MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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credits: surreal16


When Jiyong knocked on the bathroom door and called my name, my soul immediately tried to evacuate my body.

How can I face him after I touched his....GAHH!!

I pulled my hair in frustration and looked around the bathroom for anything that will help me end my misery. I just want to stuff my body somewhere, never to be seen again.

"Dara..", Jiyong knocked again and I completely froze on my spot.

OTOKAE?!!!! No! I won't go out! NO WAY! This is too embarrassing!

"How long are you gonna stay in there?", he asked.


He loudly sighed at the opposite side of the door when he didn't hear any response from me.

"I'll come back. I just need to take a shower in my room", he said. I heard his footsteps and the door being opened and closed.

I listened closely and when I was sure that he already left, I got out of the bathroom and sat at the edge of the bed while biting my fingers. My fear for ghosts was now forgotten since my mind was completely invaded by thoughts of Jiyong's gigantic Destruction. KYAHHH!!!

Minutes passed by and I was still waiting for him. The initial shock of what transcended between Jiyong and I has now subsided. I paced back and forth the room, hugging myself while my mind wandered to the moments I had with him since the day I rented him...smiling whenever I remember something he did that makes me giddy, pouting when I recall his annoying teasings.

Then I suddenly remembered that white rose guy. I wonder who he is? Probably an admirer? Meh. Whatever.

I looked at the clock and it's already getting late. Is he not coming back? Did he change his mind and decided not to sleep here? With that thought, my heart instantly sank.

I sat at the single couch and stared at the door, still hoping that it will open any second and Jiyong will walk in. After a few minutes, I'm already getting restless so I stood up and went towards his room across my suite, debating against myself whether to knock or not. Is he mad at me?

I ended up going back to my room and slumping on the couch again. Maybe Jiyong is already asleep. *Sigh. I didn't know loving someone can be this tiring. I always want to be with him....always want to hold him.

With so many thoughts swirling inside my head, I finally surrendered to sleep. My eyes fluttered open as I felt something warm pressing on my cheek. I heard a soft smooch sound and my hazy mind struggled to clear itself. Someone kissed me?

"Jiyong?", I groggily called out and saw his face hovering near mine.

"Go back to sleep", he whispered as he lifted me up from the couch and settled me on the bed.

Before he can straighten up, I grabbed the sleeve of his shirt and struggled to get up.

"Babe, go back to sleep", he gently said but I still sat up and looked at him, not letting go of the fistful of shirt that I'm gripping.

"I'm sorry. Please don't leave", I said, almost pleading. His eyes became dark and an unreadable expression crossed his face.

"Don't leave me", I repeated.

"I'm not going anywhere, Dara"

"Sleep here"

Without responding, he took off his shirt and lied down beside me, pulling me in a tight embrace. A contented sigh escaped my lips as I hold him. He kissed my forehead and tilted his head to look at me. I puckered my lips exaggeratedly and he let out a soft laugh before leaning down and pressing his lips over mine. I smiled at him but my eyes are becoming heavy as sleepiness tried to pull me to dreamland again.

"Goodnight, babe", I heard him whisper before I drifted to slumber.




That's what I felt when I woke up and saw the man I love sleeping beside me. I can't even begin to describe the surge of happiness that spread through my body when I saw Jiyong's arms securely wrapped around me as he sleeps.

It was already morning and I had to get up and prepare since it's time to feed Bommie. That woman needs to eat before she tears this hotel to pieces. Her tantrums are out of this world when hungry. I know any minute now she'll come charging here and I need to be outside before she decides to break down the door and drag me by the hair. I shouldn't have promised to accompany her to the waffle place she's been eyeing yesterday, damn it.

I had to put extra effort to pull myself away from Jiyong's arms because I honestly just want to lie down beside him all day.

I sat up and stared at him, stupidly grinning by myself. When I recalled what happened last night, the stupid grin disappeared and embarrassment crept through my system. Without meaning to, my eyes darted to that part. GAHHH!! Destruction didn't fail me. It's as huge and plump as ever!

