MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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credits: MaineChua


My heart feels heavier and heavier as the weekend nears. I just can't find it in myself to smile because Jiyong kept pushing me towards Donghae. It's odd. What is it that I'm really expecting from my rented boyfriend?

And lately, he has been acting really cold and was constantly reminding me that the weekend getaway will be my chance with Donghae.

"Oh my, you look awful!", Bom exclaimed when she saw me in the hallway photocopying some documents.

"Damn you, too", I grudgingly said.

"It's beginning to sink in, isn't it?", she cocked her eyebrows and leaned on the wall while scrutinizing me with her observant eyes.

"What is?"

"The truth, Dara. Your choice is becoming clearer, isn't it?"

"I'm not suppose to choose, Bom. From the very start, you know I'll be with drinking buddy", I flatly said and gathered the papers. I started to walk away and she followed me to my office.

"Stop torturing yourself, Dara. Make up your mind. I'm not used to seeing you like this", she motioned my entirety with her hand as if I'm a very offending sight - unruly hair, black eyebags reaching the floor, messy dress....yup, I see what she means.

"I don't know what to do anymore, Bommie. I don't know what to think", my voice is becoming tight as I grabbed my bag and slung it on my shoulder. It's already lunchtime and I want to eat alone to clear my mind.


I hastened up my pace to get out of the office, leaving Bom behind.


I placed down my tray of food at a table situated on the floor-to-ceiling window to watch the passers by while I eat my lunch. I finally calmed down and I can't help but think how ridiculous I must've looked for almost breaking down in front of Bom. Between the two of us, I'm supposed to be the steady person since Bommie is already in charge of being the crazy one.

But, Bommie has a point. I need to straighten out my feelings before the rent period lapses.


I'll just cross the bridge when I get there. Right now, I'm too scared to face it. Damn, I really am Kung Pao's mommy.

"Mind if I join you?", a cheery voice asked and placed his tray of food opposite mine. He was all smiles, his eyes squinting as he stared at me. The collar of his polo protruding from his sweater is a bit crooked but it doesn't make him any less gorgeous. He actually looked like a mischievous kid trapped in a hot man's body.

I looked around the restaurant and saw multiple vacant tables. Weird. Is he hitting on me?

"I'm hitting on you, yes", he announced.

My head immediately bolted on his direction. WHAT?!

"Jussstttt kidding", he chuckled and placed a spoonful of food in his mouth, letting the spoon protrude from his lips while giving me an eye-smile again.

I looked at him suspiciously. Creepy. I remained silent and ate my food, completely ignoring him.

"Hmmmmmm", he thoughtfully stared at me while sipping his drink, biting his straw afterwards. He's really like a kid.

"So, what's up?", he then asked.

I just frowned at him, utterly confused at his behaviour. Can't he take a hint that I-don't-want-to-talk and leave-me-alone-you-psycho? Gorgeous or not, I'm really not in the mood to be friendly with some random stranger who popped out of nowhere.

"Heyyyyyy, talk to meeeeeeee", he pouted his lips and furrowed his eyebrows. Now he's throwing tantrums?

"I don't talk to strangers", I coldly said and continued eating.

"You can at least say 'hello'", he dramatically hang his head low, like he's the most oppressed person in the world.

"Hello", I muttered. You're a psycho.

"Hi!!!", he immediately beamed at me, his world is full of sunshine again. Psycho.

I wonder in what asylum did he escape from.

I focused on my food, wanting to finish faster so I can get the hell out of here.

"Hmmmm...I wonder what he saw in you...Will he come after me if I do something?", he was talking to himself, another symptom of lunacy. He is C-R-A-Z-Y. I don't even have a clue what he's mumbling about.

"You're pretty. But so is his other concubines. I wonder if you're different, or if he's just playing", he continued, totally absorbed with his monologue.

Concubines? The hell. In my head, I'm imagining an ambulance and a convoy of cars pulling over in front of the restaurant, then a team of medics will jump out to restrain him. There will be tranquilizers, straitjackets, men in white, dogs, Ricky Martin singing Livin La Vida Loca. *Sigh. I think I'm losing my mind as well.

"Oh, sorry. Don't mind me. I'm just thinking out loud. Please don't be creeped out", he suddenly said and flashed me a patronizing smile.

My eyebrows shot up to the ceiling. Please don't be creeped out? That right there is enough to creep the hell out of me. This reminds me of horror movies, those peaceful minutes right before the victim is slaughtered. I shuddered at the thought.

Okay, Dara. Eat your food and be gone. Good plan.

"Scared?", he grabbed his drink, bit the straw and chew it while grinning at me.

My face remained impassive, although my mind is already drafting intricate plans of escape. Something is seriously wrong with this guy.

"This is fun", he finally said and stood up. He nonchalantly walked away like everything that trascended between us is but a pigment of my imagination. Damn. Crazy people these days.



We entered the VIP room in YG Underground Club and I lazily plopped myself on the couch. Ahhhhh!! This is what I need, a time to relax! I chugged down my beer and sloppily wiped my mouth.

"Hyung, you're coming with me this weekend. Youngbae, Daesung, Seungri, fill-in for us while we're gone. We don't need the rest of the unit to go with us. It'll just be me and TOP hyung", Jiyong instructed.

