MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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credits: surreal16


I remained transfixed on my spot, sitting on the ground with my hands covering my ears and with tears streaming down my face.

A mobster? Of all the fcked up things in the world, why did I fall in love with a freaking mobster?!

I darted my eyes disbelievingly at the dead bodies sprawled all over the place and choked down a sob.

Oh my God.

They killed them. I've never seen a man killed in front of me in my entire life but in just a span of seconds, I've witnessed more than ten men being gunned down. TOP barked some orders and all the men in black suit stood straight, placed their closed fists on their chests and bowed at me. It was an unbelievable sight - mobsters showing respect to me. After that, they all retrieved the dead bodies and scampered out, leaving the two of us behind.

My eyes landed on Jiyong who was still standing there.

Is this really Jiyong, the jerk? With a gun on his hand, he looks so cold and distant. He looks unforgiving and....ruthless. Far from the man that gently caresses my cheeks and kisses me.

I placed my hands over my mouth to stifle my cries when he slowly walked towards me.

He's a mobster...

He stood in front me and remained silent while roaming his eyes on my face. Then it hit me. His eyes were a mixture of anxiety, concern, worry and...and...Oh God, he's scared. He's still Jiyong....the same jerk that I love. The same jerk who goes ballistic whenever someone touches me. The jerk who just saved me from the ba$tard who is about to do unforgivable things to me.

His arms hang limply on his sides and his shoulders were rigid and tensed. His hand was gripping his gun weakly as he stared at me. Now that he's in a close distance, I saw what I failed to notice earlier. He looks....devastated. Standing before me is Jiyong.

I wiped my tears and struggled on my feet to be able to face him. He was still frozen and stiff while following my every movement with his eyes. I took a step forward and leveled my gaze with him. My heart clenched as an overwhelming sense of longing filled me at the sight of Jiyong.

He's really here.

"I-I'm so mad at you. You're so careless", he stuttered, which is so very unlike him. Why does he look scared?

"You're always mad at me", I said. Funny how I feel so relaxed and secured by being with him, even though what happened moments ago should have already driven me out of my sanity.

Or maybe I'm already insane. After all, I still love this jerk.

He gathered my hands and rested them over his chest while looking intensely at me. I was stunned at how his heart was beating wildly. Is he scared...because of me?

"I died, Dara. I died when I heard these ba$tards captured you", his voice was strangled, making my chest constrict at the realization of how broken he was.

"I'm here now", I wrapped my arms around his body and he did the same, drawing me close to him and almost crushing me of his tight embrace. He was holding me as if someone is going to snatch me away from him. He inhaled deeply and pressed his lips at the top of my head, his chest heaving up and down as relief seemed to slowly flood his system.

I lifted my face and looked at him but his gaze landed at the corner of my wounded lips. His eyes turned into slits and was about to erupt again but I held him tightly.

"Take me home, Ji"


Mobster. Dead bodies. Jiyong.

Her head was spinning like crazy as they sat at opposite sides at the back of the car. TOP was the one driving while Youngbae took the passenger seat.

There was a stony silence inside the car as GD gazed outside the window, not uttering a single word after they left the place. Dara sighed heavily and did the same, fixing her eyes outside the window and drowning herself with the scenery and the peaceful night sky.

He's a mobster.

This is more complicated than what she envisioned. She's now beginning to understand why he left her in the first place. His world is different from hers.

Will she be able to handle this?

GD stole a glance at Dara. His chest burned at the sight of her. So beautiful...but not his. He looked away again, focusing his eyes outside.

Will he really be able to let go?

Both of them were lost in deep thoughts, carefully weighing the complexity of their situation.

Dara turned her head towards GD and stared at him. He was resting his elbow on the window while running his hand on his chin, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration. A small smile formed on her lips as she came up with a decision that will surely change her life. Just like how she realized that she loves this guy, it became clear to her that it's too late to turn back. She already fell deeply for him. Admittedly, she's scared. But she's more scared of losing him. This past was hell.

Yes, leaving her in her peaceful world is the right thing to do. But her peaceful world fell apart without him anyway so what's the use? She wants to be with him, just like the way they used to.

They could at least try. They could try their damndest to make it work.

GD was still looking out the window when Dara suddenly scooted near him and planted a soft kiss on his cheek. Startled, GD abruptly turned his head towards her but Dara has already moved back at the opposite side.

"TOP, can we go to Jiyong's place? I'll be staying there tonight", she said and smiled at him. TOP and Youngbae, although shocked, were obviously delighted.