I in my breath, I think air has vanished inside the room. With bulging eyes, I stared at it some more. My hands involuntarily twitched as I leaned closer to have a better view.

Le Bulge.


Me Gusta!

"You..are such a !", Jiyong's voice pulled me out of my ed trance and slammed me back to reality.

KYYYAAAHHH!!!!!!!! Why does this happen every damn time?!

My face was on fire as he sat up and stared teasingly at me.

"You want to hold it again?"


"JERK!", I was about to kick his stomach but he was able to catch my foot. He then raise it up, causing me to spread my legs.

"Oh, hello there grandma ", he chuckled while staring at my underwear.

"KYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!", I automatically covered my flower and forcefully pulled my foot away from his grasp. With the quickness of a ninja, I wrapped the blanket all over my body, showing only my face.

"Stop making fun of me! I'm already late", I whined.

"Where are you going?", his tone suddenly became alert.

"I need to accompany Bommie to the waffle place across the street", I explained.

"I see"

"Go prepare now, too. Join us for breakfast. I'll just text Donghae to follow us"

"Okay. Are you sure you don't want to hold Destruction again?"




I scratched my nape in annoyance as I knock at Miss Piglet's door. Boss instructed me to pick her up and meet them at the waffle place. Why am I always assigned to do babysitter duties?

When Piglet opened the door, I stepped back in surprise at the sight of her. Her cheeks were bloated, her eyes were puffy and her hair...holy sh! exploded into a million directions.

"Oh my God, who are you?", I muttered in disbelief. If someone tells me that this woman grows some kids in the basement and eats them for breakfast, I would've believed it.

She suddenly tried to claw my face, which I easily dodged. If I'm just an ordinary person, I might have needed the help of the best plastic surgeons in the planet because Bom's claws could have easily scooped one of my eyeballs out.

"Take a shower now. We'll all eat at the waffle place that you like", I informed her. Her eyes lit up at the mention of the waffle place. She left the door open and hopped merrily towards the bathroom. While waiting, I sat at the couch and sent mushy text messages to my Daddy Youngbae so that he won't miss me that much kekekkeke. I'm so cute.

After a few minutes of preparation, Park Bom went back to being human. Thank heavens for that because I don't want to walk with someone who looked like she'll gobble down anyone alive.

"TOP! Do you think my plan last night was successful?", she asked while combing her hair.

"It better be, after what you made me went through. Or else, I'll build a dumpster out of thin air and lock you inside"

"You just tied a white cloth on a tree branch and held a candle. What's so hard about that?", she scowled at me and smugly flipped her hair.

"That's the easy part. The hard part is putting up with you and your mouth for the rest of the night as we wait outside", I answered irritatedly. Seriously, I was praying for my own death last night. She is such a chatterbox and had been yammering nonstop, making me want to rip my own ears. Fortunately, there is only one of her kind in the planet. Imagine if there are two Park Bom in Seoul. Gahd! I wouldn't want to live in this world anymore.

"TOP, what's stopping Jiyong from pursuing Dara? He obviously cares for her more than he's willing to show", the sudden change of topic caught me off guard. I stared at her and thought for a while. Hmmmm, let's see. His uncle, the Dragon Head, is against the two since he knows that Jiyong will just put Dara in danger if he lets her in our circle. Jiyong is the Deputy Mountain Master of the Triads and is a candidate to be the next Dragon Head, which entails more mobster duties and more enemies. Of course I can't tell these things to Miss Piglet or Jiyong will hang me upside down by my te$ticles.

"Maybe he thinks he's not suitable for Dara because of certain personal circumstances. Trust me Piglet, Jiyong is not a coward unlike what you presumed. I personally wanted the two to end up together that's why I helped you out with your stupid plan last night. But the decision will still be up to them. It's their own battle, we can only support them from the sidelines"

I am so impressed with myself!!! *applause applause Such profound words! 'It's their own battle', wohohohoho... Daddy Youngbae will be so proud of me.

Anyway, I do hope Jiyong has a plan of some sort to defy the Dragon Head. I will surely support him until the end.

"Let's go. I also want to know if your plan really did work", I said.

Twenty Million Won, come to me babyyyyyy!!!!



