MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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"Boss! You're already late!", TOP yelled.

"Damn it", GD threw the new mags at TOP and he immediately reloaded his gun. They were hiding behind the van that was flipped over as they exchaged fire with the hired killers. There were scratches all over their arms and faces and the situation is not very favorable to them.

The Red Pole Unit and the Deputy Mountain Master Unit were on the process of picking up the 49ers (ordinary Triad members) and transporting them to a safe location when they were ambushed by the assassins. They were in a deserted road and the hired guns were on a high ground, making it very difficult for GD and the rest. They were practically sitting ducks.

GD looked at his watch and growled in anger. He's late for Dara's party. He can already picture Dara pouting and throwing a fit. A soft smile broke on his lips, making TOP frown in confusion.

"Let's finish this. I can already hear the geek cursing me", GD said.



<*breathe in, breathe out>

WHERE IS HE??!!!!!!!!!

I looked at the door once again hoping to see him. The venue is already filled and the event is starting. Panic is already enveloping my body as I give a lopsided smile to my officemates asking about my date.

I sent another text message, probably my 20th message to him. That and 47 missed calls. I've been trying to contact him but failed. I don't know if he's still in the planet because I can't freaking reach him!

Where are you, jerk!, I thought while biting my fingernails. My eyebrows are mashed together as I darted my eyes towards the door for a millionth time.

I want to pounce him into a thousand little Jiyong pieces!! ARGH!

Although I was deeply touched that he decorated the venue for me, I will murder him if he doesn't show up!

"Soooo....where is he?", Krystal's voice mercilessly pierced through my consciousness.

GREAT. Just what I need - a b!tch to ruin my already ruined night.

"Quit it, Krystal", I hissed. One more word, I swear I'm gonna pull her hair! She must've sensed that I will scoop her eyes out if she doesn't shut up so she just twitched her lips and walked away.

I went inside the ladies room and washed my hands. I then looked at my reflection on the mirror. I was wearing an all-black outfit and let my hair hang loose. I even applied a bit of make-up. I prepared for this night. But he's not here.

Why are you doing this, Sandara Park?, I asked myself. Why indeed. I don't even know anymore.


I glanced at the door and saw Bom who was looking intently at me.

"I look pathetic, don't I?", I meekly asked.

Bom sighed, strode towards me and...

"OUCHHH!! BOMMIE!!", I shrieked as I nursed my aching head.

"Don't go melodramatic on me Park. It makes me wanna puke", she said. GAHD!! Here I am being serious and instead of comforting me, she clobbered my head?! I seriously need to consider finding another bestfriend.

"Bommie-ah, I think I made a wrong decision. I shouldn't have made up this lie"

"What's done is done. Just enjoy the party. Don't let Krystal get on your nerves. Jiyong even exerted extra effort to set up the whole place. Have you taken a good look at the venue, Dara? I'm actually beginning to root for Jiyong!", she animatedly said. But I know she's just trying to ease my tension.

Bom pulled my hand and we both entered the hall. The event is already starting and there is still no Jiyong.

I went around, greeted some people, chatted here and there. I've managed to dodge the questions concerning my so-called boyfriend. I didn't know that the news that I'm going to bring my boyfriend to this event and that he's the one who's responsible for beautifying the venue will spread like wildfire. It even reached the higher-ups. Now, everybody is expecting to meet him. Ottokae!

"Unnie, where is he? Is he here already?", Minji asked in a loud voice. I cower in fear as the crowd's attention gathered on us. Eekkk, Minji-ah!!!! zz-num-26.gif

"Uhm, he's on his way", I answered uncertainly.

"Oh, the young man who sent the flowers to the wrong floor?", our Regional Director asked. Help!

"Y-Yes sir", I replied while stuttering.

Fck! JIYONG!!! Where the effing hell are you?!!

"So, we'll finally be able to meet him. I should thank him for decorating our party location", he continued. I was already sweating profusely.

"He sure is late", a triumphant smile can be seen on Krystal's abominable face. KRYSTAL! I should've killed her when I had the chance! GRRR!!

"He's on his way", I muttered while murdering her with my stare.

Bom joined our little circle and changed the topic, saving me from further questioning. I sulked beside her and heaved a deep sigh.

He's not coming...

I chugged my drink and squirmed at the bitter taste of alcohol.



