MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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"YOU?!", Park Bom exclaimed between gritted teeth while murdering me with her glare. I just cocked my eyebrows at her and rolled my eyes.

I picked up Bom in her apartment as instructed by Jiyong. Donghae picked up Tiffany while Dara will ride with Jiyong. We will all just meet at the hot spring resort.

As soon as she saw me, Miss Piglet here started making a scene. *Sigh. There goes my relaxing weekend. Honestly, chilling out with a bunch of penguins is more appealing than being stuck with her.

"Yeah, yeah. Can we go now?", I waved my hand dismissively. My idea of fun does not include standing here and listening to her nonsense yammerings. We still have to drive to the hot spring resort and on this trip, I need to make sure that everything will go smoothly for my Twenty Million Won dream.

"I can't go with you! I hate you!", she wailed like a pig. Miss Piglet.

"Okay, bye", I jumped inside the car and started the ignition, with a clear plan of leaving her behind. It suits me just fine if she doesn't want to go with me. I don't know if I can tolerate her. I might go crazy halfway and eat her alive because SHE.IS.SUCH.A.NAGGER.

"YAH!", she started banging my window and I slide it down a bit, just enough to hear her.


"You're just going to leave me?", she asked incredulously.

Tch. Women. Saying one thing even if they don't mean it.

"Yeah. You said you can't go with me", I replied matter-of-factly. Okay, here's the thing, women. For us guys, the world is just black or white, up or down, yes or no. Get it? Jeez.

"You can't just leave me here!", she exclaimed with disbelief.

"Yes, I can. I have the car keys"

"Open the damn door, !", she demanded and slammed her palm on the car. Now, she wants to go? I unlocked the doors and turned to her.

"The damn door is now open, Miss Piglet of the Amazon Jungle", I snapped back.

She threw her things at the back and occupied the passenger seat. The exact millisecond that her made a touchdown on the seat, she started gunning me with a string of curses and other boring things that boils down to her hating me yada yada yada.

*Snore zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I switch off her voice and concentrated on driving. Miss Piglet became silent as minutes pass by (thank heavens!).

"Hey, talk to me", she gave me a soft pat on my shoulder, making me glance at her tentatively. IG-NORE. Hmph.

"So, what do you do? Besides driving people nuts and tossing them in a dumpster", she asked.


"I'm still mad at you for putting me in a dumpster!", she snarled.

My God, the hot spring resort seems so far away! My fingers are itching to pull a trigger on her skull!

"Anyway, since I'm stuck with you, let's just talk like the civilized people that we are, shall we?", she continued.

"So you're a friend of Jiyong. The first time I saw you, remember I talked about my bestfriend having a rented boyfriend? I'm sure you've figured out by now who I'm talking about", at my peripheral vision, I saw Miss Piglet staring solemnly at the road before us. Okay, this topic is fine with me.

"Do you really like spilling your guts to people?", I asked.

"No. But I just know that you will listen. And I feel that you know more about them than I do", she said and stared at me as I glanced at her. Miss Piglet is surprisingly sharp. It probably comes with her job since she deals mostly with different clients.

I sighed heavily as I thought of Jiyong.

"You're really worried for Dara, aren't you?"

"Yes. I've never seen her like this. She's....crumbling", she replied.

Crumbling. What a suitable word. For Dara and for Jiyong.

"I really don't understand. I saw how Jiyong treats her during the party. Why is he such a coward? Why is he always pushing Dara to Donghae?", she exasperatedly exclaimed.

A bitter smile formed on my lips. Coward, eh? Jiyong may be many things, but never a coward. People tend to throw that word easily when they think a battle should be fought to get what one wants, but refuses to. Why is he such a coward? Why ask that question? Because Jiyong is not fighting to get the girl?

I shook my head in amusement. How shallow. Jiyong may not be fighting to get the girl....but he's fighting for her.

"Park Bom. You're smart, so please refrain from asking those kind of questions that makes me think otherwise", I said. She was taken aback.

"It takes courage to fight for the one you love. It takes more than that to let her go for her own well-being. I have to say, Jiyong is one hell of a masochist", I continued.

"I don't understand you. I just don't want to see Dara hurt", she somberly said.

