MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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credits: sarxkyu

"DARA!", GD shouted and frantically searched for her. He was on the verge of insanity as he sprinted aimlessly, trying to figure out where he heard her scream. His heart was about to ready to lurch as panic enveloped his whole system.

Finally, he saw a figure sprawled on the grass. He felt as if air has been knocked out of his chest.


Fear gripped him. That feeling is already foreign to GD but surprisingly, Dara was always able to make him feel it. He was beside her in a matter of seconds, kneeling on the ground, his body already numb from too much worry.

"Jiyong...I tripped", Dara whimpered and tried to get up but his foot is caught in a protruding tree root.

GD exhaled loudly, relief flooding his system. His body slumped as he sat on the ground, his elbows resting on his knees.

"You're really trying to kill me, aren't you?", he weakly said and reached out to grab her ankle, freeing her foot.

"What do you mean? And why are you here?", Dara sat and tried to pull her leg away from his grasp but GD was busy inspecting if she has a sprain, ignoring her questions.

"Does it hurt?", GD put some pressure on her ankle. Dara shook her head but he continued to massage her foot, making her blush.

"Aren't you suppose to be with Tiffany?", she asked again.

"Yes. But a geek was following us and suddenly disappeared", his face was grim.

Dara fell silent and pouted in annoyance. She roughly pulled her foot away from his grasp and stood up.

"Well, don't let me hold you up. You shouldn't have left her", she snapped and started to walk away. GD stood up and grabbed her arm.

"I WAS FCKING WORRIED ABOUT YOU, DAMN IT!", he released her and turned around, messing his hair in frustration while unleashing a string of curses.

She was surprised by his sudden outburst, unable to find any words to retaliate.

"I..I'm sorry", she managed to say after a while. GD faced her, his expression softened as he sighed heavily.

"Stop doing this", he said.

"Doing what?"

"Stop making me worry. It's killing me", his voice was strangled as he locked his gaze with hers. She felt a warm feeling swelling up inside her as she stared back at him.

"I don't want to see you with Tiffany", Dara blurted out, making GD smile in amusement.

"Possessive?", he chuckled.

"No, I'm not! I just hate that girl!"

"Arasso. Come here", GD stretched his arm and pulled her close to him. He then brush off the grass stuck on her hair and her dress. To his surprise, Dara suddenly buried her face on his chest and wrapped her arms around his body.

"Mhhmmm. I love your smell", she inhaled deeply and lifted her face, resting her chin on his chest and beaming up at him.

"ed geek"




As soon as we entered the bar, Jiyong released my hand and put a distance between us. I looked at where he's staring and I saw Donghae and Tiffany sitting in a corner.

"Your chance, geek. Donghae's here", he muttered without looking at me.

. He's still firm on his stupid plan of getting Donghae and I together.

What if I tell him that the thing about Donghae is already over? That I don't want to end up with him anymore? No, he might think that there's no reason for me to rent him and he might cut loose even before the rent period lapses. Ottokae. What should I tell him to stop this madness?

I bit my lips as I tried to think of something. I don't even know where to begin. Gah! Why am I so ignorant when it comes to these kind of issues?!

It was a round table and I sat at Donghae's right side while Jiyong sat at my right. Tiffany was beside him.

The moment we settled on our seats, I immediately felt a hostile force emanating from Tiffany. She obviously doesn't want me here. Our eyes locked and a hidden challenge was extended.

The first few minutes were peaceful. But I was really frustrated that Jiyong is keeping his distance and was deliberately focusing his attention to Tiffany so that Donghae and I can have our 'moment'. I'm not sure if Donghae has taken notice about Jiyong's weird behaviour but I decided to just keep it to myself. I don't want to drag Donghae into my mess. I'm fortunate that he's even talking to me and is treating me the way he used to after what transcended between us.

I saw it in my peripheral vision and an alarm was immediately set off inside my head. Donghae and I were animatedly debating about the methods of Great Teacher Onizuka when I caught sight of Tiffany's arm rubbing against Jiyong's arm.

"Jiyong, can I taste your drink?", I hastily said. Jiyong raised his arm, handing me his glass, thus breaking the contact from Tiffany. She scowled at me and I just curled my lips at her.

