MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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I stole a glance at him and immediately glued my eyes on my lap. We were both sitting in silence at the edge of the bed after that whole commotion. How can I look at him after this?! All I can think about is that monstrous bulge rubbing my face! And I even squeezed it! KYYAHH!! I swear, it's so freaking huge as if a tree branch is hidden under there!

My whole body oddly felt warm and my cheeks are already crimson red that I'm practically a giant tomato. I can't even apologize properly, heck I can't even move! Everything that transcended between us is a total shock for my heart. I'm honestly surprised that I'm still in once piece. For a moment there, I thought all my internal organs will crawl out and abandon me.

I stiffened when I heard his heavy sigh.

"Are you alright?", he suddenly asked and softly touched the strands of my hair that he cut.

"Y-Yes", I mumbled without looking at him.

"You sure? I actually thought you were going to leap towards me and canoodle me senseless", there was a playful tone in his voice.

I remained silent. I just can't trust my mouth anymore. From my peripheral vision, I saw him getting closer. I was paralyzed while waiting for his next move!

"I have to warn you, though...", he whispered on my ears, his breath sending shivers down my spine (and somewhere else!)

"I'm too rough for a to handle. I might rip you in half", he added.

BOOM! <- Ovaries explosion!

GAHD! Stop it, Jiyong! I'm already pregnant with your child!

"You have no idea what I want to do to you right now, babe", his lips slightly brushed my jawline. I squirmed on my spot, firmly closing my legs together.

I really need new ovaries..and uterus..

"You'll be for my name..."

Let us all pray for my soul...

"But I won't do it"

WHY NOT?! I bolted my head sidewards and saw him evilly smirking at me. Hang on a sec, why am I even considering such things? He's hypnotizing me!

"You want me, don't you geek?", he cocked his eyebrows and leaned back while planting his palms on the bed, displaying his still huge and plump Destruction despite his zipped jeans. *Gulp!

"No, I don't! JERK!", I crossed my arms and snappily whipped my head on the other direction. Plump....Huge...Bulge....Nyam Nyam... GAAHH!! BRAIN, STOP IT!

"Good. Because I will never do it with you. It will just complicate things", he flatly said. . Breathe Dara, breathe. What is this painful feeling?

"Good. Because I don't plan on doing it with you, either!", I snarled at him. Damn you, Kwon Jiyong! You're too full of yourself. It's Donghae that I like! No, I love Donghae! You're just leading me on! This strange feeling will go away once the rent period lapses, I'm sure of it!

"Glad we're on the same page", he muttered after staring intently at me. I thought I saw something in his eyes but it quickly disappeared.

"Glad you're not taking advantage of me anymore", I retorted.

"Same cannot be said for you. I thought you were going to bite my weapon a while ago. You should have seen your deranged eyes", he started walking towards the door. GRRRR!!!

"Hey, where are you going? The food is here", I called out.

"Eat it. I'm not hungry"

"Where are you going?", I asked again.

"Some place"

"You're going to..your woman, aren't you?", oh my goodness. WHY CAN'T I STOP MY FREAKING MOUTH?!

He glanced back at me, his hands still resting on the doorknob. My gut feeling tells me that I hit the bullseye. I just knew he had to see his other clients or other women judging from his current state right now. He's a man after all. But, why does it freaking hurts like hell? Is it my ego? My pride? I don't know. Damn it.

"No", he simply said and quietly left. I literally wanted to kick myself right now. Why am I even acting like a jealous girlfriend? For all I know, he can be going back to his suite or probably just going to check something about company matters.

But what if he really is going to another woman?

Tch. Why am I always thinking about him and other girls? Frankly, it's none of my business. What I should be worrying about is Donghae.

The thought of my drinking buddy brought memories that seem so distant now. Life was simple then. I'm admiring him without him knowing it. I feel giddy whenever he does or say something and I share my experiences with Bommie. Now, I always get this confusing feeling that is somehow so painful to bear - brought about by Jiyong.

I started dialing Donghae's number but all I got is his voicemail. I wanted to say a lot of things. I wanted to tell him that I miss our drinking sessions. That I miss seeing his smile. That I already finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist. That we still need to choose the characters to cosplay for the next Comic Con. That I miss us.

But the call disconnected before I can even say anything.