"In my opinion, that's what Jiyong is trying to prevent"



Oh my God, I need to talk to Bom! I can't do this! I just can't! It has been eating me up since that night when I realized it!


I gasped in surprise and took a step back. Jiyong frowned at me.

"Why are you so jumpy?", he asked.

Because I love you, you moron!

Ottokae! I need Bommie! BOMMIE!!!

I can't even act like a normal functioning human being in front of Jiyong. I only grunt whenever he asked something in the car during our ride here. And that night, when I realized that I...* him, my head was in disarray! Fortunately, when I woke up the next day, he was already leaving before I combust into flames because of his presence.




Oh, thank God! As soon as Bom disembarked from the car, I ran towards her and flung myself to her. I hugged her tightly like my life depended on it, oblivious to the confusion that crossed her face.

"Hey, girl. What's up with you?", she asked, bewildered. We haven't bumped on each other in the office since she was assigned in the field to meet up with prospective clients and I don't want to discuss this thing with her over the phone.

"I'm just so glad you're here. We'll talk later", I said in a breathless voice.

She stared at me and somehow, she understands. She's my Bommie, after all. She squeezed my hand and we started to walk towards where Jiyong and his friend were.

"Yeah. Later", she said.

"Wait, Jiyong's friend....isn't he.."

"Yeah. The caveman who threw me in the dumpster...TWICE!", Bom eyed him warily as soon as we reached both of them. Introductions were made and I can't help but laugh at how Bom and TOP started to battle it out with their sharp tongues! I think Bommie finally met her match.

I was enjoying listening to their banterings when I made the mistake of stealing a glance at Jiyong. His intense stare unnerved me. When he started leaning forward, my breath was caught in my throat.

"You're acting really strange", he whispered and furrowed his eyebrows while studying my face as I reclined back to have some space between us.

"Me? Strange? No ha ha ha. I'm not..strange. I'm fine ha ha ha", oh my gosh, someone please stop my mouth from moving!

"JIYONG! HI!", the voice of evil has made an appearance. Tiffany, the demon s owner. I really should've packed up my knives. Why am I not even surprised that she's wearing such low-cut tees that's about to spill her ies.

"Hello", Jiyong greeted her. This jerk!

Introductions were made and I looked at Bommie, sending her telephatic messages that this is the same girl that almost ruined my night during the two-day seminar. She seemed to get it.

Tiffany was blinking seductively and talking to Jiyong in an impish voice. In short, she's doing every ridiculous thing that could drive any guy away. I think I just threw up in my mouth. I can literally picture her fanning him with a banana leaf or feeding him with grapes. Ulk.

"Hey Dara", she finally acknowledged me, not hiding the contempt on her eyes.

"Tiffany", I nodded, with equal threat in my voice. Hah! You want pissing-off game? It is on! Like Donkey Kong!

"Dude!", Donghae raised up his hands and we high-fived. It baffles me that after my shocking realization about Jiyong, I've finally understood the depth of my feelings for Donghae. I love him dearly, being my drinking buddy and my guy bestfriend. But not the kind of love that I'm feeling towards Jiyong.

All of us started chatting as we entered the hotel where we're staying. I was walking beside Donghae when it hit me, Jiyong is purposely trying to put a distance between us and he's very accomodating to Tiffany! Gah!

"Six rooms?", Bom's voice slashed through my clouded mind.

"Yeah. Bos-...I mean Jiyong already booked six rooms for each of us", TOP said.

"That's expensive. We can just stay in two rooms, girls and boys", I butted in.

"Don't worry about it. This hotel is owned by one of our friends. Our stay here is free", Jiyong replied.

"That's awesome. But if someone wants to stay with me, my door is always open", Tiffany gave Jiyong a lingering look.


And the jerk seems to be enjoying it!

Bom materialized beside me as the guys talk to the reception.

"This Tiffany is really something, huh?", she noted.

"Yeah, she is. Do you know how to make a person's death seem like an accident?", I asked.

"If I know, TOP the Caveman will be six feet under by now"

We both giggled as we followed the hotel staffs to our rooms with linked arms.



"I'm in love with him", there, I said it. The cat is out of the bag.

