MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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GD was right. YG is hella pissed.

"What were you thinking Kwon Jiyong?! You even brought her to your headquarters!", his voice thundered all over his office. GD's face remained impassive as he stood in front of his desk, his arms behind his waist, firmly squeezing his wrist with his hand.

"This is between me and her, uncle"

"I am now talking to you as the Dragon Head", YG sternly said with furrowed eyebrows.

"Yes, boss", GD hung his head low in submission.

"You are the Deputy Mountain Master of the Triads and my successor in this position. Sandara Park might have agreed to be with you but once she sees the darkness of our world, don't expect she will stick around"

GD's jaws clenched but he held his silence.

"Concentrate on bringing down the New World Alliance. About the girl, just give her some time to realize things on her own. Give her an opening to escape and once she leaves you Jiyong, don't even think about dragging her back"

"Dara will not leave me", GD firmly said.

"Be fair, son. She's not one of your concubines. Don't seduce her to submission to get what you want. Give her a chance to think. I assure you, she will leave"

"She will not leave. Be prepared to give us your blessings", GD's chest constricted and his voice hitched.

"She will leave", YG sadly said.



I am a vegetable.

When Jiyong left me in his room after that mind-blowing kiss, I felt like all the bones in my body softened. I my lips and smiled to myself while fiddling with Jiyong's couple ring which I placed on a chain and wore as a necklace. I will give it back to him later.

Jiyong told me that I have to rethink my decision while he's gone but I don't have to do that. I am absolutely sure I want to be with him...but...I must admit looking past what he is, being a mobster and all, will take a lot of getting used to.

I was about to drift to sleep when flashes of the dead bodies suddenly filled my head. I abruptly sat up and clutched my chest. Guns...blood...death. My boyfriend is a mobster. What the hell am I thinking?

I love him. Yes, I do. But will this really work?

I went to the bathroom and splashed some cold water on my face. When I lifted my eyes and saw my reflection on the mirror, an unwelcome thought crossed my mind.

Run away.

No. I love him and I'm strong. We can try to make this work. I started shedding tears for reasons that were unclear to me. Maybe I'm still in a state of shock? I don't know. I grabbed a towel and furiously wiped the water and tears off my face.

"Dara..", I jerked back when I heard Jiyong's strangled voice. He was standing by the bathroom's door, looking at me with weary eyes. I might've been too preoccupied with my thoughts that I didn't even hear him enter.

"You're back!", I said in the most cheerful voice that I could muster but I knew he was unconvinced. I'm not very good in lying after all.

"Yeah, I'm back...for you", he kissed me on the cheek and wrapped his left arm around my waist. He then grabbed his toothbrush and wiggled it in front of my face. I frowned at him in confusion.

"Put some toothpaste. I don't want to let you go", he said, referring to his left arm that was securely keeping me close to him.

"Oh, look who's cheesy now!", I teased while complying to his request.

"I have to be. So you won't leave me", he said in a serious tone and proceeded in brushing his teeth. I stared at his face and noted the pained expression in his eyes. Maybe he knew I would be thinking of running away once the initial excitement and shock died down, that's why he wanted me to rethink my decision.


"Just be the jerk that I love, Jiyong. The cheesiness doesn't suit you", I smiled and kissed his jaw. He hastily finished brushing his teeth and looked at me.

"It doesn't suit me, huh? Okay", he then scooped some water and splashed it on my face, making me squeal.

"It's freaking cold!", I whined and kicked his shin. I wiped my face with the towel while glaring at him.

He just chuckled and lifted me up on his shoulders. I screamed and tried to wiggle free, earning me a slap on the .


He placed me down on the bed and collapsed beside me. I slapped his arm but he just held me close, hugging me tightly like he's going to lose me. We were bathed with silence as we stared at each other's eyes.

"I kept your couple ring, Ji. Here", I was about to take the necklace off but he stopped me.

"Give it to me when you're ready"

"What do you mean? Y-You're not going to leave me, are you?", I asked in panic.