"Yes ma'am!", TOP responded and winked at her through the rearview mirror.

"You can't stay at my place, Dara", GD sternly said.

"We need to talk, Jiyong"

"We have nothing to talk about. You probably figured out by now why you should stay away from me"

Dara frowned at him. She seriously wants to throw a computer monitor at his head right now. He is so stubborn!

"That's why we need to talk, Jiyong. You owe me this much. I won't let you go this time!", Dara snapped. It was too late when she realized what she just blurted out.


"Boss?", TOP asked, his eyes gleaming of amusement.

GD inhaled deeply and looked away before speaking with a resigned tone, "To my place"



I won't let you go this time.

GAAHH!! How the hell was I able to say that? I'm not even sure if he's feeling the same way towards me. I mean, he obviously cares for me but to what extent? For all I know, he likes me just as much as he likes Kung Pao!

I roamed my eyes in Jiyong's guestroom. He sternly reminded me that I'll just be staying for tonight but tomorrow, we'll go on separate ways. Of course, I won't allow that! Duh. I will talk to him later. The most serious talk in the history of all serious talks.

Holding the big shirt and boxer shorts that Jiyong lent me, I took a shower and changed my clothes. I looked at the mirror and squirmed at my reflection. The shirt was too big for my size that it almost covered the boxers, there's a small wound at the corner of my lips and there are black circles surrounding my eyes for lack of sleep. Horrible. I look horrible.

I quietly went out of the room and looked for Jiyong. His condo unit spans almost the entire top floor and it's really big and impressive. I can see the night sky and the streets through the floor-to-ceiling window. But I couldn't even appreciate the beauty of the place because of anxiety.

Tension is starting to build up at the pit of my stomach as I walk towards his bedroom. I really hope I wouldn't say something stupid as I talk to him. I can't bare to lose him again.

"J-Jiyong?", I nervously knocked on the door and pushed it open. He was half-, wearing only his jeans while drying his hair with a towel. He glanced at me and immediately grabbed a shirt, discarded the towel and walked past me.

"I'm going out. Get some rest", he coldly said as he slips his shirt on.

I felt a sharp pang of pain in my chest as I watched his retreating back. Why does he keep pushing me away? I swallowed hard and trailed behind him, clenching my fists tightly.

"We have to talk, Jiyong"

"No", he headed towards the door without glancing back at me.


GD was about to mount his motorcycle when a commotion erupted inside. Sirens were blaring and it was code red - combat situation.

His breath was caught in his throat as he dashed towards the headquarters. They're under attack and Dara is alone inside his fcking condo! ALONE! Damn it!

"Boss! The alarm was tripped on the top floor", one of his men informed him.

The top floor...Oh God. Dara...

The beating of his heart exponentially increased. He was on the verge of losing his mind as they stormed inside the elevator and pushed the button to the top floor where his place is...where Dara is. The control room informed them that the perimeter is now secured and that there are no unusual movements but he can't calm himself. He had to see Dara. There was a seething pain in his chest just thinking about what could have happened to her.

He suddenly wished he could turn back time, even just until that moment when she asked him to talk. He should've stayed. He should've listened to her. What's too late?

NO! Damn it! DAMN IT!

The door to his condo unit was wide open, making his pulse race. Disturbing images swarmed in his head and he could already taste the bile rising in his throat. His nerves were screaming and cold fear gripped him.


Firmly holding his gun and followed by TOP, Daesung, Seungri and some of their men, they all stealthily went inside. They checked every room but didn't find anyone or anything unusual. GD is becoming uneasy at every second wasted.

Damn it, Dara! You better be fcking safe!

The last door - the room to GD's mini-office in his condo unit. GD opened the door and they all bolted inside with guns ready, assuming their positions for attack.

GD frowned and lowered his gun while staring at the figure sitting in front of his laptop. Dara typed something and the blaring sirens halted. The rest of the Deputy Mountain Master unit stood behind GD like deers caught in the headlights. They all have one thought - 'What the fck is happening?'

"Did I catch your attention now, Kwon?", Dara snarled at him.

GD buried his face on his palm, covering the smile that formed on his lips.



Okay, so that was stupid.

I hacked their security system and tripped the alarm on the top floor to make him come back. I completely forgot that I'm dealing with mobsters here and a stunt like that will be taken way too seriously. Jiyong is now downstairs talking to people because even after I terminated the code red alarm, a whole batallion of Triads showed up, a bunch of helicopters suddenly patroled above and heaven knows what other kinds of sorcery they have.

