out of there once everything is settled.

GD was ushered to the third floor, towards a room with two huge doors. The doors were opened and his body immediately froze upon seeing what was in the middle, at the far corner in an elevated platform - a casket with Dara's picture on top and with a lot of white roses ornamenting the place. His breathing was caught on his throat and his heart drummed achingly as he slowly walked towards it, oblivious to the Alliance Members scattered all over the room.

Oh God...Dara..

This is a nightmare...a nightmare he wished will end for his heart cannot take the sight anymore. He'd rather be the one inside the casket than be the one seeing it right now. The stabbing pain continuously consumes him as his legs moved on its own accord while his enemies just followed his movements with their gazes.

When he reached the casket, his fists curled tigthly and breathing is almost impossible. He saw the most terrifying sight that will be forever etched in his memory. Dara was inside with her hands neatly folded on her stomach, her complexion pale...just like a corpse. He felt a dizzying sensation about to rob him of his consciousness. He can't take it. The sight of her in this's torture.

"A beautiful corpse, isn't she?"

He spun around and saw Jung Il Woo, the Alliance Leader, walking confidently towards him. Anger surged up inside him and he threw a punch but Il Woo was able to dodge it while laughing.

"Ooopppss. Don't forget that I'm the key to her survival"

"I'm here now. You want my life? TAKE IT! Give her that damn antidote!", GD yelled, his voice slightly trembling from the overwhelming emotions that is taking over him.

"I'm still enjoying that tortured look on your face, though"


"SSssshhhh...", Il Woo placed his forefinger on his lips. He nodded at his men and they instantly circled around GD.

"Stay still G-Dragon. If you try to retaliate, your life and hers will be over"

GD looked squarely at his eyes, "I don't care what you'll do to me. Just let her live. She has nothing to do with all this"

Il Woo smirked devilishly and with one hand signal, his men started attacking GD simultaneously. He held his stance and accepted all their blows. A punch on his face followed by a blow at the back of his head and a kick on his stomach had him on his knees. They didn't stop. The great Deputy Mountain Master of the Triad is finally on their hands and this is a huge accomplishment. Soon, all the Triad officials will be taken down as well.

Il Woo watched the gruesome scene with a satisfied smile. He then stepped inside the circle and joined in beating him to a pulp. GD's vision is getting blurry as blood trickled down his face. He was already lying on the ground, his body aching all over. He grabbed Il Woo's ankle and looked up while panting.

"Give her...the antidote.."

"Once you're dead, I will"

"Then kill me now!"

"No. You should slowly suffer", Il Woo kicked him and GD spurted more blood from his mouth.


He was chanting her name inside his head, tuning out Il Woo's laugh as he was continuously beaten. Suddenly, the lights started to flicker. One flicker, then darkness. More darkness then another flicker. Then darkness again. GD furrowed his eyebrows while the Alliance members stirred up nervously around him, obviously unaware of what's happening.

'Morse Code?', GD thought as he concentrated on deciphering the message if it is indeed a Morse Code.

At the other side of the city, the Seoul Electric Company is in total chaos as an unknown virus managed to crawl inside their system and caused the lights to flicker in an odd way. Dara's virus g.exe was able to serve its purpose just in time.


It's really a Morse Code!


When the flickering lights stopped, the side of GD's lips tugged in a tiny smile.


It's as if he has been revived. GD chuckled lightly as he stood up, much to the confusion of the Alliance members. He rubbed his neck and tilted his head from side to side. Il Woo's men took a step backwards cautiously as GD scanned them with trained eyes. He noticed that all of them were dressed as if they really are attending a funeral. No one has any concealed weapons, not even a small gun. The Alliance Leader is really an overly confident psychotic bastard that treats everything like a game. A game where every single thing will go according to the plan that he has drafted. Unfortunately for Il Woo, Dara is smarter. And just like what she said, 'Not everything goes according to plan'.

"You do know that I will not give her the antidote if you fight", Il Woo looked at him with amusement.

GD cracked his knuckles as he locked his gaze with him.

"I know where it is so let's finish this quickly. Have I told you that my right hand man is a creepy who never listens to me?", he smirked and glanced at the big window at his right.

"Need help, boss?", TOP's head suddenly appeared from the window. He was dangling upside down since he rappelled from the top of the building after skydiving and landing on the rooftop, concealed by the darkness that's why the guards scattered outside weren't able to see him.

