MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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credits: daisuke


I felt something wet and warm on the crook of my neck.

"Ji?", I sleepily called out, knowing that it's him.

"Mhmmm?", he then bit me lightly, nibbling a particular spot on my skin.

"Ahh, Ji...Stop!", I whined and shifted my position to face him.

"Good morning, babe", he huskily said and dipped on my neck once again. Okay, this is so not helping my heart! GAH!

"Jiyong! What are you doin- Ahhhh....", OH MY GOD, did I just moan?!

I immediately pushed him and scampered out of bed. I stood up and faced him.

"No canoodling!", I sternly said while pointing an accusing finger at him.

"'Kay", he lied on his back and placed his arms behind his head. He glanced at me and smirked cockily.

He's being a jerk again!

I marched towards my closet and pulled out some clothes to take a shower. His smile was full of menace as I stormed inside the bathroom. What the hell is wrong with him? When I looked at the bathroom mirror, I gasped in shock. Oh my gosh! My neck! I inspected them closely on my reflection. hickeys?!!

"KWON JIYONG!!!!!!!!", I screamed angrily. His laughter reached the bathroom as I huffed furiously while inspecting the damage that he created. GRRRR!! I have love bites all over my neck! How will I cover these?


"OH MY GOSH! ARE THOSE LOVE BITES?! Let me see! Let me see!", Bom shrieked and tried to peek through the scarf that I wore to cover my neck. I'm ready to disappear from embarrassment with the ruckus that she's causing.

"Bommie!", I hissed and pushed her face away from neck. I then readjusted my scarf to cover my skin and walked hastily towards my office.

"Did you and Jiyong it?", she asked with wide eyes as she ran beside me.

"Of course not! Argh! Why did he have to do this?!"

"He marked you! Possessive, isn't he?", Bom cocked her eyebrows and nudged me.

"That jerk!", I mumbled to myself as we entered the workfloor.

The office is still buzzing as people gossiped excitedly about last night's party. I'm quite certain the productivity of the programmers today is at its lowest, but it's fine. We stopped by the break room to get some coffee and chatted for a while.

"So, what happened to your date when I saw you stalking me?", I asked. Her expression immediately turned grim.

"I will crush his bones once I see him again!", she furiously said. She then started telling me the whole story about the guy who threw her in a dumpster. I was almost in tears as I laughed incessantly at my bestfriend's crazy encounter with that mystery dude. Aigooo, that guy is my hero! He managed to do what I'm itching to do for so many years now!

"Remind me to thank him once I see him", I teased in between chuckles. Bom puffed her cheeks, grabbed my scarf, and pulled it off my neck.

"Bommie!", I screamed in shock. Gahh!! I don't want people to see that jerk's bites! I ran after her as she merrily waved the scarf on her hand. When she turned to a corner, I doubled up my speed and tried to reach her. I was about to turn when I bumped into someone.


"Dara!", Donghae grabbed my shoulders before I toppled on the floor. My eyes widened and my body froze as I stared at him. His eyes landed on my neck. Ottokae! His right hand then reached up and touched my skin, making me hold my breath.

"What are these?", he asked, his grip on my shoulder tightened.

"B-Bug bites", I uncertainly said.

"Interesting bug", there was a tone of defeat in his voice as he released me.

"See you around, Dara", he weakly said and walked away as I followed him with a curious gaze.


ARGH! Can this day be any more humiliating?! I wasn't able to catch my useless bestfriend so aside from Donghae, the entire office saw the hickeys on my neck! They were not buying my pathetic excuse that these are bug bites! Note to self, kill Bom later. And Krystal! Gahhhdd!! That b!tch! When she saw my neck, she practically announced to the whole workfloor that 'Someone has been very naughty last night'. Why is she even alive?! She's just ruining the peaceful ecosystem of this planet.

This is all that jerk's fault! I furiously pulled out my phone and sent a text message to Jiyong.

'I'm so mad at you! Don't you dare show your face to me!'

I then resumed my work and holed myself inside my office so no one will give me those knowing smiles again as they see my neck. I swear, I'm so close to harvesting people's heads because of annoyance! Their smirks are maddening!

I lost track of the time until Minji knocked on my door. I looked at the clock and was surprised to see that office hours is already over.

"Unnie?", Minji's head peeked inside.


She then covered and giggled. I also noticed that some of our officemates are crowding outside.

"Uhm..Unnie..There's someone here to see you", Minji said and coaxed me to step out so I strode towards the door.

