MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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Every step away from her felt like hell, as if he's walking towards his own death. He heard Donghae screaming Dara's name, then another splash in the water was heard. Good job, prince charming. Go save your princess.

He can barely breathe. Hell, this is worse than all the tortures that he has endured. He felt like someone stabbed his heart with a knife and twisted it.

The Deputy Mountain Master unit bowed to GD. TOP opened the car door for him and he took the passenger seat. Youngbae, Daesung and Seungri were seated at the back, engulfed in silence. His car will be driven by one of his men since he knew he will not be able to drive at his current state.

As TOP started driving out of there, GD looked out the window and recalled the Dragon Head's words...

--------------------------------- FLASHBACK

"They killed the children of the 49ers, Jiyong", the Dragon Head, his uncle, said in a strained voice.

The shocking news rendered GD speechless. His fists curled up in tight balls and pure rage enveloped him. Those fcking assassins murdered the innocent children at what cause? To lure the high ranking officials out of their holes?

He punched the wall of the hotel suite where they're currently in and let out a string of curses. Jeuk Yoon and Ta Jun, the kids that Dara took care of during Girlfriend Training...those poor kids that don't have much of a clue of the real world yet has been robbed off their lives because of some stupid extremists group who wanted to take the Triads down.

"I need you to be G-Dragon now, Jiyong. The mobster bosses from different ranks are waiting at the headquarters", the Dragon Head's words seemed so faraway. Yang Hyun Suk gripped his shoulders and forced GD to face him.

"There will be more killings, you know that. Every cards they can use against us...every family member...every loved ones. Even the Triads' concubines were used before. If you don't want Sandara Park to be one of their cards, I suggest you leave the innocent girl alone. I-It happened to me before, and I don't want you to suffer the same fate that I had", his uncle's grip tightened.

--------------------------------- END OF FLASHBACK

"Hyung..", GD called out without looking at TOP, his eyes still focused on the scenery outside the car's window.

"Yes, boss?"

"She said she loves me....", his voice was tight, like he's forcing every words out of his throat. TOP's knuckles turned white as he firmly gripped the steering wheel. Youngbae, Daesung and Seungri held their guns stiffly, itching to use them to the motherfckers who caused their sworn brother this kind of misery.



I felt numb. It was as if I'm watching myself from outside my body.

I dived in the water and retrieved Jiyong's couple ring, firmly holding it with my clenched fist. So many questions are swirling inside my head but I can't concentrate in only one thought. I stood in the pool afterwards, looking and feeling pathetic.

I fcking love that jerk so freaking much.

"Dara!", Donghae's voice pummeled through my head but I didn't move. He went into the water and approached me, grabbing my shoulders. I stared at him blankly, like he's not even there. His mouth was moving but I don't have a clue what he's saying. I can only hear my thoughts.


Why did he leave me?

What should I do next?

I love him.

I really love him.

My mind wandered to the first time I met the moments we had together...the seminar...China...Kung Pao..the Annual Party...his angry fits...his touches..his kisses.

I can't let him go. No. I refuse to end everything like this.

"Oh God, Dara! Please answer me!", Donghae's hands cupped my face, his worried voice finally entering my senses.

"I'm fine", I didn't even recognize my own voice.

You haven't seen a geek fight, Jiyong. We're a persistent bunch. I will clobber you with a keyboard if I had to.


Days passed by. GD and Dara continued to walk on two different worlds, mechanically fulfilling their duties.

After the meeting of the mobster bosses lead by the Dragon Head himself who, for the first time, showed his face to the other Triad officials, a plan was drafted to trap the assassins. They employed the trick used by the Mafia and Yakuza organizations - use a mobster official as a bait. The Red Pole officer was chosen to be the bait, since his rank line is next to the 49ers. Information was leaked regarding the location of the Red Pole and his unit at a specific day and time.

The assassins swarmed at the location but unknown to them, the perimeter has been thoroughly secured by the Triads - snipers are in place, other units were hidden and the Dragon Head unit backed up by the Tough Five of the Deputy Mountain Master unit is leading the operation. The assassins were captured alive. A day after, their tortured bodies were found hanging all over Seoul... a reminder of the fate that fools have to face if the Triads are crossed.