"Who?", Bommie asked with wide eyes as she sat on the bed. We were in my hotel room and I was still organizing my stuff when Bom marched inside and demanded to spill the beans.

"You know who", I somberly said.

"Jiyong", she gasped and covered . I nodded at her and sighed heavily. I collapsed on the bed beside her and stared at the ceiling. She lied as well, her body perpendicular to my position, her head near mine.

"You finally realized it", she said after a while.

"It ", I groaned and covered my face with my palms.

"I think he likes you"

"He's my rented boyfriend, Bommie. He's supposed to act like he's smitten with me"

"With all that cuddling and kissing?"

"Part of boyfriend services", I reasoned.

"Oh come onnnn!!! Haven't you seen the way he looked at you? Haven't you seen the way he reacted back at the club?", she exasperatedly exclaimed.

"He was just acting"

"Dara, what more proof do you want from Jiyong? Do you want him to your feet? Piss at you to mark you his? Worship the ground that you stepped on?"

I remained silent.

"Where's Jiyong's room?", she asked.

"Across mine, why?", I answered.

"Scream, Dara", Bom suddenly crouched on all fours and started tickling me, making me shriek in surprise.

"STOP IT!", I yelled and tried to capture her hands, but she was really persistent. I was already in tears and was screaming wildly.

"DARA!", Jiyong barged in with furrowed eyebrows and grim face, like he's about to attack someone.

Bom stopped tickling me with a triumphant grin on her face. What the hell is wrong with this woman?!

Jiyong approached the bed, his eyes fixed on mine.

"Are you alright?", he asked and cupped my face, making me gasp.


My heart was thumping crazily with his scrutiny. Ottokae! I think all my bones have just liquified because of his stare.

"Relax Jiyong, I was just tickling her", Bommie smiled at him and flashed him a peace sign with her fingers.

I heard someone laugh and saw TOP leaning on the doorframe. Bom and TOP exchanged meaningful glances, as if they understood each other.

"Oh, okay", Jiyong pulled away his hands.

"You guys go ahead and enjoy soaking in the hot spring. We, girls, need a lot of preparing to do before we dip", Bommie said after a while.

"No, we're going to wait for all of you. You have to pass by the men's bath before you reach the women's bath. And Dara seems to be always getting herself in trouble with boys, who knows what might happen", Jiyong sternly looked at me, probably remembering what happened back in the club because of my foolishness. I swallowed hard at the memory.

"You're so sweet. You two seems like a real couple", Bommie gushed, and it took my entire willpower not to explode her skull with the power of my mind. She is so obvious!


We were soaking in the hot spring. I was sitting beside Bom in the shallow part while Tiffany is on a near corner, strutting her body, probably to show what she has that I don't.

Her s. Bigger than life. *Sigh. My s? Deflated balloon.

"Let Jiyong your ies to get them bigger", Bommie whispered like a devil.

Blood rushed towards my head as my mind formed images of Jiyong snuggling on my chest, capturing one of my erect s and it...*GASP!!!

"PARK BOM!", I shouted, earning disapproving looks from the other girls dipped in the hot spring.

"Sorry", I mumbled apologetically and threw a sharp glance at Bom. She just giggled and leaned back, enjoying the relaxing warmth of the water and uncaring of the disturbing (not to mention ED) thoughts she stirred up inside me. Gah! Why did she even mention Jiyong my...WAHHH!!!!

"Dara...", Tiffany's fake sweet voice called out. I just cocked my eyebrows at her.

"Are you and Jiyong having troubles? I mean, did you two fight?", she asked. The nerve!

"No. Why?"

"Oh. I see"

"She asked you why you were asking that question", Bom snarled, baring her fangs. Catfight!

"Nothing important. Just wondering why Dara and Jiyong are not sharing a room and why Jiyong invited me here", she got out of the water, flaunting her body, and grabbed the bathrobe before glancing back at us with an evil smirk.

"This . Hand me anything sharp, Dara. I will murder her"

"Let it go, Bommie. She's right", my chest constricted as Tiffany's words lingered in my mind. It reminded me of the purpose why we're here. Jiyong has been very clear that this weekend getaway is a chance for Donghae and I to be together. He's doing his end of the bargain. And I feel very stupid.