"I know where the antidote is. Let's roll", GD muttered, his eyes squinting in tiny slits. TOP gave orders on his mouthpiece and a series of shots were heard on the lower floors. The 1Tym members has started attacking after hearing TOP's instructions.

One by one, the other Triad members jumped inside through the windows after cutting the ropes of their harness. The Alliance members assumed a fighting stance while Il Woo laughed as he jumped on his spot, clapping merrily like a kid.

The Triads were clad in black, with a red dragon band on their right upper arm. Outside, the sky was filled with more Triads slowly descending the sky in parachutes after TOP's go signal. There were explosions downstairs as more Triad members barged in for a frontal assault.

GD stopped his men from showering the Alliance members with bullets and instructed them to join the commotion outside. There is no way in hell that he would let the bastards die a quick death after they get to beat him.

"These s are mine", GD threw an elbow strike at his nearest opponent, busting his face. He then jumped and stepped on the guy's upper thigh to use as leverage for an airborne kick to the next Alliance member. He delivered every kicks and punches with precision, not wasting any actions and making sure that each of his blows connected with flesh. With his shirt soaked with blood and his face contorted in pure rage, he is oozing with the primal aura of a fighter.

TOP guarded the door while Youngbae, Daesung, Seungri and the rest of the Deputy Mountain Master unit stormed out to help the 1Tym members in bringing down the hired assassins. There were exchange of gunshots outside but nobody seemed to pay attention inside the room since all of them were preoccupied in staying alive against GD's attacks.

The pile of bodies mounted until Il Woo is the last one standing. The Alliance Leader has been watching everything with deranged eyes, highly amused and seemingly enjoying everything.

"Your turn", GD said in a dangerous tone as he started striding towards Il Woo's direction.

"You said you know where the antidote is?", Il Woo shook his head and chuckled.

Without warning, GD started attacking. Il Woo blocked GD's foot jab and jumped out of range. Being a mixed martial arts fighter, Il Woo assumed a low stance for offense and defense. GD circled him with his fists up, ready for blocking and jabbing.

Il Woo suddenly lurched and gave a kick on his midsection which GD was able to block with his left elbow and delivered a straight punch counter attack with his right. Il Woo blocked the punch with his lower arm and stepped out of his range.

TOP witnessed the hand to hand combat between the two in awe. He has never seen anyone that matched GD's fighting style. He must admit, the Alliance Leader is at par with GD's skills and his boss is at a disadvantage since he's already bruised and beaten prior to the fight.

After dodging GD's blow, Il Woo gave him a roundhouse high kick which connected to GD's face, making him slightly disoriented. He followed it up with a punch on his stomach, making GD slouch. Then, Il Woo delivered an elbow strike on his back, successfully bringing him to his knees.

GD growled and lurched forward, toppling Il Woo to the ground. Hired assassins suddenly went inside the room but they were immediately obliterated by TOP's bullets.

Il Woo and GD were now standing up, battling it out near the big window at the far corner. GD managed to throw a sideway elbow strike at Il Woo's chest, making him step backwards. He followed it up with ground and pound fighting tactics that left Il Woo beaten to a pulp.

"You will regret everything, G-Dragon. I will have the last laugh", he panted as he tried to block the overwhelming attacks of GD. He continued stepping backwards until he was a few steps away from the big window overlooking the dead bodies sprawled outside the building.

"Dead bastards can't laugh", with that, GD jumped and delivered a spin hook kick that connected to Il Woo's jaw area. Il Woo's body spun and he lost his footing. His eyes locked with GD, his lips curved in a wicked smile as he stumbled backwards and fell out of the window. Il Woo's laughs echoed in the darkness before he hits solid ground.

"Psycho", TOP muttered and rolled his eyes.



It was all over in a blink of an eye. GD wiped his bloody mouth with his sleeves and walked towards the casket. His eyes softened as soon as he saw Dara lying there. He then opened it and lifted her up, setting her on the ground while cradling her body.

TOP talked to his mouthpiece and soon, the Triad members gathered inside the room after making sure that all the Alliance members as well as the hired assassins are dead.

"Boss, I've been informed by the analysts that Dara created three programs in her work computer. One to block the signals in her office so that the bomb, which is planted by the Alliance, won't explode. The second is for tracing Sulli and the third is a virus sent to the Seoul Electric Company", TOP said and smiled at Dara's sleeping form. "She really is something. She even managed to save Sulli", he added.

