MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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credits: jomi25 - Joan Constantino

ca·noo·dle (k-ndl)
v. ca·noo·dled, ca·noo·dling, ca·noo·dles Informal
To engage in caressing, petting, or lovemaking.


We were all waiting for our boss to arrive. Jiyong sneaked out but it's quite obvious where he went. While waiting, I was checking if everything is already in place before our flight. In this kind of serious matters, I'm the appointed person to take charge since Jiyong's right-hand man is insane.

TOP hyung looked at me pitifully while clutching his Sig semi-automatic pistol. We've been like this for a couple of minutes already. He's been showing me his toys (guns) that he wanted to bring with him. I was trying to make him understand that we'll have to go through airport security and we don't need extra issues right now. Although there a lot of planted Triad members in airports, customs and immigrations that have already been informed of our scheduled flight tonight, we don't want to make their job any harder so boss instructed us to be as normal as possible. We've chartered a private plane for this journey that unfortunately needs to use the airport runway so we need to make sure to get to the plane without raising suspicions. The best way of being invisible is to be out in the open and blend in with the crowd. That's the plan. But TOP hyung is not helping at all! He's dressed in all black with a trench coat, armed with all things that will surely set off the security alarms in the airport like there's a rave party.

"No, hyung. Leave your toys. Our ammos are already pre-arranged by our brothers in China", I sternly said.

"Daddy Youngbaeeeee...", he whined and batted his eyelashes while cupping his cheeks with his hands. Oh my God, I can't believe he's trying to use his so-called lethal cuteness combo on me. Seriously, his combo will end him up in a gutter somewhere. It's aptly called lethal because anyone who sees him doing that will feel this swelling urge to punch him in the face until he stops moving.

I shut my eyes firmly. Any more of his cuteness combo will surely make me blind. I heaved a frustrated sigh and turned my back at him. I scanned the other members to ensure that everyone is ready. Daesung and Seungri immediately straightened their backs like pre-schoolers about to get caught of doing something they're not supposed to.

"Daesung, Seungri...", I called out.

"TOP hyung talked me into it!", Seungri immediately bailed out and started pulling out the M9 Army Knives hidden in his boots.

"You rat!", TOP hyung was about to clobber the maknae but I quickly blocked his path.

Good grief...

"Hyung, change your clothes and leave your toys. Daesung, Seungri, don't even try to test my patience. Leave everything that will set off the alarms", I firmly said.

They mumbled incoherent words, obviously disgruntled by the fact that they have to part with their weapons temporarily. I shook my head in disbelief. My lifespan is decreasing because of these monkeys. They're worse than an entire class of toddlers.

The Tough Five of the Deputy Mountain Master Unit. That's what they call us - Jiyong, TOP hyung, Daesung, Seungri and me. Just the mere name itself shows how capably badass we supposedly are. But in actuality, that's a sugar-coated version of how freakingly brutal we can be if we want to. Especially Jiyong.

The intense training we went through is enough to make any normal person crazy. Legendary tales of how insanely ruthless we are go about within the secret society's circle. I looked at TOP hyung, Daesung and Seungri with wary eyes. If only they can see how we behave in a normal day, I'm pretty sure nobody will take us seriously. These three monkeys need constant adult supervision.

"Daesung, I know what you're hiding inside that Doraemon plushie", I said as I pointed at the nozzle of the gun protruding on the zipper at the back of the stuff toy.

"Seungri, why are you bringing five handheld mirrors? You will still look the same in any of them", I pulled out the mirrors from his handcarry despite his protests.

When it's time for me to inspect TOP hyung's bag, he was trying to distract me again with his...cuteness. He was wiggling his body while pouting - the sight of which makes me want to literally dig my eyes out and throw them elsewhere. When he started batting his eyelashes innocently, I felt the hairs all over my body rise up in disgust. Oh brother... How can he stand to do those cringeworthy actions without wanting to kill himself? If I do that in front of anyone, just shoot me.

I pulled out all the weapons from his bag and set them aside. He whined incessantly but I just ignored him.

"Daddy Youngbaee!!! You're such a meanie!!", he shrieked in a high-pitched voice. GAHD! That's it! I tried to elbow him but as expected, he was able to block it easily while still throwing tantrums. I threw a punch at his face but he just tilted his head to avoid it, still pouting cutely. He then kissed my fist to further annoy me.