"I'm a moron", I bit my lips and hang my head low.

"Oh damn it. Please....just stop, Dara. You jump into conclusions without knowing the real score", her reprimanding voice made me wince. Ouch.

I submerged half my face in the water and casted her a helpless glance.

"Before this weekend getaway ends, I expect you to clear everything up. Once and for all", Bommie is in mother hen mode again.

"I need to talk to Donghae first", I got out of the water and grabbed my pink bathrobe.



Donghae was wearing a blue bathrobe, sitting on a bench in the resort's garden while holding a bottled water.

"Hey", I sat beside him and stared at the sky, unable to voice out the things that I've been rehearsing inside my mind.

"Hi", he greeted back.

We were bathed with silence afterwards. My stomach was tied up in knots as I try to will myself to speak, but nothing came out of my mouth. Here's our chance to talk. And here I am acting like a moron, letting the chance slip away again. *Sigh

"I know Jiyong is just your rented boyfriend", Donghae suddenly said without looking at me. I felt like the earth tilted sharply on its axis, my heart climbed up my throat and my other internal organs relocated themselves. My mind was a cluttered mess as I gawked at him with disbelief.

No way.


Did I hear him right?

He's joking. Ha ha.




"Breathe. Here's some water", Donghae handed me his bottled water and I mechanically took a few gulps, my wide eyes never leaving his.

"Relax. You're scaring me, Dara. You look like you're about to faint", his voice is like a faraway echo.

"Dara, answer me. Or I'll carry you back to your suite", Donghae's worried face and his firm grip on my hand somehow cleared my hazy mind.

"I'm fine", I mumbled and inhaled deeply to steady myself.

Donghae d my back with his free hand and didn't say anything until I finally regained composure.

"H-How did you know? When?", I asked, my eyes glued on my lap. Crap. This isn't suppose to happen!

"The day you came to work after your vacation. You were at Bom's office, chatting with her. I was about to knock at her office because I had some matters to discuss with her when I heard someone scream so I opened the door and rushed inside to check if something bad happened. It turns out Bom was just screaming excitedly over something you said. I was standing at the divider, away from your line of sight. I was about to say hi but stopped when I heard you two discussing about me and Jiyong. Uhm..I know it's really rude of me to eavesdrop and I meant to leave but I was still able to hear some part of your conversation, especially since Bom is quite loud and angry at that time"

(Writer's Note: Please re-read Chapter 18)

"Oh God...", I buried my face in my palms. How stupid of us! We forgot to lock the damn door!

"D-Donghae...I...Oh my God, I don't know what to say", I shook my head in defeat. I don't even know what to feel right now.

"Can you listen to me, then?", he asked. I stole a glance at him and he's looking straight ahead.


"Remember when we bumped into each other at the mall? At that time, I already knew Jiyong is your rented boyfriend. I wanted to wait until one month is over, until you stage your breakup and I wanted to tell you that I've been in love with you since we were just trainees in the company but you practically threw me in the friends zone and I got scared that you might be awkward with me if I made any move so I stayed on the safe zone. That's so stupid and cowardly of me, I know. I'm angry at myself because of that", he shifted the bottled water on his hand awkwardly and continued..

"I actually don't plan on revealing that I knew your secret because I know you'd be embarrassed. I was happy when I heard that you love me during your conversation with Bom. But seeing you with Jiyong during the party.....I started to have doubts. I never made you smile like that. I've never seen that glitter in your eyes whenever you're with me", he paused and looked at me. I didn't realize I've been holding my breath as I listened to him.

He loves me. He knew that Jiyong is just my rented boyfriend but he wanted to wait until the rent period lapses so as not to embarrass me.

He loves me....

"I tried to wait, Dara. But waiting didn't prove beneficial to me. Now, I'm laying all my cards", he held my hand again and looked directly in my eyes.

"Should I still wait, Dara?", he asked.

It started as a burning feeling in my chest, and it turned into sobs. Tears started welling in my eyes until Donghae's face became blurry in my vision.

"This is all my fault...", I bitterly said and wrapped my arms around his neck.

