MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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I quickly covered Bom's mouth with my hand and dragged her to the corner. We were roaming in a mall, for Pete's sake! Argh! Sometimes, I just want to stuff her somewhere or just punch her straight on the face.

She peeled off my hand from and glared at me accusingly.

"It has to be the grandma !", she shrieked.


Ottokae! How do I kill her without attracting too much attention?

"Dara, please tell me you're not wearing those grandma anymore when you sleep", she held my hands and stared directly at me.

"I-It's not that! We just decided to take things slowly!", I pouted and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Oh my gosh, you stupid . Grandma are the ultimate repellant! You should've burned them ages ago!"

"Bommie!", I whined and tried to cover again but she stepped back and grabbed my wrist.

"The museum might call anytime soon because your hymen is becoming a relic already! Come on, we have to do something", she started walking and dragged me.

"Wait, where are we going?"

Bom gave me the same look that she usually gives me before things went awfully wrong.

"Lingerie shopping"


I squirmed at the sight of the underwears that Bommie chose. I was in a corner of the lingerie section while Bommie was zigzagging like a bee to the different arrays of almost-not-there . She threatened me with bodily injury to get her way so here we are, wasting away our fine Sunday morning.

I set down the pile of underwears that she gave me in a display table and reluctantly looked at them one by one. The tiny pieces of garments will barely cover anything, but I guess that's the whole point.

I jerked back when another mountain of matching bras and were added to my large pile.

"Start choosing! I already picked the designs, just choose what color you want", Bom placed her hands on her hips and eyed me sternly.

"They look uncomfortable!"

"You'll get used to it. They are meant to be alluring"

I sighed exasperatedly and stared at the pile again, "I told you we're taking things slowly. Besides, I do have decent cotton undies which I prefer to wear"

"It's better that you already have these. Choose, NOW. You're doing this for Jiyong", she threw an undergarment on my face which I was able to catch.

Fine. I turned my back at her and started choosing what I like. Some of the stuff that Bom picked simply boggles my mind. I didn't know underwears can have so many straps and knots that can challenge your IQ. Seriously, who wears this? I even saw an undie with a slot at the crotch, for easy insert purposes. Gah!

"Bom, red or black?", I asked while focusing on the two pieces of garments on my hands. I sensed some movement behind me and suddenly, a black lingerie dangled in front of my face. I grabbed it and inspected it closely.

"This looks good", I said and noticed that the undie she gave me is crotchless again. I inserted my middle finger in the slot at the crotch and wiggled it while chuckling.

"You think Jiyong will like this?", I asked and glanced back at....

"Yeah, I like it", Jiyong cocked his head slightly to the side and shoved his hands inside his pockets, grinning devilishly at me.


I looked at the undergarment on my hand with my protruding finger in it and glanced back at him with a mortified look on my face. I quickly threw it elsewhere and tried to turn back time by the power of my mind! Gosh, this is embarrassing! My cheeks are already burning as I diverted my gaze. I caught sight of Bommie giggling and hiding behind TOP who just shrugged his shoulders at me.

GAHD! Park Bom, I will pulverize your as$!

Jiyong moved closer and stood behind me while peeking through the mountain of undergarments in front of me.

"How about this one?", he fished a see-through and dangled it on my face.

"Stop it", I slapped his arm and glared at him.


"Stop it"


"Stop it, stop it, stop it!", I swatted his hand three times but he kept on pestering me by intentionally choosing the most revealing undies and dangling it on my face, probably to see if I'll eventually combust into a ball of fire due to humiliation. The other people within the vicinity were already giggling while eyeing us.

"I give up. Choose whatever you want. I'll take them off you, anyway", he teasingly declared, loud enough for the sales attendants to hear. I'm already melting in shame as Bom squealed in a near distance.

"Jiyong!", I hissed and stepped away from him.

He just stared at me in amusement and playfully covered my annoyed face with his palm, which I slapped away.

"Alright, I'll leave you and Bommie alone. Just text me when you're done, then let's all go out for lunch"

I watched as he walked away, a smile forming on my lips. What can I say, his looks is totally disarming. My smile faded when a girl approached him holding lingeries on both of her hands, showing it to Jiyong and seemingly asking for his opinion. She was batting her eyelashes and pouting her lips seductively while rocking her body from side to side. ttttt!!! Clearly, this girl wants to die.

And the jerk stopped and talked to her! Gah! He even pointed at the undergarment that the girl is holding on her right hand, as if choosing that over the one on her left hand. Okay, now I'm pissed. I seriously want to javelin-throw that girl to the other side of the hemisphere and chase that jerk down the street with an axe in hand. Then I noticed other girls ogling at him. Wahh!!