I looked downwards and smirked when I saw his stance - his right foot is already stragetically positioned behind my left foot and I didn't even notice when he slipped it. Nothing less from Jiyong's right-hand man. All along, he could've tossed me over but he just kept on playing.

I took a step back, grabbed two combat knives from the table and hurled them without warning towards Daesung's Doraemon and Seungri's mirror that they were hugging protectively. The two didn't even flinch as they turned their body sideways and caught the knives by the handle. Our men standing behind them sighed in relief.

"Hyung!", Daesung and Seungri complained and stomped their feet while looking at their priced possessions, like what I did is not even life-threatening. We're crazy like this.

All of us fell silent and we all stared at the door as if sensing something sinister about to enter the room. As if on cue, Jiyong walked in with furrowed eyebrows.

"Hello loverboy", TOP hyung chimed in.

"I ran across a group of gangster wannabes", he nonchalantly announced.

"Oh no, boss. Please don't tell me you beat the crap out of them....", TOP hyung facepalmed himself helplessly.

"They're still breathing. I left them in an alley. Send some of our men to fix them up. It's their fault, they caught me in a bad mood", he said.

I snickered as I looked at them. The Tough Five. Yes, we are. After all, insanity is what dangerous people are made of.



I was about to change my clothes when my phone caught my sight. I started thinking about that jerk again.

Damn, this is strange. I feel restless knowing that he's leaving, and would probably be with one of his clients. Before I know it, I was already dialing his number. He picked up after a few rings. I bit my lips as I heard his voice.

"I wasn't able to ask you when you'll be leaving", I said.

"Tonight", he coldly answered.

"What?! You didn't tell me you'll be leaving that soon!", I shrieked before I could even contain myself.

"I tried to tell you but you started bombarding me with ridiculous questions", he boredly said.

I felt a stabbing pain. Ridiculous questions? Yes, he's right. Why do I even have to ask if he's doing the same thing to the other girls when clearly, it's none of my business since I'm merely renting him. Paying him to act.

Why do I care so much?

"J-Just text me when you've arrived safely", I weakly said. I felt like all my energy is ebbing away.


He hung up on me before I could even say goodbye.

"Jerk", I muttered.


GD sighed exasperatedly after hanging up. Women are made of crazy that he will never understand. They can be very emotional and sensitive at times and it's driving him nuts. Actually, no other woman was able to make him screwed up in the head because of the sudden emotional swings except for Dara. He doesn't feel like leaving anymore, all thanks to her.

He clicked his tongue in irritation. He can't deal with this right now; there are more pressing matters to attend to. In a few hours, he and his unit are leaving for China.

He darted his eyes all over the room. Youngbae has already finished organizing things and has contacted the Triads Shanghai Chapter about their arrival. All is set. His phone beeped and his immediate thought was Dara. That geek is such a worrywart. He smiled inwardly as the thought of her worrying about him somehow made him feel a little better.

He frowned when he saw it came from an unknown number. When he opened the message, he felt as if his heart was clutched by an invisible hand and air has been snatched away from his lungs.

It was a picture of Dara ing her blouse.

GD gripped his phone firmly, almost shattering it. His jaws clenched and his eyes gleamed with nothing but blinding fury. His heart was thundering inside his chest.

"B-Boss, somebody sent this", he heard Youngbae's voice but his cluttered head prevented him from digesting his words. Youngbae carried the laptop and placed it on the table in front of him. GD's eyes turned into slits when he saw the live video feed of Dara inside her bedroom, oblivious to the danger that might befall her. She already took off her blouse and was only wearing her bra and her office skirt. GD cursed loudly and frantically dialed Dara's phone. He felt it again - the feeling that is foreign to him - fear.

'FCK, DARA PICK UP THE FCKING PHONE!', he thought as he watched how she walked to the other side of the room, her upper body exposed except for her puny undergarment. His fists curled tightly as he shut his eyes and gritted his teeth. He can't stand the thought of someone watching Dara right now. He will certainly make him pay, by any means possible.

", DON'T FCKING WATCH THIS!", his men almost jumped when he slammed the laptop shut and stormed out of the room with his phone still pressed on his ears. He ran towards his car, started it and floored the accelerator.

"Yeoboseyo? Jiyong", he was already at his wits' end when Dara finally picked up.