I grabbed his glass, took a sip and when I was about to return it to him, I grabbed his right hand and placed it on my lap. He cocked his eyebrows in amusement as he raised his left hand to get the glass from me. There. At least this way, Tiffany won't be able to rub his left arm with Jiyong's right arm. I'm holding his right hand captive for now. Hah!

I think Tiffany got the impression that Jiyong and I are having problems with our relationship since Jiyong has been acting distant to me as compared to when we first met her. That's why her advances are getting more obvious. She doesn't even have the decency to make it inconspicuous. I literally wanted to gather all the bottles in the bar and smash them on her skull.

Something tells me that things will be pretty lively after a few bottles of courage-inducing alcohol.

The night continues and the wall between Jiyong and I became very apparent since he seldom strike a conversation with me. He just let me and Donghae chat as he talks to Tiffany. Donghae and I tried to open a neutral topic for all of us but the two seemed to be too absorbed with their conversation to even bother with us. Donghae was giving me a confused look and I can't do anything but shrug my shoulder. In truth, I can't almost breathe as I watch Jiyong talking nicely to Tiffany.

As Donghae went to the restroom and left the three of us, I noticed that Jiyong flinched while Tiffany was looking anywhere but us. I furrowed my eyebrows and a thought hit me! I looked under the table and what I saw made me want to leap out of my seat, rip her limbs apart and eat her liver! Tiffany was stroking Jiyong's leg with her foot!

GAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! RAAAAAAAAWRRRRRRRRR!!!!! *slash slash slash! *stab stab stab! Kill her! Kill her with fire!

That was my less violent reaction. I was seriously seeing red.

I furiously grabbed my drink, stored some liquid in my mouth and spit it out in perfect trajectory towards Tiffany, showering her with a mixture of my spit and my drink. It would've been better if I can eat the bottle and spit the shards of glass directly on her face.

"EEWWWWW!! DARA!", Tiffany shrieked in disgust. Before I can lash out at her, Donghae arrived.

"Omo. You're drenched. Come on, let me accompany you to the restroom", Donghae gave me a questioning look before accompanying Tiffany.

I was left alone with the jerk.

"Well, this isn't going the way I planned it", he said in amusement, which really ticked me off.

"You're enjoying flirting with her, aren't you? You didn't even avoid her advances!", I accusingly said.

"Huh? I was shifting my body to get my legs away from her foot. But she was still able to reach it, though. Fortunately, your lethal spit was spot on. That stopped her, alright", he chuckled at my annoyed face.

"You think this is funny?"

"Dara, I was deliberately focusing on Tiffany so you and Donghae can have some time"

Before I can answer, Donghae and Tiffany already took their seats. The was eyeing me sharply.

"Tiffany, we both know what you're doing. You better stop before I pull your hair", I snapped at her, making everyone gasp in surprise. Okay, this is so not me. I'm not really a rude person but a girl can only take so much.

Tiffany was looking at me like I've morphed into something out of this world. I didn't know I was capable of shutting a person up. I'm not sure if she's even breathing.

"Alright. Break it off. I'll accompany Tiffany back to the hotel", Donghae got out of his seat.

TOP marched in and his eyebrows furrowed as he looked at the four of us.

"Can I join you? Park Bom is making me her personal slave that's why I escaped", he said and took Tiffany's seat, at the right side of Jiyong.

"Tiffany and I were just about to leave. You can join Dara and Jiyong", Donghae said and ruffled my hair before leaning down to whisper something. From my peripheral vision, I saw Jiyong stiffened as he watched Donghae hovered close to my ear.

"You're fierce. I don't know you anymore. Goodluck with him", he winked at me and guided Tiffany out of the door.

TOP, Jiyong and I were the only ones left.

I rested my face on the table tiredly while gathering my thoughts. This situation is so messed up!



Jiyong was coldly staring at me after Donghae and Tiffany left. I don't even know why he's acting like that.

"Don't mind him, Dara. He's just jealou- OUCH!", TOP jumped out of his seat after Jiyong furiously kicked his chair.

"Boss!", he whined.

"Boss?", I asked. The two of them glanced at each other and it seems Jiyong is reprimanding TOP with his glare.

"Oh, ha ha ha. Jiyong is the..boss in our company that's why I got used to calling him that", he explained.