"Where are we going, boss?", I asked.

"To a hot spring resort with Dara, Donghae and Tiffany "

"Whoohooo!!", I raised my arms in delight.

"Park Bom will be there too", he added. My jaw literally dropped to the ground.

"Boss!! Why is the mother of disaster going to be there?!", I whined.

"I figured Dara would want Park Bom to be there"

"And why should I join too? I can just guard you from the shadows, like what I always do!"

"It will be awkward if Park Bom doesn't have a date"

Youngbae snickered while Daesung and Seungri high-fived, obviously enjoying my torment.

ARGH! Park Bom...

The urge to hunt her down and murder her is ignited once again. I hate that woman. Now, I'll be stuck with her on a precious weekend because she doesn't have a date? I double-hate that woman! And I'm pretty sure I'll triple-hate her once we meet again. Ugh. The horror.

"She's not that bad, hyung", Seungri butted in.

Oh Seungri. You are so close to digging your own grave. Not that bad my as$. Who on their fcking right mind will snatch the muffin top of a total stranger?! WHO?

"Enjoy your weekend, hyung", he laughed mockingly. Did he just do a sinister laugh?! I'm the only one licensed to do a sinister laugh! You are so dead, rat.

I towered over him and yanked his ears hard, causing him to shriek in pain.

"TOP hyung...", Youngbae's reprimanding voice slashed through my evil subconscious.

"Daddy Youngbae! He started it!", I complained.

"Sit down", he sternly said, so I did.

"Be in your best behaviour, hyung. I don't want them to suspect anything about us", Jiyong glared at me.

"Alright. I won't let them know there's something going on between the two of us", I winked at him, and he immediately threw a bottle at me which I was able to catch. Kekekekeke.

"Boss, why did you invite Donghae? He's a hindrance", I asked.

"The reason why I planned this weekend getaway is for him and Dara to have a chance to be together. This is the least I could do for playing with her", he flatly said and drank his beer, the creases on his forehead multiplying as he was lost in his own thoughts.

"Chance to be together, eh? What if he makes a move on her?"

"I'm gonna kill him", Jiyong whispered to himself, which my bionic ears picked up.

"What's that?", I asked while grinning.

"Nothing", he muttered.

I smirked behind my bottle while my eyes twinkled with the won currency. By the end of this month, I will be rolling in a bed of cash, I'm sure of it!

"You okay, boss?", Daesung asked.

"Huh? Yeah", Jiyong massaged his temple and leaned back on the couch. This is my first time seeing him so troubled. He usually has a deadpan expression when dealing with mobster crap, but when it comes to Dara...he's lost.

All odds are against him. The Dragon Head doesn't want him to ruin the life of an innocent woman, the New World Alliance is after our as$es, and being a crime boss, he has a duty to fulfill. Plus, not all girls dig the mobster thingy.

This weekend getaway, it's a catastrophe waiting to happen. Jiyong thinks he's doing the right thing by pushing Dara to Donghae and he thinks he can handle it. That's the bad news right there - he thinks he can handle it. Even a mobster boss is not immuned to the pain of heartache, I can tell you that. Looking at him now, he's slowly falling apart.

Mafia's Romeo and Juliet. I'm starting to feel sorry for both of them. It will be a fcking fiasco if Jiyong decides to pursue Dara since the Dragon Head's order is clear. And if for some reason his uncle concedes, the fact still remains that Jiyong's life is clouded with dangers and I don't think he would want Dara to succumb herself to the kind of life that we have.

Dara, on the other hand, is restricted by the fact that Jiyong is her rented boyfriend that's why she's always guarding herself. And if she happens to know the truth about Jiyong being a mobster boss, I'm pretty sure everyone around her will prevent her from associating with Jiyong. Or worse, she might voluntarily stay away from him because of fear.

Circumstances are preventing them from being together. They can't even say what they truly feel. Damn. That's insanely difficult.

I looked at my sworn brothers and heaved a deep sigh. I then glanced at Youngbae who was sitting near me.

"I love you, Daddy Youngbae", I sadly mumbled.

"HYUNG! YOU ARE SO CREEPY!", he yelled hysterically.



Her silence is maddening!

"SANDARA PARK!", I furiously yelled and shook her arm.


"What's with you?", I asked but she drifted to her demented world once again, staring blankly at nothing in particular. We were in my apartment for our supposed girl-bonding moment but she's behaving like a zombie. I studied her as she sighed heavily. She's been doing that for every couple of minutes and it's seriously driving me nuts.


"Finally, you're talking!"

"I can't understand Jiyong. He seems really distant lately and he has been shoving Donghae down my throat. He's really unpredictable. He was playful and annoying earlier this month but now that the end of the month is nearing, he seems aloof", she meekly said.

Am I the only one who can see the situation clearly? I stared at my bestfriend and my heart constricted at the pained expression on her face. Dara has been blinded by fear that's why she can't honestly face her feelings. Jiyong, on the other hand, is trying to fulfill his promise as part of their deal that's why he can't make a move. But, why do I feel that there's more to it than that? After all, he can easily snatch away Dara if he wants to. But something is preventing him from doing so. A reason bigger than just being a rented boyfriend.