Jiyong and I were the first to arrive at the waffle place. He was in a good mood and kept on pestering me. He was recounting every embarrassing moments that I had which I'm trying really hard to erase from my memory - our time in China where my face was practically planted between his legs, my recent exposure, last night's Destruction groping moment, among many others. He wouldn't stop teasing me even if my body is already becoming translucent from too much embarrassment.

This is fine, I guess. Better than him shoving Donghae down my throat and accompanying that b!tch, Tiffany.

Jiyong confuses me. He wanted to help me out with Donghae but he always gets agitated when he sees us in close proximity with each other. He's very protective and worries about me a lot but I don't know if he's just like that because he sees me as his responsibility or....or maybe....Tch, nah. I don't want to put any more thought into it.

I stared at him as he sipped his coffee and remembered how he cuddled me last night. A tranquil feeling washed over me that my heart is probably glowing right now. I don't even care anymore if the reason behind his actions is because it's part of boyfriend services. I'm happy. And it's because of him.

I saw TOP and Bom about to cross the street. They seem to be in a heated discussion and kept on pushing each other. I chuckled as I watch them, Jiyong followed my gaze. He shook his head and smirked while looking at the two.

"TOP is really a unique character, isn't he?", I rested my chin on my palm.

"Yeah. Putting up with him requires intense military training. Aliens don't have a chance against TOP hyung", he answered.

"Just like Bommie! I almost end up blowing my own skull because of her craziness"

Upon reaching us, Bom sat at my right side while TOP sat at Jiyong's left, across Bom.

While waiting for their orders, I noticed that TOP and Bom were exchanging glances and will then look at Jiyong and I. TOP widened his eyes at Bom and Bom did the same, as if coaxing each other to say something.

"Alright, I'll ask. Dara, where did you sleep last night?", Bom asked. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. I have a bad feeling about this.

"In my room, of course", I answered. Their shoulders slumped in defeat. I wonder what's all this about.

"I slept in her room too, if that's what you two wanted to know", Jiyong flatly said with a blank expression.


I almost flew off my seat. My cheeks were burning as I darted my eyes at the three of them. TOP and Bom cheerfully high-fived each other while Jiyong doesn't seem to mind. Gahh! JERK! You're going to die in my hands later!

"Any other interesting things to share?", Bommie asked and puckered her lips in my direction when she saw me murdering her with my powered-up glare. My useless bestfriend has proven yet again that she's an all around pain in the .

"Well...last night...", Jiyong looked at me and I knew from his evil smirk that he's thinking about that little incident with Destruction. I gave him a lopsided smile while transmitting telephatic messages which, hopefully, he will pick up.

Don't you dare say it, jerk!

"Dara touched something", he mysteriously said....and looked down.





The end of humanity.

"YOU JERKKK!!!!", I shrieked and was about to lean forward to strangle the life out of him when Bommie threw her arms at me while squealing wildly.

"Dara, you feisty, you!!", Bommie gushed and shook me by the shoulder.

"WHOHOOOO!!!!Twenty Million Won babyyyyy!!!", TOP shot his fist in the air, then lightly punched Jiyong's arm. Twenty Million Won? What?

Needless to say, we've disrupted the peaceful morning of the other customers in the waffle place. TOP was screaming unintelligble things, Bom was squealing directly at my ear while hugging me and I was halfway being deaf. I continued spouting a string of curses at the jerk who was sitting coolly opposite me and taking his sweet time marveling the commotion that he caused.

"How dare you say it?! You don't even have any concern to what other people will think of me?!", yada yada yada. My mouth was unstoppable, I tell you.

Jiyong sliced a piece of his waffle and shoved it in my mouth, shutting me up.

"Why are you so worked up? I was going to say you touched my stubbles", he chuckled and ran his thumb along his jaw, which is now cleanly shaven.

Ooohhh, I am gonna kill him! I am so going to kill him! He played us all!

Our rowdiness stopped and we all acted like normal human beings when Tiffany walked in followed by Donghae. She immediately sat beside Jiyong while Donghae sat beside me.