"No, babe. I'm not going anywhere. But you're not ready for me. So, I'm giving you some time to get used to our situation before we take things further"

"What do you mean by further?"

"Making love...perhaps moving in with me...Our situation is very complicated, Dara. You have to know a lot of things about me first before you fully give yourself to me"

"But you're my official boyfriend already. You can't take that back!", I reasoned.

"Yes, babe. But it will just be the same as our relationship before. We have to take this slowly"

Somehow, I know where he's coming from and restoring our old relationship is not bad either.

"When will I know if I'm ready for you?"

"When you think you can handle everything that I am", he somberly said.

My plan of having the most serious talk in the history of serious talks happened after all. Jiyong told me about his past, which is stained with so much blood. He told me some things about the Triads, about his position, about who he is. Things that I should never repeat to anybody. The thought of running away doesn't seem so ridiculous now.

But for Jiyong...I will stay strong.



"Bossssssssss!!!!", I whined and stomped my feet as I hid behind Dara. Youngbae, Daesung and Seungri were waiting at the car, laughing at my misfortune. Boss wanted me to accompany him to face Park Bom who turns out to be waiting on Dara's apartment because apparently, Dara forgot that Bom was supposed to sleep over in her apartment and was probably going crazy right now. We just got Dara's bag from the YG Underground Club guard a while ago that's why she failed to contact her.

"What's with you and Park Bom? We just have to talk to her for a while", he reasoned and yanked Dara away from me.

Okay, let me tell you about me and Park Bom. We hate each other! Now that I have my twenty million won, I don't need her anymore. I don't want to see her again EVER!

"Jiyong, just let him be if he doesn't want to go", Dara held Jiyong's arm and gently d it. Awww!! Look at these two! They're making me blush!

"No, you're going", he said with finality. GAHD!


The moment Miss Piglet saw Dara, she started wailing like a...well...pig. It took a while to calm her down. Jiyong explained, or rather lied, about why we went missing. He told her that he and I are security consultants (HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHA!!!) and that there was an emergency in one of our clients that's why we had to go (HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHA!!!). I seriously want to laugh my off right now but boss will surely slash me in half if I do that.

Dara told Bom that they are now an official couple and that the rent thing is a misunderstanding on her part since she thought Jiyong is the one sent by RAB company. I'm not sure if she heard the rest of Dara's story though because the moment she heard the words official couple, she started squealing and hugging Dara.

"But why did you pretend to be a rented boyfriend, Jiyong?", Bom asked suspiciously.

"Because Dara is hot. I can't let her go to another man, can I?", he nonchalantly said. Smooooooothhhh!!! That's our boss right there!

"Hi there, Teletubby 2", Bom suddenly said and stared at my peaceful corner.

Teletubby 2?!

Hell to the freaking no!

"Are you talking to me?", I asked. Jiyong and Dara were looking at me teasingly. I will kill you Park Bom!

"Yup. Give me your new number so I can piss you off some more", she smiled cheekily at me.

"No way", I snarled at her.

"I'll give it to you", Jiyong pulled out his phone.

"Boss!!!", I whined.

"Boss?", she asked.

"Yes, he's my boss. And you can't have my number!"

"Well, I'm asking your boss for your number", she stuck her tongue out at me. Whoever can tolerate Miss Piglet deserves a standing monument, I swear.

I sighed heavily and shook my head in frustration. Dara and Bom started chatting animatedly while Jiyong stared at them blankly.

More lies.

I know that's what he's thinking. Even though Dara now knows the truth, the complications are far from over. In fact, it just gets more complicated. Both of them has to lie to all the people surrounding Dara. You can't expect anyone to just shrug it off when they hear we're mobsters. Mafia's Romeo and Juliet - I wonder how their story will end.


"Have you prepared everything? New ammunitions, additional men, the location?", Il Woo asked while playing with the white rose on his desk.

"Yes boss. We've hired a new group of killers. We heard the Reapers are the best in the assassins circle", Doo Joon replied.

"Good. Make sure everything's in place since my next plan will be a head-on strike with all the Triad officials"

"Are we going to use Sandara Park, boss?"