"Dara, he's obviously hurting. The same way that you are hurting", I patiently explained.


"Because the rent period is about to lapse. And you two are still being stupid", I said. Forget patience. This girl needs a wake-up call.

She just shook her head and smiled bitterly. Here comes the denying part once again....

"I'm just used to him being around me all the time. Jiyong...he's just my rented boyfriend. And he's probably used to saying goodbye to his clients after the rent period", her voice is becoming inaudible and I can't help but pull my hair in frustration.

"Wait. What does he do whenever he's not with you?", I asked.

"Probably he's with one of his clients..", she sadly replied.

I don't like the sound of that. Hmmmm....

"Call him. Ask him where he is now", I nudged Dara and pointed at her phone. She looked at me and dialed weakly.

"Yeoboseyo? Uhm... Where are you?", Dara asked as I hit the speaker button.

"Club..with friends. Why?", Jiyong flatly said.

"N-Nothing", my stupid bestfriend stuttered like a middle school girl. I forcefully pushed her and widened my eyes at her. Gahd, woman! Can you be any more embarrassing?!

"The ladies are here!", I heard a voice in a background. Ladies? What the...

"I gotta go", Jiyong immediately hung up the phone.

"There you go. He's in a club...with friends", Dara didn't even look at me and pretended to be fiddling with her phone.

Ladies, eh? You mess with my bestfriend, you mess with me.

Prepare yourself, Kwon Jiyong. Two can play that game.


"The ladies are here!", one of his men shouted as Sulli and the other girls entered the VIP room.

"I gotta go", GD hung up the phone as Sulli sat beside him, immediately diving on his lips and kissing him hungrily.

He needed this diversion. It's getting more and more painful as days pass by.



"Okay, don't freak out. It's just a dress", Bom softly cooed to calm me. But it's not working. I was breathing through my mouth as I gawked at the black dress that she's asking me to wear.

"Forget it. Let's just go clubbing some other time...when you're already on your right mind", I shook my head and collapsed on her bed, on top of the mountain of clothes that she laid on it.

"Fine. I'll just go by myself", she sadly mumbled with her head hanging low.

"Bommie, I can't let you go to a club without anyone with you! I know how crazy you can be when you party!", I exasperatedly exclaimed. Gahd! Why is she my bestfriend again?

"Kekekeke. I know you love me, Dara-yah"

"But I'm not wearing that item of torture", I pointed at the offending black dress again. Seriously, is that even a dress? It's as thin as a tissue paper! If someone sneezes at me, I'll probably end up .

"It's a club. We're supposed to strut our bodies. Stop being a grandma", she dramatically rolled her eyes. I sat up and crossed my arms over my chest while looking sternly at her.

"That dress can barely cover anything! There's no way in hell that I'm wearing that"

"Okay, you ask for this. I'm calling for the 'Bom's three wishes' promise", Bom smiled wickedly at me.

"THAT'S BLACKMAIL!", I screamed in frustration. 'Bom's three wishes' is something that I promised to Bom when I forgot to greet her on her birthday. That was the first time that Bom ignored me all week, refusing to talk to me. I showered her with gifts but she was really hurt that her bestfriend forgot her special day. She only forgave me when I told her that she can ask me three wishes and I will comply - no matter what those three wishes are. The only conditions are - it should be doable and she should claim the three wishes at once. She hasn't claimed it yet and I thought she already forgot about it. It turns out I was wrong, and I'll suffer terribly because of those damn three wishes .

"Were you lying when you promised me that you'll comply to my three wishes?", she furrowed her eyebrows and her arms hang limply on her sides, the black dress sliding on the floor. Uh-oh, she's going to throw a fit.

"N-No. Fine! I'll do the three wishes. So wish number one is to wear the black dress. What are the other two?", I asked.

"Wish Number Two - you should kiss one guy tonight. On the shoulder!", she clasped her hands with delight, fully enjoying the look of horror in my face.

"WHAT?! I can't do that! Are you punishing me?! Bommie, that was the first time I forgot your birthday!", I complained.

"I was so upset that day! Do you want to fight again?", she threateningly said.


"Then do what I tell you", she huffed.

"You're a monster!", I shot back.

Little did I know that things will be getting more exciting as she continuously opens his mouth and invent more disasters to drive me crazy.

"Wish Number Three!", she held out three fingers in front of me. I'm already hyperventilating as I stared at her. 'Oh dear God, please help me', I solemnly prayed. My bestfriend can be really really fcked up in the head sometimes. I'm actually beginning to doubt her sanity.

"You're not suppose to wear anything underneath", she declared.

The clock ticked as I gawked at her with bulging eyes and gaping open mouth, absolutely mortified with what she tasked me to do.

"WHAT?!", my voice reached up an unbelievably high pitch. I shut my eyes firmly to stop myself from stabbing her with the nearest available pointed object.

"You heard me. No bra, no , no stockings"

"No. No no no no NO!", I yelled in panic.



"Yes. What are you so afraid about?"

"Uhm...where to start...I CAN'T GO COMMANDO! PEOPLE WILL SEE MY !", I screamed hysterically.

"Pftt. You have the cutest , don't worry", she nonchalantly waved me off.