As we eat, I can't help but notice that Tiffany is hogging Jiyong's attention. Jiyong doesn't seem to mind and completely forgot about me, not even throwing a single glance at my direction. I can't help but think that he's starting again with his stupid plan of pushing me to Donghae.

Donghae, on the other hand, was eyeing Jiyong and Tiffany with furrowed eyebrows. He then glanced at me questioningly so I just shrugged my shoulders while sighing.

Tiffany is acting like she's Jiyong's girlfriend and it's pissing the crap out of me. She is up every available patience in my system.

"Jiyong, do you want some water?", Tiffany sweetly asked while waving for the waiter. When Jiyong said yes, I immediately placed my glass of water in front of him.

"Here you go, babe", the word just slipped out of my mouth without thinking. Jiyong looked at me with an amused expression, making me blush.

"Thanks, babe", he softly replied. Just those simple words and my giddiness reached a life-threatening level! I hang my head low and focused on my food to hide the impending smile threatening to break on my lips.

"Dara, you're from the IT Department, right?", Tiffany just have to ruin my moment, doesn't she?

"Yeah", I replied grudgingly.

"I actually have a cousin there. I heard you were kissing a guy at the rooftop? You're so sly", she teased.

Donghae and I choked and coughed simultaneously, making it more obvious. I stole a glance at Jiyong, his face was now devoid of emotions.

"So Jiyong visits your office quite often?", she continued. I looked at Tiffany, visibly stunned. I'm not sure if she knew that the guy on the rooftop with me was Donghae, but I know that Tiffany was hoping it was not Jiyong that's why she's bringing this up out of nowhere. TOP and BOM were exchanging worried glances.

"Yeah, I visit her a lot. And we love to hang out at the rooftop", Jiyong answered while staring at me, his face remained impassive. Tiffany curled her lips in confusion and just nodded. It looks like she really doesn't have a clue that the guy in the rooftop was none other than Donghae. But that's the least of my concerns right now.


I tried to catch his eyes but he was looking anywhere but me. He was like a seething volcano. I felt someone squeezed my hand under the table and when I glanced sidewards, Donghae was looking at me apologetically. I smiled back at him and squeezed his hand as well to let him know that everything's fine.

Thanks to Tiffany's insensitive remark, the morning went by gloomily.



All of us decided to roam around the hot spring resort. TOP and Bom were bickering as usual while Tiffany sticks with Jiyong, who was really quiet and would not even glance at me. Even though we're just a fake couple, I feel really guilty for him having to know that another guy kissed me. Ugh! Why should I? He's the one who's practically pairing me up with Donghae! Hmph!

Donghae and I were walking slowly behind the four of them. I was staring sadly at Jiyong's back, hoping that he would walk beside me and hold my hand.

"Dara, if you want I can talk to Jiyong", Donghae stopped and faced me.

"You don't have to, Donghae. I'll talk to him. We actually don't have to explain anything since this is what he really wants - for me to end up with you", I somberly said. I really need someone to lean on right now. This whole thing is making my head ache.

Donghae ushered me towards a nearby bench and let me sit so we can talk. Since he already know that Jiyong is my rented boyfriend, I explained to him what was happening so far. That Jiyong still wants to fulfill his duty as my rented boyfriend and help me out with him.

"Dara, haven't you realized it yet? Jiyong cares for you. If he doesn't, I wouldn't have easily let you go in the first place"

"I'm not sure if he just felt responsible for me", I muttered.

"You are really dense"


Donghae sighed exasperatedly and looked up in the sky before gazing back at me.

"Should I take you back? I've already rejected you, you know", he jokingly said. I smiled at him and lightly slapped his arm.

"Stop worrying about me, Donghae. I'll be fine", we both leaned back on the bench and stared up at the clear sky.

"You're my drinking buddy, don't tell me to stop worrying about you", he said. A smile formed on my lips as I glance at him. Then I saw it...Donghae's stubbles!

"Stubbles!", I giggled and looked closely at his chin. Gah! I'm so weird.

"Oh. I missed some? I shaved this morning", he ran his fingers on his jaw.