Our boss stormed in our suite and immediately barked his instructions.

"Guard Dara. I'll just go to one of my concubines here in Shanghai", he said with furrowed eyebrows. And what's that swell in his pants? Omo.

"Boss, what happened?", Youngbae asked.

Jiyong heaved the deepest sigh and furiously grabbed some weapons. He latched it in his body and donned a jacket.

"Dara gave me a fcking again", he bluntly answered while grabbing the car keys. I'm not even sure if he realized what he just revealed!

I was trying my very best not to collapse on the floor and die of laughing but it is proving to be a big challenge. My face was contorted in all directions as I tried to suppress my laughter. I'm absolutely positive that Youngbae, Daesung and Seungri are having a hard time to keep a straight face as well.

"Don't think you already won, hyung", he told me and slammed the door shut.

On cue....

"HHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!", all four of us are sprawled on the floor while laughing maniacally at our boss' misfortune. I was rolling from one side of the room to the other while holding my tummy! GAHHD!! I'm dying!!

"Blue...balls..pain.....HAHAHHAHA!!", I don't even know who's speaking because our voices were so high-pitched from too much laughing like we've inhaled helium.

It was minutes of non-stop laughter! Oh my goodness, Sandara Park! How can you reduce us to a useless lump of giggling meat?!

Damn, I pity our boss. His face is a mosaic of pure pain brought by a serious case of . Oh women, how many times do I have to tell your species that blue balls is the kind of torture that no man deserves. It will make the lower half of his body numb and screaming for mercy. Any man will pay any amount of money or do anything just to make that horrible pain go away.

My junk can't take that much torture. It will certainly disengage from my body and will start attacking the whole city like a freaking Godzilla on the loose.

"Okay..I'm calm..I'm calm...HAHHAHAHAHHAHA!!", we were laughing like hyenas whenever we look at each other. It's just so hilarious!

OTTOKAE!! I can't breathe!! HAHHAHA!! I can't imagine a like Sandara Park can bring such excruciating pain to a crime boss like Jiyong! ANDDDD..Jiyong just lets it go instead of just ramming his thing inside her like what we would all do in a similar situation.

"Fck, man! Blue balls!", Daesung exclaimed while gasping for air.

"It's plain ruthless!", Youngbae chimed in.

"And retarded!", I said as another round of laughter filled the room.

Okay, enough of this. I shall now give my prophecy.

It's just a matter of time that our boss will finally realize that he's falling for Sandara Park. But here's the problem, the Dragon Head does not seem too thrilled about the duo. Come to think about it, they're like the Mafia's version of Romeo and Juliet! GAH! I'm getting excited on how this whole K-Dramaish story will unfold!

Anyway, Dara and Jiyong are probably going to banter again after this. Here's my theory, they're just trying to protect themselves from each other. Their situation is complicated and not very ideal, after all. But despite their constant fights and bickerings, they still tend to gravitate towards one another. That, my friend, is romance waiting to happen.

Oh God, I'm such a genius I'm falling in love with myself.


TOP, Youngbae, Seungri and Daesung were lounging inside one of the VIP rooms in the Sky Casino while their men are playing poker on the main floor when an attack was made by one the Triads' enemies. Since they're in China, which is the seat of the Triads Main Headquarters, a lot of Triads' rivals converge there to try to take them down. This is also the reason why most of the high ranking Triad officials do not reside in China.

"Amateurs", TOP said as another sniper bullet hit the wall.

"The other guests are being evacuated", Youngbae said while crouching beside him. They were all sitting on the floor with their backs leaning on the wall.

When sniper bullets began showering their room, Youngbae immediately informed the security to vacate the premises. Since the casino is also owned by the Triads, the staffs already know what to do in cases like these. They already have a cover story and are quick in their actions.

TOP and Daesung snickered when another two bullets were fired and hit the table.

"Can you believe these guys? There are two snipers on the rooftop and neither can even hit a limb", TOP cockily said while munching some chips.

"Hyung, quit playing around and shoot them. We still need to help our men in obliterating those who might be attacking on the main floor", Youngbae exasperatedly reminded him.

"Oh, let our men handle those crazy motherfckers", he dismissed him and continued chilling.

"Aren't you forgetting something, hyung? You really need to get out of this room and guard someone, remember? What if one of these clowns managed to track where we're staying?", Seungri butted in.

