MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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credits: OhItsLai - daragonlai

"Don't make him wait", he gave her a slight push towards Donghae, spun around on his heels, and walked away without glancing back.

GD had to take multiple quick breaths to calm his nerves as he exited the venue. He was surprised at himself for almost losing it back there. He can't understand why it infuriates him knowing that Donghae will have his time with Dara. Donghae is just going to give her a ride home, damn it. He shook his head wearily.

On his way to the parking lot, GD's forehead creased as thoughts of earlier events filled his mind - the ambush that happened during the relocation of the 49ers. Almost half of the assassins were killed as soon as the Tough Five retaliated. Unfortunately, some of the hired guns managed to escape. He needs to get to the bottom of this before the assassins can regroup.

That's right, he needs to sort out his priorities. His duties as a mobster boss comes first. Many lives depend on him.

"Boss", two men from the Dragon Head's unit bowed at him. TOP, Youngbae, Daesung and Seungri immediately came out of their hiding places, thinking that he's in trouble.

"They're our brothers", GD simply said, waving them off.

"Boss, the Dragon Head wants to talk to you. May we you in his car?", one of the men said. GD furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. What is the Dragon Head doing there?

He nodded his head and followed them. A black limousine was opened for him and GD entered the car.

"Uncle", GD bowed at him. They were sitting face to face at the back of the limo.

"Jiyong, we just found out that the new Alliance Leader is the son of the former Alliance Leader. I'm worried for your safety, son. What if he finds out that the current Deputy Mountain Master is the son of the former Dragon Head who killed his father? You have to get out of Seoul", YG said, his eyes full of worry for his only living relative.

"Don't underestimate me, uncle. I won't run away. Besides, those four monkeys outside may look like clowns, but you know how highly capable the five of us are. I'm not an easy target"

YG looked outside and just as he expected, TOP, Youngbae, Daesung, and Seungri were strategically positioned at a near distance, ready for combat. A smile formed on YG's lips recognizing the sons of the former Dragon Head unit - the sons of Choi, Dong, Kang and Lee.

"Jiyong, remember what I told you about the orphanage where you grew up? That it's the cradle of the Triad's orphans? Those four are the orphans of the former Dragon Head unit, the sons of your father's subordinates"

"I haven't told them about my past yet", GD softly said while eyeing his friends.

"I guess you're really destined for this. Tell them what I told you, Jiyong. The five of you were brought together by fate"

"Yes, uncle"

YG then focused his eyes on the acquaintance party venue.

"About Sandara Park...", YG started but was immediately cut off by GD.

"We've talked about this. You already agreed to give me some time to settle things with her before I disappear from her life"

"Do it fast, Jiyong", YG sternly said.

"Just..give me some time"



[ At the Deputy Mountain Master's office.... ]

THE FCKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!

"You're not ting us, are you?", I incredulously asked with bulging eyes, gaping open mouth, exploding brains, the whole shebang. Me?!! The son of a former Dragon Head unit member?! I thought my father is just an ordinary employee just like Jiyong's father whom he said was a Risk Management Consultant?

It turns out the five of us has a fancier history than what I've been rambling about. We're fcking sons of mobsters! And Jiyong is the son of the former Dragon Head! No wonder his father's last will asked him to find the descendant and lead the sworn brothers.

"HOLY CRAP! WE'RE SONS OF BADASS MOBSTERS!", I excitedly bounced on my seat and headlocked Seungri. My energy is all over the place as I high-fived Daesung and Youngbae. We were all ecstatic to learn the truth about our fathers.

When I was about to high-five Jiyong, he just lazily stared at my hands suspended on the air and frowned at the crazy smile plastered on my face.

"You are so boring", I complained and collapsed on the couch. Jiyong massaged his temple and looked at the clock.

"What's the matter, boss?", Youngbae asked.

"Nothing", he replied and looked at the clock again. He's been doing that ever since we arrived here. A knowing smile formed on my lips.

"Worried about Sandara Park with prince charming?", I asked before unleashing a sinister laugh. MWAHAHHAAHAHAHA!!

"No", he vehemently denied.

"You shouldn't have left her at the party. That's no way to treat a girl", I cockily said.

"And you know how to treat a girl? You threw Dara's bestfriend in a dumpster!", Daesung chuckled as I scowled at him.

"Park Bom?", Jiyong asked.

"That woman is CRAZY!", I exclaimed while twirling my forefinger at my head for added effect.