"You also work for R.A.B. company, TOP? Are you also a boyfriend for rent?", I asked.

"Huh? No. I work in the administration office", he replied.

"Oh", I nodded my head in understanding and stole a glance at Jiyong. GAHH! He's still staring at me!

I felt conscious with the way I look. He really has this weird effect on me. I tried to act as normal as I possibly could but knowing that Jiyong was observing me, I got overly aware of my actions. My left arm which was hanging limply at my side suddenly felt heavy, my fingers drumming at the table look stupid (don't ask me why, they just look stupid!), and my clothes seem to cling to my skin irritatingly. What the hell is wrong with me? Please tell me I'm not going crazy.

I risked another glance at Jiyong and he was still watching me.

"What?", I finally asked.

"What?", he asked back.

"You're staring"

"I always stare", he cockily said.


"Dara, do you want a shot?", TOP pushed the shot glass at me with soju in it.

"Okay", I said.

"No. Stick with what you're drinking", Jiyong immediately grabbed the shot glass and drank it. Suddenly, his eyebrows furrowed dangerously as he looked past me and he roughly pulled me out of my seat and made me stand in between his thighs while he remained seated. I was facing him as he protectively enveloped his arms around my body. It turns out there were scary-looking guys walking towards us, and they don't seem like they just want to have a friendly chat and talk about the weather. I whimpered in fear and looked alarmingly between TOP and Jiyong but the two retards just continued alternately taking shots of soju, as if they don't give a damn of the impending doom that was only a few strides away from us.

"Let's get out of here", I pleaded.

"Later. We're just going to finish this bottle", Jiyong replied and smiled at me. How can he look so relaxed when death is coming?!

"Can't you see those thugs? They look like a local gang", I nervously said but both of them just stared blankly at me. I can even hear their thoughts saying 'So?'


I turned my head again to see if the thugs are near. Yikes!! They're looking at us! And one guy even winked at me? Ewww!

"Jiyong...", I was already shaking as I envisioned how this whole thing is going to end. It was not a very promising picture. We're outnumbered and those guys clearly want pure trouble and can't be reasoned with.

"Sshhh. Relax", he rubbed my back and poured a shot for TOP. OH MY GOD, WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE FREAKING OUT HERE?!

"Let's get out of here! I don't want to end up being a victim!", I exclaimed frustratedly.

His left arm which was wrapped around my body suddenly became steel. I yelped in surprise as he yanked me closer towards him, making me push my palms against his chest. I lifted my gaze to meet his eyes and my breathing immediately halted. He was glaring furiously at me, his jaws clenched and his face was hard.

"I don't want to ever hear that in your mouth, Dara. Don't even think that you'll end up being a...", he left the sentence hanging and bit his lips, his fingers digging painfully in my waist as his grip tightened. I winced a bit but I didn't dare take my eyes off him.

"I won't let anybody touch you", there was a promise in his voice that made me melt.

"That's our table. Scram!", someone shouted and I stiffened but Jiyong didn't even flinch. TOP also didn't mind the intrusion of the scary guys, as if this is an everyday occurrence to them.

"Didn't you hear us?!", someone kicked a chair.

Gah! We're dead!

Jiyong looked at the scumbags with a bored expression.

"TOP hyung", he lazily called out.

"Got it", TOP sprang out of his seat and before I can turn my head to look at what he's about to do, Jiyong firmly planted my face against his chest.

"Do it outside", he instructed.

"Okay. Let's go punks. We're going to settle this outside", TOP cheerfully said like he's just asking them to play hide and seek. I'm starting to believe Bom, TOP is crazy in the coconut.

"You are going to get killed tonight, ", one of the goons said to TOP. My fists were curled in tight balls as I gripped Jiyong's shirt firmly.

"Arasso, arasso. Outside", TOP cooed like he's talking to a kid.

I heard heavy footsteps walking away before Jiyong finally released me, his hands loosely resting on my waist.

"Will TOP be alright?", I asked worriedly.


Silence passed between us and I became self-conscious again. With me being this close to him and with his stares boring into my soul, I immediately tensed.

Jiyong smirked at me and leaned forward. My mind immediately went haywire. I think I completely went nuts for a couple of seconds as my brain practically screamed KISS HIMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!. But he stopped a couple of centimeters from my face, much to my disappointment. Then he started pulling away after grabbing the shot glass which was behind me and raised it in the air, cocking his eyebrows. Jerk! He's teasing me again!