How can I hurt such a good man? How did everything turn out to be this way?

"I'm sorry, Donghae. I'm really really sorry", I squeezed him tighter.

"Guess the answer is no, huh? Did Jiyong cast a spell on you? I know some Death Eaters", he jokingly said but his voice was strangled.

I chuckled bitterly as I clung onto him.

He then clasped my shoulders and pulled away, holding me at arms-length. He looked at me with sad eyes but with a smile on his lips.

"I'm sad. But I felt free. Finally", he truthfully said.

"Me too"

"Stop crying", he wiped my tears with his thumb and ruffled my hair...just like the way he used to.

"I can't", I said.

"You're such a muggle", he curled his lips and shook his head.

"Don't start with me, Donghae", I warned him.


I grabbed the bottled water from his grasp, poured some water on my hand and sprinkled it on him while giggling.

"Yah!", he grabbed it from me and threatened to splash it on me.

"Oh. Don't you dare", I stood up and pointed my forefinger at him.

He poured some water on his hands just as I started backing away.

"Come here, muggle!"

We were running in circles around the bench while laughing as he sprinkled water on me.

I know he's still hurting. I know it's my fault. But I believe we'll both get past this. And this is a good start.



I watched as Jiyong heaved a deep sigh while watching Donghae and Dara. His fists were clenched tightly like he's about to pound the out of someone.

"Boss", I called out and walked towards him, but his eyes were still glued at the two.

"Danny hyung said they still don't know where the assassins are. But they're already in position", I stood beside him and diverted my gaze to where he was staring.

"Boss, you can ask your uncle to just leave you and Dara alone so th-"

"No. The Dragon Head is right. And his order must be obeyed", he sternly cut me off.

"You really care about her, don't you?", I smirked at him and crossed my arms over my chest.

"No, I don't", he flatly said and walked away.


I massaged my nape as I watch Donghae and Dara goofing around in the garden. I'm not sure if Jiyong is still in denial. His actions obviously contradict what he's saying. Is he really going to follow the Dragon Head's order?

I was lost in my own thoughts when Miss Piglet poked my shoulder while walking behind me.

"Dara is so stubborn. So is Jiyong", she complained.

What, she thinks we're friends now? Mannnn....

I continued walking and ignored her but being the annoying piglet that she is, she kept on following me around. Where is that dumpster when you need one?

"Do you know the purpose of this weekend getaway? Jiyong is giving Dara and Donghae a chance to be together. Tiffany is now eyeing Jiyong since she thinks there's something wrong between the two's relationship", she blocked my path and glared at me.

"Are you going anywhere with this?

"I need your help", she grinned while rubbing her palms together, like an excited outlaw about to make her greatest crime.

I think Park Bom will fit perfectly within the Triads. She looked menacing.



"I'm going out with Tiffany. You go with Donghae"

My breathing hitched as I tried to find my voice to object. He's mobilizing his plan, the true purpose why he set up this weekend getaway.

"See you later"

"Ji-", he closed the door of my suite before I could even utter a word.

I weakly sat at the edge of my bed while staring at the door.

Damn you, jerk!

I feel so pathetic. Why did I fall in love with that jerk? Donghae is the safest choice.

Tiffany and Jiyong. Damn it!

I stormed out of the room and decided to follow the two. Who knows what Tiffany will do to seduce Jiyong. Oh God, just imagining it makes me want to rip her ovaries! ARGH! I hate this.


The night air was getting colder and it was too late when I realized that I forgot to bring my sweater. I was still following Jiyong and Tiffany, hiding behind trees and lamp posts. Not once did Jiyong abruptly stopped and whipped his head to my direction, making me duck to whatever nearest object to hide. They were also walking oddly, zigzagging and varying their pace - fast then slow, then they will suddenly stop. To make the long story short, I feel like an idiot.

"Where are we going?", I heard Tiffany's annoying voice. I peeked from my hiding place and almost breathed fire when I saw her holding Jiyong's arm.

"To a local bar", Jiyong replied.

"I'm happy you invited me. Does Dara know that you're going out?", she asked and blinked seductively. Ohhh, how I want to dig those eyes and squish them with my bare hands!

