MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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Dara's heart felt like it's being squeezed painfully as she looked at both GD and Sulli on top of the stairs. The Dragon Head addressed the crowd again to inform them that the one who found the descendant refused to be named but the wish has already been claimed. He continued talking but Dara's mind was already out of focus to absorb any other details.


She somehow has a vague idea of what that title entails and it's making her sanity crumble into dust. She jerked back when someone touched her shoulder.

"It's just me, Dara. If you want to talk, we can fill in the details for you", Youngbae said.

Dara casted one long look at GD before finally turning around to face the four guys behind her, "I need to know what this is all about"

TOP guided her to a table on the corner while Youngbae, Daesung and Seungri followed. She emptied a whole glass of water to calm herself before hearing out what they have to say. When TOP finished explaining what a Protector is, she was biting her quivering lips as a surge of emotions build up inside her.

"S-So, a Protector is like the descendant's bodyguard? Only more extreme since if Sulli is killed, Jiyong has to take his life as well?", she asked, her voice tightening.

"Yes. And he can't refuse the duty. Otherwise, all the Triad members will be ordered to kill him. When the last descendant went missing, we still assumed he's alive so the former Protector didn't need to take his life.", TOP somberly replied.

"Excuse me", Dara abruptly stood up from her seat and took long strides to reach the ladies' room. She immediately locked herself up in a cubicle and let her tears fall while covering to stifle her sobs. She weakly leaned on the wall and let herself be washed away by her sorrow caused by the new hindrance that GD and her has to face.

Why? Why are all these things happening to her? Does the Dragon Head have anything to do with this? Isn't it enough that she has to endure a lot being a mobster's girlfriend? To live in constant fear and worry whenever he's not with her because of his duties? She just wishes to be happy with the man she loves. Why can't the universe for once be kind to her? Jiyong as the Protector of her former concubine? Is this some kind of sick joke?

The restroom's door opened and the sound of high-heels coming in contact with the tiled floor was heard. The footsteps stopped in front of her cubicle.

"Well, little princess...looks like GD will be mine in the end", Dara abruptly stopped from crying when she heard Sulli's voice. She immediately wiped the tears off her face and quickly gathered herself.

"If you think I will give him up just because he has a duty to protect you, think again", Dara firmly said.

"Now that I have the power to require his presence anytime I want, I will make sure he'll be by my side all the time. I already said this to you and I will say it again, you're just a burden to GD's life. Do all of us a favor and just leave him. The mobster world is not for you"

Sulli sighed and leaned on the wall before continuing, "I met him before he met you, Dara. GD and I could have been something if you didn't appear in his life. You and him can never have a happy ending anyway so why don't you just leave. The underground world is dangerous and you have a lot to lose. I have....nothing. GD is all I want"

Dara took a sharp intake of breath and opened the cubicle door to face her.

"Better save your breath. I don't care about happy endings. I'm fully aware that his world is dangerous. I know I have a lot to lose but it's nothing compared to the idea of losing him. I'm staying, Sulli.", she lifted her chin up and marched away from her. When she stepped out of the ladies' room, she bumped into GD who immediately clasped her shoulders. His expression didn't give anything away, and that worries her. Is he as agitated as she is? How will this whole new development affect their relationship?

"TOP hyung and Youngbae will take you home. I'll just drop by when I can", he flatly said.

"When you can?"

"Geek, this is har-"

"GD, let's go", Sulli cut him off and stormed away, leaving GD with no choice but to follow her.

"We'll talk about this", he assured her before leaving Dara behind.


"Boss, G-Dragon's unit obliterated the assassins that we hired. The Reapers are wiped out", Ki Kwang informed him.