"I'm surprised, hyung. We're supposed to be invisible when tailing Sandara Park. But Park Bom saw your face. Your stalking skill is getting rusty", Daesung said.

"Daddy Youngbaeeee!! Daesung is bullying me!"

"Daesung...", my Daddy Youngbae muttered in a reprimanding tone while inspecting his guns. Hah!

"Amateur stalker", Seungri interjected.



I stuck my tongue out at the two of them.

"I'm beginning to think that I chose the wrong right-hand man", Jiyong seriously said. I gasped disbelievingly and dramatically clutched my chest. Then I marched towards the corner of the room and sat there hugging my knees as I scratch the wall, my back facing all of them. It hurts, you know.



I stared at Donghae who was standing by the function hall door, watching us.

"Don't make him wait..", Jiyong whispered on my ear before giving me a slight push. My eyes widened, reflecting the emotional turmoil inside me.


Why am I not happy with the fairy tale that he made? Why am I hesitant to walk towards Donghae? I turned around to look at Jiyong, who was now striding away from me. I wanted to call his name, but my voice is trapped in my throat. I stared at his retreating back, wondering how many times I've marveled it whenever I walk behind him. My rented boyfriend. Does those words still fit him?

"Dara..", Donghae's voice pulled me out of my trance. He wrapped his arm on my shoulder, pressing me close to him.

"Come on. Let's go inside", he smiled at me and guided me towards the door. I glanced back and Jiyong is already nowhere in sight.

I let out a deep sigh and trudged towards the function hall, my feet getting heavy at each step.


I roamed my eyes at the venue once again, noting how amazing everything is. Then I saw Donghae talking animatedly at some of our officemates. He must've sensed that someone is staring at him and glanced at my direction. He gave me a wave and I waved back, forcing a smile on my face.

When I was dancing with him earlier, I was happy that we were able to do our first dance just like before. We chatted and teased each other. We had a mini-battle of sorts as we debated which actor is best suited for the role of Rurouni Kenshin in the upcoming live-action film of Samurai X. We were having fun. But why does it feel empty?

"I'm sorry", Bom suddenly said. I looked at her questioningly. We were the only ones sitting at the table in the corner so we can freely talk.

"For what?"

"This is all my fault", she buried her face on her palms.

"I'm not really following you", I mumbled even though I knew this has something to do with Jiyong and Donghae.

She sighed and stared directly at me.

"Just remember, I'm always here for you. Arasso?", she reached for my hand and squeezed it.

"I always know you have the hots for me, Bommie", I teased to lighten up her mood.

"Stupid!", she slapped my arm and we both chuckled.

We then both fell into silence as we listened to the music while sipping our drinks.

"Dara....make your decision before it's too late", Bom said, his eyes fixed on Donghae.

My mouth remained shut, ignoring the disturbing feeling that has been bugging me for some time now.


GD collapsed on his bed and stared at the ceiling. His condo is located at the top floor of the Deputy Mountain Master headquarters while TOP, Youngbae, Daesung and Seungri's are located at the floor below his.

So many thoughts are swirling through his mind, but his main concern at the moment is whether Sandara Park is already at home or if she's still with that Donghae dude.

Geek, are you already home?

GD sent the text message and waited for her reply. He sat up and bounced his legs impatiently as he looked at his phone. Nothing. No replies from her. He then dialed her number, cursing at each ring. She didn't pick up.

An angry growl escaped his lips as he stormed out of his room and grabbed the key to his motorcycle.

A few minutes later, GD took off his helmet and frowned at the sight of Donghae's car parked in front of Dara's apartment building. It's already late and he's still in her apartment? And why isn't she replying or picking up his calls?

Multiple scenarios played in his head and none of them is helping him to calm down. Indescribable rage started to build up inside him as he ran towards Dara's place. He knocked on the door and called out her name but nobody answered.

GD furiously pushed the keycode and entered, only to be shocked by the sight of Donghae closing the door to Dara's bedroom. He was frozen on his spot, his heart thundering inside his chest as he glared at him. He felt a stabbing pain as his mind began to draw its own conclusions on why Donghae was inside Dara's room.

"Jiyong", Donghae acknowledged him and met his eyes, unaffected by GD's wrath.

"WHAT THE FCK ARE YOU DOING INSIDE HER ROOM?!", GD yelled angrily and strode towards him. He was about to punch his face when Dara's voice interrupted them.

"Jiyong?", Dara sleepily rubbed her eyes and looked at the both of them. She was still wearing the dress she wore at the party.

