MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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Note: The information below about the Triad Organizational Structure came from

The Triad Society is an underground organization that originated in China. It is an intricate web of Chinese criminal organizations that are scattered all over the globe.


The leader of the Triad is known as the Mountain Master, famously known as the Dragon Head. No one knew his whereabouts. No one knew who he really is except for a select few.

Below the Mountain Master are the Deputy Mountain Master (Deputy), Vanguard (Operations Officer) and the Incense Master (Ceremonies Officer).

Being the Deputy Mountain Master, GD is highly regarded by the other ranks since his position is just below the Dragon Head. In fact, all ranks treat him as the next Dragon Head.

It has only been 3 years since GD and his gang joined the Triad and they managed to climb up to higher ranks in a way that have deemed them as a legend. No one, in the history of their organization, has achieved what he has done. Each of the Triad units owed him a lot since his wit, leadership and his fighting skills have saved them multiple times.

The name G-Dragon is widely known even among the different underground organizations. He can wipe off a whole troop of enemies by himself and he has proven this a lot of times. When GD was still a Red Pole (Enforcer) overseeing the defensive and offensive operations, he is the one being sent to settle the clash among the Triad, Italian Mafia and Japanese Yakuza. He has earned the respect of these 3 most feared organizations.

The Straw Sandal (Liaison Officer) who serves as the liaison between the Triad units sat in front of GD after he and his men bowed down. His entourage stood at a near distance.

"You seem to be in a good mood", he started as he handed GD an envelope with a red seal.

"I just had the most amusing day", GD replied while scrutinizing the envelope. Judging from the seal, he can tell that the message came from the newly appointed Red Pole (Enforcer). His forehead creased and gave the Straw Sandal a questioning look.

"Yes, that's from the Red Pole. His unit seems to be having a hard time suppressing the resistance from the organized gangs. Plus the bureaus are already hot on their tails so they need your help...again", the Straw Sandal explained as if reading GD's mind.

GD tore the envelope and read what's inside. A smile crept on his face after reading. The liaison officer then placed a small bowl on the table and lifted its cover, revealing the pungent solution inside. GD placed the letter and envelope inside the bowl, making sure it's fully submerged. It's now up to the Straw Sandal to properly dispose it.


"We almost blew Sandara Park's head back there.", TOP sat at the couch and loosened his tie. Youngbae did the same.

They were at the Deputy Mountain Master's unit headquarters, inside GD's office which is lined by glass walls enabling them to have a bird's view of Seoul. GD was quietly standing with his back facing both TOP and Youngbae.

"Yeah, she suddenly sat in front of you. We thought you pissed someone off again and they sent an innocent looking girl to finish you off.", Youngbae examined his boss as he turned around and faced them.

"It would've if you did. I won't have my share of fun. It's getting boring lately", GD's eyes grew dark as memories from the past were remembered. Youngbae and TOP both sighed simultaneously as they stared at GD.

"Boss, are you really serious in doing that 'Boyfriend' bullsh!t? I thought you were just drunk when you agreed. And besides, this is not the right time for this crap.", TOP said with frustration.

"Hyung, you can drop the formalities since it's just the three of us. You too, Youngbae", GD instructed.

"Okay, I'll talk comfortably Jiyong. I think you're insane. There, I said it.", TOP rolled his eyes and shook his head.

"Jiyong, you know this is nothing but trouble. Why don't you just leave her alone.", Youngbae pleaded. He knew the poor girl's life will be in shambles just by associating herself with GD.

"I told you it's getting boring lately. Besides, it will just be for a brief period of time. I will disappear once that period lapses", GD countered as he turned his back at them again to look at the sky which is now turning red because of the sunset.

"So you agreed on that..that..whatever the hell that contract thing is because you're bored?", TOP asked incredulously. He can't understand how the man feared by a thousand mobsters can come up with such a moronic plan.

"I'm just going to play with her a little, I'm not going to hurt her. Besides, this whole situation is..interesting. An office lady hiring a mobster boss to pose as her boyfriend? Sounds fun, right?", GD stared at the sky as he crossed his arms across his chest. His life has been nothing but sh!t since his parents died. All his life, he is always thinking of one thing - SURVIVAL. What the heck is the problem if he plays with this sweet innocent office lady for a brief period of time? He's entitled to have fun once in a while, right? Sheez.

"Play? That's what are for!", TOP complained while GD grimaced.

"They're no fun"

"We're not living in some kind of drama, Jiyong. We are already as good as dead the moment we entered the Triad. Please remember why we're here. It's really not the right time", Youngbae pulled him back to reality. Right, they still haven't fulfilled the reason for joining the Triad. They were just a bunch of Seoul gangsters before, but they strived hard to be on top and eventually joined the Triad to find the man.

GD shrugged and sat at his desk while fumbling through his files.

"And when's the right time? At least I can do something amusing for a while. Besides, do you really think we can get out of here alive?", GD smiled at Youngbae. They both know TOP is really sensitive on the topic of getting out alive. The guy can be really ridiculous at times.