"Guard someon-..FCK! Sandara Park!", TOP immediately opened the black case and mounted the spotting scope on the M24 SWS sniper rifle. He aimed the rifle at the top of the building across the casino where the shots were being fired and steadied his form. With deadly accuracy, he shot the first sniper. The man jerked back and was not seen within the cross-hairs of the scope again as his body hang lifeless at the edge of the building. He then angled it to the second one and he, too, faced the same fate.

Even though TOP ordered some of their men to guard Dara, he can never be too sure. GD will absolutely wipe him out of the face of the planet if anything happens to her. Sky Casino is located just a few minutes away from the hotel so it's dangerous if Dara decided to go out and roam around.

"DAMN IT! I'm not used to babysitting a woman!", TOP complained as he scurried out of the room. Youngbae, Daesung and Seungri followed suit while laughing at their hyung.


[ In the condo unit of one of GD's women... ]

GD stared at the ceiling as his woman snuggled close to him. After doing it with one of his concubines, he still doesn't feel satiated. It's as if there's a big void within him.

"God, that was so hot", she cooed while stroking his body. He smirked and stared at the girl. He then ravished her lips like a beast and trailed his hands on her soft skin.

"Another round?", his eyes glinted of lust.

"Must you really ask?", she teased and glided her legs against his.


"J-Jiyong?", Dara knocked on GD's suite but no one's answering. She tried several times but to no avail.

'Now what?', she thought. She wanted to invite him again to eat dinner with her but it seems he really left. She went back inside her room and stared at the food that she set up on the table.

She sighed and was about to sit when she heard knocks on the door.

"Yes?", Dara opened the door slightly with the chain still latched securely and stared at the man dressed in black; wearing a trench coat and mask to cover his face. As if the mask is not good enough, he was also wearing sunglasses (at night?) and was covering his face with his hands.

'Creepy', she thought.

"Uhm...Sorry, I knocked on the wrong room", he said and immediately left making Dara frown in confusion. When Dara finally closed the door, TOP heaved a sigh of relief and took off his sunglasses. Fortunately, the goons that attacked them in Sky Casino didn't know that they're staying there. There's also a big possibility that those retards don't even know that a unit from Triads Seoul Chapter has visited China.

TOP just needs to make sure that Dara will stay in her room and not roam around. It's better for her to stay in her suite where he can thoroughly guard her.



I was sprawled on the hallway where the elevators are located, earning curious glances from the hotel guests. I was bored to my skull so I started to amuse myself by pushing the elevator button and scaring the crap out of the people whenever the elevator opens. I've attained the highest pinnacle of success when it comes to driving people nuts, I tell you. My wicked mind is unparalleled! MWAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! <*insert thunder and lightning here>

I pushed the button again and got ready for my next prank. I lied on my stomach facing the elevator door with my limbs spread apart like a murder victim. I angled my face sideways and stared at the elevator with lifeless eyes and with slightly opened mouth.


I remained immobile as the elevator door opened and....





The elevator door closed. So fun!! I can do this all night!

I was thinking of what to do next when I heard a door open. I peeked on the hallway and saw Dara getting out of her suite wearing a flowy dress down to her knees and a slight makeup.


Oh boy. Is she going to the hotel bar? Nooo!! I can already imagine our boss strangling the life out of me if he finds out that Dara went alone in there especially with all the other mafia lords hanging out in the bar.

She MUST stay in her room until boss gets back.

I immediately put on my mask and my shades and strode towards her. She stood rigid on her spot when she saw me approaching. Then, she resumed walking while casting her eyes downwards, trying to avoid me.

"Stay in your room", I blurted out when we were near each other. It was too late when I realized how spooky I must've looked and sounded. Dara bolted her head at me with a petrified look on her face.

"E-Excuse me?", she asked.

Crap! I scared her. I really don't know how to do this! I need my Daddy Youngbae!

Ah, I got it! I need to say PLEASE.

"Please stay in your room", I said. There, I said 'please'... But...But...Why does she look more frightened than before?

"Hey!", I called out when she hurriedly walked away from me. Damn it! She must stay in her suite! Boss will kill me if she roams around with that cute dress and all!

I blocked her path while thinking of a good plan on how to make her go back to her suite.