He gulped the drink without taking his eyes off me. And my stupid self followed his every move, my gaze landing on his lips. He wiped his wet lips with the back of his hand, his eyes glimmering in amusement.


I cleared my throat and peeled my gaze off him, choosing to turn my head towards the door to check on TOP.

"Boss!", he was running towards us holding something. Thank God, he's alright!

"What took you so long? You should've finished all of them minutes ago", Jiyong said.

"I ran after the ahjussi selling peanuts. Here", he answered and set down the peanuts that he bought.

HUH?! Okay, seriously, what kind of training is R.A.B. company giving these guys? I've seen Jiyong fight, and TOP just clobbered a whole gang alone. Is it really just for self-defense?

Not long before TOP settled on his seat, a fight started at the corner of the bar. GAHD! When will this stop?!

Chaos erupted around us and my initial thought was to, of course, run away. But Jiyong held me tightly in place and trapped me again between his thighs.

"Stay there. Nothing's going to happen to us", he said reassuringly.

"But- KYAHHHHH!!!!!", I screamed in fright as a wine bottle was thrown at us. Jiyong didn't even flinch as he swiftly catch it by the neck. He threw it on the air again and did some flaring like a bartender before catching it again and slamming it on our table.

"This one's still full", he nonchalantly said and pushed the wine bottle to TOP.

"It's red wine. Weak stuff. I hope someone will throw something again", TOP rubbed his palms while darting his eyes around.

GAH! Are they out of their mind?! Can't they see a brawl is currently tearing this place apart?

"Let's just get out of here", I whined and shook Jiyong's arms.

"Okay", he stood up and grabbed my hand.

"MY PEANUTSSSS!!!!!!!!", TOP screamed in anguish as some of the peanuts he set on the table were drenched with water since one of the guys who started the fight threw a bucket of ice in our direction.

"Boss, I'll just finish this in a minute", TOP said in a dangerous tone and the next thing I know, he was crippling the thugs while eating peanuts in between! Howlllyyyy...Is he for real?

Jiyong sat again while cuddling me, making sure that I won't be in harm's way. I just stood there, stupefied as I witness TOP breaking the bones of his opponents. I can't believe this. Here we are inside the bar with a brawl happening in front of us and these two were acting like nothing's absolutely wrong in this picture.

"TOP. Guard Dara. I'll take care of the rest to make this fast", Jiyong instructed and made me sit near TOP, who came back to our table to eat more peanuts.

"Jiyonggggg...", I worriedly called out and grabbed his arm.

"I'll be fine, babe", he briefly caressed my face with his thumb and joined the chaos. He started pouncing the thugs who were coming on our direction.

"Shot", TOP called out lazily. Jiyong grabbed the shot glass and chugged down the drink. He then threw the shot glass back to TOP before unleashing a series of kicks on the guys surrounding him. I gasped in surprise and covered my mouth with my hands.

"Don't worry, Dara. He'll chew them alive and spit their bones", TOP said.




"ARGH! Boys are like barbarians!", I exasperatedly sighed and collapsed on my bed while Bom sat at the edge near me. I've already showered and was wearing the huge shirt that I borrowed from Bom since my PJs are drenched with coke after Bom clumsily toppled the can on the open drawer containing my sleepwear.

"What happened?", she asked. I started recounting everything that happened a while ago, pausing in between to slap her arm because she kept on fidgeting nervously for some reason.

"So, we only left the bar after they practically crippled everyone. What's with you?! You keep on fidgeting, it's driving me nuts", I sat up and poked her by the shoulder.

"Oh, nothing. I just have a bad feeling, like it's not just the two of us here. Do you think this room is haunted?", she asked, making me roam my eyes around the room.

"Bommie...", I whimpered in fear and crawled beside her.

"It might just be my imagination. Rest early so you'll have plenty of energy to fight the tomorrow", she hurriedly left despite my protests.

I scanned the room again, a spooky music playing in my head. Are there ghosts here? What if someone peeks through the blanket while I'm sleeping? A chill ran down my spine as I imagined the different scenes from the horror movies. WAAHH!! Omma!