"Minji, why ar-"


I gawked at the man standing outside of my office door wearing an upside down brown bag over his head with holes cut out for his eyes, nose and mouth. He looked exactly like those psycho killers in horror movies.

"Hi babe. Office hours is over. I came to pick you up"

"JIYONG?! What...Why...You...", clearly, I'm not making any sense right now as incoherent words kept pouring out of my mouth. I was too flabbergasted with his weirdness that I forgot how to speak.

"You said you're so mad at me that you don't want to see my face", he reasoned out and crossed his arms on his chest while standing proudly, as if that brown bag on his head is but a normal accessory. He was a sight, I tell you.

I stared at him, too dumbfounded to breathe a word. Chuckles filled the workfloor as my officemates watched the two of us. I bit my lips to repress my smile but it's proving to be a big challenge especially when Jiyong - the badass Jiyong with lethal punches who can intimidate thugs with his stare, is standing in front of me with an upside down brown bag covering his face.

"You're so corny!", I whined and covered my mouth with my hands as I giggled. How can he be such a dork?! And yet, not an ounce of his manliness was lost. He's just too damn hot for his own good.

"Is it working?", he asked.

"No", I pursed my lips together and furrowed my eyebrows, pretending to be mad.

"Should I dance?", he asked and without waiting for my reply, he placed his hands on his waist and began moving his hips left and right!

"KYYAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!", all the girls squealed together with me. I lunged at him and clung onto his neck while laughing!

"Don't do that! You're too cute!", I shrieked giddily. I removed the brown bag from his head and wiped the sweat off his face with my hands. We were already causing a scene as my officemates crowded around us instead of going home.

"Am I forgiven?", that boyish grin again! How can I stay mad when he's being this adorable?!

"No", I pouted my lips and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Okay. Dancing again", he said and began swaying his hips again!

"GAAHHH!! Stop it! Your cuteness is mine only!", I wrapped my arms around his body and scowled at the girls nearby who were drooling over Jiyong.

"Yours?", he tilted his head and stared at me in amusement.

"Mine!", I declared, almost growling at my officemates who were shouting 'Share! Share!' a while ago.

Hmph! MINE!


"I heard that half of the assassins were killed during the encounter?", a voice asked over a secured phone.

"Yes boss. The hired assassins who survived are currently hiding. But they will retaliate once everything is settled. They're currently gathering information about the Triads Seoul Chapter"

"The Alliance Leader is making plans on going to Seoul. Prepare everything"



It's Saturday. I'm supposed to be lying around in my apartment and be a lazy . But here I am being miserable in the office, working half-day just to meet our deadline. That's half of my life wasted for doing some productive work instead of...well....doing nothing - which a normal person is supposed to do during Saturdays!

As soon as our team finished the tasks, I've already consumed one-third of my brain, which is the reason why I feel slightly moronic and grumpy right now.

"Dara-yah! We need to talk", Bommie came barging in my office while I was gathering my things, preparing to go home. *groansssss Why does the Marketing Department also have work this morning?

"About what?", I weakly asked.

"About Jiyong and Donghae", she announced and sat on the chair in front of my desk.

"Bom, my head is already messed up as it is. I don't need this right now", I exasperatedly sighed and placed a hand on my forehead while resting my other hand on my hips.

"You've been avoiding the topic since the party. Am I the only one who's freaking out here? Dara, you'll end up regretting everything if you don't make up your mind"

"There's nothing to think about. Jiyong is my rented boyfriend. Donghae is...Donghae is the one I like", I paused and averted my gaze.

"You can't even convince yourself anymore", she folded her arms on her chest and stared intensely at me.


"You should've seen yourself when you look at Jiyong. It was different. I know that you like Donghae but don't you think you just mistook admiration for love?"

"Are you saying I'm in love with Jiyong?", I chuckled bitterly while shaking my head in disbelief.

"That can't happen, Bommie. You know that we're just acting", I added.

"From what I see, you two already crossed the line but are too caught up with your own stupid reasons that's why you won't admit your feelings", she bluntly said. Being in marketing, expect her to always analyze everything in her own peculiar way.

"Bommie, I think you're just taking things way too seriously. Jiyong and I, we're just acting. That's his profession. That's what I paid him to do. Didn't you see how he kept on pushing me towards Donghae? One look at him and you'll know that he's just doing this to fulfill his job as my rented boyfriend", I reasoned, while ignoring the tightening of my chest.

"Maybe. Or maybe you're just not looking hard enough", she sighed and grabbed my bag.

"Gimme money, I forgot to withdraw some cash", she then grabbed some bills from my purse and threw it back unceremoniously inside my bag.