"I will call security if you don't stop!", she exclaimed frustratedly.

, I have no choice....

I started unbuckling my belt and ping my pants. She was paralyzed in fear as she gawked at me.

"W-What are you doing?!", she shrieked in terror.

"Back to your room!", I yelled and started threatening her with my ness as I dangerously held the front garter of my brief.


"Go back to your room! TO YOUR ROOM!", I screamed while running after her with ed pants.

"HELLPPPP!!!", she screamed as she locked herself inside her suite.

Oh my freaking goodness. Please don't tell me I would have to guard Sandara Park every damn time that boss is out. I might just go crazy.


"Boss, the hired assassins are now on their way to Seoul. They somehow managed to escape by creating a diversion. They leaked the information on the Triads' rival gang that some of the members will be in Sky Casino"

"Good. We've received words from the Alliance that the recent killings of the low ranking Triad members are causing disarray among the high ranking members, just as we planned. The crime bosses would have to show themselves to avenge their sworn brothers, regardless of their ranks. Soon, we'll be able to bring the Dragon Head down, as well as the other secret society's leaders", the voice said.


"We're really sorry, ma'am. The situation is now under control", the security staffs informed Dara. Hidden from her line of sight, Youngbae, TOP, Daesung and Seungri were huddled in a corner. The three were snickering at their hyung's foolishness.

"Okay, thanks", she said and closed the door. The whole ordeal drained her energy. She's not in the mood to go out and drink anymore.

Dara strode towards her bed and sat there, feeling a bit restless since GD still hasn't arrived.

'Where is that jerk?', she thought.

She then grabbed her phone and dialed GD's number.

"What? I'm out", he lazily answered. She was taken aback by GD's cold tone. She thought she's already used to his uncaring attitude but it seems she's extra-sensitive tonight.

"Uhm, I'm just wondering what time you'll get back", Dara asked.

"I don't know"

She pouted her lips and remained silent.

"Anything else?", GD asked nonchalantly.

"I-I...W-Well..No..Nothing...", she managed to stay.

"Okay", GD hung up while Dara remained transfixed on her position, her phone still pressed on her ears.

She bit her lips as memories of that night when they shared a kiss suddenly filled her mind.

'This strange feeling will go away', she assured herself and stared at the picture of her and Donghae that she stored in her phone.


GD sat up and started gathering his clothes. After hearing Dara's voice, he felt the sudden desire to get back to the hotel.

"GD, where are you going? Just stay here for the night", the woman wrapped her arms around his torso and kissed his nape.

Without even glancing back, GD headed towards the door, completely ignoring the girl's protests. He then pulled out his phone and dialed TOP's number.

"Anything to report?", he asked as he stepped on his car and placed the phone on speaker.

TOP began reiterating the events during his absence including the rival gang's attack that they managed to subdue and the hired assassins that somehow escaped their watch according to reports from Triads Shanghai Chapter.

"And Dara?", GD asked.

"She stayed inside her room", TOP quickly answered while eyeing the snickering trio on the corner and giving them the finger.

"We need to get back to Korea as soon as possible. Contact the Straw Sandal and inform him of what happened. Also, make sure that the Red Pole's units will be dispersed immediately to track those assassins"

"Yes boss"

GD dropped by the Triads Shanghai Chapter Headquarters first to properly thank their sworn brothers before heading back to the hotel.

The crap that he has to deal with are piling up every single day. When he gets his hands on those damn assassins, they will beg for their instant death.


GD quietly sat on the bed and stared at Dara. He brushed the strands of hair off her face and d her cheeks. She looks like an angel.

He then stared at his reflection in the mirror. A deep sigh escaped his lips. All he can see is a ruthless man unworthy of happiness.

When GD finally left the room, Dara's eyes fluttered open.

'Is he not sleeping here?', she asked herself. Somehow, it makes her a bit uncomfortable. Minutes pass by but sleep seemed to be so elusive and she doesn't know why.

She immediately shut her eyes when the door opened again and GD was about to enter. She heard some shuffling as GD took off his shirt and heard his footsteps going towards her.

"Goodnight, geek", he whispered and planted a gentle kiss on her forehead. Warmth spread through her system when he felt his lips on her skin. It was soothing and comforting.