"Don't touch her yet. I'm not done playing with Miss Park. I still think G-Dragon is deeply connected with that girl. We're going to lay low for now and let the Triads think they've got the upper hand. Once they go complacent, we'll strike", Il Woo smirked menacingly.



I am bursting with happiness! I was practically gliding along the hallway and was smiling at everyone as I leave our office building. I have an official boyfriend! Wheeee!!! Who's happy? Me! Who's happy? ME!!!

I stopped on my tracks when I saw Jiyong waiting for me outside, his back facing me as he scanned the streets. My heart pounded in excitement! I was smiling from ear to ear as I approached him. When he turned around and saw me, he just arched his eyebrows casually. Eh? No kiss? No nothing?

"Let's buy some groceries", he said and proceeded to walk.

He was back to being his noncommittal and cold self, nonchalantly walking like his official girlfriend is not beside him. I really don't get him! Seriously, translating ancient scrolls to Korean is probably an easier task than reading Jiyong's mind.

I sighed heavily and hung my head low as I followed him. Suddenly, I felt Jiyong's arm draped around me. I lifted my gaze and looked at him but Jiyong's eyes were focused on the road ahead. Without meaning to, a giddy smile formed on my lips as I stared at him. Gah! Giddiness overload!

He tilted his head and looked at me, seemingly amused.

"You're getting addicted to me", he bluntly said.

"Conceited jerk", I mumbled.

"ed geek"

"YAH!", I elbowed him but he quickly stepped away and hid behind me while chuckling. JERK!


I was looking quizzically at him as we entered the grocery store. I'm not exactly sure what we're going to buy. Jiyong pushed the cart and proceeded to the aisle. Looking at him doing this mundane task makes my heart skip a beat. A mobster doing grocery shopping, kekekekekeke. He still looks hot!

"Babe", he called out. I hastily walked beside him and bit my lips, silently spazzing with his term of endearment for me. Babe! <--- KYAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! It will never get old. I love it when his tongue caresses that word.

"What are we buying?", I asked.

"Toothbrush, towel, toiletries...So when you sleep over in my place or when I sleep in your place, we have something to use", he replied as he dumps some stuff in the cart.

KKKYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh gosh! Hyperventilation anyone?!

This is it!! We're marking our territories puahhahahahahahah!!! Ottokae! I feel like flying! I cupped my face and was surprised at how warm my cheeks are.

"You like the idea that much?", he glanced at me and smiled.

Is he seriously asking me this question? Can't he see I'm emitting happy rays in every pore of my body? Gah! I'm becoming one big ball of happy energy!

After paying, we were about to leave when some promo girls blocked his path and offered him some lollipops. Get this - all three of the girls holding grapes, orange and apple flavor crowded him and no one even bothered looking in my direction. It would have been fine by me except these promo girls are wearing tiny blouses that accentuates their cleavages. Tiffany's minions from hell, that's what they are. They were flaunting their bodies at Jiyong and the jerk gamely accepted one of the lollipops, much to the girl's delight. She even peeled off the plastic wrapper and gave it to him. I can picture erupting volcanoes everywhere!!

Ohhh, I want to wipe that smug grin off his face! He on the candy and walked towards me.

Part of me is screaming at how y he looks with a lollipop protruding from his lips but a better part of me is too pissed to care. He pulled the lollipop out of his mouth and hovered it in front of me.

"Lollipop?", he offered.

I huffed furiously and glared at him. I looked at the promo girls who were still ogling at him and insecurity gnawed me. I pouted and lowered down my gaze.

To my surprise, he lifted my chin and leaned down, sealing my lips with a gentle kiss and sliding his tongue inside my slightly parted mouth. He softly grazed my tongue with his, letting me have a taste of the sweetness of the lollipop. A soft smooch filled my ears as he gave me a quick peck before pulling back.

"Hmmm..sweet", he said in a y drawl.

I swallowed hard and my lips. It's official, I'm going to die of spazz attack.