I sighed heavily and secured the blanket that Jiyong firmly wrapped around me. I was sitting in his living room together with TOP and the three guys he introduced to me namely Youngbae, Daesung and Seungri. While waiting for Jiyong, they gave me some details about Jiyong's rank and how powerful the Triads is. No wonder he gives off a very authoritative and confident vibe. He's a freaking mobster boss!

I scowled at TOP who is still giggling maniacally whenever he looks at me.

"Hyung..", Youngbae said reprimandingly.

"Sorry Daddy Youngbae", he meekly said and pursed his lips. Whoah! This Daddy Youngbae should be my master. I stared at him in awe and I thought I saw some sparkling light around his mohawk. He just smiled at me, his eyes squinting into crescent shapes. I like this guy.

"Am I in trouble?", I asked to no one in particular.

From the mangas that I've read, Triads are very disciplined so this moronic act might entail some...*shiver....punishments. In my defense, I didn't know this building is their base...lair?..cave?...whatever. I didn't know!

"Yes. They will cut your fingers. But don't worry, noona. I'll protect you", Seungri said in a very serious tone and patted my hands.

C-Cut my fingers?

"He's just joking, noona. Seungri!", Daesung punched Seungri's arm making him whimper in pain.

"Sorry. Bad joke", he said apologetically while scratching the back of his head.

"It's okay. Uhm...So who among you is the sharpshooter of the group?", I asked out of curiosity since in some of the animes I watch, there's this one guy who is very precise when it comes to guns.

"Me", the four of them answered in unison.

They looked at each other and a whole new level of bickering began as they throw in statistics, mentioned the artilleries and weaponries they've handled, the missions they've successfully accomplished because of their awesomeness, blah blah blah. I think I just started a war.

They all fell silent when Jiyong entered.

"Ready to talk, Park?", he asked with a hint of amusement in his voice.




TOP, Youngbae, Daesung and Seungri already left and went back to their quarters located on the floors below. We were left alone.

I was sitting at the edge of his bed while Jiyong was sitting on a chair in front of me, his legs spread apart and his elbows resting on his thighs. Pure hotness. That's what he is. How can a man look so y with just a pair of jeans and white shirt?

I stole a glance at Jiyong and quickly casted my gaze downwards. Gah! Who said I want to talk? I just want to devour his lips and do stuff to him. ed stuff. Waahh!

"You're blushing", he teased. I'm pretty sure I've already adopted the color of cranberry. I was hyperventilating like crazy.

I cleared my throat and looked at him. Wrong move. His scorching eyes completely shut down all my brain cells. I am now functioning with sheer willpower.

"I thought you're not letting me go this time?", he flashed me his boyish grin. *faintssss

"I..that..sorry, that was so presumptuous of me...I mean.."

Gah! Sandara Park! Call the mothership and get the hell out of there!

"Calm down, Dara", his soothing voice eased me. I inhaled deeply and stared at my lap so I can talk to him like a normal human being.

"Actually, I have a lot of questions...", I started.

Jiyong calmly explained the things that happened since the first time we met, when he pretended to be a boyfriend-for-rent. He patiently answered my questions but would sometimes avoid them especially when we got to discuss a sensitive topic - him being a mobster.

I lifted my gaze and his eyes bore into mine as I try to understand what being a mobster boss entails him to do. I clenched and unclenched my fists multiple times as I nervously listened to his replies.

But of all the things that he has revealed, there is one thing that I'm most curious about...

"Was everything between us all part of an act?", my heart thundered inside my chest as I wait for his answer.

"I don't recall acting when it comes to you...", his voice was above a whisper as he looked directly in my eyes. A surge of happiness filled my senses as I breathed audibly.

"But I'm fcked up, geek. I'm a mobster. You don't deserve someone like me"

Now here comes the embarrassing part...Goodbye dignity...but I want this...I need this...

"I understand what I'm getting myself into, Jiyong. I'll choose danger over safety if it means I can be with you. I just want us to be like we were before. I want you to be my real boyfriend. We can at least try...", my voice trailed off. I'm not even sure if I'm making any sense. I lifted my gaze and stared at him uncertainly.


"Okay, I'll be your official boyfriend", his intense eyes bore into mine.

"Y-You will?"

"Yeah. But don't expect too much", he somberly said.

I nodded my head, unable to say anything because of the overwhelming feeling that whipped through my system. He's my boyfriend. I can't describe how elated I am. A wide smile almost tore my face in half and he smiled back. My giddiness skyrocketed until I couldn't contain my feelings anymore.

"I love you", I mumbled and bit my lips.

