MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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I sat up on the bed and leaned my back on the headrest, still a bit groggy from the lack of sleep.

....I'll help you out with Donghae dude.

Jiyong's words kept on repeating in my mind. Instead of feeling happy that he's fulfilling the end of the bargain, I feel very conflicted and scared. I looked at the couple ring in my finger and smiled upon remembering our days in Shanghai. That jerk never fails to surprise me.

Lately, I've been noticing a lot of things about him. The way he smirks, the way he laughs, the way he furrows his eyebrows. Kwon Jiyong is the type of guy who attracts girls because of his badas$ attitude. He's a beast that is yet to be tamed, and many women are up for the challenge. He's the type that I wouldn't think of associating myself with. He's the complete opposite of Donghae. The complete opposite of me.

But after spending some time with Jiyong, I was able to see past his flaws and appreciate him for who he was. Yes, I still want to butcher him most of the time. And he still is a big jerk. But he somehow became an integral part of me. My experiences with Jiyong...I wouldn't trade it for the world.

The Annual Company Acquaintance Party is in a few days. I wonder how it will turn out?



Meet me at my apartment tonight. We still have to talk about the party

I sent the message to Jiyong and a few seconds later I got his reply.


I sighed heavily as I stared at his text. His short messages really irks me. Does he have anything against mobile phones? Would it be too much to ask if he move his fingers some more and say 'Ok. See you later'?

I shook my head in frustration. I'm just having a bad day that's why I flare up at just about anything. Actually, I'm having the WORST day. The universe seems to be conspiring against me. Half of my programmers are on sick leave today so I had to finish their codes by myself just to ensure that we won't be behind our target schedule. Then, the supplier of the red roses that I've contacted for the decorations to be used in the party informed me this morning that there was an accident in their flower plantation and that unfortunately, they won't be able to make the delivery. I asked for other flowers but the desired quantity was not met.

As if those problems are not enough to crumble my earthly body, the department head instructed all the Project Leaders to turn in the status reports and all kinds of administrative craps. My brain is already trying to detonate itself with the amount of work that I'm forcing it to do.

I trudged in the hallway towards my office with slouched back while carrying some documents in my hand. I felt like all the cells in my body are screaming and cursing me. I'm hella tired!

"Dude!", as soon as I heard Donghae's voice, I immediately straightened up and forced a smile on my face. I don't want him to see me in my weak state. I need to be the Cool Dara.

"What's up?", I chirped in the most lively voice that I could muster.

"Uhmm, I heard you're bringing your boyf-..Jiyong to the party?", he grabbed the documents that I was holding and walked beside me.

"Oh. Yes, I've invited him"

"D-Does that mean I can't dance with you? I mean, it's kind of our tradition to be each other's first dance", he scratched the back of his head and shyly glanced at me.

"Of course you can!", I hastily replied.

"Cool", his face lit up as he set the documents on the desk. He ruffled my hair and immediately took off.

As soon as Donghae left my office, my forced smile disappeared as I collapsed my sleep-deprived self on my swivel chair.





credits: micsmixGD


I walked tediously towards my apartment, dragging my feet at each step. I feel like I'm dying. I opened the door and the sight of Jiyong sitting on my couch with his legs stretched and rested on the coffee table welcomed me. Kung Pao was perched on the armrest of the single couch, like a loyal pet that she is.

"Sorry, I'm late!", I smiled at him and quickly ran towards my bedroom to change into my shorts and comfortable shirt. I then stormed out, my head spinning a bit because of exhaustion.

"Do you want anything to drink?", I didn't wait for his reply as I prepared some tea. He was just quietly staring at me as I set the cups on the table and faced him.

"Have you eaten di-"

"Dara", Jiyong grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him, making me sit on his lap sideways. Startled, I could only look at him questioningly.

"You're tired. Rest a bit, will you?", he whispered and enveloped me with his arms, rocking me gently back and forth. My chest tightened as I felt his warmth, extremely grateful for his presence, for seeing through my facade. I shifted my body and clung to his neck, resting my face on his shoulder. His familiar scent filled my senses as I inhaled deeply.

"I'm really really exhausted", I whispered wearily and closed my eyes, snuggling on the crook of his neck. I don't know when I started getting this comfortable with Jiyong, but holding him like this doesn't feel weird anymore. He gently d my back with his right hand while his left arm is across my waist, securely pressing me against him.

"MMhhmmm, feels good", I mumbled and even though I couldn't see it, I knew Jiyong smiled.

"Let's tuck you to bed", he softly said and was about to stand up but I whimpered and clung to him tightly while shaking my head.

"I don't want to. I won't be able to sleep anyway. Let's just stay like this and talk", I squeezed him closer and he chuckled.

"I can feel your s on my chest", he teased but I remained unfazed. He can't ruin this moment for me.

"Oh, shut up. You've already squeezed them anyway", I retaliated and his laugh picked up in volume.

"I think I've created a monster", he muttered and kissed my shoulder.

"Mhmmmm", a contented sigh escaped my lips as I continuously sniffed his scent.