We were in my apartment and just like Kung Pao, I was following Jiyong everywhere he walks. When he walked to the kitchen, I was right behind him and Kung Pao was behind me. He went to the living room and his tails, a.k.a. me and Kung Pao, followed suit. I just can't get enough of him, kekekekke!

I'm not sure if he noticed it though. I think Kung Pao and I are doing a great job at being inconspicuous. He went to my room and I pretended to be getting something there too. I was fumbling in my drawers when he opened the bathroom door and glanced back at me teasingly.

"I'm going to pee. You want to come?"

Yes! Can I watch?

Gah! Good thing it didn't come out of my mouth or I will seriously kill myself.

"Shut up", I shot back to cover my embarrassment.

"I was talking to Kung Pao", he chuckled and the damn chicken merrily flapped its wings. Traitor.

These two are always ganging up on me. Hmph!


After eating dinner, we lazed around on the couch and watched TV. I was sitting beside him, my head resting on his shoulder while his arm was comfortably wrapped around me, his thumb gently brushing my arm. I don't even know what crap we're watching because I'm too focused on every little action he's doing. The nerve endings in my body are on high alert. I stole a glance at him and let out a sigh.

Oh this cutie patootie! I love him so much!

He suddenly glanced down at me and cocked his eyebrows.

"You want to do something nasty to me again, don't you?", he teasingly said without breaking his gaze at me.

OH.MY.GOSH. S-Something nasty? GAHHHH!! I felt spent already!

"I think I need to go", he said and was about to stand up but I clung to his neck and prevented him from going.

"Just sleep here"

"Slowly, babe. We're taking things slowly", he gently brushed his lips against mine and kissed me. He pulled back but I gripped his shirt and pouted at him.

"Say you love me!", I whined.

"You love me", he pinched my nose and hurriedly left. WAH!!

Name: Sandara Park




Being a mobster's girlfriend is unlike anything else. It has just been more than a week but there were drastic changes in my life. It was exciting and tiring at the same time.

Just recently, I had to fight with Jiyong to call off his men whom he instructed to always follow me around. I wouldn't have known about this if I didn't hug Donghae in front of the office building and a few minutes later, a ballistic Jiyong was calling me about that. It was then that I noticed his men loitering around, trying to act insconspicuous. I went completely nuts. I'm just not used to it and it creeps me out! In the end, Jiyong compromised. He will pull out all his men on the condition that I will text him wherever I go. But, he will ask someone to guard me at random hours if I'm alone in my apartment. Gah! Insane!

I also experienced how powerful the Triad really is. They own almost everything! Hotels, restaurants, casinos... No wonder Jiyong doesn't seem to be short of money. He actually almost doesn't need it. Wherever we went, we were treated like royalties. Then Jiyong told me that those establishments are owned by the Triads.

I'm still not used to men in black suits suddenly bowing at me and regarding me highly. Jiyong gave me a tour of his headquarters once and I was appalled by how well-respected Jiyong is in his turf. Whoah. He's really a boss.

Whenever he's not on my side, I always get scared if I'm going to see him again. Him being a mobster is worrying me. Whenever I ask him about his mobster duties, he will sometimes answer it but I knew he's omitting some details for my sake. I also did some research about the Triads to educate myself on the things about that organization.

Oh, and he's still annoying. The idea of cooking him with Kung Pao crossed my mind more than once because he is always bullying me! Other than that, my jerk is truly back in my life. He hasn't told me the I love you words yet since tormenting me became a new hobby of his.

In such a short span of time of putting up with his powered up jerkiness, I felt like a superhuman already. And...*cough...I also think my hymen already turned to stone because of his damn SELF-CONTROL! We agreed that I would have to learn more about the Triads and their way of living for at least a month before we take things further (*KYAHH!!) and before he could retrieve back his couple ring.

Anyway, today should be a normal day. Jiyong told me that he has something to do and he will just come to my apartment later. I was about to go to the backyard with Kung Pao tagging along behind me when a man in black suit with a small red dragon embroidered in their left sleeve approached me. I instantly backed away while Kung Pao quickly took the position between me and the man. This chicken amazes me sometimes.