"Well, that's our original plan.", Youngbae smiled back.

"What-E-Ver, as$holes. Jiyong, if you want to be that girl's RENTED boyfriend and scare the crap out of her friends, FINE! Go ahead. If you fall in love with that girl, I will really laugh my as$ off.", TOP shot back.

"Wanna bet?", GD challenged TOP, knowing full well that his hyung can't resist bets with high risks.

"Ohhhhh... Alright, alright. Twenty million won says you're gonna fall in love with her.", TOP chirped merrily.

"You're on.", GD smirked as he directed his attention to the files. LOVE??? Ha! How can his right-hand man, who can cripple anyone with his stare, be this retarded.



That jerk!!!! zz-num-23.gif

It's already Friday and I haven't received a single text from him! My number is clearly written on the first page of the contract, I even highlighted it with a pink pen with glitters! How can he miss it?

I groaned in frustration while resting my chin on my palm as I realized I've been waiting for his text or call since last week. I haven't officially rented him yet but he could've at least texted me something so he can get at my good side. Or maybe this is one of his strategies so I will rent him?

"Dara, are you coming with us for lunch? Or are you going to eat lunch with your boyfriend?", my officemate asked teasingly. I gave her a lopsided smile as I mentally cursed myself for weaving more lies instead of coming out clean. Fortunately though, they don't really pry for details. They just know I have a boyfriend, period.

"I'll go with you. He's busy nowadays", I answered while gathering my things. I wonder what that jerk is doing now. He didn't forget that tomorrow is the trial date, did he?

"You have a date tomorrow, unnie?", my young officemate, named Minji, asked as we started walking. I just nodded in response. Yes, hopefully, I thought.

"Introduce him to us one of these days, Dara unnie! We've been bugging you ever since but you keep on hiding him.", she continued. Hiding him? How can I hide someone who doesn't exist?!

But I must say, it's quite enjoyable to pretend I have one. The mere mention of my boyfriend makes me giddy. Maybe that's the reason why I didn't tell them the truth. It's like I have my own dark secret and it's quite interesting to see people make a big deal out of my non-existent boyfriend. I must've been really bored, my evil side is coming out.

"I'm actually starting to wonder if there really is a boyfriend", I heard the Project Leader of Flamingo Team, named Krystal, talking to one of her programmers although obviously, what she said is meant for me. We were passing by their area and it is a common knowledge in the office that Krystal sees me as her greatest rival especially that my team (the BlackJack team) is always leading in the annual evaluations.

"<*cough>Bitter<*cough>", I countered making everyone laugh. Krystal's cheeks adopted the color of Flamingo. She should've known better than crossing me, durrr..

My mind is wandering while eating lunch. Actually, I've been acting like a living robot since that day I offered to rent him. I guess I'm just curious as to who he really is. I mean, he's freaking HOT, dammit! How can someone as hot as him end up with an odd job like that? I wonder what sob story is behind those enigmatic eyes. Aigoooo... I sound like a lovestruck puppy, GWAARRKKK!!

"Is something wrong with the food, unnie?", Minji asked. I didn't realize I was sticking my tongue out, pretending to throw up because of my cheesiness when I was having a mini-monologue on my head. Some says I'm borderline crazy, and I think they're right.

"Oh, nothing Minji-ah. I just remembered something", I said. Then I remembered Kwon Jiyong laughing like a lunatic when he saw me dancing outside the restaurant. My face heat up from the thought.

"Omo, unnie! You're blushing! You're thinking about your boyfriend! Kyahhh!", my officemates started to tease me, I just scratched my head in response.

We were still rowdy as we reached the office. I was walking beside Minji while the others are in front. Suddenly, all of them stopped. They just stood there frozen on their spot, barricading the door.

"Where is Miss Sandara Park?", I heard someone asked. I was paralyzed. Isn't that the Regional Director's voice? OMG! Why is he looking for me?

"Yes, sir?", I answered sheepishly. My teammates parted to give way. I saw our Regional Director standing in front of the reception desk. What is he doing here at the 17th floor? The big bosses are at the 18th floor!


"Is this about the broken copying machine? I swear, I didn't do it!", I started to panic. I can only think of one way to get out of the situation without losing my job, I will freaking DENY everything!

To my surprise, he started to laugh.

"Miss Park, your boyfriend sent your flowers to the wrong floor. Since I'm going to the HR office anyway, I decided to bring this here as well.", he took a step sideways revealing a vase full of red roses on top of the reception desk.

My jaw dropped to the floor. Seriously? My non-existent boyfriend gave this to me? Could it be....KWON JIYONG!! I found myself smiling from ear to ear. Then I started dancing crazily, oblivious to the round of teasing by the whole office.

"So Miss Park, what were you saying about the broken copying machine?", the Regional Director suddenly asked.




Triad, babyyyyy!!!!!! Hahahahahaha!!

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