"PARK BOM!!", I growled at her. GAHD! I swear, one needs to be a superhuman to be able to stand her craziness. Thank heavens I don't have any other lunatics as a friend or I must've killed myself a long time ago.

"If you don't do as I say, like you told me you would, I won't talk to you anymore", she stonily stared at me, and I knew she was serious.

"ARGH! You are the worst!", I furiously exclaimed as I snatched the stupid black dress from her grasp.

"Bom's three wishes", she wagged her forefinger in front of me, which I grumpily slapped away. I hate you!

"Are you my bestfriend or my pimp?!", I snarled at her.

"A little bit of both", she kissed me on the cheek and pushed me in the bathroom to take a shower.

Accompany her to a club and kiss a random guy on the shoulder while I'm wearing the black dress with NOTHING underneath? *shudder Holy crap, how am I going to do that?

I will be permanently damaged after this.


The Deputy Mountain Master unit was having a good time in the VIP room together with their women. The VIP rooms are on the second floor and only the Triads are allowed to go there. The first floor is where the main dance floor is located and where the innocent party-goers stay, but the staffs are all Triad members as well since the entire YG Underground Club is owned and ran by the organization.

"GD, let's get out of here", Sulli mumbled in between kisses, straddling his lap. GD smirked and stood up, carrying Sulli whose legs are wrapped around him. There's a room reserved specifically for them and that's where he's taking her.

"Boss...", TOP called out.

"I'm busy here", GD flatly said.

TOP heavily sighed and turned to Sulli.

"Yah! Get off him", he snapped.

"What's your problem?!", Sulli snarled at TOP, who just ignored her. She slid off GD and stood on her feet but her arms remained entwined around him.

"Boss, we have a situation", TOP tilted his head to the side, gesturing the glass wall overlooking the dance floor below.

GD furrowed his eyebrows and unwrapped Sulli's arms, much to her dismay. He walked towards the glass wall and scanned the dance floor until his eyes fell on a familiar figure. He took a sharp intake of breath, not believing what he's seeing.

Why the fck is the geek here? And why is she dressed scantily?!

A low growl escaped his throat as he immediately stormed out of the room, shoving Sulli aside. He firmly clenched his fists, his heart thundering in a mixture of anger and worry as he runs towards the first floor, surprising the staffs of his weird behaviour. GD is always calm and collected especially around the Triads' turf since he has a reputation to protect. But the sight of her barely wearing anything and standing in the dance floor with so many guys looming around her shattered him.

'DAMN IT, GEEK!', he huffed angrily as he pushed his way towards where Dara is, unmindful if he's already hurting anyone as he forcefully shove people aside. Nobody even retaliated, seeing how dangerous he looks. He sure is damn furious right now. Heads will roll if anyone touches her. She looks so lost and vulnerable while standing in front of the bar, and it's making him lose his mind. Doesn't she realize how inviting she looks? Doesn't she realize that all the men around her are checking her out? When GD saw a guy approaching her, he was already seeing red.

"FCK! GET OUTTA MY WAY!", he yelled at the crowd before him and everyone parted to give way to the furious dragon.



As soon as we entered YG Underground Club, I swallowed hard and roamed my eyes nervously while firmly holding the hem of my dress. I'm finding it hard to think straight especially when cold air is continuously fanning my private part! Comfortably lying in my apartment and having a fight with Kung Pao seems to be a faraway memory now.

I can vaguely remember how we got here. All I know is Bom practically dragged me in her car and just drove off. Then here we are. The buzz in this place is something that I'm not accustomed to. Everyone is dancing, drinking...and flirting. YG Underground Club - I can't recall why the name sounds familiar. Hmmm.. Oh, right. I saw Jiyong entering this place before!

"Go get'em girl!", Bom slapped my tushie making me scream while jerking forward.

"Yah!", I hissed.

"Dara, text Jiyong later and tell him you're here", she then said.


"Let's just say I'm teaching him a lesson. And Dara, don't forget to kiss a guy on the shoulder!", she winked at me and pulled me in the dance floor, amidst the slamming bodies. Teaching him a lesson? Wait, what?

"BOMMIE!", I tried to get her attention but she's already grooving with some guy.

Ottokae. I feel so out of place. I don't even want to move in fear of exposing my ! Is this really a dress? It didn't even reach half of my thigh! I shifted my feet left and right while darting my eyes all over the place. W-Why are the guys eyeing me?

"Hey, gorgeous", a drunk guy approached me. I backed away like a ninja and bumped into another guy.

"Easy there, sweetie pie", he winked at me and I visibly cringed in disgust. I sidestepped and left him and another moron was on my way..

"Whoa! Hi there, munchkin", he said and s his arm around my waist. I pushed him and immediately made my way towards the bar. Eww Eww Ewww!! What's with guys around here? They're so flirty!

I was about to sit when I remembered my current state - the state of not wearing anything underneath. GAHHHH!!

"Yah!", I almost jumped when Bom materialized behind me.

"Bommie!", I whimpered and was about to plead for us to just go home but she cut me off.

"Don't forget my second wish! And text Jiyong!", she reminded me before disappearing in the crowd again. She seems to be having a good time dancing with total strangers!