"Miss Park", the man bowed at me politely. Something tells me he's different from Jiyong's men. I'm not sure if I should curtsy or do a cartwheel..whatever. I just bowed at him. I looked past him and saw the other men scattered all over the place bowing at me. Whoah! I also saw TOP hurriedly walking towards us, the sight of him immediately calmed me. I think he's the one assigned to guard me for tonight.

"I'm Jinu of the Dragon Head Unit. The Dragon Head has requested your presence at the dinner event. The Deputy Mountain Master and the other Triad's friends are in attendance as well", he said.

Dragon Head? Jiyong explained the different rank positions to me and from what I remember, that's the leader of the Triads. Gah! Why would the leader ask for my presence? Did I do something wrong? Are they going to...*gulp...murder me and throw my body somewhere?

Fortunately, TOP reached us before my mind can form some graphic images that will surely scare the living bejeezus out of me.

"Jinu hyung? What is going on?", he asked. Jinu repeated what he just told me and TOP's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. So I'm not the only one weirded out by the idea of the Triad's leader summoning me, eh? This is bad news.

"I'll inform my boss about this first", TOP was about to pull out his phone but Jinu stopped him.

"The Dragon Head specifically ordered that this should be kept from the Deputy Mountain Master. He wishes to talk to her first", he said.

TOP and I looked at each other. So, I am to attend the dinner event where Jiyong is currently at?

"I am under the Deputy Mountain Master's order to guard her. I will take her to the venue", TOP reasoned out. Jinu hesitated for a moment, but nodded in agreement.

"We will be escorting you. Miss Park will be taken to the Dragon Head first before she will be escorted to the dinner hall", he said.

Okay, I'm scared now. The way he speaks, it's as if I'm the one they're going to serve for dinner. *shudder



We are screwed! Screwed to the nth power!

I gripped the steering wheel firmly while following the cars of the Dragon Head's unit. Dara was fiddling with her fingers nervously on the passenger seat. Oh mannnn, I can already picture it. It's a catastrophe happening in slow motion.

The dinner event that Jiyong is attending right now is not like the formal parties organized by the Triad's high ranking officials. It is an event wherein the street gangs are invited so that the Triads will have a chance to know the local gangsters. It is also a chance for us to see if there are any viable candidates among them to be part of the Triads. But the main purpose of the dinner event is to show the street gangs who rules the turf, which of course is none other than us. Within the Triad's cirlce, we call it the pigsty party since most of the gangsters turn out to be how you picture a pathetic gangster would be - yellow teeth, big muscles, no brain, loud voice, eats like a pig. And they bring their as well.

This kind of event is usually attended by the Incense Master but for some reason, the Dragon Head suddenly gave an order that Jiyong will be the presiding officer for tonight. Now I know why. And Jiyong is about to know later, which will make his night ier than it already is.

And Dara, ottokae! Where to start? She is radiating with innocence, cute and looks like she can't handle a spoon without hurting herself. Even I don't want to see her in a room full of those foul-smelling ba$tards with their es.

I have a feeling that the Dragon Head wanted Dara to see the disgusting part of the Triads but letting her attend the pigsty party is just...*sigh

"Dara, Jiyong is going to be there. He won't let anything happen to you so don't worry", I said as I stole a glance at her.

"Thanks TOP. I'm glad that you were there when the Dragon Head unit came to fetch me"

Tch. She's too nice! The will eat her alive.

"Dara, if any of the women there say anything harsh to you, just slap their damn faces and run to Jiyong, arasso? Or just tell me which bullied you so I can slit her tongue", I warned her. Her eyes widened with fear as she take a sharp intake of breath. Great. I made her more nervous than she already is. I'm not really good at this.

"What I'm trying to say is...", I paused and tried to think of a more articulate way of phrasing 'Nobody should cross you because if someone does, it's their time to die'. Again, being articulate is not one of my strong points.

"I get it. I'll be careful. And I'll toughen up", she was smiling sweetly at me when I glanced at her.

Oh brother. Catastrophe, I tell you. This is going to be one big catastrophe.