"Yeah, here", I said and touched the stubbles on his chin. I leaned closer to have a better look while I rub his chin with my thumb.

I felt his presence even before he reached us. I bolted my head sidewards and saw Jiyong walking in our direction, his eyebrows mashed together and his eyes squinted into tiny slits.

Oh no. He's mad.


"I forgot my phone in your room", he coldly said.

"Okay. Donghae, I'll just see you later", I said and stood up. Jiyong was already striding towards the hotel without waiting for me. I half-run to reach him and walked behind him. I had to double up my pace since his strides were fast.

When I opened my hotel room, he quickly entered, grabbed his phone from the bedside table and was about to leave if I didn't block his path.

"Jiyong, are you mad at me?", I asked worriedly.


"About that rooftop incident, it was nothing. Donghae was just trying to comf-..."

"You don't have to explain, Dara. I'm just your rented boyfriend"

He sidestepped and was about to go around me but I blocked his path again. He sighed irritatedly and glared at me.

"What?!", he snarled furiously, making me flinch. My heart sank and I felt deeply hurt so I got out of his way, letting him leave. He walked towards the door while I sat on my bed, but he suddenly stopped.

"FCK!!", Jiyong cursed loudly and massaged his nape. He then turned around and started walking towards me.

He rubbed his face with his right palm and raked his hair in frustration. After sighing exasperatedly, he eventually sat down beside me on the bed.

"How did he do it? Show me", he suddenly asked.


"The kiss! How did he kiss you? Show me", he was breathing heavily and his voice was tight.

"It was just a quick peck", I defensively said.

"Where?", he asked.

"L-Lips", I replied. His eyes narrowed and his face darkened as he took a sharp intake of breath.

"It was quick, though!", I gave him a quick peck on the lips and pulled back.

"Just like that. He was just..uhm...comforting me..and..and it was a long time ago", I'm not even sure what I was saying.

"You were going to kiss him a while ago", he accusingly said afterwards.

"What?! No! I was just looking at his...*gulp...stubbles", oh my gosh, this is embarrassing.

"Do you have a thing for stubbles?"

"Of course not!"

Jiyong's eyes darted towards my finger where I'm wearing our couple ring. I did the same, checking his couple ring. We then looked at each other, silence enveloping both of us.

"I hate you", he mumbled and gently pinched my nose. He then lied down on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

"Come here", he glanced at me and stretched his arm. I nestled beside him, lying on my side and looking at his face. Jiyong closed his eyes firmly for a moment and stared at the ceiling again. His tensed expression didn't escape my eyes. He's bothered by something.

After a few seconds, he lied on his side as well and faced me, wrapping his arm around my body.

"Do you really love Donghae?", he suddenly asked, his eyes boring into mine. Before my mind can overanalyze things, I decided to answer his question truthfully.

"No", I whispered. His features visibly relaxed, as if he's overly relieved.

"Do you want to end up with him?"


His expression softened and a smile formed on his lips.

"What am I supposed to do then? You rented me for nothing", he caressed my cheek with his thumb while staring intently at me, his smile broadening.

"Just be the jerk that I hate", I meekly said.

God, it's so hard to tell him I love him whenever I think he's just my rented boyfriend.

"Arasso", he then played with my hand, pulling it up and opening it. He rested his open palm against mine and slowly interlaced our fingers.



WAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I'm in deep sh!t. I really love the jerk so freaking much!

I submerged my face in the hot spring and drew back, wiping my face with my palms.

"You better tell Jiyong about what you feel before you go completely insane", Bom said with her eyes closed, her head rested at the corner of the hot spring.

"Bommie!!! I can't do that! He's my rented boyfriend! Things are complicated between us!", I whined and slammed my face on the water again due to frustration.

"Your analytical mind is what complicates things. You're always so cautious. Take a risk sometimes", she sternly said and pushed me by the shoulder.

I groaned and kicked my legs. WAHH!!


Okay, Dara. You can do this, hwaiting!

I silently cheered for myself as I look for him. I will confess now, I can do this! I glanced at the couple ring on my finger, feeling a little reassurance by just looking at it.