Il Woo smirked and rested his chin and outstretched arms on his desk like a tired kid, "That bastard. Hire multiple groups of assassins and this time, make sure that the Deputy Mountain Master unit will not be able to sniff their whereabouts. Since our Alliance counterparts still cannot be contacted, we need to gather additional hands and firepower locally"

When Ki Kwang, Doo Joon and their men stepped out of his office, Il Woo began to wonder if their Alliance counterparts were captured by the Mafia and Yakuza. It looks like he needs to be careful with his every step. The black societies are proving to be formidable opponents. But...he has another card up his sleeve that will guarantee his success.

Upon thinking of his plan, Il Woo sat up excitedly.

"Sandara Park, Sandara Park, Sandara Parkkkk!!!", he chanted to himself and clapped merrily.


Dara felt like an empty shell as she sat on her couch, blankly staring at the clock. She looked like she's about to crumble and fall apart. She was waiting for GD, despite the fact that he may not come tonight. She couldn't sleep anyway.

When her apartment door opened and GD stepped in, her heart tightened and a flurry of emotions swarmed through her.

"Jiyong...", she whimpered and he immediately crossed the distance between them, sat beside her and enveloped her body with his arms.

"SShhhh...Everything's going to be fine, babe. We're still together, and that's all that matters", he cooed while stroking her back. Dara's eyes were misty as she lifted her gaze to stare at his tired face.

"TOP and Youngbae explained to me what a Protector is. I-I can'", she bit her lips as the stabbing pain hit her once again. Surely, any woman will be hurt if her boyfriend is bound to spend most of his time 'protecting' a girl that he had slept with.

"I promise you nothing is going to happen between me and Sulli. I'll just fulfill my duties, that's all."

"She has her eyes on you, Ji. And this whole thing might...", she forced down the lump forming on .

...break us apart, her mind finished but it didn't find its way out of . Just the thought of them separating torments her. No, she wouldn't let that happen. They promised to fight together and this is just one of their many battles.

Before she can open to speak again, GD's phone rang. He cursed upon seeing who the caller was.

"Sulli, I'll be down in five minutes. You're with two of my trusted men, nothing will happen to you", he said and ran his fingers on his hair in frustration while listening to the other line.

"Fine. I'll be right there", he muttered grudgingly and hung up.

He turned to Dara with a troubled expression on his face. He also knew that this will have a great impact on them.


Dara gave him a reassuring smile and gently d his cheek with her thumb, "We're still together, and that's all that matters". GD smiled upon hearing the same words he used at her a while ago.

"Copycat", he teased and stood up.

There was a momentary pause and their smiles faded as their eyes locked, as if trying to ascertain what's going on in each other's mind. He heaved a deep sigh and squatted in front of her, resting his arms on her lap while looking up at her.

"I miss you already", he said in a strangled voice as he gathered her hands and placed them on his cheeks.

Dara leaned down and gave him a quick peck on the lips. They both sighed as their lips parted.

"I'll find a way out of this, geek", he planted a soft kiss on her palm, his gaze not leaving hers.

"I'll...", Dara paused thinking what she is capable of doing at the moment. Nothing brilliant came to mind since as much as she hates to admit it, she's as helpless as a fly trapped in a spider's web. She can only rely on GD to straighten this mess.

"...wait for you. I'll always wait for you", she finished and gave him a tight smile. But deep inside her, it still hurts like hell. She doesn't know how long they're going to last before this situation rattles their relationship. She has to trust him fully, and he has to do his best to come back to her.

Their's starting.



I cannot begin to tell you how I strongly want to skin Sulli alive and toss her in a frying pan!

Ever since she has been declared as the new descendant, her obvious goal is to seduce Jiyong and has been clinging to him every fcking chance she gets. She's making Tiffany look like a nun, I tell you. She was too absorbed in seducing Jiyong even if our boss already made it clear that he's now with Dara. But that's not the only reason why I so abhor her recently. She's been treating us like ants! The Deputy Mountain Master members assigned to assist our boss in guarding her are also getting fed up because her power of being the new descendant shoots up to her head. It's amazing how some people can change drastically with just a few turns of events. I never thought Sulli will turn out for the worse when she became a high figure in the Triads.