"Tch. You just distracted me with all that creepy talk to loot from me, don't you?", I said.

"I love you, bestfriend", she puffed her cheeks cutely as we slowly walked out of my office to finally go home.


Okay, what the hell...WHAT THE HELL?!

Jiyong was waiting for me outside of our office building....with Kung Pao. He was not craddling Kung Pao like before, no. Just when I thought that he could no longer do anything that will further embarrass me, here he is proving how terribly wrong I was. He figured out a more humiliating way to bring the damn chicken around by tying a leash on its neck like a freaking dog! All I could do is stare at both of them in horror. It looks stupid!

"What is he doing?", Bom asked while giggling.

"Bringing shame to my name", I furiously said.

He was standing there with his arms folded over his chest like there's nothing wrong with putting a leash on a chicken. It's official, he's retarded.

"Hi Jiyong!", Bom merrily waved at him.

"Hello Bom. Hi, babe", he said.

"I don't know you!", I hissed as I covered my face with my bag and dragged Bom with me while walking past him. GAHH! I'm already pissed off at work and here he is adding up to my stress!

Bom wiggled free from my grasp and started backing away.


"Bye Dara! I'm off somewhere!", she winked and ran away, leaving me behind.

"Kung Pao Mommy", Jiyong called out teasingly.

"Jiyong, why did you bring that chicken with you?!"

"We're taking her out for a walk", he simply said as he strode towards me while holding the leash, with Kung Pao loyally trailing behind him.

"Great. So we can both look stupid", I exasperatedly sighed.

"Here. Hold the leash"

I looked at him with disbelief and he just smirked at me. It makes me want to claw his face with my fingernails.

"No way. I'm going home", I started to walk away.

"No. We're taking Kung Pao for a walk", Jiyong sternly said as he followed me.

"I don't want to", I stubbornly declared.

"Kung Pao....attack", Jiyong suddenly dropped the leash and Kung Pao began taking small steps towards me.

"Don't come near me! No, Jiyong! KYAHHH!!!", I squealed loudly while scampering away as the damn chicken run amok on the streets to get my .

"JIYONG!! I GIVE UP!", I screamed. He then scooped the chicken up and wrapped his arm around me.

"Good work, Kung Pao", he said.

"I HATE YOU!", I furiously said. He chuckled and planted a soft kiss on my forehead while rubbing my arm.

"I just want the three of us to have a time together, babe. Who knows if we can do this again", he then placed Kung Pao on the ground, letting her walk while he holds the leash. I, on the other hand, was rooted on my spot as I stared at both of them, his words ringing on my head.

Does he really plan on leaving me when the rent period lapses?



"You", she said in a low voice.

I exhaled audibly and shut my eyes firmly. Please, let her be just a mere optical illusion.

I opened my eyes and...yup, crazy woman is still there. I'm outta here.

"YAH!", she ran towards me and blocked my path. We were on the main street and unfortunately, there's no dumpster in sight because if there is, in goes her .

"You rotten ba$tard! Why did you..."

Yada yada yada, on she goes. I started to walk away but she followed me. My mind has already flown to outerspace and she's still yammering. I rolled my eyes at her and continued walking while deliberately ignoring the surround sound system a.k.a. crazy woman.

"Aren't you even going to apologize for what you did?!", she angrily screamed, catching the attention of the entire neighborhood. Man, she sure got some pipes.

"Look here, Miss Piglet. I'm n-"

"Miss Piglet? MISS PIGLET?!", she gasped in shock, as if I've uttered something illegal.

"Yes. Miss Piglet. You oink oink oink your way in snatching my muffin top so you're Miss Piglet to me. I don't need a pet so stop following me around, arasso?", I scowled at her and walked past her.

"YAH! Come back here! You want to try me? I'm going to kick your !", she blocked my path again, shoved me by the shoulder and assumed what I think is a fighting stance. *Sigh

"Oh come on. If I sneeze at you, you'll fly away to Costa Rica", I pushed her aside and turned to an alleyway. Gahhdd!! She's annoying the out of me. I still have to meet some people to sniff the whereabouts of those damn assassins who tried to put a hole on our heads and I don't want to be behind schedule because of her.

"Don't you dare turn your back at me!"

Okay, this is getting really annoying. Should I just slit ? Too messy. Strangle the life out of her? Boring. Hmmm...

She was continuously screaming her lungs out as I deeply pondered for the best way to obliterate her when something magnificent caught my sight. It was situated in the corner of the alleyway, it was made of steel and painted in green color. A dumpster.