She slightly opened her eyes and stared at his retreating back heading towards the couch. How can he be so cold and sweet at the same time? She just smiled inwardly and tried to get some sleep. Figuring out Kwon Jiyong is useless, he will always be a big mystery to her.

'Goodnight, jerk', she thought.



"Puh-leaasseee. With a cherry on top", Dara puffed her cheeks and blinked her round eyes rapidly at me.

"Bambi eyes won't work on me, geek", I scoffed at her. You will never believe what she wanted me to do. We were walking along Tian'ai Street (Sweet Love Street) when a brilliant idea popped her mind. She wanted us to have couple rings. Couple Rings?! The fck! Unbelievable. Women are so cheesy.

It was bad enough that I indulged her on her request to visit this damn street which is, by the way, making my skin crawl. Too many delusional couples are roaming around thinking that their love will last forever. Gwark.

"Come onnnn!! The Annual Company Acquaintance Party is already next week. It will be great if we have couple rings!", she excitedly exclaimed.


"Jiyonnnnggggg....", she clasped her hands together and looked expectantly at me.

"No", I said with finality. There is no way in hell anyone can make me wear a couple ring. Haven't she learned her lesson when I refused to get a lock in Namsan Tower?


"I said NO", I firmly said.

Dara's lips twitched and her nose scrunched in defiance . She then started stomping her feet as she marched away from me.


I shook my head in amusement as I followed her. She's really funny.


"We're going back to Korea tonight", GD told her but she remained unresponsive. They were having their lunch in a restaurant at Yongfu road. He specifically chose the garden seating so that Dara can still enjoy the view outside. He took her to various tourist attractions but she doesn't seem thrilled unlike yesterday.

Dara has been silent since they left Tian'ai Street and would only nod or shake her head whenever he asks something. He closely watched her as she filled his plate with food before getting some for herself. GD smiled inwardly at her gestures. Despite being in a foul mood, she's still thoughtful and caring.

They finished their lunch and walked towards their next destination in complete silence.

TOP peeked from his hiding place with furrowed eyebrows. Lover's Quarrel? He looked at Seungri but the maknae just shrugged his shoulders. He then strode towards Youngbae.

"What's happening?", TOP whispered closely on Youngbae's ears.

"Oh my God! Hyung! Some distance, please?!", Youngbae almost jumped a few meters away from TOP, completely creeped out with him after whispering directly on his ears. He rubbed his arms in disgust.

"What's happening?", he repeated, ignoring Youngbae's grossed out look.

"What do you mean?"

"They barely talk to each other. What happened?", TOP asked worriedly.

"Why do you care so much?"

"Uh, Twenty...wait for it....Fcking Million Won? Hel-lo", he rolled his eyes like a b!tchy woman, making Youngbae grip his gun under his jacket. Seriously, TOP's cause of death will be his bullet if he continued acting like a retard.

He just shook his head frustratedly and continued tailing GD and Dara, leaving TOP behind.

"Daddy Youngbaeee!!!"


The two were still bantering when Daesung received a text message from GD. He nudged Seungri and showed it to him. The two high-fived and quickly ran away.






credits: marbie


"Hey geek, wait up", Jiyong called out.




I continued ignoring him as I took steady strides. It has been long established that I hate this jerk but today, I especially hate him SO MUCH. I don't have a clue where he ran off last night then this morning, he vehemently refused my plea to get us both couple rings! Is it really too much to ask? I just want us to appear like real loving couple when we attend the Annual Company Acquaintance Party! He even said it's cheesy! Can you believe it? I'm literally scarred for life.

I want the couple rings!

"Yah, geek"


I'm not really a demanding person, you see. I really don't ask for anything. I'm not very picky either. Wrap a potato and give it to me as a birthday gift and I assure you that I will treasure it for as long as I live. Only when I'm with Jiyong that I found myself acting childishly. My emotions are magnified when it comes to him. Odd, I know. When he does a simple act like kissing me goodnight, my happiness is beyond the acceptable level. When he's flirty with other girls, I get so furious to the point that I can imagine myself harvesting people's heads like a psychopath. When he refuses to do something that I really really want (couple rings! wah!), it pains me. I don't know when this weirdness started and frankly, I don't want to entertain the silly ideas that has been bugging my head. 'He's my rented boyfriend', I kept telling myself. 'I like Donghae I like Donghae I like Donghae', I've also been repeating those phrases like a mantra.