I always tag along whenever Jiyong is doing his duties as a Protector. My sole purpose is to be a constant nuisance and piss the hell out of Sulli. Whenever she was practically grinding herself to boss, I would throw myself between them to prevent her advances. Thankfully, our boss just ignores her disgusting attempts to lure him to her bed. Sulli undoubtedly likes our boss...heck, she might even be in love with him that's why she's doing every means possible for him to get back with her.

A Protector is not necessarily required to be with the descendant 24/7 but Sulli is doing everything in her power to keep Jiyong by her side, making it impossible for our boss to spend time with Dara in the past days. Whenever our boss would try to sneak out to meet her, Sulli would run away! Gahd! If I were Jiyong, I would've tied that upside down.

As a result, Jiyong is back to being cold and stoic. It's like he built a wall around him and refuses to let anyone in. I know this whole situation is eating him up and he's trying to find a way out. He's been restless and grumpy ever since he became the Protector. Dara, on the other hand, has been unusually quiet. I'm afraid that one day, her bottled up frustrations will detonate and consume her. Tch. I really feel bad for both of them. It's a tragedy waiting to happen.

I stared at the Hung Clan's scroll contained inside the glass box and locked in the basement of the descendant's residence. This piece of changed many lives. Who would've thought Sulli will be the new descendant? Is she a blood relative of the Hung clan or was the scroll just passed down to her by someone? I knew ever since that the descendants are from the Hung blood line but it is also possible to declare a new descendant who is not their relative if the former descendant doesn't have immediate family to succeed him so he could pass the scroll to anyone whom he deemed worthy to continue the Hung line. Who found out about her being the descendant?

I left the basement and ascended the stairs towards the main floor where the huge living room is. I saw Sulli walking hurriedly towards me.

"Where's GD? I can't contact him and he's not in his headquarters!", she furiously asked.

I cocked my eyebrows at her, "Why? It's already midnight. You're not going anywhere and you're inside one of the safest place in the planet so what do you need him for?"

"I...I need to ask him something about the Clan Manual", she uncertainly said.

Oh come onnnnn. The Clan Manual is simple enough for an idiot to understand. And she needs Jiyong to what? Read it aloud for her? At midnight? What a pathetic lie.

"Why can't you understand it? Is it written in hieroglyphics?"

"I demand you treat me with respect!", she yelled.

"Is it written in hieroglyphics, your highness?"

Seriously, how can Jiyong stand her? My mind is screaming MURDERRRRRR!!! already. I am this close to ripping out . She was bearable when she was just a YG Underground Club hostess but when she became the descendant, her character declined exponentially.

"You're a useless prick", she marched away while cursing.

God, I need to get out of here. Because damn it, I'm itching to throw a solid punch at her face!


Dara was sitting at the couch of her living room, surfing through the TV channels mindlessly. She sighed and decided to turn it off since nothing would take her mind off her current dilemma anyway.

The knocks on the door startled her, but she immediately bolted out of the couch to see who it is, hoping that it's none other than her boyfriend who rarely has the time to see her recently. It's already 11PM and it could only be him who'll come at her apartment this late.

There was a big smile on her face as she opened the door, which instantly wavered once she saw it was not GD.

"Sorry, it's just me", Donghae ruffled her hair and let himself in.

"H-Hi", she weakly greeted as she shut the door and followed him to the living room.

"That bad, huh?", he said with a serious expression on his face.


Donghae sighed and pulled her to sit on the couch, "You and Jiyong are having some problems, am I right?"

"No, we're fine, silly. You came here just for that?", she chuckled forcefully but Donghae's face remained impassive.

"You stood me up", he simply said.

Dara didn't understand him at first. Then realization came crushing when she saw what today's date is from her calendar on the wall. Tonight is the biggest Otaku gathering because a lot of mangakas are invited to mingle and party with the geeks. Donghae and Dara has been planning to attend it ever since it has been announced. There will be a lot of competitions and games and when it comes to those, Dara and Donghae are known to be the unbeatable duo who always bags the biggest prizes.