This is just not my thing... I can only dance with strangers in SIMS game. Offline, no way. Plus, there's this issue of me NOT WEARING ANYTHING UNDERNEATH! Wahhhh!! One wrong move - my s will catch air and my will say hello to everyone!

So, here I am, standing in front of the bar and can't even sit on the bar stool. Another realization hit me, I forgot my bag inside Bom's car. I can't even order some drinks or text Jiyong since my phone and purse are inside my bag.

Damn it. This night !

Unlike me, Bommie was having a good time. She was all over the place, bouncing here and there. I scanned the crowd. Okay, I need to pick one guy and get this over with. The sooner I could get it done, the better. I've already fulfilled wish number one and three, anyway. After I do wish number two, I'm going to drag Bommie out of here. Kiss a guy on the shoulder. Well, I could go on the dance floor, dance behind someone and sneakily kiss him since it's dark. GAHD! Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl!

I was standing in front of the bar while eyeing the stage where the DJ was when I noticed that the guys were looking at me from head to toe. I furrowed my eyebrows, thinking why they're staring at me like that. I mean, yes, this black dress is tiny but there's a lot of girls here who are wearing more revealing clothes. So, I'm not sure what's up why they're eyeing me like that. Is there something on my face?

A scary-looking guy smirked at me and I cringed, taking a step back. I hugged myself and averted my gaze while standing beside an empty bar stool. God, I want to sit! These heels are killing me! But I can't since I'm not really thrilled at the idea of sitting on the bar stool with my as$.

"You look lost, sweetie", I gasped in surprise and retreated but the bar counter was already behind me, trapping me. The guy, which reminds me of an ogre, gave me a toothy smile as he stepped closer.

"Uhm, excuse me. I need to find my friend", I said.

"Oh. Running away, aren't we?", he sneered as I looked at him with terrified eyes. Oh , he's drunk. He was blocking my way as I stood rigidly in between empty bar stools.

He raised his hand and was about to touch my face, I can feel a panicked scream rising up my throat. I swallowed hard and reclined back to avoid his hand reaching up to my cheeks. I was turning my face away when I heard a dangerous voice behind the ogre.

"Touch my woman and I'll kill you"


"Who the hell...UGH!", before the ogre can even finish, Jiyong has already punched him making the scary-looking guy writhed in pain while kneeling on the floor, covering his bloody mouth. I was stupefied as I witnessed everything happening so fast.

"Fck off", Jiyong coldly muttered. The ogre scurried away in record time.

I heard nervous murmurs around us as the crowd backed away while looking at Jiyong with a mixture of awe and fright. Some were whispering his alias 'GD' or 'G-Dragon' with disbelief. I don't get it. Is he famous here? Even the bartenders were hanging their head low as if they're unworthy to look at him in the eyes.

My heart was beating erratically as I studied him as he closed the distance between us. Jiyong was wearing a coat and tie, every inch like an aristocrat but not losing his badas$ air. Needless to say, he's smoldering hot.

When I finally mustered the courage to meet his gaze, my breathing was caught in my throat. Uh-oh. He doesn't look happy.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WEARING?!!", he growled angrily, causing me to flinch.

"WHY THE FCK ARE YOU HERE?!", he continued his screaming frenzy.

I bit my lips, unable to say anything. Why am I even feeling guilty anyway?

"ANSWER ME!", his thunderous voice overpowered the blasting music and almost everyone nearly jumped.

"Stop shouting", I whimpered and his features softened a bit. He drew quick breaths and stood in front of me, gazing down at me intensely and still fuming. I forgot how to breathe, not because I'm scared of him. In fact, I feel much safer now that he's here. It's just that, no matter how many times I see him up close, I just can't get enough of how hot and gorgeous Jiyong is.

An impish smile escaped my lips before I can stop myself. He frowned at me and my smile turned to giggles.

"You think this is funny?", he hissed.

"No. I'm just glad you're here", I said with a stupid grin on my face. He visibly relaxed and there was a hint of amusement in his eyes.

"I'm still really mad", it was obvious he was trying his best not to smile.

"Well then, I'll give you the honor of buying me a drink. Fair enough?", I teased.

Jiyong nodded to the bartender and I was immediately given a bottle of beer. I grabbed it and when I turned around to face him again, his hands were already rested on the bar counter, trapping me between his arms. He was leaning closer, making my heart pound loudly.

"Yah, move away from me. You're so close", I said and tried to push him away. There was barely a distance between us and it's honestly not helping that he smelled so goooooddddd.

"Not a chance, geek", he growled. His sharp eyes almost wounded every guys that were looking at me earlier. Overprotective Jiyong is here again, and I must admit that I'm liking it. He even called me his woman!

And his lips! Oh my God, when did I last kiss those lips? I want to kiss him! Can I kiss him? Gah! What am I thinking?! Oh, screw it. Just one quick kiss.

I puckered my lips and gave him a quick peck. He was surprised and blinked at me. There. Done embarrassing myself. Now if I could just find a hole where I could hide and rot in shame....

"Dara, you're distracting me. What the hell are you doing here dressed like that?! What could've happened if I wasn't here?!", he sternly asked.

I drank my beer and pouted my lips. Hmph! Still grumpy as ever.