Sensing that I was staring at something, she followed my gaze. gaped open as she slowwwwly looked at me with a mixture of terror and disbelief in her eyes. Our mind waves literally connected as a common understanding of what's going to happen next dawned upon us. Someone is going to be thrown in the dumpster again.

"Come here, Miss Piglet"




Days pass by. Jiyong has been constantly seen in the office as he diligently picks me up. He would sometimes eat lunch with us as well. And being the jerk that he is, he openly teases me in front of my officemates. Not once did I almost combust into a fireball of shame because of his antics. He also has this bizarre ability to pop up beside me when I'm most unprepared. In other words, he became the most annoying person in the world! He's just everywhere.

Another thing I noticed about Jiyong is that he would always stare blankly at nothing in particular and be lost in deep thoughts. Then, he would deeply gaze at me. But whenever I catch him looking, he would bounce back to his noncommittal and uncaring attitude. Well, I've already mentioned before that he's the most unstable guy I've encountered in my entire existence so I just shrug it off.

He's been asking about Donghae quite a lot lately, questioning me if there's any development between the two of us. He's been pushing me towards Donghae whenever we see him and it's getting a bit obvious. Fortunately, Donghae isn't confronting me about Jiyong's weird behaviour.

I never told Jiyong about my little incident in the rooftop with Donghae. I don't know why, but I feel like it's better to keep him in the dark about that. Whenever I tell him that Donghae still acts the same towards me, Jiyong would always assure me that he has a plan, which he won't tell me. I'm actually dreading the moment that he will mobilize whatever his plan is.

Complications. Aigoooo...

I stared at his back as I walk behind him. He was still as cold and uncaring as when I first met him. But other than that, a lot of things has changed between us.

The biggest change would probably be myself. This strange feeling that I have whenever I'm with him is starting to scare me. The purpose of renting him has already been blurry in my mind. I'm getting used to his presence beside me as my 'boyfriend' that I don't know if I'll be the same again once the rent period lapses. The end of this month is nearing, and I'm getting restless and nervous as to how things will turn out. I wanted to talk to him about it, but I always cower at the last minute.

I shook off the disturbing thoughts. Everything is peaceful so far and I don't want to ruin my night by thinking about those things.

"Dara?", I lifted my gaze and saw Jiyong staring at me curiously with outstretched arm, reaching for my hand.

I held out my hand and he grabbed it, interlacing our fingers before he resumed walking. I looked at him and he has a serious expression on his face once again. I smiled inwardly, thinking what a big mystery he really is.

There's a dinner tonight courtesy of the big bosses and all the departments are invited. Our Regional Director asked me to invite Jiyong as a token of gratitude for decorating the venue last Acquaintance Party.

We entered the restaurant and greeted my officemates. I then took the seat beside Bom while Jiyong was on my right. Donghae was seated at Bom's left side. Dinner went on smoothly, although Donghae rarely talks to me since I'm with Jiyong.

Minji engaged Jiyong in a conversation while I stared at him like a puppy. *Sigh. When he shifted his gaze back at me, it was too late to avert my eyes. He let out a soft chuckle and leaned down.

"Can't get enough of me?", he whispered on my ear.

I thought I've perfected the art of ignoring his teasings but I was so wrong. A simple remark from him makes my heart go thump-thump and my mind go KYAHHHH!!. THIS.IS.BAD.

I didn't respond and just focused on my food, silently cursing myself for acting like an idiot.

"By the way, we're going for a weekend getaway next week", he suddenly said. Weekend getaway?

"Dara doesn't know it yet?", Bom asked.

"You know about this?", I looked at her questioningly.

"Yeah. Jiyong invited me and Donghae. We're going to a hot spring resort. He also said he's bringing his friend to join us. What's his name again? TOP?"

"Yes", Jiyong replied and smiled at us.


Is this the plan that he was talking about? I can't begin to tell you how incredibly stupid that plan is. Why would he want us to spend a stupid weekend getaway in a stupid place where we can't do anything but to stupidly dip in the stupid hot springs? Okay, I'm overreacting. I just don't have any fond memories of hot springs. It's an awful place where girls get to show their big s to other girls soaked in the hot spring while I sulk in a corner.

But seriously, this is his plan to help me out with Donghae? Is he going to push me towards him again and create chances for us to be alone?

"I also invited Tiffany", Jiyong suddenly added.

My train of thoughts was cut, and everything went to hell.

Did he just say Tiffany?




"Kung Pao Daddy", Jiyong pointed at himself while talking to our chicken pet.