"Oh my God, why didn't you text or call me?"

Donghae cocked his eyebrows at her and that's when she realized that he has indeed tried to contact her but she has been ignoring his calls and has not been reading his messages since she doesn't feel like talking to anyone at the moment and has been sulking inside her apartment for the entire day.

It was already devastating for him that Dara couldn't accompany him to the Comic Con before and now this?

"I'm sorry", she bit her lips guiltily.

"I will never forgive you for the rest of my life and FOREVER!", he muttered while pouting.

It was the first time that she has seen the calm and collected Donghae to be acting so childishly, which makes her genuinely smile for the first time ever since GD has been announced as the Protector.

"Lee Donghae, I didn't know you can be childish", she chuckled and lightly nudged his elbow.

"Oh, I'm mad Park. Our archnemesis took the biggest prize and I had to do the walk of shame for bringing home NOTHING", he complained.

"Aigooooo", she patted his back sympathetically but she can't help but smile at her angry friend.

Donghae shook his head and softly laughed while catching her hand and entrapping it with his, "I'm kidding. I can never be mad at you. So, spill it out. What is this big problem that you have, enough to make you forget about our plans tonight?"

Dara averted her gaze and sighed heavily. She glanced back at Donghae, pondering whether to tell him about it or not. But telling him about her problem entails her to lie, so she decided against it and gave him a reassuring smile instead.

"I'm fine. Jiyong and I are fine. I'm just not myself lately", she vaguely said.

Donghae stared at her and squeezed her hand, "It's alright if you don't want to tell me. I'm just here if you need someone"

After a few minutes of chatting, he stood up and prepared to leave. He opened the door and was about to step out when Dara called him again.

"Thank you for...uhm..", she shuffled on her feet and tucked her hair behind her ear, trying to think of something to say.

Donghae just smiled at her and gently pulled her to him, hugging her tenderly.

"It's alright. Everything's going to be fine, Dara", he mumbled.

"I hope so", Dara whispered as she buried her face on his chest, sighing heavily.

"I hate to ruin your moment but I just need a quick word with my girlfriend", Dara stiffened as she heard GD's stern voice. She quickly pulled away from Donghae who turned around and nonchalantly greeted GD.

"Oh, hey. I was just about to leave", he said and bid his goodbye to Dara as well before finally stepping out.

GD was still standing by the door with his hands shoved inside his pockets, clearly in a foul mood.

"I snuck out for a while to check on you and this is what I'll see?", he accusingly said.

"What? Jiyong, we weren't doing anything wrong. He's just-"

"Another guy holding you is VERY WRONG to me!", he snapped.

"Oh God, am I really hearing this from you? You, who has concubines and who is now the freaking Protector of one of your women?!", she shot back.

"They're all in the past! And I didn't choose this duty to be thrown at me, Dara. I hate this as much as you do", his angry voice echoed all over the apartment.

The startled Kung Pao suddenly jumped from her spot and ran towards the open door. GD cursed and scooped the escaping chicken. With long strides, he set Kung Pao back to her basket.

"Kung Pao, tell me if your mommy is cheating on me, arasso?"

Dara shook her head in disbelief while crossing her arms over her chest.

"You're unbelievable", she muttered.

He was about to say something when his phone rang. They both knew what the call is about - it's undoubtedly about Sulli throwing a fit again.

Just as predicted, Sulli is making a scene again and is looking for him. After hanging up, GD sighed in exhaustion.

"I have to go", he said.

"I know", she grumpily mumbled.



Fate is an . If not, I wouldn't be a walking tragedy for days now.

I barely see Jiyong nowadays and I'm slowly losing hope that everything will be fine. I want to believe that he can find a way out of this Protector crap but the more time passes, hope is becoming bleaker.