"Stop pouting your lips! All the guys here are already ogling at you!", he hissed. Really? I was about to look around to see if it's true when he shouted again.



"Bommie wanted to go out so I accompanied her. She asked me to wear this dress", I sheepishly explained.

Speaking of Bommie, my borderline retarded bestfriend is nowhere to be found. I was starting to worry when she suddenly appeared behind Jiyong.

"There you are! Hi Jiyong! So you were able to text him. Good! I'll just be on the dance floor", and just like that, Bommie disappeared again. Man, she sure likes to party. Clubs are Bom's natural habitat.

I looked at Jiyong who was eyeing me quizzically.

"I was about to text you that I'm here but I forgot my phone and my purse in Bom's car", I explained.

"Next time, tell me if you're going out so this won't happen again. I can't let you waltz in this kind of place wearing almost nothing. For Pete's sake Dara, you're a prey!", he exclaimed in frustration.

prey? That sounds Am I having the same effects on him?

I could feel his body heat and it's making my mind hazy. I wanted to shove Jiyong aside but he wouldn't budge. Does he plan on keeping me in this corner all night?

"So, going back. You wanted to kiss me, huh?", he playfully brushed his lips against mine and pulled back, eyeing me with amusement. I gasped in surprise and pressed my back against the bar counter behind me to put some distance between us. Oh boy.

"It's just a quick peck. A greeting", I'm pretty sure my cheeks are flushed right now.

"You're such a lousy liar", and he flashed me his boyish grin. God, this is unfair! How can a man be this handsome?!

I stared at his face, taking in all his features. His eyes are dancing with playfulness. If he thinks he can tease me until I die of shame, he's awfully mistaken. Time to fight back. Hah! I can play this game.

"You're impossibly good-looking", I blurted out and winked at him.

"Are you flirting with me, geek?", a sly smile tugged on his lips and I felt my heart race.

"Maybe I am", I brought the bottle on my mouth and drank my beer without peeling my eyes off him.

"You don't know what I want to do to you right now", he held my gaze steadily, and my breathing became erratic.

"Are you flirting with me, jerk?"

"Maybe I am"

Oh . I can't do this. He's dissolving my hymen by just staring at me! He leaned forward and whispered directly on my ear.

"Do you really want to play this game, Park?", he hovered at the crook of my neck and inhaled deeply. OH GOD!

I pressed my legs together and became fully aware that I'm not wearing my freaking ! I pushed him by the shoulder, gulped down the remaining beer and placed the bottle on the counter. I wanted to escape, but he's still trapping me with his arms.

My heart is already begging for mercy. My breathing accelerated as he continuously inhale my scent, tracing my shoulders with his nose. I felt like he's punishing me. He was so close yet he won't touch me. My skin is already aching for his lips but he would just let his hot breath tickle my nerves. It's torture!

I tried to reach out for him but he captured my wrists and placed it behind me. I tried to lean forward to kiss him but he pulled back. My ego is already bleeding as I looked at him questioningly. WHY WON'T HE LET ME KISS HIM?!

"I'm still mad, Dara. You have to go home, NOW. I don't want you here with that tiny dress and with so many bastards looking at your body", his voice was filled of anger and concern.

A rebellious feeling welled up inside me. So, he can go out and party while I can't?!

"But you're also out partying with your friends!", I snapped.

"I can take care of myself", he firmly replied.

"That's not the point!", I exasperatedly exclaimed and folded my arms over my chest while glaring at him.

"Home. NOW"


His patience seemed to be disintegrating. I decided to push his buttons, just to get back for not letting me kiss him.

"Ji...I'm not wearing undies", I whispered tauntingly, making him visibly gasp.

His eyes darkened. He glowered at me.

"Sandara Park, I swear, if you don't come with me this instant, I'll take you here. Fast and hard", there was poison in his voice.

My soul has deserted me. Fast and hard. *GULP

"GD! What's happening?", I heard a female voice from a distance. Jiyong looked back and he became rigid as a beautiful woman came charging towards us.

"Sulli, get back!", he angrily yelled at her while I stood there, utterly surprised. There was a stabbing pain in my chest as my mind came reeling into motion, drafting its own conclusions on who this woman might be.

"Youngbae, take her back!", Jiyong barked some orders and a man with mohawk hairstyle dragged the woman who was still screaming at us. I took the opportunity to slip out and escape.

, it's painful. Why am I hurting? Who is she?

I immediately ran towards the dance floor, engulfing myself in the crowd. I heard Jiyong's anguished screams as he came running for me.


Who is she? Another one of his women? His client? Tears started forming at the corner of my eyes but I try to hold it all in.


I looked back and saw him trying to reach me. I doubled up my pace, sinking into the crowd and hiding myself in the dark. Shrieks and cries were heard as some of the people on the dance floor were thrown out of the way as he continuously chase after me. Oh no.

"BOM!", I yelled. We have to get out of here. I was slightly disoriented since it was really dark on the dance floor if not for the strobe lights. I felt a hand tugged me and he pushed me against the wall. My initial thought was Jiyong, but I was terribly mistaken. Another random guy who had too much to drink.

"Get off me!", I screamed but the loud music swallowed my voice.