No. I'm being ridiculous. This is a hotel, damn it. Many guests have already stayed here. I was about to lie down when wind blew from the balcony. Did I leave the door open?

I went towards the balcony and was about to close the door when a flickering light from the trees below caught my sight. Then, I saw it! A white figure swaying under the shadow of the tree!




Oh, brother. I'm pretty sure this craziness is what serial killers are made of.

I lazily held the candle up, ensuring that I'm still hidden. The white cloth was suspended by the tree branch, swaying even with the slightest wind. With bored eyes, I looked up at Dara's balcony. I feel slightly stupid by agreeing to this.

Why did I associate myself with that crazy woman again? *Sigh. I'm not sure if her plan of scaring Dara so she'll end up sleeping with Jiyong will work.

My phone vibrated in my pocket and I pulled it out.

"Teletubby 2, this is Teletubby 1. Over", Bom said in a serious tone, then giggled like a school girl. I shut my eyes in frustration.

"This is not a radio, piglet", I snapped.

"I just wanted to do that kekekkekeke", she then abruptly hung up the phone. I was about to call her again when I saw her running towards my direction with a stupid grin on her face.

"What happened? Why are you here?", I asked.

She blew the candle that I was holding and started pulling the white cloth from the branch.

"I'm hiding. I saw Dara already knocking on my door when I slipped away", she said and laid the white cloth on the ground. She sat there and patted the space near her, urging me to sit.

"She'll probably just wait for you so she can sleep with you", I leaned back on the tree and stared at her questioningly.

"Which brings me to the next step of my plan. You should text Jiyong and tell him Dara is outside her room wearing only a huge shirt. I intentionally drenched her PJs with my can of coke earlier so she won't have any decent sleepwear. He seems to flip out whenever she's wearing a little clothing and I doubt that Jiyong will let her stay outside my room and wait for me. Plus, Dara will not be able to sleep in her suite tonight. She does that whenever she's scared. Her paranoia will only subside a day after", she smiled triumphantly at me.

"Tch. Why are we even doing this?", I said while texting Jiyong.

"I'm doing this for Dara. I want the two of them to have more time together especially now that the rent period is almost over"

"Just make sure that Jiyong will not find out that we're behind this because if he does, he'll hand both our asses in a frying pan", I warned her.

"Arasso. Why don't you sit down as we wait for a while?", she patted the space next to hers again.

"No way. Who knows what you might do to my tempting body", I smugly crossed my arms over my chest. She scowled at me and looked at....where the hell is she looking at?!

"Meh. What's so tempting about that?", she then showed me her pinky finger. Did she just compare my T-Bulge with her pinky finger?!!!! EXCUSE ME! Excuseeeeeee me! My Tyronnasaurus Bulge is so huge it can demolish a building! Pinky Finger???!!

She then laughed loudly at my annoyed face. Does she have a death wish or something? She's practically asking to be murdered. My hands are involuntarily twitching as I glared at her. Gahd! I hate her with burning passion!

I miss my Daddy Youngbae! DADDY YOUNGBAEEE!!!!



"B-Bom", I knocked on her door again. Where is she? I crossed my arms over my chest and shuffled my feet nervously. I just stormed out of my suite without grabbing my phone. This huge shirt that Bom lent me barely covers my and I'm only wearing a underneath. I'm not even wearing a bra! But I don't want to go back to my suite. Just thinking about what I saw earlier makes my skin crawl.

I yelped in surprise when someone grabbed my arm and spun me around roughly. I stopped breathing when I saw Jiyong towering over me, darting his eyes disapprovingly at the clothes that I'm wearing.

"Are you really trying my patience, geek?", he hissed.

"I'm just looking for Bommie", I defensively said.

"BACK TO YOUR ROOM!", he growled, making me flinch but I remained rooted on my spot. His jaws clenched in anger and he started dragging me towards my room.

"No! I don't want to go back there! That room is haunted!", I tried to wiggle free from his grasp but he ignored my pleas. He opened the door to my suite and pushed me inside.

As soon as we stepped in, I immediately hugged him from behind, hiding myself at his back from the ghosts!


"I saw the ghost on the trees below when I closed the balcony door!"

He started walking towards the balcony, with me tightly clinging behind him.