I tried to be patient and understanding of the whole freaking situation but insecurity is starting to blind me. On Jiyong's recent visits, I can't help but voice out my uneasiness and uncertainties which lead to very awkward moments between us. I mean, come on, Sulli is his former concubine! Even if he assured me multiple times that it's all in the past, jealousy is still eating me up. To be honest, trying to understand him and holding onto our relationship is very exhausting.

I looked at the clock and sighed. Office hours is already over and I was not very productive again. My phone beeped and when I looked at the message, my eyebrows furrowed in annoyance.

I'll be out of town for a few days. The descendant needs to meet with some people

I had the sudden urge to throw the damn phone on the wall. My God! Until when should I endure this?!

I want to say I don't want you to go but there's nothing I can do about it, is there?, I sent the reply and massaged my temples. I know I'm being difficult but I have every right to be. I rarely see Jiyong and when I do, we end up discussing his predicament and it's suffocating both of us. Now, he has to spend more days with Sulli out of town?

My phone beeped again and when I read his reply, the throbbing pain on my head increased.

Don't start, geek. I'm as frustrated as you are

Wow. If I could only jump inside the mobile phone and get to Jiyong at the moment so I can strangle him. Does he expect me to hop merrily knowing that he will spend more time with Sulli away from me because of whatever descendant nonsense she has to accomplish?

I threw the phone inside my bag and gathered my things. I might turn homicidal if this ensues so I better do something...something stupid.


I gripped the strap of my traveling bag firmly as I stood before Jiyong and Sulli who were about to get in the car. I decided to join their out of town trip so I asked TOP to take me to the descendant's residence. I thought Jiyong would be delighted to see me but his weary eyes told me otherwise.

"Dara...", his forbidding face welcomed me.

"I'm going with you", I declared stubbornly, trying to hide my disappointment at his lack of enthusiasm.

"You're such a nuisance. Do you think we're going on a vacation?", Sulli interjected and wrapped his arms around Jiyong's waist from behind. I furrowed my eyebrows at Jiyong, not hiding my annoyance at how Sulli is being so touchy with him. Fortunately, he quickly wiggled free from her embrace and frowned at her.

"Sulli, stop it", he sternly said.

"Jiyong, just let me join you. I promise I won't get in the way", I insisted.

Jiyong stepped towards me while Sulli dramatically rolled her eyes.

"Just stay here. We're going to meet a lot of people so I won't have time to be with you. I'll be more at ease if you're here", he said.


"Let's go", Sulli cut me off and went inside the car.

"We'll talk when I get back", Jiyong assured me but at that point, my patience ran out and all the things that I was trying to keep inside surfaced.

"Talk?! Then what, Jiyong? All we do is talk but we're still trapped in this ridiculous setup! Do you really think I'm numb enough not to feel anything whenever you're with Sulli? You've slept with her before, damn it! I've been trying to understand you. I've been swallowing up everything but I can only take so much. I can't even discuss this with my friends to at least ease my burden!"


"GD, we're going to be late", Sulli yelled.

I took a sharp intake of breath and exhaled, regretting my sudden outburst. We both averted our gazes and were both silent for a while.

"I'll go ahead", he weakly said.

I didn't reply and just watched him get at the back of the car where Sulli is. The sight of the two of them is burning a hole inside my chest but I kept it together until the car left.

I furiously wiped the tears from my eyes and turned around, only to be surprised by more than 10 handkerchiefs being offered to me by Jiyong's men, including TOP.

"Don't let her get to you, Dara", TOP said.

"Boss is just worried for you, Miss Park", the other one said.

"Please don't give up, Miss Park"

They offered words of encouragements making me smile.


"Boss, news is spreading throughout the black societies. The Triad's descendant has been found. It was Sulli. And she chose G-Dragon as her Protector", Doo Joon informed him.

Il Woo's eyes lit up as he scratched his chin.

"This new descendant is a surprise but it will make things more...colorful. It's time to make our move", he smiled menacingly and twirled a pentel pen on his fingers.