"Get used to it since your boyfriend is a fine piece of meat", Bom said as she stood beside me. I glanced at her with sad, pitiful eyes. She just laughed at my dejected appearance, because she's an awesome awesome bestfriend.

Pulling his mobile phone out, the girl ask something again and the jerk shook his head.

"She asked his number but Jiyong didn't give it to her", Bom explained, nudging me. I stared at her in awe. Since when did she develop some kind of super power?

The girl left and before Jiyong took another step, he glanced back at me and gave me a wink. He smiled and walked away.

"Wait for it...", Bommie held my hand.

"Wait for it..."

Jiyong the corner and exited the lingerie section together with TOP.

"KKKKYYYYYAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!", we were squealing and jumping like deranged fangirls, startling the other customers.

Oh gosh, Jiyong. The things you do to me. *Sigh


SANDARA's POV he doing here?

Office hours has already ended and I was about to go home. I was at the ground floor of our office building and when I looked outside, the psycho guy was standing there holding a long-stemmed white rose and waving at me. I furrowed my eyebrows and averted my gaze. I glanced back and he's still there, waving at me enthusiastically. I did it for a couple of times and he will always wave at me like a child. Peek. Wave. Peek. Wave. He looks like a moron.

I scowled at him and walked out of the building, with an intention of completely ignoring him. But this Jung Il Woo guy can't take a hint. He hopped merrily towards me and blocked my path.

"Sandara Park, you're my crush!", he did a 90 degree bow and stretched his arms with the white rose on his hands.


I held the strap of my bag firmly and stared at him in confusion. With his body still bended, he wiggled the rose, urging me to take it.

"Sandara Park, my back is aching already", he whined. I shook my head in frustration and grabbed the rose from him. He then straightened up and smiled at me.

"Why are you doing this?", I asked.

"Doing what?"

"This!", I exclaimed and showed him the rose, slightly irritated.

"Because you're my crush!", he cheerfully declared. My gosh! Crush? What is he, a teenager?

"Stop stalking me"

"I'm not stalking you"

"Yes, you are"

"!", he was stomping his feet at each word. Wow, he's like a kid.

"Bye", I was about to walk past him but he suddenly knelt on the ground and raised his two arms in surrender! Gah! People are already gawking at us!

"Yah! Get up!", I shrieked. He shook his head indignantly and looked at me with pitiful eyes.

"Get up!"

"Sandara Park, I'm hungry. Let's go get some dinner", he somberly said, still kneeling on the ground.

"I can't"

"Why nottttttt?", he pouted his lips exaggeratedly. He is driving me nuts!

"Because I don't want to"

He took a sharp intake of breath and stared at me in shock.

"I just want to be friends with you. It's just dinner...", he said in a tiny voice.


"I'm gonna kill myself! I won't breathe until you agree!", he declared and sat on the ground. He then pinched his nose firmly and covered his mouth while looking at me with a pained expression on his face.

"Stop it. Get up and leave"

He shook his head violently. Oh my God, he's freaking mental!

I looked at his determined face as he held his breath, pondering if I should just go with him since despite his weirdness, he seemed to be a nice and harmless person anyway.

I sighed heavily and slumped my shoulders in defeat, "Fine. Just a quick dinner"


We were in his car and I'm starting to have a headache with the way he drives. With his speed, it feels like we're just walking.

"Can't you drive faster?", I asked, not hiding my irritation.

"This is fast. I'm a careful driver"

Greatttttt. He drives like a senile grandmother. We will surely get to our destination in approximately the same time as the aliens conquer earth.

The cars behind us were blaring their horns and we've already received a fair amount of dirty fingers. I looked out the window and saw a cyclist zoomed past us while laughing.

"Drive faster!", I shrieked.

GAHD! Seriously, a chimpanzee could've done a better job.

"Hahahahahaha!!! You should've seen your face! I thought you're going to strangle me", he then stepped on the accelerator.

ARGH! Why am I being punished?!

A few minutes later, we've arrived at a posh restaurant that only caters to important people like actors, politicians, etc. You can only get a table if you've reserved weeks before. Whoah!

"How did you manage to reserve a table here?", I asked.

"I just got lucky", he shrugged his shoulders. I looked at him suspiciously. Is he some kind of CEO or something? But the way he acts tells me otherwise.

When we entered the restaurant, I was awed by the elegance of the place and the customers.

"HUNGRY!", Il Woo exclaimed as soon as we sat down.

I widened my eyes at him and slapped his arm, "IL WOO! If you act like a moron, I will pull your hair!"