"There's nothing there, see? You probably just saw a bird or something and you immediately associated it with ghosts", he pulled me in front of him and made me look down at the balcony. The swaying white figure is really gone as well as the flickering light. But I know what I saw, I'm not staying here tonight!

"Uhm...I still want to wait for Bom....outside", I meekly said and bit my lips. The pounding of my heart amplified when I met his stony gaze.

"You are NOT leaving this room", he muttered between gritted teeth.

'Sleep here with me.', I wanted to say but no words came out of my mouth.

We heard someone knock from across the room and I think I heard Tiffany's voice. I stared at Jiyong accusingly. Why the hell is that knocking on his door at this hour?

He started walking towards the door and I immediately followed him. Tiffany was standing in front of his suite wearing a very revealing sleepwear! She cocked her eyebrows and looked between me and Jiyong. She finally plastered a fake smile on her face.

"Hi Dara. I texted Jiyong earlier, asking him if I could borrow his phone charger", she said, her voice not hiding her contempt.

"Stay in your room, there are no ghosts", Jiyong proceeded in his suite...and invited Tiffany inside while I stood at the door of my room. I even heard Tiffany's giggles as Jiyong explained that I was afraid of ghosts and thought that my room is haunted.

I felt like my chest was about to explode. Wow. Just a simple act of neglect from Jiyong makes me feel like trash. Is loving someone supposed to hurt like this? My eyes were stinging as I inhaled sharply, trying to calm my nerves. I grabbed my room key, slammed the door shut and started walking towards Donghae's room. When I heard Jiyong angrily screaming my name, I quickly dashed towards the stairs and ran. I heard him cursing endlessly as he chases me.

I hate this feeling...

Why does his every action seems magnified in my eyes? A simple brushing of our arms makes me feel elated, leaving me alone in my room while I'm scared and accommodating another girl makes me want to cry.

Before I could even reach Donghae's room though, Jiyong was able to catch me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and was practically lifting me but I fought him, kicking my legs and flailing my arms wildly so he would release me. He growled in anger and pushed me against the wall. Both of us were panting as our gazes locked, his hot breath breezing through my face.

"Enough, babe. Please", his eyes reflected a mixture of worry and...something else. Something I can't quite fathom.

"You're making fun of me. Just go back and be with Tiffany", I huffed while trying to stop the tears that are threatening to fall. God, I'm so pathetic!

He clicked his tongue and tenderly gathered me in his arms, holding me close.

"She already left, she just borrowed my phone charger. And I'm not making fun of you. If you're really scared, I'll sleep in your room tonight", he softly whispered. I nodded my head, a smile finally forming on my lips as I buried my face on his chest, my arms automatically wrapping around him.

"I don't want you roaming around wearing just this clothes. Do you know how tempting you look?", his voice was strangled in controlled anger as his grip on my body tightened.







credits: jomi25 - Joan Constantino

Okay, I'm seriously about to die of heart attack. This is not the first time that I'm sleeping with him but my heart is surprisingly pumping in a lethal pace and my body is already bursting with happy hormones. I think I'm already experiencing some mild hallucinations because whenever I look at him, I'm seeing rainbows and unicorns.

When he took off his shirt and his pants and crawled on the bed, I saw a blinding light. Heaven is already calling me.

I stood rigidly beside the bed as he lied down, his muscles rippling as he moved. His upper body on top of the white sheets is like a sinful treat ready to be devoured (by me!). And his...Destruction...the proud bulge thinly covered by his boxers...wait..He's just wearing boxers?!!

I abruptly darted my eyes to his face and he was staring at me teasingly, his right arm rested beneath his head and a smug smirk tugging at the corner of his lips.

"", he flatly said, his eyes dancing in amusement.

KKYYYAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! I was about to pass out due to embarrassment as I turned around, my back facing him. His chuckles filled the air as he pulled me by the waist and settled me on the bed.

"There. Stay on your side of bed", he tucked me in and lied on his back at the opposite side of the bed, away from me.

"Goodnight, geek"

I pouted as he placed his arm over his eyes and tried to get some sleep. GAH! I want to touch him! I want to hug him!