I tried to push him but he pinned both my arms on top of my head and positioned his right thigh in between my legs. My eyes widened with fear and I screamed incessantly as he push his thigh up.

Then, he was suddenly yanked away from me and the next thing I know, the guy's face was slammed on the wall. Despite the loud music, I heard something crack and I was again gripped by fear. He was tugged again and was slammed back on the wall for the second time as I covered my mouth. I looked up and saw Jiyong's face shrouded with darkness and chill ran down my spine. He's going to kill the guy, I just knew it.

I immediately threw my arms around his neck and pressed myself against him.

"Take me home, Ji", I murmured directly on his ears.

Fortunately, he lets go of the man and focused his eyes on me.

"You never listen to me", his voice was strained and I felt his chest heaved up and down.

"Let's go", I held his hand and he gripped it firmly.

He started to drag me out of there when I remembered Bom. I pulled him and Jiyong looked at me with wary eyes.

"BOMMIE!", I screamed and scanned the dance floor once again.

"DARA!", I heard her voice and saw her coming towards us. The three of us went outside so we could talk freely. I decided to ride with Jiyong and sternly reminded Bom to text me once she's home. I don't want her partying by herself especially after what I've experienced.

"Don't forget my second wish. Jiyong will do", she whispered while hugging me.

Oh no. This is surely not my night.





credits: MaineChua

We were standing in the living room, his hands shoved inside his pockets while my arms were folded over my chest, glaring at each other. Me with my tiny black dress and him with his suit and tie, we looked like we've sprung out of a TV Drama and was about to deliver some heart-wrenching lines to each other - it might not be far from truth. Kung Pao was between us, curiously glancing left and right with its tiny head. She looked lost and so out of place. I would've laugh if we're on a different situation. But right now, I couldn't even muster a smile.

Jiyong was furious, but so am I.

"You went into a club dressed scantily and you're not wearing undies. What the fck were you thinking?!", he said between gritted teeth, his eyes turning into tiny slits.

"Who was that woman earlier? Don't you need to get back and make sure she's okay?", I shot back.

"This is not about me, Dara!"

"This is not about me, either! I just went clubbing with my friend, what's wrong with that?!"

He shut his eyes firmly and his lips formed one thin line.

"All the guys wanted to get under your skirt! They almost did if I wasn't there!", he yelled and stepped towards me. I remained rooted on my spot and held my chin up.

"Well, they didn't. Now, who was the woman earlier? One of your clients?", I felt a bitter taste on my tongue as I inquired further.

"Woman? Sulli? She's nothing, she works there", he flatly said as he towered over me.

"She works there? She seemed overly familiar with you", I mumbled while trying to even out my breathing. Damn it, why is my chest constricting. Who the hell is Sulli?!

"She's nothing. Don't get too worked up. If I'm concerned about her, I wouldn't be here with you and scolding you for your foolishness", he furrowed his eyebrows and stared at me with dark eyes.

A long pause followed. My anger was ebbing away as I look at his face, concern and worry written all over it.

"I'm really mad, geek. How can you do that? And you even ran away while I was guarding you. I couldn't describe what I felt when I saw that bastard ing you on the wall. I don't want to feel that way again. Just recalling it makes me sick with rage", his jaws clenched and I instinctively reached out for his arms and rubbed them to calm him. He raised his hand and caressed my cheek. I swallowed hard as our eyes lock.

Oh no. I need to get out of his spell, especially now that we're just a few steps away from my bedroom. Or the couch! Good Lord, why are my hormones campaigning against me?!

Say something, Sandara Park!

"Uhm...are you...hungry?", I asked.

"Not for food, no", a playful smile tugged on his lips, probably sensing my discomfort and taking advantage of the situation to tease me again. Jerk!

"Jiyong!", I lightly punched his gut and started walking towards the kitchen to fix us some drinks. He was chuckling as he followed me from behind.

"So, you're still not wearing undies underneath that dress, yes?", I stiffened and stole a glance at him. He was leaning on the kitchen counter while I prepared two cups of tea. I scowled at him and threatened to throw the kettle at his face if he doesn't stop with his teasings.

"Just so you know, I'm not buying your pathetic excuse about your Sulli", I huffed.

"She's not my Sulli. Drop the topic", he sternly said.

Oh, this conversation is not over. I will dig into it again, Kwon Jiyong! But first, I need to do the second wish. I would've just lied to Bom but that girl can sniff a lie within one kilometer radius so I wouldn't risk on it.

"Jiyong, can you please put sugar on our tea", I gave him the cups and he placed it down. He turned around to get some sugar and I sneakily went behind him.

"What are you planning, geek?", I yelped in surprise and covered my mouth. He was calmly stirring our tea, his back still facing me. This guy has spider sense.

"Nothing", I nonchalantly said and stepped forward, acting like I'm thoroughly checking what he's doing. Then, like the Konoha Ninja that I am, I breezily gave him a kiss on the shoulder and quickly turned around while biting my fingernails. Gah! Why am I even scared?

Suddenly, his arms were around my waist, hugging me from behind while laughing.

"What was that for?", he asked in amusement.

"Nothing", I said and tried to peel his arms off me.