"DARA, GET THE FCK OUT OF YOUR APARTMENT!", he yelled while swerving his car, almost hitting the truck in front of him.

"H-Hey, what's happening?", she asked, sensing the urgency in his voice.


"Alright, alright. God, Jiyong. What's wrong?", Dara quickly put on his blouse and walked out of her room.

"Don't hung up the phone, arasso? I'm almost there", he was breathing heavily as he speed through the highway. From the rearview mirror, he saw TOP, Youngbae and some of his men in motorcycles following him.

"Okay, but what's going on?", she asked as she exited her apartment building.

"I'll explain when I get there. Are you already outside?"

"Yes, I'm in front"

Just then, she heard the revving engine of GD's car. He stopped in front of the apartment building, his tires producing a deafening screech as it scratches the road. There was a cloud of smoke and dust trailing behind because of how maniacally fast he drove just to get there in record time. He jumped out of the car and strode towards her.

"Are you alright?", they asked in unison. A short silence followed as they stared at each other.

GD's chest was heaving up and down as relief flooded him. He was worried less.

"Wait here", he instructed and darted his eyes on the nearby tress to make sure that his unit is in position. He went in Dara's apartment and searched for the hidden camera in her bedroom. Judging from the angle, it's situated in the ceiling. He finally found the tiny device and pulled it furiously.

Then, his phone rang. His eyebrows connected when he saw that the call comes from a 3-digit number: 489. And every Triad member knows what that number stands for - it's a numeric code that refers to the Dragon Head. He pushed the answer button.

"You can't always protect her", an altered voice said on the other line.

"Boss? Were you the one behind this?", he muttered, trying his best to calm himself because heaven knows, he is about to erupt.

"Yes, son. I hope I made my point clear. You will not be able to protect her, just like your father to your mother. And to you", the altered voice was replaced by a voice that he will never forget. Yang Hyun Suk - his uncle. His mother's younger brother.

"U-Uncle?", GD frowned in confusion. Memories of his childhood flooded his mind. They were just a normal family. His father is a risk management consultant who will always be assigned somewhere from time to time and his mother is a plain housewife. Their peaceful life ended when a group of men attacked their house. His father made sure that he will escape. After that, he learned that his parents died and he ended up in an orphanage where he met TOP, Youngbae, Daesung and Seungri. The rest was history - him becoming a gangster with his followers and being recruited by the Triads.

His uncle was a constant visitor at their house. But his visits abruptly stopped for some unknown reason.

"I will explain everything once you get back from China, Jiyong. My men will fetch you from Seoul and take you to where I am"

"I still don't understand what Sandara Park has to do with all this. I want the head of whoever ed ba$tard is controlling this fcking hidden camera", GD growled in anger. He can't accept the fact that some as$hole took a photo and a video of Dara almost .

"What a predictable reaction. The controller is a woman analyst, there is no need to kill her. You're losing it Jiyong. You better step out of your game before it's too late. Your playtime is over. Time to go back to our world....and leave Sandara Park on her peaceful dreamland"

The call was then cut.

A string of curses escaped GD's mouth as he dialed TOP's number. As soon as he picked up, he started barking orders to sweep Dara's apartment, her office and every possible location she's regularly at for hidden bugs or cameras.

He then slumped on Dara's bed afterwards, thinking of his next step. Even though the Dragon Head and not some enemy or some ed as$hole was behind this, he still can't stay put.

He came up with a decision that will surely make Dara go bananas.



I was pacing back and forth while hugging myself as I waited for Jiyong. What could have happened?

When Jiyong finally emerged, he was carrying a luggage. MY luggage!

"Jiyong, what's with this? Can you please explain what's happening here?", I asked, obviously baffled by this whole madness.

"There was....a on the loose. I thought you were in trouble", he said.

"? Omo, that's creepy. But why do you have my luggage?"

"You're coming with me", he announced.



"Huh?", surely my ears are playing tricks on me. He can't possibly have said...

"You're coming with me", he repeated.


"Let's go", he grabbed my wrist but I tried to pull it away. He sighed irritably and looked at me.


"I don't understand. A is on the loose, so you want me to come with you?", I asked with disbelief. There was a momentary pause between us as he studied my reaction.


"Jiyong, can you even hear yourself? Where are we going?"

"China", he replied.


Long silence...

"The country?", I stupidly asked.