GD was assigned the duty of bringing down the New World Alliance. They received words that the Alliance Leader is now in Seoul and that the extremists group is now concentrating on destroying the Triads.

For the first time, Dara told an intricate lie to her friends - telling them that Jiyong and TOP had an emergency that's why they have to leave first and that she slipped in the pool because of her shoes. This is her own battle. She doesn't want to drag Bom and Donghae into her own complicated mess anymore.

Dara continued looking for Jiyong - sending him a hundred text messages a day and trying to call him even though he seemed to have already changed his number since she can't contact him ever since that night. At the office, she tried to act as normal as possible even though Bom and Donghae were already sensing that something is definitely wrong. Alone in her apartment, she lets herself get drowned with her tears, curling herself on the bed, sobbing her way to sleep.

During her free time and every day after office, Dara goes to all of the possible places where Jiyong might be. But to each place she went to, the probability of finding him diminishes and more questions piled up as to who Kwon Jiyong really is - R.A.B. Company didn't have any employee by the name of TOP or Jiyong, the employees of Century Dragon Hotel and the hotel where the seminar was held denied having a guest by his name, the YG Underground Club staffs said they didn't know him although they were obviously hiding something.

But giving up did not even cross her mind.

Dara illegally hacked the government databases to pull out anything about a man named Kwon Jiyong. No matches. Kwon Jiyong, the man she loves, does not exist.


Il Woo bit the straw of his drink and pulled it out of his glass. He started chewing the tip of the straw while staring outside the floor-to-ceiling window of his current place in Seoul.

"Boss, it was a trap. All the hired assassins were obliterated", Doo Joon informed him.

He turned around and faced him, tilting his head as if he's fascinated by something.

"I know it's a trap. Those hired assassins are supposed to die. What I wanted to know is if the high ranking officials of the Triads really showed up or if they used some decoys", he said in an amused voice.

Ki Kwang shifted his feet and looked at his men who seemed just as nervous as he was. They didn't know the Alliance Leader just used the hired killers as pawns to see if the Triad officials will show themselves. He even perceived the trap but he just let the assassins walked in there.

"Yes boss. The mobster bosses gathered to secure the perimeter", Doo Joon answered.

"Good. Hire a new bunch of assassins, and prepare your men. Get the necessary amunitions and look for an isolated place which will disable any attacks from snipers"

"Yes boss"

"Now all we need is look for a way to lure the Triad bosses to that place. Hmmmmm...", Il Woo walked towards his desk and laid out a deck of cards. In his mind, he is already carefully planning his next steps.

"What about Sandara Park? Have you confirmed if she's just one of the Deputy Mountain Master's concubines?", he asked afterwards. Truth is, his intuition tells him that GD sees the girl more than just one of his women. After witnessing Dara and GD in China, the girl piqued his interest which is why he found himself playing around her and annoying her.

"It seems G-Dragon already left the girl. Sandara Park has been looking for him. According to our sources, Sulli is GD's current woman but he seldom visits her nowadays", Doo Joon replied.

"Hmmmm....Interesting...", he said as he picked up the Queen of Hearts.


GD stepped out of the shadows and looked up at Dara's window. The light is still on and it's already 3AM. She's been sleeping less and less since the day he left her.

"I know you're out there", he called out without even glancing back, knowing that his four trusted men followed him and are now hiding behind the trees. One by one, TOP, Youngbae, Daesung and Seungri revealed themselves and approached him.

"I don't understand, boss. Why don't you just go back and be with her?", Seungri asked. Being the youngest, he still can't seem to grasp why his hyung should leave the girl.

"Maknae, this is for Sandara Park's well-being. We're mobsters. Trouble is always around us. And we may be powerful but we can't always protect those who are important to us", Daesung patiently explained. Seungri bowed his head as he remembered the deceased children of the 49ers. He somehow gets the idea of what Daesung is saying although he still wants their boss to be with Sandara Park.