I bit my lips and stared at the door again, scanning the faces of the people who are entering. Everytime someone steps in, my heart would jump a little. Only to be crushed when I find out it's not Jiyong.

"Dara...", Donghae gently looked at me and scanned my face.

"Are you alright?", he asked.

I nodded my head and smiled at him assuringly.

"If you need anything, I'm just here", he placed his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it.

"I'm fine. I'm not a muggle, remember?", I joked, earning a soft laugh from him.

"No, you're not. But you're not a wizard either"

I frowned at him, not really getting what he said.

"You're a goddess", he continued and pinched my cheeks.

I felt a bit better as I chatted with Donghae, but I still constantly glance at the entrance for any signs of Jiyong. When Donghae was called out by one of our officemates and he finally left me, I was back to staring at the door, praying that he'll show up.

Disappointment hit me and I can feel my heart sinking at each passing minute. My lips started quivering as I fight back the tears that are threatening to flow. I can't believe Jiyong stood me up. I can't believe he's doing this to me.

I dialed his number and listened to the rings at the other line while my eyes are still glued at the door. I thought he's not going to answer my call but he finally did. As soon as Jiyong picked up, the venue door opened. My breath was stuck on my throat and I think my heart stopped as Jiyong strode coolly with his phone pressed on his ears. I know that he looks good in suit and tie but tonight, he especially looks hotter. His confident walk, proud air and stunning presence grabbed the attention of the people within the vicinity. Murmurs filled the hall as everyone focused at Jiyong. Girls were gushing excitedly while pointing at his direction and I can't help but feel proud.

My boyfriend..

"You're late", I weakly whispered over the phone as I looked at him.

He didn't even respond and continued walking towards me.

"I thought you're not going to show up. I was scared", my voice trembled a bit and my eyes became misty.

"I'm here now, babe", he softly said as he stood in front of me and gently d my face. Everybody was watching us as Jiyong leaned over and kissed me on the lips. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Bom jumping wildly with Minji.

"Jerk", I mumbled.

"Ready, geek?", his boyish grin made my heart race.

I beamed at him as he entwined his hand with mine, our couple rings glistening on our fingers. My officemates gathered around us and the act began.


"Unnie, you two look good together!"

"Thank you for decorating the venue, Jiyong-ssi"

"You even have couple rings, unnie! I'm so envious!"

"When is the wedding?!!!"

"GAAHH!! Unnie!! Does he have a brother?!"

OH MY GAHHDD!! This is tiring! I had to smile at every comments thrown at us, ranging from cute to utterly ridiculous ones. I clung onto Jiyong's arms as we mingled around. Not once did I pinch his side for teasing me in front of my officemates. The jerk is also enjoying every humiliating things that are being revealed about me.

Most of the girls are looking at Jiyong like he's the best human they've ever laid eyes on. My assassination list is increasing whenever someone openly flirts at him. The nerve of these girls!

I was busy scowling at the flock of Jiyong's fangirls crowding around us when I heard his laugh.

"What's so funny?", I snarled at him.


I furrowed my eyebrows and he chuckled again.

"Don't be jealous, babe", he whispered.

"I'm NOT jealous!", I exclaimed and elbowed him.

"You're so cute when you're jealous"

"Jiyong!", I hissed.

"Stop frowning. This is your night"

"Stop flirting! Argh! I'm going to punish you later", I blurted out before I could stop my mouth. He was smiling from ear to ear as he stared at me.

"That sounds so y"

Thank God I've already finished drinking my wine, or I would've spat it on his face.


After introducing him to my officemates, Bom practically dragged us both to sit at a corner table where no one is sitting. I'm pretty sure she's itching to interrogate Jiyong and I can't help but get embarrassed at how he was openly gawking at him, following his every movement with her gaze like he's some mythical being.

"Bommie", I hissed and kicked her foot under the table but she didn't stop. She tilted her head in awe and continuously stared at him with round eyes.

"Don't mind her Jiyong, she was raised by puppies", I furiously said without taking my eyes off her.

Jiyong smiled patiently at my bestfriend.

"So, you're Dara's bestfriend"

"Yeah. And I know everything", she whispered connivingly.

"Oh", Jiyong glanced at me questioningly and I leaned over his ears.