I stopped and glanced back at him. Jiyong stopped and glanced back. I ignored him and started walking aimlessly. I didn't hear him calling me anymore so I stopped and turned around. He stopped and stared at me. I frowned at him, he frowned back at me. I pouted my lips in annoyance and.....HE POUTED HIS LIPS! Ottokae! He's so cute when he does that!

I chewed on my lips to stop myself from smiling and he did the same! Oh, I know what's happening here. He's copying me!

I raised my right hand and he raised his left hand. Like a mirror image, eh? Okay, jerk. Let's play this game. I gave him an evil smile and he flashed me his y smirk.

I placed my hands on my waist and moved my hips to the left, and he did the same. Kekekekkee! I started swaying my hips and he still copied me. I pushed my hips forward and he did it too. My eyes immediately darted to his bulge, as if it's calling me!



I need to take advantage of this. Hmmmm, what else should I do? I should do something that he can't so I'll be the winner! Something that he wouldn't do? Hmmm.. Ah, aegyo! He seemed to be the type who can't stand acting cute. Okay, FIGHT! I puffed my cheeks and poked it with my forefinger. He paused and looked at me. Hahahaha! I knew it! He wouldn't risk ruining his badass image. Hah!

All of a sudden....he puffed his cheeks and did an aegyo too!!


OMG, my heart! Is he trying to kill me with his cuteness?!

I winked at him and slowly my lips. He winked at me and slowwwwly.....his...lips..


I tried so many things but he kept on copying me, no matter how ridiculous my actions are. It's so fun! We look like a couple of lunatics as we flail our arms around, sway our hips and talk gibberish while twirling our tongue out! HAHAHHAHHA!!!

"Girl, beat him! Don't give up!", I didn't realize that a crowd already gathered around us. It became rowdy as everyone tried to coach me. Good thing I still remember my Chinese lessons somehow. The girls were cheering for me while the guys were cheering for Jiyong. It's battle of the es!

"Do this! Do this!", the ladies yelled and gave me instructions.

"Young man, don't back down!", the guys encouraged him.

"What a cute couple!", the old people gushed.

Hahahahaha! My gosh, they're really rooting for us! Jiyong and I were doing all kinds of silliness while the crowd cheered on the background. Both of us didn't want to back down.

And a light shining from heaven...the GREATEST idea was bestowed upon my mind that I can almost swear my head literally lit up.

Why haven't I thought about this earlier? I know what to do that he won't be able to do. Like a predator gloating at its prey, I stepped forward wearing a smug grin on my face. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion but he did the same. He stepped forward and we were both face to face with a small distance between us.

Then...I placed my hands on his s and squeezed them! The bystanders erupted in chaos as the girls screamed with delight and pumped their fists while the boys ran behind Jiyong and were practically shoving him to uplift the 'Dude Flag'.

I smiled in triumph while my hands are still rested on his s. Hah! Of course, he's not going to do it! He may be a jerk but I'm still a girl and he wouldn-...wait.. Why the hell is he smirking?

His eyes gleamed of menace as he slowly lifted his arms. My breath was caught on my throat as I gazed at him with pure horror. He then hovered his hands above my chest!


No way!

"Don't you dare...", I hissed.

"Don't you dare", he repeated, still copying me.

"DO IT! DO IT!", the guys cheered.

"NO WAY!", the girls screamed.

And without warning, he placed his hands on my s!! AND SQUEEZED THEM! GAHHH!!

"KWON JIYONG!!!!!!!!!!!!", my thundering voice dominated the place and Jiyong quickly ran away after the guys patted his back. I ran after him having only one mission in mind - completely wiping his seeds from the gene pool! GRRRR!!

"JERKKK!!!!!", I roared in anger! I swear, I will destroy your Kwon Jiyong!

We were so chaotic as I chase him around the streets of Shanghai. He was having a ball laughing at my expense while I'm already panting for my life.

I stopped and placed my hands on my knees as I gasped for air. He stood in a far distance while looking at me, still wearing a smug grin on his face.

"You..wait...there.....", I yelled in between panting.

"Tired, geek?", he screamed back since he's a few meters away.