"Kekekekekeke! I love pissing you off"

I huffed angrily and rolled my eyes at him. While waiting for our food, I tried to engage him in a conversation but he always deflect my questions and reel the topic towards me. The food arrived and I am nowhere near knowing who he really is aside from the fact that he just arrived here in Korea and he has his own business. Whenever I ask him how he knew me, he would just say we were destined to meet. So, yeah, I'm not getting much info from him.

I was stiff for the whole duration of the meal, slightly intimidated by the place and the people around us.

"Hey, I invited you out so I can be friends with you. Relax and enjoy bantering with me", he said.

"I'm just not used to this kind of setting"

"Let me show you something fun", his eyes gleamed mischievously.

"Wait, I don't think I will like it"

"Oh come on. It's pretty simple. It's called the poker face game", he grabbed the cherry from his food and placed it on his spoon. And then....he raised his spoon and abruptly flipped it, catapulting the cherry to heaven knows where! It literally went flying across the room! I was flabbergasted as I watched it land on one of the customer's plate, making the unsuspecting girl scream in surprise.

"Poker face!", Il Woo whispered and quickly set down his spoon while maintaining a straight face, as if the flying cherry is not his fault.

"Oh my God, Il Woo. Stop it", I hissed. Despite my protests, he did it again, causing another shriek at the other side of the room. I'm already hyperventilating as I try to maintain my composure.

"Now, you do it"

"No way!", I exclaimed.

"Come on. Just try it"



That's all I need to comply to his stupidity. I furiously sliced a piece of meat and put it in my spoon. I flipped the spoon forcefully and the meat took off, flying elsewhere. But....I heard a sound behind me like a skin being slapped with something wet. I abruptly glanced back and gasped in a mixture of shock and shame. The meat went straight to the waiter's face who was just passing by. Time stood still. Everybody was silent, as if someone has pushed the mute button. All eyes are on me like there's a giant parrot perched on my head. Then, Il Woo's boisterous laugh resonated in the restaurant, making me want to crawl out of my skin. I felt like I'm experiencing accelerated aging as I sink lower in my seat, avoiding the eyes of everyone.

By the time we left the place, I think my hair has gone completely gray.


"Stop laughing!", I buried my face in my palms as Il Woo continued making fun of me inside the car.


I glared at him and crossed my arms over my chest while huffing furiously. I didn't utter another word after that until he stopped the car in a corner and smiled at me. I cocked my eyebrows at him.

"Come on, I'll treat you to ice cream", he excitedly said.

"I don't think ice cream can erase my humiliation earlier", I snarled at him. Ignoring my sour mood, he dragged me out of the car as I grabbed my bag and enthusiastically pointed at the ice cream parlor. I can only shake my head as he bounced here and there while choosing the flavor.

I grudgingly accepted the ice cream and followed him towards the park. He was still on high-spirits, chuckling whenever he glances at me.

"You're really interesting", he said and laughed again at my annoyed face. And you're a psycho.

I pouted my lips and slumped on a nearby bench, sulking because of the embarrassment I experienced earlier all thanks to this weirdo.

"Sandara Park!"

"WHAT?!", I snapped.

"Stop sulking. You never know when you're going to die so better seize the moment", he patted my head as if I'm a child when he's the one acting like a toddler the whole time. I slapped his hand away and lightly punched his stomach. 'You never know when you're going to die? Is that supposed to comfort me?

"If you want, I'll embarrass myself too so you can laugh at me. That way, we're even", he threw his ice cream at the trash can and smirked at me.

Before I could protest, he started walking in a psychotic manner, attracting curious (mortified) stares from other people. I looked at him in pure horror. He then ran speedily in circles, madly swinging his arms like the idiot that he is. The night is still early so the park is a bit crowded. Then, he started zigzagging across the people on the park with outstretched arms like an airplane while squealing noisily like a pig being butchered.

Has he completely lost his mind? Half of the people in the park are now watching him and some kids even followed what he was doing. I laughed at the scene. He really is a child trapped in a man's body.

He abruptly stopped his spectacular display of insanity and stood in front of me, his hands resting on his waist.

"That was fun", he said and grinned at me.

I chuckled and was about to say something when I remembered I haven't texted Jiyong where I am and he's probably waiting for me now at his place.

"Oh no!", I fumbled my bag and found my phone. I groaned when I saw that the battery was already empty.

"Il Woo, I have to go now. Thank you for dinner", I slung my bag over my shoulder.

"I'll give you a ride"

"No, thanks", I refused. Knowing Jiyong, he'll probably make a big deal out of this so I'd rather keep this a secret.