"She fell asleep in the car so I carried her", Donghae explained. He gave GD one last look before walking towards the door.

"See you at the office, Dara", he said before leaving.

It took a few seconds before Dara's hazy mind cleared and processed the whole situation.

"Oh my God, were you about to punch Donghae?!", she incredulously asked.

"No. I was about to kill him", he growled.


"Damn it, Dara! I almost had a heart attack when I saw him leaving your bedroom!"

Dara clamped shut at GD's outburst. She doesn't know what to think anymore.

"I thought you want Donghae and I to be together?", her voice was barely above a whisper.

"I...that..Yes. But he still thinks I'm your boyfriend. And that would make him a complete if he..if he..DAMN IT!", GD punched the wall to release his frustration.

"If he what? If he touches me? If he sleeps with m-"

Before she could even finish, GD was already at the door, leaving her with so many questions that will probably keep her awake for the rest of the night.


After finishing her nightly routines and slipping in her PJs, Dara crawled on top of her bed and lied on her side, her back facing the door. Her chest feels really heavy when GD stormed out like that. His actions are so conflicting that she doesn't know what to make of it anymore. Actually, it's not just Jiyong. She's confused at her own emotions as well. But she's been deliberately shoving it off her head, not wanting to entertain any thoughts that will surely hurt her in the end.

Admittedly, GD has a huge effect on her. But the fact that she's paying him to act, that she's her rented boyfriend, always force her to take a step back and protect herself.

"Ugh!", Dara placed the pillow over her head and tried to shut down her wandering mind.

When she heard her door open, Dara didn't even flinch and remained on her position. She knew who it was even without looking.

GD took off his shirt and climbed on the bed. He then hugged Dara from behind and kissed her nape, making her shudder.

"Let's not fight tonight, please", he hoarsely said and pulled the pillow covering Dara's face. Dara glanced back momentarily but didn't speak. He held her tightly, rubbing her arms and kissing the back of her neck while they were enveloped with silence except for their heavy breathing.

GD then pushed himself up on all fours and hovered above her, nuzzling her cheeks with his nose, coaxing her to look at him. When she finally did, she was shocked at the flurry of emotions mirrored in his eyes - the eyes that are usually cold and stoic.

"J-Jiyong, what's wrong?"

"I don't know...", GD leaned down and rested his forehead against hers.

"You're driving me crazy, Dara", he muttered between gritted teeth as he shut his eyes, breathing her scent.

She cupped his face and gently d it, letting him feel her presence and trying to ease him of whatever's bothering him. He then settled beside her again, her back still facing GD. He wrapped his arms around her from behind and trapped her in a warm embrace, cuddling her firmly, wanting to feel her.

"Let me just hold you tonight. Tomorrow, I promise to be the same jerk you hate", he softly whispered.

Dara placed her hands on top of GD's arms and bit her lips. Their hearts are beating wildly as their bodies pressed close together, both of them wondering why it feels so right.


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I hope Bom talk some sense into Dara. She loves Jiyong already. She knows it, deep inside. She's just scared because of their situation. She thinks Jiyong is doing all this because it's his job. Admitting to herself that she loves him would leave her vulnerable and open to pain. Jiyong, on the other hand, is still battling on his feelings. He's thinking of what is best for Dara so he tries so hard not to admit what he really feels. *sigh* This is just so sad... I hope they tell each other already! ;______;

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this is so sweet and romantic in so many levels! three words that i cant stop saying : OH MY GOSH! this is my most favorite chapter of all time . it takes one word to describe this wonderful chapter and thats BITTERSWEET.

Sweet because of the reason jiyong and dara seems to have already fallen in love and just cant seem to get tired of one another. sweet because of all the preparations jiyong had done for dara's fairytale even if it means he isnt prince charming. sweet for the reason that dara left donghae just to have this sweet memorable moment with jiyong. sweet because dara cant stand the thought of jiyong not being their. sweet because jiyong also cant stand the idea that in one month donghae will be devouring dara's lip (that i know would never happen)

bitter because in the end they have to go on their own separate ways ,that would cause them both heart aches and tears. bitter because no matter what happens the odds are against them, bitter because they still cant accept the feelings they have for another. bitter because jiyong's duties is against to his happiness . bitter because donghae just cant get a clue and just move on.

omo....i cant wait for the next chapter!! i just hope they get their heads hit on a wall so they would finally realize what's missing in their lives.

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