"Bye Kung Pao!"

After making sure that Kung Pao is comfortable in her little slice of paradise a.k.a. our apartment building's backyard, I hurriedly went towards TOP's car.

I decided to follow Jiyong and Sulli and asked the help of TOP, Youngbae, Daesung and Seungri to accompany me there. I also requested them not to tell Jiyong since I know he's just going to protest. He made it clear yesterday that he wanted me to stay here but I just can't stay put.

I didn't even feel the travel time because the inside of the car is a freaking circus. What with the bickerings of the four men and their crazy antics. All we need is someone to sell hotdogs and peanuts inside and we're all set to be a traveling circus.

After a few hours, we arrived at the destination. We stepped inside what looks like a villa with armed men scattered all over the perimeter.

"Where's boss?", TOP asked one of the men.

"Upstairs at the master's bedroom, north wing", he answered.

We all went upstairs and upon reaching Jiyong's room, I knocked twice and opened the door, only to be stunned by the sight of him lying on top of Sulli on the floor.

"Dara!", he yelled but I already bolted out of there, my chest heaving in pain. Why is he cuddling Sulli on the floor? Is this why he doesn't want me to go with them? I was about to reach the stairs when TOP pulled me.

"Hitman on the other building! We're under attack!", he yelled at the men downstairs as he readied his gun.

My mind is in a state of frenzy as I tried to digest what the hell is happening. Hitman? Under attack? There were a lot of movements as men ran around, screaming orders at each other. Youngbae, Daesung and Seungri went downstairs while TOP dragged me in a narrow hall which leads to the basement.

"Oh no. My is going to get whooped for taking you here", TOP mumbled as he paced back and forth in front of me while I sat on the chair of the dimly lit room.

The door opened and Jiyong and Sulli entered the basement as well.

"What the hell are you doing here?", he furiously asked.

"Boss, I-"

"I asked them to take me here. Why were you lying on the floor with her?", I snapped.

"There's a fcking assassin showering us with bullets before you barged in that's why we were on the floor! What the fck, Dara! I told you to stay in Seoul!", he exhaled exasperatedly while putting his left hand on his head, his right hand holding a gun.

I bit my lips realizing that I would've ended up dead because of my surprise visit.

"You're such a nuisance", Sulli voiced out what I've been thinking. I eyed her sharply but said nothing.

"I'm sorry, Ji", I meekly said.

"You're sorry? You never listen to what I say! There's a lot of danger around Sulli because she's the descendant! You think we're just playing Mafia games here, Dara?", he was already shouting at me, making me cringe in embarrassment.

"Boss...Jiyong", TOP interjected.

"And just because my men were all in favor of you, you took advantage of it and defied me! You told me you'll wait! I told you I'll come back!", he kicked the chair near him and cursed loudly.

"You very well know why I can't stay put when you're with Sulli!", I shot back.

"Is it really hard to believe in me, Dara? How many times do you have to rub my flawed past in my face? Okay, Sulli and I fcked before! But I already told you it's all behind me! If you really can't take it, why are you still holding onto me?", even Sulli cringed at his crudeness.

I stood up and headed to the restroom to sprinkle cold water on my face because his words are shredding me to pieces already.

"I'm not done talking to you!", he yelled as I started walking away.

I achingly looked at him, "You've said enough."

I entered the restroom and slammed the damn door so hard the hinges almost fell off.



"I thought you're going on a love vacation with Jiyong, the boyfriend?", Bom teasingly asked as I entered the office. It was Friday and I'm supposed to be on Vacation Leave today since I thought, my surprise visit last night will go smoothly. I decided to just pull out my Vacation Leave instead of moping inside my apartment.

"We fought", I raised my forefinger at her before she can utter another word.

"I don't want to talk about it, Bommie", I warned her.

" cute! You two are now fighting! Tell me about it later!", she gushed and pinched my before escaping. I sighed exasperatedly and continued walking. Tell her about it? If only I can.