"You're so cheesy", he chuckled and pinched my nose.

I looked at him expectantly like a puppy, waiting for him to say that he loves me too.

"Oh, you want me to say those words to you, too?", he blurted out. Gah! Stupid jerk! He's doing this on purpose!

"Where's the fun in that? You have to do something to make me say it", he smirked as my eyes widened in a mixture of shock and irritation.!!!!!

"I like it when you're deprived", he tilted his head in amusement.

I huffed in annoyance and folded my arms over my chest while pouting. Unbelievable! I got myself a boyfriend who doesn't want to tell me that he loves me too. And to top it all, he's a mobster! I feel like smashing something right now, preferably his skull!

"Stop pouting"

"Say you love me!", I angrily shot back. Screw pride. I want him to SAY IT!

"I told you, you have to do something to make me say it", he softly laughed, his eyes glimmering with mischief.

"Like what?"

"I don't know. You think of something", he stood up and went outside. After a few minutes, he went back to the room carrying an ointment and a cotton.

He sat on the chair again and his face hardened as he lifted my chin and stared at my small wound. He pressed his lips on the corner of my mouth before dabbing the cotton with ointment on the same area. His playful demeanor vanished. He was undoubtedly very affected with my injury, his eyebrows connecting in anger.



"Why did you leave me?"

His hand stopped in midair as his eyes locked with mine.

"Because I want you to have a peaceful life", he answered without breaking his gaze.

"Why did you change your mind?", I asked.

"Because I want my life to have you in it", he reached out for my face and caressed it with his fingers.

"I tried to push you away but you what you did earlier", a smile formed on his lips.

"I thought maybe we can fight together. Maybe everything will be alright. I know I'm taking a risk but...I can't deny it anymore. I want you to be mine"

My heart swelled with happiness. It suddenly doesn't matter anymore if he says those three words that I'm craving to hear. As long as he's here with me, that's enough. Well, for now.

I'll make him say it! Fighting!





credits: antoine23


Jiyong is now my official boyfriend! Gahd! I can't contain my giddiness! I buried my face in his pillow and inhaled deeply. Heavenlyyyy... I sat up, still hugging the pillow, and looked at the door with longing. After tending to my wound, Jiyong went out again to do something. He asked me to sleep in his room. Repeat after me people, IN HIS ROOM! KYAAAAHHHH!!!

A few minutes later, I got tired of waiting so I went to the living room to watch TV. TOP told me that Jiyong's office is also here in the building so maybe that's where he went.

I miss him already. Tch.

Hours passed and he's still not here. I'm becoming restless as I wait for him. I entered his room and sat at the edge of the bed, reassuring myself that Jiyong will be back. He will be back. I fiddled with my fingers on my lap and bit my lips, getting impatient with every passing second.

Suddenly, the door opened and Jiyong stepped in. My heart started beating rapidly as I followed his every move with my gaze.

"Why are you still awake?", he asked while retrieving something from his drawer. Wow. He really freaking looks soooo good. His jeans perfectly hugging his firm , his belt barely showing because the hem of his shirt is slightly lifted, his arms...oh my gosh those arms, his smirk, his eyes...*Le sigh

And this man is my boyfriend?

My boyfriend. Kyah! I wasn't able to stop the stupid grin that crossed my face.

"What?", he curiously asked while smiling at me.

He began striding towards me as I bit my thumb to control my spazz attacks. He offered his hand and I reached for it as I stand up, meeting his playful gaze. We were both grinning at each other like a couple of retards.

"Does my official girlfriend want anything?"

"I want an official boyfriend hug", I bashfully replied and covered my mouth like a fangirl who just met her idol.

He chuckled and gathered me in his arms while I clung onto his neck. I rubbed my face against his chest and sniffed his scent. Gahh! I love his fresh smell.

"Anything else, babe?", he tilted his head to look at me.

"An official boyfriend kiss!", I excitedly replied.

"Oh no. Not that one"

"Why not?!", I shrieked. Is he trying to kill me?! IS HE TRYING TO FREAKING KILL ME?!!!

"We might not be able to stop", he teasingly said and tightened his hug.

"Just a short kiss?"


I can already feel a dinosaur tantrum building up inside me. I looked at his lips, then back at his amused eyes, then back at his lips again. Still clinging to his neck, I tried to quickly give him a kiss but he leaned back, avoiding my lips.

"AaAaAaaaAahHhhhhh..JiyonngggGGGgggg!!!!", I whined like a kid and stomped my feet.