"Kung Pao Mommy", he then pointed at me.

I remained silent as I sat on the couch. We went straight to my apartment after dinner and I haven't confronted him yet about the issue that's been bugging the out of me - why did he invite Tiffany?! I can't imagine what kind of disaster will unfold in this brilliant plan of his.

He's acting nonchalant about it as always. I pulled my legs up on the couch and hugged my knees while looking at him.

"What's wrong?", he asked without glancing at me as he plays with Kung Pao while sitting on the floor.

I mumbled incoherent words and averted my gaze, really pissed off that he hasn't figured out yet why I'm fuming since the exact millisecond that Tiffany's name was mentioned. Guys are so slow...and insensitive.

"Are you talking in alien language again?"

"No. And it's Elvish language, not alien language", I snarled at him.

"Tomato, tomahto"

"They're different, Captain Sarcasm", I rolled my eyes at him and rested my chin on my knees while still hugging them.

"Is this about Fany?", he asked.

ARGH! That nickname again! Every part of me is screaming in a mixture of pain and disgust whenever I hear it!

"Call her TIFFANY, please. When you call her by the nickname she gave you, I can feel a projectile vomit threatening to lunge out of my throat"

"Jealous, geek?", he chuckled and winked at me.


"What's wrong with inviting her?", he said, obviously unconcerned of the fact that I really hate the girl and can't stand to be within a mile radius near her.

"I really don't like her Jiyong. You see how she flirted with you even if she knew that you're my 'boyfriend'", I complained.

"Just don't mind her. It's not a big deal"

It's not a big deal?! What the hell does he mean by 'It's not a big deal'?! This is more serious than global warming and depleted ozone layer!

"She's as harmless as a puppy", he added.

Oh God. Can you picture it? The puppies are committing suicide one by one. How can he compare pure evil with the angelic puppies?

"Jiyong....Ugh! Whatever! Why did you invite her anyway?"

"She has a big role in my plan. I need an excuse to constantly leave you and Donghae alone and I think Tiffany will do a good job in keeping me occupied. My rent period is nearing the end, this weekend getaway will be your biggest chance"

I felt like a hand gripped my heart. He managed to cram all my worries in a couple of sentences. So, this weekend getaway is to ensure that I'll end up with Donghae after the rent period lapses? And he invited Tiffany so he can leave Donghae and I alone? Damn, Jiyong. You're so confusing.

"Okay...", was all I managed to say. I can feel a lump forming in my throat so I decided to just shut my mouth.

"I'm doing this for you, geek", he muttered without looking at me.

That's it? Isn't he even a bit affected by the thought that we're going to separate at the end of the month? Am I the only one having mixed emotions here? I suppose he's really used to this kind of setting since this is his profession but...but why do I feel like we already stopped acting a long time ago just like what Bommie kept telling me?

"Ji..d-do you really think I should end up with him?"

He lifted his gaze and looked at me squarely in the eyes.

"It doesn't matter what I think", he coldly said, making my chest constrict in an unexplainable pain.

I got up the couch and proceeded to the kitchen to get some water. This is bad. He's making me forget that I'm supposed to be in love with another man.


Dara was spacing out as she stared blankly at the scene outside while sitting on her swivel chair inside her office. Thoughts of Jiyong and Donghae filled her mind to the point that she can't function properly at work.

"Ma'am?", the messenger knocked on her door.

"Come in"

The messenger entered and placed a long-stemmed white rose and a white envelope on her desk. She immediately smiled, thinking it was from Jiyong.

When she opened the envelope and read the letter inside, her smile vanished and was replaced with a frown.


Probably a prank. She disregarded the letter and walked out of her office.


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So love the story ^^
50 streak #2
Missing this ❤
S2nancy 29 streak #3
I’m reading this for the second time because it’s soooo good! Great job!
3shhaaa #4
Chapter 1: Reading this for the second time!!!
Teddycl #5
eve_young #6
Chapter 38: Ah.. glad ive found this one.. it is really worth reading.. its totally packed.. im really inlove with this story.. thank you authornim..
128 streak #7
Chapter 1: im back to reading this again.. <3
50 streak #8
Chapter 34: This chapter never failed to make my heart aches.T.T
50 streak #9
Reading this again. Coz why not! <3 <3
username-not-taken #10
Chapter 37: I finished this in less than 24 hours! I have my phone with me all day!!! This is so good! I'm blessed that the book is already finished by the time I read it. I can't imagine the agony of waiting for an update. I'll probably drink the earth dry to satiate my thirst for this story if I happen to be one of the early readers. Thank you so much