Oh fcking NO! What the hell?! Seriously, WHAT THE HELL DOES HE MEAN?! Me going to China?

"Jiyong, you're not making any sense AT ALL", I firmly said and peeled off his hand from my wrist.

"You're coming with me to China, Dara. I told you, a is on the loose. I don't feel like you're safe here", he insisted.

"Then I can stay at my friend's place. Or with my officemates! Or just stay inside my apartment! It's not like the will particulary choose me. Jiyong, this is insane", I reasoned.

"Just treat this as a vacation, alright? It'll just be a few days"

"I can't. I have work. And this is so short-notice"

He raked his hair in frustration then he threw my luggage inside the trunk of the car. He then strode towards me and lifted me off the ground.

"JIYONG!", I shrieked as I kicked my legs.

"Enough of this discussion. You're coming with me", he was able to shove me in the passenger seat but I kept on struggling and was about to get out of the car again, making him more furious.

"WHAT THE FCK DARA! STAY PUT!", he yelled. I was paralyzed in fear as I stared at him with wide eyes.

"Sorry", he said and tried to cup my face but I cowered away from his touch. I fixed my gaze on my lap while fiddling with my fingers as I sat sideways inside the car with my feet dangling on the street. Jiyong squatted in front of me and gripped my right hand.

"Hey...", he planted a soft kiss on my hand and rubbed it with his as he stared gently at me. My ill feelings are slowly melting away with his gestures.

"You yelled at me", I said in a tight voice.

"I'm sorry", he brought my hands on his lips again without breaking his gaze at me, making my heart flutter. GAHD! He looks so irresistible when he's like this! Damn, what am I saying?

"I can't go with you, Jiyong", I said with finality.

"Fine", he stood up and strode towards the trunk as I followed him. He lifted my luggage in silence and started heading towards my apartment building.

"I'll just invite Tiffany then, so the extra plane ticket won't go to waste", he added.


WHAT?! Tiffany?!!!

"Why would you invite Tiffany?!", my voice immediately hiked up.

"Why not?"

"She's not human! She's half-, half-evil!", that right there is a desperate attempt to make him change his mind. But hey, I'm just trying to save him from the sinister claws of that woman.

"Half-, half-evil? Hmmm...that works fine with me", his lips tugged in a playful smirk.



"Yeah, go ahead and bring her with you. I'm sure she'll say yes in a heartbeat", I looked at him indignantly.

He then pulled out his phone as we stepped inside my apartment. Argh! This jerk!

"Last chance, geek", he tauntingly said while dangling the phone in his hands. I ignored him and sat on the couch with my arms crossed.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw him dialing on his phone. He then occupied the space beside me while pressing the phone on his ears.

"Yeoboseyo? Tiffany?"

I don't know what's gotten into me but I found myself snatching the phone away from him. He flashed me a triumphant smile. CURSE YOU, JERK!

"Start packing", he said and leaned back on the couch while crossing his legs.

Crap....I'm going to China!




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Ever since I met Jiyong, everything in my life went awfully wrong. I feel like he was pulling me in a billion directions. I always end up getting in his blackhole without me realizing it.

I roamed my eyes around nervously. This is so weird. A moment ago, I was in my apartment. Now, I'm in a plane going to China. Oh myyyy...How did it even come to this? How can he make me comply to everything he wants? His magic is strong.

"Do we already have a place to stay?", I asked.


"A-Are we staying in the same room again?", I stuttered while trying to look calm. Events of that night will forever be glued in my mind.

"Yes. Don't worry, what happened in the penthouse suite that won't happen again", he nonchalantly said. I glanced at him but he seemed to be preoccupied with the magazine he's reading.

"Okay", I mumbled. I'm not going to meet Destruction. *sighhh

GAH! Why am I even feeling down?! I'm turning into a ed woman! y thoughts, shooo!! Shooo! Go away!

"I'll arrange for separate rooms if you're worried that you can't resist my body", he teasingly smirked at me while watching my reaction go from shock to pure anger.

"Excuseee meee!! You're the one who tried canoodle me!", oh dear God, help me. I really can't say '' in front of anybody.

"I tried to canoodle you?", his eyes squinted in amusement at my cute choice of words. I'm pretty sure my cheeks are in the deepest shade of red right now.

He then leaned forward and whispered something on my ear.

"We almost had , babe", he huskily said.