TOP nudged Youngbae and tilted his head towards GD, who was still staring blankly at Dara's window. Youngbae sighed heavily and decided to tell GD the information that they got from the analysts and from the Triad's staffs working on the places where Dara went to ask for him.

"Boss, Dara has been asking around, trying to find you. She's been to our hotels and to YG Underground Club. She even...hacked government records", Youngbae said, watching his reaction.

GD remained silent, although the dark expression on his face betrayed him. He left her so she will be safe but what is she doing? She should never associate herself with the name G-Dragon or Kwon Jiyong. TOP scratched his nape in frustration and looked at GD. He hasn't mentioned the Twenty Million Won sitting in his bank account to anyone.

"All in favor of Boss going back to Dara, raise your hand!", he said and shot up his fist in the air.

Seungri immediately followed. Youngbae and Daesung raised their hands as well but GD just stood still, with his hands shoved inside his pockets.

"Majority wins. Go back to her", TOP announced and poked GD's shoulder.

GD turned around and walked towards his motorcycle, leaving them behind.



As soon as office hours ended, I immediately gathered my things and prepared to leave. Just then, Bom and Donghae entered my office and stared at me with worried eyes.

"Hey guys", I gave them my well-practiced fake smile that I've been flashing for days.

"Stop it, Dara. Just tell us what's wrong", Bom said, her voice laced with concern. My fake smile wavered as I looked at both of them.

"Dara, we can't contact Jiyong or TOP. And you've been acting weird since the night we left the hot spring resort", Donghae softly said.

I hang my head low and fumbled with the strap of my bag, battling with myself whether to tell them or not. When Donghae covered my hands with his, my defenses weakened.

"I..well...uhm..Jiyong..he left me", I bit my lips but tears already streamed down my face.

"Dara..", Bom quickly wrapped her arms around me and guided my head to rest on her shoulder.

In between sobs, I told them what I recently found out. That TOP and Jiyong are not R.A.B. company employees, that I've been trying to look for Jiyong but he practically disappeared with no traces, that I will not give up.

I will not give up until I find him.

"Just tell us what we can do to help", Donghae offered.

"Thank you. You two being here for me is more than enough"

"I can be your boyfriend", he smiled at me and ruffled my hair.

"Righhhhhttt", I slapped his arm playfully and smiled back.

"I'll be sleeping over in your apartment later. I'll just get some clothes in my apartment", Bom informed me. I weakly nodded my head.

"I wonder where Jiyong is. If only we know someone who knows him as well", she sighed and hugged me again.

Someone who knows Jiyong too?




I declined Donghae's offer to drive me home and reasoned that I just have to go somewhere. Bom and Donghae eyed me suspiciously but I assured them that I won't do anything stupid.

But here I am, doing something stupid.

The guards of YG Underground Club straightened up when they saw me. They probably recognized me as the annoying woman who was always asking about Jiyong or G-Dragon since I've been bugging the staffs here for the past days.

"Ma'am...", one of the guards started talking but I immediately cut him off.

"I'm here to see Sulli"

"Sorry, ma'am but only VIP guests are allowed on the second floor", he said and bowed his head in apology. Weird. They're overly polite towards me.

"Okay, I'll just wait here then. What time does she usually go out?", I was about to sit on the stairs but the guards stopped me in panic. I even overheard one of the guards saying 'Boss will kill us once he hears that we let her stay and sit outside'

"Uhm..I can wait across the street if it's forbidden to sit and stay here", I said.

"No ma'am! Just...Just wait for a minute. I'll call Sulli"

One of the guards even pulled out a chair for me and asked me if I'm comfortable. It's really odd that they're very accommodating even if I'm not a customer of the club.

Minutes later, Sulli went out and faced me. She really is a beauty. Her milky skin, her pink lips and round eyes. I can't help but feel a tinge of jealousy by just looking at her.

"Hi Sulli, I'm Dara", I politely offered my hand which she took.

"May I ask what this is about?"

"I'm looking for Jiyong or G-Dragon and I'm hoping that you could help me"

"I don't know him", she flatly said. It seems all the staffs here are instructed to say the same thing.