The Dragon Head - leader of the Triads. The butterflies in my stomach fluttered profusely and I can barely breathe. My vision is multiplying. Someone has to gather all the dragon ballz and resurrect me after this.

I was perspiring profusely as I was escorted inside a room while TOP was instructed to wait outside. A man who was staring outside the window is the only one there. He turned around and regarded me for a minute, perhaps to let me feel his super power being the leader and all.

"Greetings, Miss Park. My name is Yang Hyun Suk or YG, the Dragon Head. And Jiyong's uncle", his voice was oozing with authority and confidence that I only sense in Jiyong. He's Jiyong's uncle?

"G-Good evening, Mr. Yang", I bowed politely.

"This is going to be brief. Seeing that Jiyong has disregarded my orders to leave you, I wanted to meet you in person and give you a warning. You are well aware that associating yourself with him will put your life at risk. But what you might have failed to realize is that you are the greatest danger in Jiyong's life, Miss Park. Since you agreed to be with him, you need to be very careful with your actions as they might be lethal for him"

I was holding my breath as I cling to every word that was coming out of his mouth. I couldn't even find my voice to respond.

"Jiyong is still sheltering you from the darkness of the black society. But sooner or later, it will get to both of you"

Silence. I don't freaking know what to say. His stare makes me want to crawl in a hole somewhere.

"The dinner event is at a different place, Miss Park. My men will you there. Being Jiyong's woman, you must accompany him in certain occasions such as this one. Please tell Jiyong that I expect him to finish the event with you on his side"

"It's been a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Yang", I bowed and almost ran out of the door. GAH!


As soon as I got out, TOP was beside me in an instant and was trying to fan me with his hands and was patting my back because I was hyperventilating like crazy. Mr. Yang's intimidating air suffocates me.

We didn't waste any time and jumped in the car again to go to the venue where the dinner event is being held. We went inside an abandoned building that looks like it's about to be demolished but was stopped midway. There are broken walls and such but nevertheless, the place is huge and still standing. I think this is a former hotel or something.

"Miss Park, the dinner event is in the basement. The Deputy Mountain Master is inside as well. TOP will you to him", Jinu bowed and took his leave.

I took a deep breath and examined myself. I was wearing a simple dress and strappy flat sandals since I was instructed to wear something casual. I hope I'm not underdressed.

"Dara, stay close to me", TOP sternly reminded me as we stood in front of the door guarded by two men. I nodded in response, too overwhelmed with everything that has happened so far.

The moment we entered the venue, my jaw dropped to the ground. Oh my God. It was like a freaking monkey den! A total madhouse! It was a large dimly lit room and there are a lot of scary-looking guys scattered all over the place with one or two women in their arms and with bottles of beers in their hands. Laughter and cheers filled the area. I felt a chill running down my spine as I roamed my eyes around to find Jiyong. I couldn't be more out of place. The women here are barely wearing anything and are grinding their bodies to their partners shamelessly that I can almost smell STD in the air. I felt like I'm witnessing the downfall of human society.

TOP gripped my elbow and ushered me as we sink into the crowd to find Jiyong. We eventually found him talking to a muscled guy with a scar on his left eye. But what really caught my attention is the woman standing beside Jiyong.

It was none other than Sulli.


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So love the story ^^
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Missing this ❤
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I’m reading this for the second time because it’s soooo good! Great job!
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Chapter 1: Reading this for the second time!!!
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Chapter 38: Ah.. glad ive found this one.. it is really worth reading.. its totally packed.. im really inlove with this story.. thank you authornim..
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Chapter 1: im back to reading this again.. <3
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Chapter 34: This chapter never failed to make my heart aches.T.T
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Reading this again. Coz why not! <3 <3
username-not-taken #10
Chapter 37: I finished this in less than 24 hours! I have my phone with me all day!!! This is so good! I'm blessed that the book is already finished by the time I read it. I can't imagine the agony of waiting for an update. I'll probably drink the earth dry to satiate my thirst for this story if I happen to be one of the early readers. Thank you so much