The clock ticked as minutes pass by. Not being able to touch him makes me feel like throwing a tantrum. I'm not sure if he's already asleep but I continued staring at him. My thoughts drifted back to that night when I realized I'm in love with this jerk. A contented sigh escaped my lips as I remembered that he cuddled me closely that night and d my back while sternly reminding me to never wear the black dress again and never go out without an underwear.

"Geek, get some sleep", he suddenly said without taking his arm off his eyes.

He's still awake! Yey!! I immediately scooted near him and beamed like a puppy.

"Who's Sulli?", I suddenly asked.


"What?", he asked and slightly raised his arm to look at me. Yes, Dara, what the hell are you talking about?

Why did I bring up that girl from the club again?

"Uhm..nothing", I shrinked in embarrassment and was about to go back to the opposite side of bed but Jiyong slipped his right arm under my head and pulled me closer, making me lie on my side as I face him. He was still lying on his back, tilting his head to look at me.

"Dara, what's this? What's happening to you?", his eyes were boring into mine intensely. I felt the familiar loud pounding of my heart as I stared back at him.

I love you. I don't want any other women around you.

It was times like this that I wish I had Bom's courage. I'm too cautious to let those mind-boggling words slip out of my mouth. I'm not ready to face the consequences brought about by me falling for my rented boyfriend. Too many what-ifs are playing in my head and I'm always expecting for the worst scenarios.

This is fine. Being able to hold him like this for the time being is fine.

"Nothing", I whispered.

He sighed, I'm not sure if it's due to relief or exasperation, and tucked the loose strands of hair behind my ear.

"Sulli works in YG Underground Club. TOP also knows her. Stop thinking and go to sleep", he gently said while caressing my face with his thumb.

"Tiffany?", I asked.

"What about her?"

"She's obviously flirting with you!", I accusingly said.

"Girls find me irresistible. Haven't you noticed that by now?", he cockily said and winked at me. The nerve!

"Jerk", I mumbled and he softly laughed at my annoyed face.

He placed his left arm across his forehead while his right arm is still beneath my head, his hand settled on my shoulder. He closed his eyes and tried to chase sleep. I, on the other hand, chose to stare at his face, tracing his features with my gaze. Yeah, girls will surely drool over him. He's one hell of an attractive creation. His cold but mesmerizing eyes, his prominent nose, his captivating lips, his smug smirk, his boyish grin, his sharp tongue, his sweet gestures, his temper. Everything. I love everything about him.

My eyes caught sight of his day-old stubbles and my mouth silently formed an 'O'. Jiyong's stubbles! It's....y. *Sigh

Unable to stop myself, I hesitantly touched it with my fingers, lightly touching his chin and tracing his jawline. I shifted my body and craned my neck to closely see his stubbles. There weren't many, mostly concentrated on his chin and some scattered on his jaw. I nuzzled his chin with my nose, enjoying the rough texture against my skin. My head was swimming with delight and I can't contain myself anymore as I continued with my little exploration. I pursed my lips and rubbed it against his stubbles. I didn't even realize half of my body is already on top of him as I was too consumed with what I'm doing. It was inappropriate, but who the heck cares?

My breathing became ragged and I felt a tightening in my lower abdomen. It was disorienting. After tracing his jawline again with my finger, I started planting soft kisses slowly along the areas where the rough stubbles are. I inhaled deeply and his scent brought me to the brink of insanity.

"Dara....", there was a slight warning in his voice as he lifted his left arm and placed it around my body. My face is just inches above him and my eyes automatically darted to his lips.

"Don't kiss me, geek. I won't be able to stop", he hoarsely said.

. I want to kiss him...BADLY. I really do. Gosh, I'm about to explode.

"J-Just a goodnight kiss?", I asked and without waiting for his reply, I pressed my lips against his. It was just a quick peck but I heard his sharp intake of breath. Our eyes locked and I saw how he's struggling with himself.

"M-More", I said. My heart was thumping wildly as I leaned down and gave him a chaste kiss on the lips again, my mind swirling out of control. I pulled back and looked at him uncertainly.

"More", he huskily said and crashed his lips against mine, his tongue sliding inside my slightly parted mouth with urgency that I surprisingly was able to match. He wrapped his arms around my body and pulled me on top of him while my fingers raked his hair as his tongue danced inside my wet cavern, leaving nothing untouched. I moaned inside his mouth and bit his lower lip, my leg sliding against his leg making him groan. His is already poking me and it's adding up to the warm feeling that has completely taken over my body.