"I know you do. I was the one who was wearing a black dress cornered by Jiyong at the bar counter when you shouted his name and was about to approach us", I reminded her. A flash of recognition crossed her eyes, which turned into something else. She seemed to be furious at me.

"I don't know where he is. He stopped coming here recently. Maybe you're the reason why, so stop bothering us", she spun on her heals and briskly walked inside before I could utter another word.


As soon as Dara left, the guards contacted one of the Deputy Mountain Master unit's men and relayed a message to GD that Dara visited the club once again but has already left. To their surprise, the Deputy Mountain Master himself talked to them and barked orders to make sure that Dara is safe since the area is dangerous at night, especially now that some local gang is loitering within the area.

Dara slowly walked along the alleyway thinking about her recent encounter with Sulli. GD said she just works at the club and didn't offer any other information. But the way Sulli acts bothers her. Why does she feel like Sulli is a bit territorial when it comes to GD?

Her stream of thoughts were cut when a group of guys standing in the alleyway whistled and tried to catch her attention.

"Wow, she's a looker. Hey sweetheart, care to join us?", one of the guys said.

She doubled-up her pace, almost running. But the was able to grab her wrist and spun her around.

"Whoah! She's really pretty! Let's take her to the hideout!"

Dara screamed for help and she saw the guards from the YG Underground Club running towards them.

"Quick, get the van!"

The thug dragged her in a corner and a van pulled over. Before the club's guards reached them, she was forcefully shoved inside despite her attempts to fight back.


GD let out a frustrated sigh and tapped his fingers while looking at nothing in particular. He shifted on his seat and rubbed his forehead while thinking about Dara. That girl is a real pain sometimes. She shouldn't be walking around this late at night especially in areas infested by scumbags. She doesn't seem aware that she's a very attractive woman.

"Boss, it's one of the guards in YG Underground Club", one of his men gave him the phone which he immediately snatched.

"Was she able to safely go home?", GD quickly asked.

"B-Boss...the Panther Gang got her....she turned in the wrong alleyway and.."

He wasn't able to hear the rest as it was overpowered by the loud pounding of his heart followed by a throbbing pain in his chest.

The Panther Gang got her? The gang that is known for snatching women on the streets, using them and then pimping them afterwards? His eyes became unfocused and breathing suddenly became difficult. His heart constricted in pain and worry by just thinking about Dara in the filthy hands of that gang.

He can't breathe. His's so painful. Dara...his geek. His Dara. Captured? His body tensed and the urge to kill consumed him.

"PREPARE YOUR GUNS! WE'RE WIPING OFF THE PANTHER GANG!", he barked orders to his men and grabbed his weapon, his eyes blazing with an insane rage.



"Let me go!", my voice was already strained from too much screaming. My heart was beating wildly from fear but I held it in and tried to fight back at every chance I get.

"LET ME GO!", I screamed again as the ba$tard dragged me inside an abandoned building followed by the other thugs who shoved me inside the van earlier. I tried to wiggle free and flailed my free arm wildy, eventually hitting him on the face. I immediately kicked him in the groin and was about to dash out but one of the thugs behind us pulled out a gun and leveled it on my face.

My breath was caught in my throat as I looked at him with wide eyes. It then dawned on me that there are other men in all corners of the abandoned building armed with guns and are watching us boredly. We were in the first floor with nothing but pillars and torn walls. I backed off while staring at the gun and stood in the middle of the awful place with armed men scattered all over.

This is not happening. How can there be people like them?

"You b!tch!", the guy whom I kicked grabbed me by the shoulder and slapped me on the face so hard my body was thrown on the ground.

Tears started forming on my eyes as a mixture of pain, worry and fear gripped me all at once. I was still in a state of denial that this is really happening but the blood at the corner of my mouth, the pain in my face and the sight of these hooligans looming around me finally sink in my senses. I'm in trouble and the chance of escape is zero.

I sat on the ground sobbing miserably, thinking how the hell did I get myself into this when an authoritative voice distracted us.

"Don't spoil the merchandise, you moron", he said and walked towards me. He squatted in front of me and lifted my chin up, wiping my bloody mouth with his thumb. I jerked back and snapped my face away from his touch.