OH MY GAAAWWWDDDD!!!!!!! *nosebleed ~ ~

He will be the death of me, I swear!

"JERK!", I muttered under my breath.

"Too bad, I already gave you my word that I won't 'canoodle' you"

"Jiyong, once we land in China, I will BURY you!", I hissed, making him chuckle because of my outburst.

I pouted in annoyance and sulked on my seat. He then busied himself on reading the magazine again. I stole a glance at him and deeply sighed. What am I doing? I'm so messed up in the head that I got tired of thinking and decided to just go with the flow. Whatever happens, happens. After all, I just have a few time left to spend with him. There was a pang of pain in my chest when the thought of Jiyong leaving me crossed my mind.

Ridiculous. I like Donghae. And my life will finally be peaceful and worry-free once Jiyong gets out of my life. Hmph!

Anyway, this plane is really impressive. It feels like we're in a hotel suite. I didn't even see the other passengers since our area is isolated. Strange, isn't it? It makes me wonder what kind of company R.A.B. really is. It sure looks like they're earning a lot of money. But, Jiyong didn't specify any price when I decided to rent him. He said it's okay whatever amount I give him once the rent period has lapsed.

And they were even being sent overseas? When I asked Jiyong what business he has in China, he just said he had to take care of some company-related matters. Is he some sort of manager or boss?

I studied him as he flipped through the pages of whatever it is that he's reading. I wonder how many girls rented him. Here I go againnnnn. I really should stop prying on his personal affairs or else, he might use it to annoy the living crap out of me until I finally murder him.

"Hey jerk, are you really going to take Tiffany with you if I didn't come?", I asked, out of curiosity.

"Yes", he answered in an instant without even glancing at me.

"When were you able to get her number?"

"Penthouse suite", he simply said.

"What do guys like about her, anyway?", I mumbled to myself.

He then looked at me, then glanced at my chest and flashed me his boyish grin. My mouth twitched in annoyance. The desire to torch him alive is getting strong. Damn. Why the heck did my s stop growing after puberty. Unlike Tiffany's whose s are so monstrous that could probably float her up to Nicaragua.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has the fasten seatbelt sign, please return to your seats, fasten your seatbelts, and remain seated until it has been turned off. Thank You"

Here goes nothing...


"Are the hired assassins still in China?", a voice asked over a secured phone.

"Yes boss. They're still making preparations before they fly to Korea hopefully two days from now"

"We've received words from the Alliance that a Triads Unit from the Seoul Chapter is on the move and is on their way to China as we speak. They should get out of China fast", the voice said.

"I'll relay the message, boss"




Aigooo. I have to stop laughing now, it's making me hungry.

I cleared my throat and tried to keep a straight face but - Nyahahahhahhhahahahahaa!!! I CAN'T! Just remembering our boss driving like a crazed loon, almost killing half of the people in the highway just to get to Dara in superhuman speed as if he's running away from armageddon is just pure WTF moment! Hahahahahah!! Good heavens! Well, okay, his reaction was understandable since it turned out Dara was indeed being spied on - which is creepy, I must admit. But it was really hilarious when he just started zooming like an escaped asylum inmate about to destroy the entire city! GAHHD!!! Hahahahaha!! Oh sweet Jesus, my stomach! MY STOMACH! Hahahahaha!

"Hyung...", Youngbae called out and nudged me as we are about to enter the gates of the Triads Shanghai Chapter Headquarters. Fine, I'm stopping now.

So here we are finally in China. A few hours after we landed and checked in the hotel (which the Triads owned), we immediately proceed here in the HQ since our boss wants to go back to Korea as soon as possible. Dara is already in the hotel, sleeping. Jiyong instructed me to book two suites for them, which since it's an obstacle to my Twenty Million Won dream. But heck, boss even took her in our business trip and that means something. My success is nigh!

About the hidden cameras meant for Dara, I already instructed some of our men to take care of them. Jiyong told Youngbae, Daesung, Seungri and me that the Dragon Head was behind it. On that note, I have but one reaction - Uh-oh!. Super UH-OH! That can't be good, can it? Imagine the head of the Triads - the ultimate boss of a crime empire - took the time to mess with Jiyong's head by making him realize that he can't always protect Sandara Park. I think Jiyong is not telling us everything. There's more to it.