How can I tell my bestfriend that my boyfriend is a mobster boss and just recently, he's been chosen as the Protector of the descendant who turns out to be Sulli, his former concubine?

After burying myself with a pile of work, I took a break for a few minutes and stared at nothing in particular while resting my chin on my palm. Last night, Jiyong and I were silent after we fought and he just instructed TOP to drive me back to Seoul. I know Jiyong understands my frustrations but he can't do anything about it. He knows I understand his predicament but I still can't stop myself from feeling jealous and territorial. It's a messy situation.

I grabbed my phone and tried to call him but he didn't pick up. My lips twitched in irritation as I typed a text message to him.

Why are you not answering my calls?

After sending the message, I settled the phone on my desk and waited...and waited...and waited...After a few minutes, he finally answered.

In a meeting with Sulli.

Here's the thing...Recently, whenever I hear Sulli's name, I feel like destroying everything I see.

I lightly banged my head on my desk and gritted my teeth. Damn it. Sulli again. When my phone rang, I immediately hit the answer button knowing that it was Jiyong who was calling.


"Why did you call earlier?", he asked in a no nonsense tone.

"I just want to talk to you. Am I not allowed to do that anymore?", I can already smell the brewing fight between us. Clearly, we're still both in a bad mood.

"Tch. Dara, let's just talk later. This is getting us nowhere. We'll be back in Seoul in the afternoon"

His frosty treatment stung a lot and the pain of last night came back to me. My fear of us drifting apart is becoming a reality and I don't have a clue what to do.

"What's happening to us, Jiyong?", I mumbled.

I heard him sigh frustratedly before speaking, "Can we just discuss this when I get back there? I'm still in the middle of something"

After we hung up, I just sat behind my desk and tried to concentrate on my work but miserably failed. I badly wanted to see Jiyong now so we can patch things up. Our fight is greatly affecting me and it's dampening my spirits. I hate this feeling. I want us to be fine again.

The knocks on my office door startled me.

"Come in", I called out.

A new messenger came in pushing a trolley with two big boxes. He closed the door and I was about to ask him where the old messenger was when he suddenly pulled a spray can from his backpocket and sprayed it on my face.


Friday 15:00

Dara tried to forcibly open her eyes and take in her surroundings.

What happened? Where am I?

She tried to get up only to find out that she's tied. She was lying on the bed with her arms and ankles bounded on the bedposts and with ducktaped firmly. Her eyes widened in horror as she struggled. She craned her neck and whimpered in fear when she saw that her blouse is hiked up and there was a drawing on her stomach - a drawing of the Queen of Hearts deck card.

She was breathing raggedly as she felt a presence at the other side of the room. She turned her head sidewards and was shocked to see Il Woo perched on a chair with his knees bended and with his face resting on his palm, a pentel pen dangling from his other hand.

"Finally, you're awake. You like my drawing?", he grinned viciously.

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79 streak 0 points #1
Rereading it!!! Just love it!!!
girlove02 #2
Chapter 11: I just love this ff.
girlove02 #3
Chapter 10: Omg
Marie214 #4
Chapter 28: In this chap you said that you're not a pro writer.. like seriously??? you are so damn good writer.. omg my emotionsssss... i read this for the nth time and im still going to read it over and over again kekekeke
Thank you..
One of the best DG ff! Kamsa!
Chapter 38: I'm so happy I found this again and reread it once again. You give me a lot of emotions and I'm so grateful for this masterpiece. Thank you so much!
Chapter 38: I read this once again. I love itttttt. ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you once again!! After so many years, it’s still amazing.
nayrii #8
I reread this fanfic again for the nth times. I love your writing style!!! and know what, I NEED MY OWN JIYONG ;-;
I just saw your book and I'm so happy OMG. I have been waiting for you to update in wattpad but it's complete here. Thank you so much
I'm literally shedding tears of joy right now ?.
Thank you