I roamed around but still can't find him. I was about to go to his room and see if he's there when I heard Tiffany's voice in a corner, near the hot spring for boys.

"Leave her..", I heard her say.

I followed her voice and what I saw shook my soul.

Tiffany has her hands on Jiyong's shoulders, pinning him by the wall and her lips is pressed against his. A flurry of emotions washed over my body as I stood frozen on my spot. My heart clenched in pain and my breathing suddenly became labored. I fought back the tears that are threatening to flow from my eyes as I watched how Jiyong roughly pushed Tiffany aside.

"Babe, brush your teeth after rejecting her, arasso?", I walked past them with my chin up.

I caught sight of Tiffany's stunned expression as well as Jiyong's smirking face as I hurriedly walked away.

"Yes, babe!", Jiyong called out.

After turning in a corner, I broke into a run and let my tears freely fall. Seeing another girl claiming Jiyong's lips makes me want to rip my heart and throw it elsewhere. It's so painful. I didn't know that this kind of pain exists.





credits: MaineChua

Evening falls and Dara is still giving GD the cold shoulder. They were inside her suite and she had her back at GD as she was busy folding her clothes on top of the bed. She was avoiding him the entire afternoon and he only caught her when she went back to her suite to start packing her clothes.

Dara gasped in surprise when GD suddenly hugged her from behind, resting his chin on her shoulder.

"Hey, geek. What's the matter?", he asked.

"YAH!", she tried to unclasp his arms around her waist but he just tightened his embrace.

"Ugh! Jiyonnnnggg!!", she whined and tried to wiggle free but her strength is no match from his. Plus, their closeness is making her lose her head again.

"Tell me why you're acting this way, first", he insisted.

"Nothing! Let me go!"

"You're jealous, aren't you?"

"No, I'm NOT!", she screamed hysterically and elbowed him forcefully on the stomach. GD abruptly lets go of her and collapsed on the bed while seemingly writhing in pain.

"Oh my God! Jiyong, are you alright?", Dara worriedly asked as she climbed on the bed. She covered her gaping mouth while staring at GD with wide eyes, not knowing what to do.

"Ottokae! I'm sorry!", she was clearly panicking, failing to notice the small smirk forming on GD's lips. Of course he's fine. His trainings and street skills include close combat after all.

"Dara, it hurts a lot", he whimpered and clutched his abdomen while burying his face on the bed.

"I'm sorry! What should I do?!", she d his back worriedly while roaming her eyes around the room for something to help him ease the pain. Ointment? Bandage? ANYTHING!

"Unnghh", he grunted.

"Jiyong! Oh my God, where does it hurt? Should I call a doctor?", she rolled him over and tugged his shirt upwards, revealing his abdomen. She was on the verge of tears as she started stroking it with trembling fingers. It took GD's entire willpower not to burst out laughing at her mortified face.

"H-Heal me", he mumbled.


"Heal me with your miraculous hands", GD seriously said.

"Jiyong, I really can't heal wounds and bruises!", Dara frustratedly blurted out and was so close to crying as she placed both her hands on his belly, praying for the slightest chance of a miracle.

GD was roaring with laughter as soon as she does that. His boisterous laugh was echoing all over the room, making Dara blush in the deepest shade of red.

"Good grief, geek! How can you fall for that?!"

Dara was beyond furious. There were laser beams shooting out her eyes. This JERK! She wanted to choke the life out of him. But she chose to do what she's been doing a all him the silent treatment.

She pursed her lips together and was about to step out of the bed but GD sat up, swiftly grabbed her by the waist and placed her on his lap, her legs spread apart while facing him.

"YOU JERK! What are you doing?!", she protested and was about to get off but he held her firmly in place.

"If it makes you feel any better, she's the one who kissed me. And I didn't kiss her back", he bluntly said.

She averted her eyes and did not respond.

"Okay, whatever it is that you're mad about, I'm sorry"


"Hey. I said I'm sorry", he tried to catch her eyes but she continued looking elsewhere.

"What do you want me to do, babe? Tell me", GD cupped her face and d her cheeks with his thumb.