All our sworn brothers from the Shanghai Chapter were lined up as the gates opened. Jiyong stepped in and all of them bowed their head. Youngbae, Daesung, Seungri and I followed suit with the rest of the Deputy Mountain Master unit behind us. There was a long stretch of concrete pathway towards the main door of the headquarters so it feels like we're nobles being welcomed to the palace. I'm itching to hum a tune for added effect but Daddy Youngbae will surely turn into Mommy Youngbae with all the nagging and if I do that.

"You better not make a scene, hyung", Youngbae hissed as if reading my evil mind. See?

"Yes, Mom."

"Hyung, we're not here to play so you b-..."

"Your nagging is putting me to sleep", I faced him with drooping eyes. He sharply looked at me and shook his head in annoyance. I stuck my tongue out at him, kekekekekeke.

"You're unbelievable"

I snickered at him but immediately clamped my mouth when our boss glared at us.

Shutting up now. I don't want to end up in a petridish.


The Deputy Mountain Master unit was briefed with the details regarding the recent killings of some of the 49ers (ordinary Triad Members) in the Shanghai Chapter.

The unit was also informed that they were able to capture one of the assassins but he won't talk.

"Is the captured assassin still alive?", GD asked.

"He's barely breathing, boss. But he still won't bark a word even under extreme pain"

"Just give me a couple of minutes with him", GD eerily said.


It's amazing how GD alone could extract so much information from the assassin who refused to talk despite the torture he's been through at the hands of the other Triad members. In just a span of a few minutes, he was able to make him talk. He learned that the man is part of a group of professional hitmen who were hired to do a task at a bounty of cash. They prided themselves of being the only group of assassins who have a 100% success rate on all of their commissions and who have never been captured. They'd rather die than give any info about their mates. That, of course, changed when GD stepped in and made him experience hell.

The man also doesn't know who their employer is. Target and Money - that's how they operate. It doesn't matter who's paying for their services. The tasks were relayed to them via cipher messages. Their next target? 49ers in the Seoul Chapter.

GD retrieved the assassin's phone which does not have any number nor any messages saved. It was completely formatted. He will need the help of their analysts again to see if they can get something from it.

"So the hired guns are still here in China?", TOP asked.

"Yes, we need to track them down before they move to Seoul", GD replied as he stared at the phone. Triads Shanghai Chapter should be mobilized to track the whereabouts of the rest of the assassins.

"TOP, lead the search for this one. I just need to...take care of something during the day", GD said.

"Something or someone? Boss, you don't need to hide it. When it comes to making sure that you'll have your quality time with Sandara Park, I'm your b!tch", TOP winked at him goofily.

"Creep", Youngbae butted in, still annoyed at TOP's childishness.

TOP flipped his imaginary long hair, making Youngbae grimace in disgust.



I stirred when I felt the rays of sunlight on my face. I got up and rubbed my eyes, forcing them to open.

"Jiyong?", I called out, my mind still a bit hazed. As my head cleared out, I realized that Jiyong couldn't possibly be here since he booked a separate room, adjacent to mine. And why am I even calling his name first thing in the morning in the first place? I lazily stepped out of bed and that's when his sleeping form on the couch caught my eyes.

Jiyong was lying on his stomach, half- as usual. He was still wearing his jeans and shoes, his face rested on his folded arms with his leg dangling on the edge of the couch. Without me knowing it, a smile was immediately painted on my lips.

I grabbed a blanket and strode towards him. I covered him with the sheet and squatted on the floor to look at his face. He's adorable when his mouth is not spouting some menace that irks the hell out of me. I brushed his hair with my fingers and softly d his shoulder before standing up. I was surprised when he suddenly extended his arm and grabbed my wrist.

"Hello", he hoarsely said. His husky voice, GAHH!

"Hi", I replied, trying my best to appear calm. His mere touch is making me lose my head. Add that to the fact that we're here in a faraway country - ALONE. And he's here in my hotel suite without a shirt on. It felt like we're on a honeymoon! OH MY GAHD!

"I can't canoodle you. I promised, remember?", he teasingly said, as if reading my impure thoughts. Ottokae!

"Yah!", I slapped his arm and pulled my wrist away from his grasp. GRRR!! I marched towards my luggage and pulled out some clothes to take a shower.

"ed geek!", he called out before I can even reach the bathroom.

"JERK!", I shot back and slammed the damn door shut.