"Stop", Jiyong gave me a lingering kiss before finally pushing me by the shoulder.

"H-Huh?", I was still in a daze as he gently rolled me over and made me lie down on my back beside him.

"We better stop, Dara", his breathless voice pulled me out of my trance.

I swallowed hard and my eyes widened as I realized how I've completely gone insane moments ago. I quickly sat up, biting my lips in embarrassment. GAH! I need an excuse to get out of here and clear my head!

"Uhm..I'll just...go outside. Don't worry, I'll change my clothes", I was about to crawl out of bed when he sat up and grabbed my wrist.

"Where exactly are you going? And why do you need to go out?", his voice was stern, making me flinch.


BRAIN! Please don't be stupid now!

"I....need to ask Donghae someth-"

"HELL NO! Do you really think I'll allow you to go to other man's room when you're this aroused?", his eyes squinted into tiny slits and his grip on my wrist tightened.

A-Aroused? Me?

"I'm not!", I vehemently denied.

"Yes, you are. You were all over me a while ago"


"No, I'm not!", heat spread through my face as a small smirk tugged at the corner of his lips. He released my wrist and stared at me.

WAHH! Please spare me a bit of dignity!

"I was so close to fcking you", he said in a serious tone but his eyes were twinkling with amusement. I think my ovaries just exploded.

"Can you imagine it, geek? Me inside you", he leaned down and nibbled my earlobe.



"Mhhhmmm...I bet you're sweet down there. I could probably eat you for hours", he whispered in a y drawl.

W-What? Down there? E-Eat? *faintsssssssssssssssssssss

"S-Stop it", my voice croaked, making me redder than I already am.

"Still not aroused?", he tauntingly asked.

This jerk!!!

My eyes darted at the tent on his boxers. I'm not sure what's gotten into me, I probably wanted to take revenge, but the next thing I know, my hand shot forward and gripped his protruding member covered with only the thin fabric of his boxers. Destruction is now in my hands...twitching...growing larger...OHMYGOD A HUMAN P3NIS!!

Realization came crushing to me in full force. My hands...GAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I slowwwwwly lifted my eyes and met his dark gaze.


In a speed of light, I withdrew my hand, sprang out of the bed and sprinted towards the bathroom. I slammed the door shut and leaned back on the door. Holy crap, what did I just do?! I raised my hand in front of my face and stared at it, absolutely mortified.

His erect weapon for HUGE.


"The Alliance Leader wanted to meet us. Bring all your men", Doo Joon instructed over a secured phone.

"Yes boss", Ki Kwang replied. He hung up the phone and did what he was told.

[ Hours later... ]

Il Woo, the Alliance Leader, tapped his chair while staring at Doo Joon, Ki Kwang and their subordinates. His men, armed with powerful ammunitions, were scattered inside the room. The New World Alliance has a lot of pressing issues to attend to lately since their operations against the Mafia and Yakuza did not succeed. For some bizarre reason, their Alliance counterparts that were assigned to destroy the Mafia and Yakuza were unreachable and were MIA for days now.

"Doo Joon, any news on the other Alliance members that I assigned to bring down the Mafia and Yakuza organizations?", Il Woo asked.

"They're off our radar, boss. I don't know what went wrong with their attacks", Doo Joon answered.

"Hmmmmm...Let's concentrate our efforts in destroying the Triads first. You idiots have been going around in circles. You can't even track where the Blue Lanterns are", his voice was laced with threat as he eyed all of them menacingly.

Nervous silence filled the room.

"We are running out of time. We need to cripple the Triads fast before they corner us. Tell the hired assassins to kill the children of the 49ers. That will surely rattle the high ranking officials of the Triads", a smirk formed on Il Woo's lips.


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what the effin f...let me spazz...
1.) its jung il woo....the FRIKIN "JUNG to the IL to the WOO" my scheduler!!!! oh matter how evil he is he can't and i repeat CAN NOT DIE!!!! DONT KILL HIM!!!!!
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Chapter 26: A cute short story for top and bom would be awesome Hahahaha the characters you created for then is simply hilarious
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Hello authornim why i cant open EVIL PRINCE
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