I was about to lunge on his direction but I tripped! I really thought my face will fall flatly on the street but a pair of hands suddenly wrapped on my waist and pulled me up.

"T-Thank you", I thanked the man in Chinese and tried to take a step back but he held me firmly on the waist while smiling at me. He then said something that I can't fully understand. I just picked up the words 'cute', 'kiss' and 'payment'. Omo.

"Back off, man", Jiyong materialized behind me and yanked me away from the creepy guy. The man does not seem to be happy with his sudden intrusion and grabbed a fistful of Jiyong's shirt.

I gasped in horror and was about to slap his face to help Jiyong. Suddenly, the creep was kneeling on the street with his face twisted in pain while Jiyong was holding his arm in a very weird angle. His face was devoid of emotion as he stared at the guy who was already begging for mercy.

"J-Jiyong, let him go"

"No way. He said something very unpleasant to you", he then applied more pressure on the man's arm who instantly yelled in pain.

"Oh, stop it. You did something more distasteful to me! Let him go", I slapped his wrist and he immediately lets go of the creep who cowardly scurried away.

He was still fuming as he glared at the retreating guy.

"Jiyong..", I called out. He turned to me and his features immediately softened. I felt my heart melting from the sight of his worried face.

"Are you alright?", he suddenly asked.

"Yes", I replied while looking intently at him. I was taken aback when he roughly gathered me in his arms.

"H-Hey", I tried to push him but he wouldn't let me go.

"God, Dara. You make me want to kill people", he sighed exasperatedly and pressed me closer against his body. My knees are starting to buckle and I would've collapsed if not for his tight hug.

"You jerk, why did you touch my s?!", I blurted out to cover the loud thumping of my heart.

He then drew back, still holding me in his arms, and stared at me, obviously bemused.

"You squeezed my 'weapon for destruction' so let's call it even", he chuckled.

"Jerk!", I angrily huffed as my face flushed in embarrassment. I pushed him forcefully and he finally lets me go while laughing.

"I HATE YOU!", I declared and was about to march off when he suddenly grabbed my hand and slipped something on my finger.

I held up my hand with furrowed eyebrows and gasped in surprise with what I saw. A ring! I stared at him in shock as he raised his hand to show me the identical ring that he's wearing.


"You just ruined me, babe. I hate you, too", he then bit his lips and averted his gaze.

Oh my God.


"THANK YOU!!!", I squealed with delight while bouncing up and down and wrapped my arms around his neck. He was still biting his lips when he hugged me back, entwining his arms around my waist.

"Thank you", I whispered and without even thinking, I tiptoed and reached for his lips, giving him a gentle kiss. I quickly withdrew and stared at him. His eyes were squinted from smiling and he leaned down and gave me soft kisses all over my face. I didn't protest for I'm too consumed with happiness that I couldn't even begin to describe. He pulled away and looked at me. It felt like time stood still. The setting sun behind him made this magical moment more glorious than it already is. It was overwhelming. We both smiled and gave each other a quick peck on the lips.

"Say goodbye to Shanghai, babe"

"GOODBYE SHANGHAI!!!", I screamed and threw my arms up in the air.


"Maknae Line scored this time", Seungri smugly said. GD texted them a while ago to buy couple rings made of white gold and engrave their names inside. As soon as they got the rings, they inconspicuously tossed them to GD when Dara was still in a foul mood and walking ahead of him.

TOP was kneeling on a nearby tree, almost in tears while looking up in the heavens with hands clasped together, thanking everybody up there including Santa Claus and Superman for the good fortune that he was about to receive once the rent period lapses. If everything goes well, he sure will win the Twenty Million Won! He just needs to make sure that GD will not go to the dark side again and be his usual jerky and badass self to sabotage everything.


He sipped from the straw while his eyes were focused on the two forms hugging across the street.

'Interesting', he thought. Luck must be on his side.

He tilted his head and bit the straw, pulling it out from the glass. He then started chewing the straw like a kid. With his innocent face and beautiful smile, he's a real charmer. But his deranged eyes will make anyone doubt his sanity.

He extended his arm and pointed his forefinger at the unsuspecting GD and Dara.

"Bang...", he whispered, imitating the sound of a gun. He then chuckled to himself as he continuously chew the straw protruding from his lips.



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