"Is there something wrong?", I asked. Jiyong was looking at me with an unreadable expression. We were both dressed and ready to go out. He informed me that he's free today so we can go sightseeing.

"Nothing. Let's go", he said in a noncommittal tone and strode towards the door. Look at this jerk. He's having his autistic lapses again.

"Yah, wait up!", I called out and trailed behind him. He just continued walking with his hands shoved inside his pockets, not even bothering about the poor old me who even flew to China with him. I pouted in annoyance as a rebellious feeling welled up inside me. This guy is really something. I'm beginning to believe my theory that he has a switch somewhere that abruptly changes his mood.

I quickened my pace and was able to catch up to him. His brows are furrowed; lost in deep thoughts. I wonder if there really is something wrong.

"Just stay close to me, geek. Don't go walking around, arasso?", he reminded me before we went to the car.


Jiyong was walking ahead of me as we strolled the streets of Shanghai. Hmph! He always does that whenever we walk together. Doesn't he know that couples are supposed to walk side by side, hold hands and all those cheesiness?

I just busied myself in observing the hustle and bustle around me. I was in awe as I darted my eyes, taking in everything - the street food, the ahjummas exercising at the sidewalk, the sheer number of bicycles parked in a corner, the ahjussi that is hauling a cart that is bursting with layers afer layers after layers of merchandise, whoa! How did he fit everything in there?!

Excitement suddenly filled me as I continued to look around. I'm in China! Wow! I stopped in a store and marveled the beautiful displays. I was gawking at everything that I laid my eyes on as I continued zigzagging on the different stalls like a ping-pong ball. I'm in CHINA!

"I really can't take my eyes off you even for a second, can I?", I heard Jiyong's voice and I immediately turned around. His face was grim as our gazes locked.


"I almost lost my mind when I didn't see you behind me", he muttered under gritted teeth. His eyebrows are connected and he looks like he's about to kill someone. And that someone is none other than me.

"You always walk ahead of me! I feel like a subordinate following you around", I complained. He took a step towards me and I took a step back in fright.

"Stupid geek", he mumbled and entwined his hands with mine. We started walking, hands still laced with each other as we went about the streets of Shanghai.

I felt it again - that tingly feeling in my stomach coupled with the erratic beating of my heart. Strange.

Maybe....I'm just hungry.






Ohhhh!! What's that protruding in your pants Jiyong?! Another mic, perhaps? KYAHH!! (Don't mind me, I'm crazy)

The day was really enjoyable, albeit a bit weird. Wherever we went, men tend to stand up straight in his presence and bow at him. When I asked him about it, he just told me that R.A.B. company is affiliated with this and that. It makes me think that R.A.B. is an empire.

We entered my hotel suite and I immediately collapsed on the bed, facedown. I'm exhausted... Jiyong sat on the edge and eventually lied on the bed as well, with his feet still planted on the floor. We just ordered dinner from room service since it's a bit late already.

"Our chicken!", I exclaimed, suddenly remembering our pet that I left in the backyard.

"Don't worry, I already asked someone to take care of her while we're gone", Jiyong said while resting the back of his hand on his forehead as he stared at the ceiling.

I propped myself up on my elbows when an idea entered my mind.

"KUNG PAO!", I excitedly said.


"Kung Pao Chicken! Let's name her that. Since you took me here in China"

"Oh goodness. Poor chicken", he chuckled as he glanced at me.

"Kung Paoooo!", I rested my head on his stomach while staring pitifully at him, trying to convince him to agree on my chosen pet name.

"Arasso", he said while glancing down at me.

"Yes!", I triumphantly exclaimed. I wiggled my head on his stomach in delight, earning a soft laugh from him.

"Geek, don't get the wrong idea. I won't canoodle you even if you want me to", he bluntly said. THE NERVE!

"YAH! JERK! OUCHH!!", I squirmed in pain as my head bounce back in his stomach because my hair was stuck somewhere. I tried to push myself up but....*GASP!!! My eyes popped out when I realized where my hands landed. Bulge? Big Bulge. I-It can't be...*squeeze squeeze

"UGH! DON'T SQUEEZE IT! FCK!", Jiyong abruptly sat up. A great shriek of terror escaped my lips when my face was thrown in between his legs! I stared in wonder at the growing bulge in front of me, not minding the pain in my scalp since my hair is apparently stuck in his zipper. His bulge, OMG! Destruction! KYYAHHH!! I'm dead. I can already picture my lifeless body floating all the way to Korea. Ottokae!