"How was your day?", he asked and planted another kiss on my shoulder. I detailed what happened today - all the mishaps, the stress, the tasks that I have to do, the problem regarding the decorations up to the time when Donghae showed up and asked to be my first dance. I felt him stiffened for a moment and I was about to pull away to look at him but his hand kept my head rested on his shoulder.


I heard him sigh before he spoke, "Don't worry Dara, I'll help you out with Donghae".

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"I don't understand..."

"I'll let him see what he's been missing. I'll let him see how wonderful it is to have you. Then, I'll give him stolen chances to be with you. Once he experiences the pain of knowing that his moments with you is limited, once he feels that indescribable longing for your presence, he will realize how big of a fool he is for taking you for granted."

My eyes became a bit misty as I buried my face on his chest.

"What happens once he realizes it?", I asked, knowing that the answer is something that will make me more confused than I already am.

"Then, the two of you will complete the fairy tale", he d my hair and kissed my temple.

I smiled bitterly as an unexplainable pain hit me. Where is Jiyong in that fairy tale?



Babysitter duties.

I sighed heavily and gazed at Youngbae hiding at a near distance and the maknae line, Seungri and Daesung, huddled up in a corner. Boss ordered us to tail Sandara Park while he went off somewhere alone. He's been doing that recently, making solo trips to heaven knows where. I tried to tail him once but he was able to escape me. I really think that he just instructed us to follow Dara around to get us off his back so that he can be alone and accomplish whatever it is that he's doing.

I'm not sure if he's trying to find the descendant by himself, which is actually the main reason why we joined the Triads. Okay, here comes the boring tale of the Tough Five once again. Brace yourself.

When we were still Seoul gangsters, the Triads recruited us and Jiyong was given a white envelope with a red dragon seal. Inside it was something that shocked Jiyong - his father's last will which contained the message - Find the Hung Descendant. Lead the sworn brothers. He didn't have a clue what it means and the Triads informed him that he will be able to unlock the secrets of his father's death once he joined. So we did. And Jiyong has been trying to fulfill his late father's will - finding the man a.k.a. the descendant (and his immediate family) and aiming for the Dragon Head position. I'm not sure if he already found the answer about his parents' death.
(writer's note: GD has not informed his unit about his meeting with his uncle)

Dara was walking around and entering different flower shops, talking to the owners. Her frustration seemed to be mounting whenever she exits the store. I could only assume that she wasn't able to find what she's looking for. But that's far from my concern right now. I'm hungry, and TOP + hungry + guns = bad news. So I better feed myself before somebody dies.

I was leaning on a tree trying to figure out what I wanted to eat when a woman wearing a big hat and shades hid on the tree where I was. She was slouching while deeply concentrated on staring straight ahead. If she's tailing someone, she sure is doing very badly at it. She's sticking out like a sore thumb - with that flamboyant dress that screams Marilyn Monroe plus that big hat and shades, she might as well walk beside whoever she's following.

"What are you looking at?!", she snapped at me.

"I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking at", I sarcastically countered and left her as I walked slowly, my eyes fixed on Dara's feet. Since I'm not tailing a professional assassin, I'm just implementing the basics of how to follow a person without her noticing me. Her feet suddenly stopped and turned around. I didn't flinch and was about to continue walking past her, just like what the basics of stalking dictates. But a hand suddenly gripped my wrist. I was about to throw a punch when I realized it was the crazy woman earlier. I casted her a questioning look but she was not looking at me.

"PARK BOM! STOP FOLLOWING ME! I told you I'm not meeting Jiyong today! I'll introduce him to you at the party!", Dara's voice made me flinch.

Oh .

"I'm not following you around. I'm in a date", the crazy woman, named Park Bom, defensively said.

OH .

Dara walked towards us and I adjusted my hat, trying to hide my face. Crazy woman is still grabbing my wrist and Dara has already seen us. I was about to pull my arm and walk away when Dara stood in front of me and tried to scrutinize my face.

"You look familiar", Dara said.


"He's my date", crazy woman said but Dara didn't seem convinced.

"I think I've seen him somewhere", she thoughtfully placed her forefinger on her chin and looked up. I was silently praying that she won't recognize me when crazy woman pulled me away.

"We gotta go! Bye Dara!"


But we already turned in a corner. I looked back and saw my Daddy Youngbae and the maknae line laughing at my misfortune. Those bastards are going to get it from me later.

"YAH!", I angrily yanked my arm free from her grasp. She didn't seem bothered by my outburst and looked at me.

"I almost got caught back there! Thank goodness you played along!", she chirped. I ignored her and started walking away but she followed behind me. GRRRR!

"What's your name? My name is Park Bom. You can call me Bom"

Ignore her. Ignore her, TOP.

I quickened my pace while pulling out my phone. I sent a message to Youngbae that I'll just eat lunch and catch up with them later. I know crazy woman is still following me but I figured she'll be embarrassed to approach me if I continued ignoring her. My stomach grumbled so I entered the first restaurant that I saw.

I was eating in the corner when a tray was placed on the table.


I shut my eyes in frustration. Fck.

"Why the hell are you following me?", I hissed.

"I'm hungry and I don't want to eat alone so might as well join you", crazy woman shoved the food in and gave me a cheeky smile.