"You've fought well, geek", GD muttered as he reached for Dara's pocket and searched for the antidote. His eyebrows furrowed when all he saw is a piece of paper.

He unfolded it and his face twisted in pain and disbelief upon reading the message.


I'm sorry for lying. I love you.


He shook his head in denial as his heart hammered painfully inside his chest, suffocating him. The Morse Code message was meant to save him? She knew this would happen. She knew he would rather die and accept Il Woo's torture so she could live but she tricked him!

"NO!!!!", his anguished scream pierced through the night.

Ten minutes before 11PM.

"Search for the antidote! Search the Alliance Leader's body!", he yelled. His men scampered out and did what they were told. GD and the rest of the unit frantically searched the casket, the corners of the room, the pockets of the Alliance members, and every corner where the antidote may be. It was almost 11PM but there are no traces of anything resembling an antidote anywhere.

"Let's take her to the hospital. Where are the Triad medics?!", he shouted in frustration.

"Boss, the nearest hospital is 30 minutes away from here. Even if the Triad medics arrives, they still need to do some tests to determine what kind of drugs Il Woo used. Time is not on our side", Youngbae softly said.

Two minutes before 11PM, GD is on the verge of insanity.

He was on his knees cradling Dara on his arms. He fought back his tears that are threatening to flow as he helplessly tried to urge her to open her eyes. He rocked Dara's body as he continued muttering incoherent words.

"Open your eyes, babe...", he whispered.

"You promised not to leave me. Come back..Come back..Please", he pleaded.

TOP checked her pulse and his heart sank. Dara's pulse rate is declining at a critical rate.

"Boss....her heart rate..", TOP swallowed hard, unable to speak anymore.

Fifty seconds

"Help something..", but his men didn't know what to do.

Forty seconds

"Dara...", his voice croaked and his chest constricted in an unimaginable pain. He can't believe he's going to lose her. He can't believe she lied to him to be able to save him. Stupid geek. STUPID GEEK!

Thirty seconds

"God, Dara..Don't do this...Open your eyes, babe..Come on... Do it for me..Please", his voice was laced with desperation as he lightly patted her cheek. His men all turned around, not being able to take the sight of their boss crumbling down.

Twenty seconds

"DAMN IT! OPEN YOUR EYES!", he shouted as he sobbed bitterly. His hold on her tightened as he continuously shook her body, begging her to wake up.

"The Dragon Head unit is here!", one of his men announced as his uncle's unit entered the room.

Yang Hyun Suk wasted no time as he immediately plunge the syringe he's holding on Dara's upper arm and emptied the fluid.

"U-Uncle..", GD stuttered while wiping his tears.

"Come on, Miss Park. Fight for your life", YG's eyebrows furrowed as he checked her pulse again.

Ten seconds

Nothing. Dara's pulse is becoming unstable and GD's hope has been crushed once again.

"Dara...don't do this to me..."

Five seconds

"D-Dara...", GD squeezed her tightly against his body, shutting his eyes in pain. YG looked away while TOP and the others bowed their head.

"Hi...", Dara's hoarse voice filled his ears. He snapped his eyes open and looked at her. An overwhelming surge of emotions washed over him upon seeing her looking at him through half-lidded eyes, obviously weak...but very much alive.

"Hello", he answered back, his heart still beating erratically. He kissed her at every inch of her face, mumbling something that Dara cannot understand. He gave her a lingering kiss on her lips and stared at her again while his men all sighed in relief.

"Hello, babe", he repeated in a whisper while smiling.


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AbigLegaspi 0 points #1
Chapter 26: A cute short story for top and bom would be awesome Hahahaha the characters you created for then is simply hilarious
Hi, how to purchase MFR books? I would like to order a copy for my book collection. ❤❤❤
Shellcute927 #3
Hello authornim why i cant open EVIL PRINCE
Chapter 35: One question though how did she know ik woo would inject her without some poison
Erine26 #5
Chapter 30: I love your story! You are a great writer!!
troy69 #6
Love this story! ❤️❤️❤️ Rereading it again.
106 streak #7
Rereading it!!! Just love it!!!
girlove02 #8
Chapter 11: I just love this ff.
girlove02 #9
Chapter 10: Omg
Marie214 #10
Chapter 28: In this chap you said that you're not a pro writer.. like seriously??? you are so damn good writer.. omg my emotionsssss... i read this for the nth time and im still going to read it over and over again kekekeke
Thank you..