"She also knew about our setup. This is all her idea, actually", I whispered. When I drew back, Bommie was beaming at me like a proud mother hen. Her giddiness level is skyrocketing at the sight of me being this close to a guy.

"I see", Jiyong said and rested his arm at the back of my chair, his fingers gently rubbing my exposed shoulder.

"Oh my gosh! Can you two kiss in front of me? I want to see it!", Bom gushed excitedly and I can almost feel my cheeks burning as I stared at her in shock.

Jiyong chuckled while I tried to flame my stupid bestfriend with my glare.

"What? Let me enjoy seeing you two even if it's an act!", she blurted out.

"Bommie, please stop embarrassing me!"

"It's okay, babe", he said and pinched my cheeks.

"KYAAHH!!!", Bom cupped her face and swayed her body left and right. With her giddiness beyond the acceptable threshold, something terrible is bound to happen. She might spout some nonsense that would surely make me want to wish for my immediate death because of embarrassment.

'Stop it', I mouthed but she just stuck her tongue out at me.

I'm so gonna kill her later, I swear I will!

"Jiyong, can you kiss her?", Bom cheekily smiled at him as I audibly gasped at her blunt request. I knew this will happen!

"PARK BOM!", I angrily muttered and widened my eyes at her. I want to smash her skull on the wall right now. How could she do this to me?!

"Oh, come onnnnn! Our officemates are still watching you two! Put on a show!", she added enthusiastically.

"Sure", Jiyong said, making my stupid bestfriend squeal in delight.

"Yah, jerk. Don't you dare!", I warned him as he slowly closed the gap between our faces, his arms snaking around my waist. I was gradually leaning back to avoid the kiss as I stared at his playful eyes.

"What's the matter, geek? It's not as if this is going to be the first time", he smirked and my gaze automatically darted at his lips. Damn it, damn it, damn it!

I swallowed hard and I'm almost certain my face is already in the deepest shade of red. I could already feel his warm breath fanning my face.

"Fine", I weakly said as I rested my hands on his shoulder and leaned forward to meet his lips. I felt him smile as I gave him a peck, producing a soft smooch sound. Hearing that sound and feeling his soft, wet lips against mine, I smiled at him and we gave each other another quick kiss.

"OH MY GOD!!!", Bom shrieked and dramatically clutched her chest.

"I'm going to die! Don't stop me! I'M GOING TO FREAKING DIE!", said the drama queen.

I facepalmed myself while Jiyong laughed heartily.

"Your bestfriend is dying", he exclaimed in amusement.

"Oh please, let her die", I groaned and buried my face again on my palms.


"Mind if we join you?", Minji and Donghae sat on our table, with Donghae occupying the seat at my left side. I stiffened a bit but Jiyong held my hand and squeezed it, helping me relax.

Donghae nodded at Jiyong and Jiyong did the same. Both of them have serious expressions on their faces.

"Why were you late, Jiyong? Dara was terribly upset a while ago", Donghae remarked. All heads bolted towards Donghae since it's our first time to hear him speak like that. I shifted uncomfortably on my seat and was about to respond but Jiyong beat me to it.

"Were you, babe? I'm sorry I was..caught up with something", he glanced at me, his expression unreadable but his grip on my hand tightened a bit.

"Oh, it's okay. Ha ha ha", I laughed awkwardly while sending signals to Bom for reinforcement. This is getting awkward!

"ALRIGHT!", Bom clapped her hands gaining everyone's attention.

"I'm starving. Let's go get our food, shall we?", she chirped. Thank heavens for my bestfriend!

After getting our food, we went back to our seat and chatted as we eat. Bom and Minji were doing most of the talking. Donghae, on the other hand, is unusually quiet.

"Hey, what's wrong?", I placed my hand on Donghae's arm and he almost jerked back with my touch.

"Nothing. I'm fine", he smiled. He then glanced at my hand resting on his arm, and at my finger where I'm wearing the ring. I immediately pulled back and hid my hand on my side, clenching my fist. Our eyes locked and we both averted our gazes. As I did so, my eyes landed on Jiyong who was drinking his wine while deeply staring at me. I bit my lips and bowed my head, my heart thumping nervously for some unknown reason.