"I really like it when you're deprived", he smirked while I pouted in annoyance. This is so FRUSTRATINGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!

Doesn't he know I was about to lay eggs while waiting for him and what do I get?! Just a hug?! No kissing?! I'm sure there's a law somewhere that prohibits this kind of torture. Oh right, he's a mobster! A freaking outlaw who gets away with the crime of torturing his girlfriend a.k.a. ME!!! HIMMM!!! EXCLAMATION POINT!!!!

"I need to go out again to settle some things. Go to sleep, don't wait for me. You're safe here. I've doubled up the guards", he released me from his embrace and tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

"Why are you going out at this time?"

"I can't answer that right now, Dara", he dismissively said. It's probably mobster duties so I stopped asking. He wrapped his arms around my waist again and gently looked at me.

"I want to stay...", he sighed heavily and closed his eyes, resting his forehead against mine.

"Don't worry, I'll wait for you", I said while rubbing his back.

"No, you have to sleep. And while I'm away, you have to rethink your decision", he pulled back and lifted me up.

His face was hovering near mine as he settled me to bed. Before he can straighten up, I grabbed the chance to give him a quick peck on the lips. As soon as my lips made contact with his, my heart went haywire and a wave of desire to deepen the kiss hit me. I want more. Through my half-lidded eyes, I stared at him as I very slowly drew back, my raspy breath blowing on his moist lips. My yearning is almost unbearable. I need to feel kiss taste him. Before I could make another move to indulge myself, Jiyong beat me to it. He suddenly leaned down, claiming my lips...kissing me intensely that it almost burned me. He climbed on the bed, on top of me, our lips still fused together. My back automatically arched up as his tongue slipped inside my mouth...exploring...conquering. I nibbled the soft flesh of his lower lip while roaming my hands on his side. My tongue tangled with his, wanting to have more of him. A warm feeling washed over me as his taste filled my tongue. The taste was unlike anything else. It was sweet. It was warm. It was...Jiyong.

God, I missed him. I missed this. I missed us.

Our lips parted and we both drew a deep breath, savoring the bliss that we're experiencing right now. He started planting soft kisses on my lips, my cheeks, my nose. He then pulled back and swallowed hard, his eyes darkening with desire as he stared at me. I suddenly realized why he doesn't want to kiss me earlier. I felt it.

"I need a minute", he then lied beside me and covered his eyes with his right arm. I bit my lips and stared at the visible bulge in his jeans. Gah! I want to touch him again!

"Ji..", I called out.

"Babe, please. Just a minute", he answered without lifting his arm covering his eyes.

Silence passed between us. After a while, he sat up and glanced at me wearing a small smile. He then leaned down and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

"Sneaky geek. You gave me a hard on", he whispered and nuzzled my cheeks with his nose.

I need new ovaries to explode.


'WHOAH!! What a night!', TOP thought.

As they were waiting for their boss to go down, TOP looked around and noticed that all of them are grinning like retards. They've witnessed how GD suffered for the time that Dara and GD weren't together and now that they are, the unit is genuinely happy for their boss. Very seldom that a sworn brother was able to find someone meant for them because for mobsters, falling in love is an excellent way to get killed.

GD arrived and TOP opened the car door for him. The Dragon Head has requested GD's presence after the code red alarm was set off and that's where they're heading - to the Dragon Head's Seoul office which was usually not used except now.

"I haven't thanked you yet for the Twenty Million Won", TOP smirked.

"Not another word about that", GD tried to sound stern but his face failed him since a big smile formed on his lips without meaning to.

"Ready to face your uncle?"

GD sighed heavily, "He's going to be so fcking pissed"


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AbigLegaspi 0 points #1
Chapter 26: A cute short story for top and bom would be awesome Hahahaha the characters you created for then is simply hilarious
Hi, how to purchase MFR books? I would like to order a copy for my book collection. ❤❤❤
Shellcute927 #3
Hello authornim why i cant open EVIL PRINCE
Chapter 35: One question though how did she know ik woo would inject her without some poison
Erine26 #5
Chapter 30: I love your story! You are a great writer!!
troy69 #6
Love this story! ❤️❤️❤️ Rereading it again.
106 streak #7
Rereading it!!! Just love it!!!
girlove02 #8
Chapter 11: I just love this ff.
girlove02 #9
Chapter 10: Omg
Marie214 #10
Chapter 28: In this chap you said that you're not a pro writer.. like seriously??? you are so damn good writer.. omg my emotionsssss... i read this for the nth time and im still going to read it over and over again kekekeke
Thank you..