"! DARA!", Jiyong yelled and tried to get my head off his...his....

"My hair is stuck!", I managed to say in between my heavy breathing, my mouth grazing the tent on his jeans. GAHHH!!! Omo, why do I feel warm?!

"THEN GET IT OFF!", he laboriously said. I tried to pull away my hair with trembling fingers and ended up rubbing it because of my uncoordinated movements.


"OUCH! I can't get it off!", I crawled off the bed and knelt in front of his spread legs with my head angled towards his zipper. I pulled it again but it just became a tangle of mess. Panic overcame me as I frantically tried to drag the strands out. I didn't realize I was accidentally squishing Destruction again!

"DAMN IT! DAMN IT! DAMN IT!", Jiyong ed his pants and zipped it down, gracing me with a full view of Destruction if not for his black briefs. OH MY GAHHHDD!! WHY IS IT SO BIG!

I want to...hold it.


It's so....PLUMP!!!


"J-Jiyong, it's still stuck!", I was almost on the verge of tears (of pure joy). I can feel all the blood rushing towards my cheeks.

"DAMN IT! YOU SAID IT'S STUCK ON THE ZIPPER!", he was struggling to get my hair off the zipper as well but to no avail. I'm more stuck than before. I tried to pull my head again but ended up bouncing back and this face was buried flatly on his bulge, thinly covered by his brief.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <- speechless. Me <- dead.

My soul has abandoned me. My life's principles, virtues and beliefs are melting before my very eyes. All I can think about is HIM. ME. BED. NOW.

Oh, there goes my dignity, flying away while waving at me.

"ARRGHH!! SANDARA PARK!!!!", his agonized scream filled the room. OMMA!

"Mhphhmph!! Mpphmmph!", GAAHH!! Oh dear God, HELP ME!!


I tried to get up, I swear! But my hair somehow got themselves tangled some more up to the roots! And my face is literally, LITERALLY planted directly on top of his bulge!

<*Knock Knock>

"Room Service", a female voice behind the door announced.


"JI-Mhphhmph-YONGGG!!!!!", my mouth was stroking it everytime I try to say something. GAAHH!!! W-Why is it moving?! DESTRUCTION IS ALIVE!!

"DON'T COME IN!", Jiyong yelled and tried to stand up but I whimpered in pain so he remained seated. My panic meter has already exploded, together with my ovaries!

When I heard the door clicked, indicating that the room service is about to enter, I flailed my arms wildly to hit Jiyong! JERK, THINK OF SOMETHING!!

"Don't move...", he said and covered me with the blanket just as the room service stepped in. I stopped moving, but my mind is still reeling a thousand ed thoughts per second! Whenever I inhale, I can smell Destruction's scent. Oh God!

"Sir, where do I put these?"

"Just...ugh...leave it there", Jiyong pinched me under the blanket when I moved my face. But what can I do?! I need to breathe!

I heard the trolley being placed somewhere in the room. It's getting really hot, and I'm not pertaining to the weather, people. I was ogling at it....under the blanket...inevitably sniffing its silence....GAHH!! IT'S SO PLUMP!!! I want to bite it! RAWR!!!

Ottokae! What am I thinking? WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING?!!

My breathing is becoming labored at each passing second. When I finally heard the door being closed, I threw the blanket away and continued with my struggling-frenzy!

"! DARA!", he exclaimed with difficulty.

I placed my hands on his inner thighs for leverage and pulled hard, my scalp be damned! But it really won't come off! I just ended up being buried there again! With his bulge caressing my face, GAHH!!

"I'M SO FCKING HARD ALREADY! STOP IT!", he hoarsely said. Damn it, why do I find it so arousing?!

"I'm-mphh tired-mmphh", I said in defeat, my arms hanging limply on my side and my face still planted in between his legs.

I heard him fumbling through the bedside drawers, looking for something. Before I can protest, he cut off my stuck hair with a letter opener. I almost toppled over but he gripped my shoulder firmly, his fingers burying on my skin. We were both breathing heavily as we stared at each other. He then started to lean forward and I can't help but bite my lips in anticipation.

"", he muttered while resting his forehead against mine with his eyes shut.


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