I stole a glance at Jiyong and he's still looking intensely at me. To calm my nerves, I hastily grabbed my glass on the table but clumsiness kicked in and I almost poured the drink all over me if not for the two hands that quickly steadied my grasp. Jiyong and Donghae were both holding my hand and all I can do is watch the two of them as they seemingly gauge each other. Minji and Bom stopped chatting as they curiously looked at the scene that we were causing.

I cleared my throat and the two of them let go of my hand. I carefully sipped the wine while darting my eyes between the two of them. Crap, I knew this would be awkward!

Jiyong heaved a deep sigh and spoke.

"Donghae", he called out. My ears perked up and I'm instantly on high alert. Who knows what kind of kung fu he might unleash.

"Can you take Dara home later?", Jiyong continued. I whipped my head sidewards in a snap, dumbfounded by what he just requested. Just a while ago, he was drilling holes at Donghae's skull with his death glare. Now, he wants Donghae to take me home? Is this what he meant when he said he's going to help me out with Donghae?

"S-Sure", Donghae furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

"Thanks. I won't be able to stay that long that's why I asked. And Dara wanted to finish the party, right babe?", Jiyong nudged me discreetly and I just nodded in response, unable to find my tongue.

I didn't realize he's serious about what he said.


Donghae and Minji excused themselves and went to chat with their other officemates. As soon as they left, Dara immediately turned to GD and questioned him, completely ignoring Bom's presence.

"I was caught off guard back there. Why did you ask Donghae to take me home later?"

"I told you I'll help you out with him", GD replied with a deadpan expression.


"But what? Isn't that why I'm here for?", he frowned at her.

"I..uh..Okay..Thanks", Dara weakly said, obviously lost for words. Bom furrowed her eyebrows as she watched the two. 'This is...odd', she thought.

"I'm glad you're doing your end of the bargain, Jiyong", Bom smiled at him and raised her glass for a toast.

"I'm a professional", GD clicked his glass against hers while Dara fiddled with her fingers on her lap, her head hanging low. Now that their plan is in motion, now that Jiyong is accomplishing what he was rented for, she doesn't know what to feel about it.

As Bom was drinking her wine, she was carefully studying Dara as well as Jiyong - noting Dara's troubled expression as opposed to Jiyong who was devoid of emotion. She then looked at the group of guys who was about to pass by their table and an idea entered her mind.

"Oh, there's a small spider on your thigh Dara", Bom said while leaning forward, knowing full well how terrified Dara is with spiders.

"Oh my God! Where? WHERE?!", Dara shrieked in panic while spreading her legs and hiking up her skirt. The group of guys stopped and stared, gawking at her creamy thighs. They were nudging each other and smirking as they marveled at the surprise eye candy. Some of them even whistled. GD's jaws clenched and his eyes instantly turned into tiny slits.

"Fck! SANDARA PARK!", GD furiously pulled down her skirt and closed her legs. He then stood up, his chair making a noise as he slightly kicked it aside, and was about to walk towards the group who were all stepping backwards, cowering at the sight of GD's angry face. He suddenly stopped on his tracks when he heard Dara's shrieks again.

"Bom, where's the spider?!!", Dara was frantically slapping her inner thighs, unmindful if she was almost exposing herself.

"SH!T! DARA!", GD pulled down her skirt again and grabbed her wrists. He then glared at the group of guys who quickly scampered away.

"Where's the spider?! I have to get it out!", she was almost pleading as she tried to wiggle free from his grasp.

"There's no spider! You're fcking killing me!", GD was breathing heavily as he firmly spoke each word, his intense glare shutting her up. She nodded meekly and he slowly released her wrists.

"Close your legs!", he instructed and Dara quietly complied.

"FCK!", he muttered under gritted teeth and roamed his eyes around.

"Where the hell are those ed ba$tards?", he dangerously said and was about to stand up but Dara hastily wrapped her arms around him. Bom smiled knowingly and quietly slipped away, leaving the two behind.

"Don't be mad anymore", Dara pleaded while resting her chin on his shoulder. GD averted his gaze and sighed heavily, still furious at Dara for being so careless of her body and at the group of as$holes who took advantage of the situation and openly stared at her thighs. Recalling what happened, his blood boil once again.

"Let me go, Dara. I will teach those as$holes a lesson", his voice was tight with anger.

"Jiyonngggggg", Dara tightened her hug and pouted, trying to appease the raging dragon. GD glanced sidewards and his eyes landed on her pouting lips, making him sigh in defeat. He then leaned down and stole a kiss.