"Canoodle?", he asked teasingly and slightly brushed the tip of his nose against hers. She flinched with the sudden contact, making her more aware of their compromising position.

"Tell me, babe", he tilted his head and gave her a peck on the cheek. She shifted uncomfortably on his lap but her expression remained impassive. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction of knowing that his advances are affecting her.

"A kiss?"

She remained silent but her gaze fell on his lips. GD smiled and softly pressed his lips against hers. He quickly withdrew and stared at her slightly parted mouth and dreamy eyes.

"Kiss me, Dara", he whispered in a y drawl, his hot breath robbing her of the ability to think clearly.

As if in a trance, Dara leaned forward and claimed his inviting lips, her hands finding their way at the back of his neck, drawing him closer. She parted and tasted him, her tongue and wetting his soft flesh. She was completely lost in pleasure as she feasted on his lips, not minding what the consequences of her foolishness may be. He opened his mouth and pushed his tongue inside hers. Dara unconsciously arched her hips as GD sunk deeper in , wanting to taste every part of it. His toungue danced inside her wet cavern, leaving nothing unexplored. She, too, is doing some explorations of her own as she matched GD's feverish kiss. Her breathy gasps filled his ears, making him wanting more. Their tongues dueled and she can't help but moan in his mouth as their kiss became more passionate and , almost crushing each other's lips as both of them wanted to and satisfy themselves with each other's taste.

"Oh God... Jiyong...", Dara broke off from the kiss and clutched a fistful of GD's shirt as she trembled on his lap. Her head was bowed down and her eyes are firmly shut.

"Babe?", GD d her back to soothe her. She lifted her gaze and met his penetrating eyes. Her heart was pounding mercilessly inside her chest as she stared at him. Dara stole another peck on his lips before entwining her arms and legs around him, trapping him in a tight hug, scared that he might disappear once she lets go. She buried her face on his shoulder as tears started flowing from her eyes. Overwhelming amount of emotions whipped through her, to the point that she can't contain it anymore. She sobbed uncontrollably, her tiny frame shaking as GD wrapped his arms tightly around her.



A few minutes passed before Dara eventually calmed down. They were now lying on the bed, facing and staring at each other, exchanging kisses like they just can't get enough of each other's lips. No words were spoken, afraid that it might break the peaceful moment that they're currently sharing. GD ran his fingers on Dara's swollen lips and gave her another quick peck. She smiled and comfortably snuggled closer to him.

But reality intervened. Urgent knocks on the door startled both of them. GD opened the door to find a very agitated TOP, his eyes dark with worry.

"What's the matter?", GD asked.

TOP leaned closer and whispered, "Boss, the whole Deputy Mountain Master unit and Dragon Head unit is here. We have a situation"

GD stiffened. After briefly informing Dara that they'll just go outside, TOP and GD swiftly left her room and proceeded to meet the Dragon Head.



I hugged myself and smiled giddily while waiting for Jiyong to come back.

I'll definitely confess later, I can't contain it anymore. My smile faded when I remembered Tiffany kissing him. After seeing another girl make a move on him, my whole world fell apart. It was as if my life has been snatched away from me. I knew that Tiffany was the one who initiated the kiss, that b!tch! Fortunately, Jiyong does not look a bit interested in her. I can't let that kind of thing happen again. I can't lose Jiyong. I love him too much.

Feeling impatient, I stood up and decided to head to the bathroom to fix myself. I wonder why TOP called him out.

After washing my face, I pulled out the make-up pouch from my luggage that I'm currently packing and started applying light make-up. I brushed my hair and even changed my outfit. I twirled around in front of the mirror, satisfied with the way I look. Ready for battle!

I sat at the edge of the bed and stared at the door. Gah! I'm so nervous and excited at the same time. I jerked back when my phone rang and was surprised to see that it was Jiyong who was calling me.

"Yeoboseyo?", I answered, biting my lips as giddiness overcame me again.

"Dara, can you meet me at the hotel's pool area? I have something important to tell you"


As soon as I hang up the phone, I muffled my squeals with my palms. Oh my gosh! This is it! I checked myself once more in the mirror and excitedly head towards the pool area.