I facepalmed myself and tried my best not to punch her!

I decided no to bother with her and ate quietly. After this meal, I'll continue my merry life, with all my guns and whatnot. So, there's no need to be agitated with thi-..

"What's your name? And what do you do? Are you from here? Do you-"

"Oh for the love of God! Please.Stop.Talking!", I cut her off and furiously slammed my spoon on the table.

"Alright, alright", she said.

We continued eating in silence but after just a few minutes...

"I give up, I really can't shut up", she proclaimed.

"Oh brother..", I hung my head low in frustration. WHY?! Why do I have to suffer like this?!

"Let me tell you an interesting story. It's about my bestfriend and her rented boyfriend and her guy bestfriend", she started. Okay, my interest just perked up. It's obviously about Dara and Jiyong and Donghae. My Twenty Million Won dream flashed before my eyes.

"Go on", I said. She was obviously ecstatic that she finally got my attention.

"You see my bestfriend rented a boyfriend because she wanted to show her drinking buddy, as well as our other officemates, that someone can be interested in her. But lately, I've been noticing something different about her. She seemed to be talking more about Rented Boyfriend than about Drinking Buddy. I'm getting a bit worried for her so I wanted to see for myself how Rented Boyfriend behaves towards her, that's why I followed her today thinking that she will meet him"

"Maybe she fell in love with Rented Boyfriend", I smirked. Atta boy, Jiyong!

"I...don't know. I'm worried", she solemnly said.

"You're worried because of his profession? Hey, just because Rented Boyfriend is just a rented boyfriend doesn't mean he's incapable of loving her"

"It's not that. I'm worried because I'm not sure if he'll be able to take care of my bestfriend as much as Drinking Buddy is taking care of her. And I'm not sure if he feels the same way towards my bestfriend"

"Sounds complicated", I remarked.

"Yeah", she finished her food and stared at me.

"So, what's your name?", she asked. I rolled my eyes at her and grabbed my muffin.

"We won't see each other again so stop asking", I shot back while eyeing my favorite dessert. Not many people know that my alias originated from the simple fact that I only eat the TOP of the muffin and throw the base away. I just love the crunchiness of the muffin top.

I heard a weird sound and when I looked up, crazy woman was smacking her lips loudly and staring at my muffin. Oh, no freaking way! Not my muffin!

"OINK OINK OINK!!", she merrily exclaimed and peeled the muffin top, her nose scrunching as she stuffed it entirely inside ! I was staring incredulously at her and at the base of the muffin that was left in my hand. She ate the very essence of me being TOP!

I angrily stormed out of there before I strangle the life out of her. My head is throbbing because of annoyance. GAHH!! If I could only kill her!

"Hey, wait up!", she screamed as I turned right in an alleyway.

"Wait up!"

DAMN IT! I spun around and strode towards her. She was taken aback by the sight of me with my eyebrows knitted together.

"Hey, what are you-..YAH!!"

I carried her and threw her in a nearby dumpster. High-pitched shrieks and a string of curses followed as I walked away.

Hmph. Crazy woman.



[ A few hours before the Annual Company Acquaintance Party... ]

I trudged towards the hotel where our party is going to be held. The IT Department in charged of the decorations need to be at the venue early to prepare. I'm really not looking forward to this. Krystal has been breathing through my neck the entire time for messing up. I can't find any supplier for the red roses that we need to ornament the entire location.

The coordinator was waiting for us.

"Miss Sandara Park?", she asked.

"Yes, that's me"

"The venue has already been decorated for you", she said and smiled brightly at me. I furrowed my eyebrows and the rest of the IT Department whispered at each other as they stared at me curiously.

"What's happening here? We're the ones assigned to decorate the function hall for the party", Krystal, who is ever so serious to fulfill the 'y role', snapped.

"The hall has already been decorated for Miss Sandara Park", the coordinator answered. More murmurs followed as everyone tried to speculate what was going on.

"I'm sorry, I don't understand", I said.

"Please follow me", she nodded at the two hotel staffs by the door. They opened the huge door and collective gasps were heard as we roamed our eyes around.

I covered my mouth as I stared in awe at the venue. I looked at the red roses arranged beautifully at each table and at the decorations all over the function hall. It was breathtaking! The place looked like something that was imported from a fairy tale!

"W-Who did this?", I asked the coordinator. There was a mini-commotion as everyone, including Krystal's team, stood behind me to eavesdrop.

"Your boyfriend, Miss Park", she replied.


The Blackjack Team cheered and pushed me teasingly. Minji threw her arms at me and squealed. Krystal looked like she's about to combust into flames. Hah!

Almost everyone from the IT department was on high spirits. All are excited for tonight's party, especially that the venue is so romantic. My cheeks are about to burst from too much smiling. I stepped away from the crowd and dialed Jiyong's number.

"YAH!", I screamed.

"What?", he nonchalantly asked.

"Why did you do this?"

"Perfect venue for your fairy tale", he simply said.

"I hate you...", I whispered.

"I know, babe. I know", he replied.

Just like before, even though I couldn't see it, I knew Jiyong was smiling.


Next chap - Annual Company Acquaintance Party chapter

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