"Hey!", Dara immediately pulled away and frowned at him. He just smiled slyly at her.

"What?", he innocently asked, his anger slowly ebbing away because of her cuteness.

"You're always kissing me!", she complained and crossed her arms over her chest.

"So?", he leaned forward and gave her another quick peck on the lips.

"YAH! I thought you won't take advantage of me?!"

"I said I won't canoodle you", GD pressed his lips once again against hers.

"Jiyong!", Dara whined and pouted her lips. GD pulled back and smiled at her reaction. She's really funny when she does that. But when the sweet music started playing, his smile slowly faded and he stared solemnly at her.

"I especially made this fairy tale setting for you, Dara. This is your night", he gently d her cheeks, his eyes never leaving hers.

"Enjoy it with prince charming", he finally said before standing up and walking away.

Dara was about to follow him when her eyes caught Donghae who was striding towards her. He was smiling - the same smile that makes her heart flutter since the first day she laid eyes on him.

"May I have this dance, my lady?", he dipped down while offering his hand. She can't help but laugh at his gesture, which he always does for their traditional first dance on the Annual Acquaintance Party.

"Certainly, my lord", she replied as she reached for his hand.

As they were walking towards the dance floor, Dara roamed her eyes on the venue noting the red roses ornamenting the place as well as the red fabrics draped artistically all over the wall and the ceiling. It is indeed a fairy tale setting just like what GD told her.

She felt like a princess, with her prince standing beside her. But, why doesn't it feel right? Why is her eyes searching for Jiyong...the jerk...her knight.

'Is this what I really want?', she asked herself.


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GD sat at the bar set up on the corner of the function hall. He was looking at Donghae and Dara dancing in the middle of the dance floor. Her arms were entwined around his neck while his arms were wrapped on her waist. GD gulped down his drink, his face devoid of emotions once again.

"I see what you did there, Jiyong", Bom sat at the high chair beside GD. His expression remained impassive.

"So, you're giving those two some 'alone time' together, huh?", she continued.

"She likes Donghae and I'm trying to play our cards right so she can end up with him. That's the main reason why I was rented in the first place"

Silence passed between them as they watched the subject of their conversation dancing and giggling with her 'prince'. GD's eyes were permanently glued on Dara as she swayed with the music, with a guy's arms trapping her body - the sight of which doesn't rest well with him at all.

His heart raced a bit and he unconsciously stood up and took a step forward when he saw Donghae leaning down. GD was holding his breath as Donghae's face hovered a few inches above her, battling with himself whether he should storm there and yank Dara away from him or simply kill Donghae with the poisoned needles he has tucked inside his suit. He was only able to exhale in relief once Donghae pulled back after whispering something to Dara.

"Damn it", he exclaimed, mentally cursing himself for losing his head. It seems to happen a lot recently.

Bom scrutinized his every action, her eyes darting between GD and the two figures on the dance floor.

"You still have one month to put on a show, Jiyong. Are you sure you'll be able to carry it out until the rent period lapses?", Bom asked.

"Absolutely", he answered.

"Are you in love with her?"

GD's head bolted at her. After gaining composure, he smiled in amusement and chuckled.

"You sounded like someone I know", he said, remembering TOP.

"That didn't answer my question"

"No. I'm not in love with her", he replied in a flat tone.

"I thought you were because you seem to enjoy kissing her...a lot", Bom mumbled.

"I enjoy kissing women in general", he looked blankly at her, not really liking the topic that Bom started.

"Okay. Just bear in mind that her lips would be for Donghae a month after", she cocked her eyebrows.

He clenched his fist and averted his gaze.

'Her lips would be for Donghae a month after', the words kept ringing on his head, making it hard for him to breathe. GD's eyes became unfocused at the thought of Donghae claiming Dara's lips. He felt suffocated.

He abruptly stood up and slammed his glass on the bar.

"Please tell Dara I already went ahead. I don't want to disturb them", he briskly walked towards the door and left Bom behind.


As soon as GD exited the function hall, he ran his fingers through his hair and let out a heavy sigh.

'One month. One month before I disappear from her life', he told himself. He felt like he's starting a countdown for his own death.

He took a few steps to get away from there but his feet came to a halt when he heard her voice.