I saw him standing in front of the pool, looking at his reflection on the water.

"Jiyong!", I enthusiastically called out and walked towards him but when he lifted his gaze and stared at me, my feet automatically halted.

His face was devoid of emotions and his eyes were stoic. He looks so cold and distant. Fear gripped me and I knew something bad is bound to happen. Gone was the excitement and giddiness I was feeling earlier.


He bridged the distance between us and stood in front of me, the light reflected by the pool dancing on his face which is shrouded with darkness.

"Dara, I can't finish the rent period"

His voice echoed in my mind and for a second, I thought this was all just a nightmare. That somehow, I will wake up and find myself in my apartment getting ready for work after feeding Kung Pao.

But I didn't wake up, for I'm wide awake...standing here with Jiyong.

"I-It's okay. You're still going to see me, right? We can still see each other", I was almost pleading.


My breathing was caught in my throat as I roamed my eyes disbelievingly on his face. There was a stabbing pain in my chest as the whole situation started to sink in.

God, please. Please no. This can't be happening.

"Jiyong, what's this? We were fine a while ago", I said in a breathless voice, my throat tightening.

"I'm ending it now"

Tears started falling from my eyes with what he said. My chest hurts so bad. God, it freaking hurts like hell.

"Ji, don't do this. Please. Tell me what's the problem. Maybe I can help", I was gasping for air, feeling suffocated.

"I'm doing this for you", he replied and averted his eyes.

When he started to step back, I frantically clutched the sleeve of his shirt while sobbing uncontrollably.

"I love you..I love you, Jiyong...Please don't leave me"

His jaws clenched and he stonily gazed at me while peeling my hand off him.

"Stop it, Dara. Forget about me", he firmly said.

"No! I love you...Don't you understand, you jerk!", I was already screaming hysterically as I wrapped my arms around him.

"Let go"

"No!", I held him tightly like my life depended on it.

He grabbed my arms and released himself from my embrace. I struggled to hold him again but he gripped my wrist and pushed me. My eyes widened as I fell back, every second etched in my memory like frame captures before I finally hit the water. I quickly tried to stay afloat and looked up at him. He was staring down at me with an unreadable expression, slowly taking off the couple ring from his finger.

"No. Jiyong..", I shook my head in desperation as a fresh stream of tears ran down my face.

He threw the couple ring in the water and walked away.


TOP was frozen on his spot with his phone still pressed on his ear. He is witnessing everything that is currently happening between GD and Dara while listening to what the person on the other line has to say.

Before GD went to the pool area, he instructed TOP to call his bank in Zurich. It turns out Twenty Million Won has been transferred to TOP's account at the night of Dara's Annual Acquaintance Party. Timestamp: after he furiously stormed out of Dara's apartment because he saw Donghae coming out of Dara's bedroom. (Writer's Note: Reread Chapter 21 Beginning of the End)

All this while, he's been denying it to everyone even though he has already admitted it to himself. He chose to abide by the Dragon Head's order for that is the right thing for her. She has no future....with a mobster.

When GD pushed Dara to the pool, TOP firmly shut his eyes and blurted out a string of curses.


On to the story:

Please reread Chapter 25 (last section) to be able to understand what happened here in Chapter 26. I'll also provide a flashback next chapter.


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For all of those who are still confused of Jung Il Woo's character, he is the son of the former Alliance Leader. His father is killed by GD's father, hence his obsession about GD. (mentioned in Chapter 18 and Chapter 21)

So, anyway, since Chapter 21, Jiyong knew he's in love with Dara. But he doesn't want to tell it to her (cough -> YG's interference) and opted to push her to Donghae. On Chapter 23 - Realization, one line hinted about Jiyong's pain when he was about to sleep with Sulli - He needed this diversion. It's getting more and more painful as days pass by. Yeah, I've been cooking this up for so many chapters now so I just smile whenever readers get frustrated and was about ready to smash Jiyong's skull for his stupidity. Jiyong realized his feeling two chapters away before Dara did but he always deny whenever TOP asks. =))

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