"You really got a good one this time. This one's mine", he said and smirked at me, making my skin crawl.

"Yes boss"

The boss grabbed my wrist and forced me to stand up. He grabbed my hair and tilted my head upwards. My heart was thundering inside my chest as he stared at my tear-stricken face and ran his fingers on my cheeks down my neck, his eyes glimmering with appreciation.

"Let me go. I won't tell the police....just let me go", my voice croaked as I pleaded.

"Oh, I can't do that sweetheart. But I promise to give you one hell of a night", he calmly said.

I continuously pleaded while sobbing but it fell on deaf ears. I was trying to peel off his hand from my wrist when a man came running towards us, panting.

"It's the Triads! The Deputy Mountain Master wanted to see you boss", he nervously said. All the men around us held their guns tensely and looked at each other.

Triads? Deputy Mountain Master?

The animes I watched and mangas I read swirled in my head. I can't believe I'm in the middle of something that I never thought still exists in the real world.

"G-Dragon? What does he want with me? Did anybody of you crossed the Triads?", the boss asked, visibly shaken.

"No boss. He said he wanted a merchandise"


That can't be Jiyong. No, it can't be him. Before my mind process another thought, I heard the boss' voice again.

"Let them in, but be on guard"

He was still clasping my wrist when Jiyong entered followed by other men. It was as if the world tilted sharply on its axis and the ground shook wildly. My knees wobbled and my mouth hang open in shock as I took a sharp intake of breath. I also caught sight of TOP and the guy with the mohawk from the club.


I can't believe my own eyes. I didn't even dare speak for I'm not sure if this is really happening or if I'm just caught up in a warped dimension.

Jiyong stood a few meters away in front of us, his glares sending chills all over the room. His jaws clenched when he stole a glance at me.

"Boss, I heard you wanted a merchandise from us? The women are locked in our warehouse. If you want I can show y-"

"How about that merchandise?", Jiyong cut him off. It was obvious that the merchandise he was pertaining to is me. I finally realized that this gang who captured me sells women.

I was on the verge of losing my mind. How did I end up in this kind of situation? And Jiyong?! God, how can this be happening?

I roamed my eyes around us and saw some other men in black suits looming behind the distracted gangsters who captured me. I recognized some of the men in black suits as the ones whom I saw at the hotel during my seminar.

I yelped in surprise when the boss yanked me towards him.

"Oh, this one? I have yet to taste her but if you wa-"

It happened in a blur. Jiyong pulled out his gun and blasted the head of the boss with one bullet. Other gunshots followed as the gangsters surrounding us were taken down by the men in black suits, not giving them a chance to retaliate.

My knees buckled and I sat on the ground with my hands covering my ears. My vision became misty as tears fell down my face. I can feel my pulse racing in an unimaginable speed and my heart pounding crazily inside my chest.

When the noise died down, I looked up and saw Jiyong standing on the same spot with a gun in his hand and with a dark expression on his face.

I can't believe this....

Kwon Jiyong.

He is....



HE's A MOBSTER??!!!!!! OTTOKAE!!! *breaks glasses, breaks laptop, breaks skull!!!



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So love the story ^^
47 streak #2
Missing this ❤
S2nancy 26 streak #3
I’m reading this for the second time because it’s soooo good! Great job!
3shhaaa #4
Chapter 1: Reading this for the second time!!!
Teddycl #5
eve_young #6
Chapter 38: Ah.. glad ive found this one.. it is really worth reading.. its totally packed.. im really inlove with this story.. thank you authornim..
123 streak #7
Chapter 1: im back to reading this again.. <3
47 streak #8
Chapter 34: This chapter never failed to make my heart aches.T.T
47 streak #9
Reading this again. Coz why not! <3 <3
username-not-taken #10
Chapter 37: I finished this in less than 24 hours! I have my phone with me all day!!! This is so good! I'm blessed that the book is already finished by the time I read it. I can't imagine the agony of waiting for an update. I'll probably drink the earth dry to satiate my thirst for this story if I happen to be one of the early readers. Thank you so much