"Yes. I told her. She has plans of her own so I just invited you for a drink", he nonchalantly said. JERK! You are such a smooth liar, aren't you?!

Jiyong smirked and looked at the direction where I'm hiding so I immediately pressed myself against the wall to get out of his line of vision. Whew! Does he know that I'm following them?

When I heard their footsteps, I took a peek and saw them walking away. I breathed a sigh of relief and was about to follow them again when someone called my name.

"Sandara Park!", it was a hoarse whisper coming from above. Omo! Are there ghosts here?!!!!! GAAHH!! Ottokae!

"Sandara Park!"

Wait. That voice. I looked up and saw the psycho who talked to me at the restaurant before, sitting on top of a concrete fence with his feet dangling on the edge. What the hell is he doing here and how did he know my name?!!


"Who the hell are you? How did-"

"Sandara Park. Sandara Park. Sandara Park", he repeated my name in a sing-song voice and jumped off the fence. I wanted to run away but curiosity got the better of me.

"My name is Jung Il Woo", he dramatically bowed, placing one hand on his chest while stretching the other with his palm facing upwards, like how medieval people show respect to the ladies.


"How did you know my name?", I demanded while making sure I'm a good distance away from him.

"I saw your ID when we first met. At the restaurant", he tilted his head and smiled amusingly.

"What are you doing here? Are you following me?"

"Whoah! Why would I follow you? I was just sitting there when you suddenly appeared. You are so mean. Always accusing me of bad things", he made an exaggerated sad face and I can't help but roll my eyes.

"Fine. I'm going", he slumped his shoulders and slowly walked away from me. He stopped and reached out something inside his coat and dropped it on the ground. He then glanced at me, smirked and ran away, making me frown in bewilderment. He surely is crazy.

I was about to leave when the thing that he dropped caught my eyes. A long-stemmed white rose - just like the one that I received in the office days ago.

"Hey, wait!", I called out.



GD looked behind him and waited. He knew that Dara is following them but she seemed to have stop. He can't see her anymore.

"What's wrong?", Tiffany asked and squeezed his arm. GD frowned and pulled away.

"Go to the bar first. It's just around the corner, just turn right on that street. You won't miss it. I'll just catch up with you. Call Donghae to accompany you while I'm not around", he hastily said and started retracing his steps.


Before Tiffany can protest, GD was already briskly walking towards the direction where he last saw Dara.

'This is ridiculous', he thought. Dara is a grown woman, she can very well take care of herself. But just the thought of her walking alone back towards the hotel makes him squirm with worry.

Stupid geek!

He was half-running while trying not to think of the bad things that might possibly happen to her. Surely, he's just being paranoid. Nevertheless, he doubled up his speed, his heart thumping wildly as his eyes swept through his surroundings to find her.

"Damn it", he cursed under his breath when Dara was not on the spot where he has last seen her. He raked his hair and groaned in frustration. He was about to run towards the hotel when he heard someone scream from a near distance. It was Dara's voice.

His pulse raced and his body moved swiftly to where he heard the sound.

"DARA!", GD shouted and frantically searched for her. He was on the verge of insanity as he sprinted aimlessly, trying to figure out where he heard her scream. His heart was about ready to lurch as panic enveloped his whole system.

Finally, he saw a figure sprawled on the grass. He felt as if air has been knocked out of his chest.



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AbigLegaspi 0 points #1
Chapter 26: A cute short story for top and bom would be awesome Hahahaha the characters you created for then is simply hilarious
Hi, how to purchase MFR books? I would like to order a copy for my book collection. ❤❤❤
Shellcute927 #3
Hello authornim why i cant open EVIL PRINCE
Chapter 35: One question though how did she know ik woo would inject her without some poison
Erine26 #5
Chapter 30: I love your story! You are a great writer!!
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Love this story! ❤️❤️❤️ Rereading it again.
106 streak #7
Rereading it!!! Just love it!!!
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Chapter 11: I just love this ff.
girlove02 #9
Chapter 10: Omg
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Chapter 28: In this chap you said that you're not a pro writer.. like seriously??? you are so damn good writer.. omg my emotionsssss... i read this for the nth time and im still going to read it over and over again kekekeke
Thank you..