"Nothing?", he nuzzled the crook of my neck and I knew he's seducing me to submission! This jerk!

"Alright, alright! I'll talk", I breathlessly said to stop him. Gosh, Jiyong will be the death of me!

I made my way to the living room and placed the cups and saucers on the coffee table in front of the couch. The jerk gingerly sat on the couch and pulled me towards him, making me yelp in surprise.

"Jiyong!", I protested but his arm was tightly holding me by the waist.

"Start talking, geek", he said.

I told him Bom's three wishes which explained a lot actually. I don't want him to think that I have this insane hobby of going to clubs without wearing my undies.

After I told him everything, he was glaring at me furiously like he wanted to snap my neck out of my head. Uh-oh. He's mad.

"So if I didn't show up, you'll kiss just about anyone on the shoulder?", his voice was barely above a whisper.



I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.


"Oh God, don't even start reasoning with me!", he raked his hair with his fingers in frustration and exhaled loudly. I just sat there in silence while watching him.

"You've been very naughty, geek", there was danger in his tone.

"What are you going to do? Spank me?", I rebelliously shot back.

His eyes are scorching as he roamed them all over my body. It's unnerving.

"That sounds like a good idea"

I was rattled. No, I'm mortified!

But...surely he wouldn't want to spank a full-grown woman. And for Pete's sake I'm not wearing anything underneath! Why didn't I go to the bedroom and changed?!

"Come here", he forcefully plopped me across his lap on my stomach and firmly pinned my back with his hand. OH MY GOD! This is not happening!

"JIYONG!", I pushed my hands on the couch and tried to get off him but to no avail! I was lying on my stomach across his lap and heaven knows what he's planning to do on my bare thinly covered by my black dress!

"THIS IS NOT FUNNY, JERK!", I screamed and tried to wiggle free when I felt something hard poking my waist. Noooooo! Destruction is erect! Ottokae!

"Naughty girls deserve a spank on the ", he said in a serious tone and his hand slapped across my . I shrieked, though it was not painful. But it was really humiliating!

"JERK!!", I shrieked and flailed my limbs. He finally let me go and I scampered away from him like a scared rabbit.

I stood and stared at Jiyong with wide eyes. He freaking slapped my ! How dare him?! The jerk doesn't even seem a bit remorseful about what he's done.

"You have the softest ", my jaw dropped as he smirked at me. Curse him!

He stood up and I started backing away.

"Don't come near me!", I warned him.

He took one step forward, still with a mischievous grin. I spun on my freakishly high heels and was about to dash to my bedroom to change my clothes but clumsiness struck! I tripped and to break my fall, I extended my arms and bended my knees. I was crouching on the floor when I heard him gasp.

Oh no. NO..

I slowwwly glanced behind me and what I saw shook my sanity! The fabric of my dress was hiked up.....and my was EXPOSED!!!

Dear God, please take me now...

"Nice ", he exclaimed and bit his lips while eyeing my .

An ear-shattering scream filled the apartment and I didn't realize it was coming from me! THIS IS HUMILIATING!! No, this is beyond humiliating! I WANT TO DIE! I can't live a single day after this!

I don't know how I was able to stand up and straighten my dress. My knees were wobbly so I dare not take another step. I glued my eyes on the floor, wishing for the ground to open up and swallow me whole. My face was incredibly hot and I'm quite certain my cheeks are beet red right now that I could probably light up the entire Seoul.

"Babe", I heard his soothing voice but it will take a lifetime before I can nurse my shattered ego.

Just kill me now, please!

"Babe", he wrapped his arms around me but I remained paralyzed on my spot. Tears formed at the corner of my eyes and I started crying miserably. God, this is embarrassing! Why me?!

"Sshh. Don't cry", he showered me with soft kisses all over my face. He then lifted me up and took me to the bedroom, gently placing me on my bed. He took off my shoes as I buried the side of my face on my pillow.

I heard him fumbling on my drawers and after a while, he sat at the edge of the bed again. I gasped when I felt him lifting my foot and my eyes widened when I saw that he's holding my and trying to put it on me.

"No", I protested and was about to pull my foot but he stopped me with his glare.

"Be still", he commanded, and surprisingly, I complied.

Very slowly, he slid that piece of garment on my legs...up to my thighs. I squirmed when he went higher but he just looked at me with unreadable eyes and without lifting my skirt, he put it on me, his eyes never leaving mine.

It was very intimate, albeit very embarrassing.

"Better now?", he held my gaze and pressed his lips on mine while softly rubbing my thigh, soothing me. An indescribable feeling swelled up in my chest as he pulled back and stared at me. 'You're mine', those words echoed somewhere deep in my mind. My heart began to pound crazily.

Oh no.


Oh no.

"Hold me", I begged as I opened my arms and tears started pouring again. Why the hell am I crying? This is crazy.

Jiyong crawled on top of me and held me tightly, pressing me against his body, almost crushing me with his weight and with his arms but I don't mind. God, I love his smell. I love his warmth.

I love him..

Oh no.

We remained lying on my bed, arms wrapped around each other, breathing each other's scent. My mind just went blank after my scary realization.



"Sleep here", I whispered.

There was a long pause...and I held my breath waiting for his answer.

"Okay, babe"


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