"You have other plans tonight?"

"Uhmmm...I have to go see my boyfriend"

"Boyfriend? You have a boyfriend", his eyebrows arched up.

"Yeah. So stop following me around, arasso? Go have a crush on somebody else", I lightly tapped his cheek and smiled at him. I really enjoyed the night, though. It was like accompanying a menacing kid.

He returned my smile and lightly tapped my cheek as well, "Boyfriend, huh?"

"Yah! Are you doubting what I said?"

He chuckled and tilted his head while staring at me, looking utterly amused.

When I saw Daesung and Seungri at a distance seemingly searching for someone, I hurriedly said my goodbye to Il Woo.

"Il Woo, I really need to go now. Thanks again", I said and jogged towards Daesung and Seungri. Gahhh!! Jiyong already sent his men to look for me. I glanced back and saw Il Woo laughing incessantly.




"Oh my God, noona. Please don't do this again, I'm begging you", Seungri said.

As soon as we got out, the men in dark suits surrounding the Deputy Mountain Master headquarters all looked relieved to see us. They bowed down and started talking simultaneously to their mouthpiece, reporting to someone. Tension filled the air and everyone were moving about. All that's missing are hunting dogs and blaring sirens.

"What happened?", I asked.

"Boss went to panic mode because you're late and he can't contact you", Daesung replied wearily.

"But I just went to dinner with a friend"

Daesung glanced at me while ushering me inside the building, "A guy friend?"


"Oh no. Don't tell it to our boss. He will set him on fire", Seungri planted his face on his palms.

"Or scratch his eyeballs AND set him on fire", Daesung chimed in.

"Or fry his , scratch his eyeb..."

"Okay, okayyyy. I get the picture", I sighed deeply. Jeez. Being a mobster's girlfriend really has its ups and downs.

Daesung and Seungri left as I entered Jiyong's unit. He was standing in the living room with a grim face, his hands shoved inside his pockets. He is furiousssssss. Damn.

I sheepishly smiled at him but he just stared at me. I carefully approached him and he just followed me with his gaze. Hesitantly, I tiptoed to give him a quick peck on the lips.

"Hi", I whispered, planting my hands on his chest.

"Hello", he mumbled, looking down at me, his expression remaining impassive.

"Am I in trouble?", I asked.




"Uh-oh", a playful smile curved my lips as I s my arms around his neck, our eyes locked together.

"Mmhmmmm", he nuzzled my cheek with his nose while hugging me closer.

"I just went to dinner. Sorry I didn't contact you earlier, my battery drained"

He let out a heavy sigh as he lifted me up and sat on the couch, settling me on his lap. He didn't utter a word as he rubs my upper arm with his thumb while staring at me.

"I'm sorry", I meekly said.


"Talk to me", I held his jaw and tried to move it. He remained unresponsive.

"Want to spank me?", I asked and with that, a smile broke on his lips, probably remembering that incident when I'm not wearing undies.

"Naughty", he whispered and gently kissed me.


I was brushing my teeth when a thought struck me. I received Il Woo's letter with the white rose before we met at the restaurant. So, how the hell did he know my name? He told me he saw my ID in the restaurant but he was clearly lying.

Hmmmm...Maybe he's really my admirer? Kekekekeke. Whatever. Even though he's weird, he seems to be a good guy. It's not bad to have another friend.


"Boyfriend? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!", Il Woo slapped his knee while holding his stomach.

Doo Joon and Ki Kwang exchanged curious glances at each other as they stand in front of the Alliance Leader.

"I knew it. Sandara Park is not just another girl for him", he said.

His mind started drafting a more suitable plan to better make use of her.


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So love the story ^^
46 streak #2
Missing this ❤
S2nancy 25 streak #3
I’m reading this for the second time because it’s soooo good! Great job!
3shhaaa #4
Chapter 1: Reading this for the second time!!!
Teddycl #5
eve_young #6
Chapter 38: Ah.. glad ive found this one.. it is really worth reading.. its totally packed.. im really inlove with this story.. thank you authornim..
123 streak #7
Chapter 1: im back to reading this again.. <3
46 streak #8
Chapter 34: This chapter never failed to make my heart aches.T.T
46 streak #9
Reading this again. Coz why not! <3 <3
username-not-taken #10
Chapter 37: I finished this in less than 24 hours! I have my phone with me all day!!! This is so good! I'm blessed that the book is already finished by the time I read it. I can't imagine the agony of waiting for an update. I'll probably drink the earth dry to satiate my thirst for this story if I happen to be one of the early readers. Thank you so much