"Jiyong!", Dara called out, pushing the door of the function hall.

GD turned around and gave her a lopsided smile, successfully hiding the storm inside him.

"You miss me already?", he teased.

"You're leaving without even saying goodbye", she complained as she stood on her spot with her hands on her hips.

He just looked at her, his heart clenching at the thought that one month from now, he wouldn't be seeing that annoyed expression on her face. He wouldn't be able to bully her and laugh at her futile attempt to intimidate him. He wouldn't be able to hold kiss her. He still has one month, but time slips away instantly. Still, he has to abide by the Dragon Head's request, for that is the right thing to do.

"Come here", he said and spread his arms.

Dara smiled and merrily ran towards him, entrapping him in an embrace. The music emanating from the function hall surrounded them since the door was left open. A feeling of contentment enveloped both of them as their bodies pressed against each other, their eyes shut close while wearing a stupid smile on their faces. GD squeezed her tighter, almost crushing her tiny frame, but Dara doesn't mind. Nothing matters, just the two of them. They didn't even pay attention to Bom who was hiding by the pillar, witnessing the whole thing. Or to Dara's officemates who were passing by and giggling at their little public display. GD didn't even care about one of the Dragon Head's men lurking in a corner.

"There, goodbye", GD said and abruptly pulled away while smirking playfully.

"Jerk", Dara pouted her lips in annoyance.

He gave out a short laugh, which died down as he stared intently at her, noting how amazing she looks. Her eyes, her nose, her smile...every inch of her is captivating.

"Will the princess dance with a mere knight?", he suddenly asked and held out his hand.

She smiled broadly and didn't even accept his hand as she lunged towards him again, wrapping her arms around his neck and burying his face on his chest. GD entwined his arms around her waist and began slowly moving to the music. Everything faded in the background as they drifted in their own world, thoroughly enjoying the comfortable warmth of each other....wishing that the music will never end.

Dara can't help but think that her body fits perfectly with Jiyong's embrace as she listened to his heartbeat, noting how loud it is. She then ran her finger on the couple ring that she's wearing and smiled as she felt the cold metal on her skin.



"Thank you"

She felt him heave a deep sigh as his chest went up and down.

As they listened to the song, they can't help but smile at how cheesy the lyrics are. Dara lifted her gaze and met GD's eyes. She then playfully sang along with the last lines.

"But when we touch.. I realize...", she nodded her head, urging him to sing along.

"...that I found my place in heaven by your side", they both whispered and chuckled. He nuzzled her nose with his and smiled at her, which eventually faded when Bom's words echoed in his mind.

'Her lips would be for Donghae a month after'

His face turned grim in an instant. Before Dara could step back to put a distance between their bodies, GD roughly pulled her again towards him.


He brushed his lips lightly at the corner of , stopping her from uttering another word. He drew back and stared at her dazed eyes before bringing his lips down to hers. The kiss was soft and gentle, yet it has a huge impact on Dara. Her heart was pounding hard....harder than it has been beating for her entire life.

A sigh escaped both of their lips afterwards. Their gazes locked as Dara gently d GD's face.

"Dara...", there was helplessness in his voice, making her chest constrict. She's not used to seeing him so...lost. But he quickly regained his head and his expression turned blank in an instant upon seeing Donghae standing at the function hall door.

GD held Dara's shoulders and turned her around, her back facing him. He then leaned down and whispered on her ear.

"Don't make him wait", he gave her a slight push towards Donghae, spun around on his heels, and walked away without glancing back.


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So love the story ^^
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Missing this ❤
S2nancy 29 streak #3
I’m reading this for the second time because it’s soooo good! Great job!
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Chapter 1: Reading this for the second time!!!
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Chapter 38: Ah.. glad ive found this one.. it is really worth reading.. its totally packed.. im really inlove with this story.. thank you authornim..
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Chapter 1: im back to reading this again.. <3
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Chapter 34: This chapter never failed to make my heart aches.T.T
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Reading this again. Coz why not! <3 <3
username-not-taken #10
Chapter 37: I finished this in less than 24 hours! I have my phone with me all day!!! This is so good! I'm blessed that the book is already finished by the time I read it. I can't imagine the agony of waiting for an update. I'll probably drink the earth dry to satiate my thirst for this story if I happen to be one of the early readers. Thank you so much