MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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credits: Kaorishae (follow her on twitter @Kaorishae)




credits: jomi25 - Joan Constantino

"This ual tension has been between us for a while now", he hoarsely whispered on her ear and bit her lobe. She whimpered as she tried to push him.

"Should we do something about it?", his y drawl drove Dara to the edge of her sanity.

It's starting to get hotter than hell in their suite. The entire room reeked of nothing but silent ual tension.

Dara swallowed hard as her breathing became ragged. Their gazes locked and she was instantly drawned in the depths of his stare. He started to bridge the gap between their faces slowly, his mind completely clouded with desire. When he finally claimed her lips, her breath was caught on . His soft lips pressed against hers felt heavenly. It was moist yet warm. It was more than what she expected. Her eyes fluttered a bit and finally shut close as she savored this moment of insanity.

He parted his mouth and moved his tongue slightly, caressing her lips, tasting her. He and nibbled her lower lip, earning a low moan from her as she was completely lost in pure bliss. Just that soft guttural sound coming from her and he is already aching....his shaft doubling its size, threatening to implode.

He darted his tongue, coaxing her to give him access to her wet cavern. All logical thoughts set aside, she complied and fractionally parted her lips, enough for him to sink into the depths of . His tongue probed inside her, and stroking every part. She entwined her arms on his neck and raked his hair with her fingers as their kiss deepened. Their tongues met and mingled, with GD taking the lead as Dara's moans grew in volume. The taste of his tongue, the taste of his lips, the scent of his skin intensified the warmth that was spreading throughout her body, melting her.

"You taste so good", he hoarsely whispered in between kisses. His hot breath and raspy voice sending shivers down her spine. He was teasing her, softly planting quick pecks on her lips and pulling away whenever she tries to capture it. She grew impatient, wanting to have a taste of his lips again...wanting to feel his warm flesh inside her cavern.

She moaned in satisfaction when he finally gave in and dipped into her again. He groaned as she started copying his actions, her tongue dancing inside his mouth..unsure but ..taunting him. He kissed her feverishly, like a man that has been in drought for the longest time. His hunger for her is undeniable, his arousal enough to burn him through hell. Not even one of his concubines made him feel the way he's feeling right now.

She roamed her hands on his back. His skin felt so good against hers. The taste of him in gave her immeasurable hot pleasure that seared even her soul. She can't get enough of it - biting, nibbling, his lips....wanting nothing more but to relish it. She writhed as she felt his hand caressing her bare stomach under his blouse, making its way to the arch of her back. She shuddered on his touch, his hand leaving a hot trail on her skin...the sensation almost unbearable for her unexperienced body to handle.

"J-Ji..Wait..Stop..", she pushed him but GD grabbed her wrists and pinned it on top of her head. He then crashed his lips against hers, shutting her up.

He knew his limits. Yet he stomped on them. She knew she's crossing all boundaries. Yet she ignored it. His kiss is so pleasurable that it almost doesn't feel real, like she's trapped in a dream with nothing but him and her. He trailed wet kisses on her jawline down to the crook of her neck, and a sensitive spot of her flesh. Her sweet scent filled his nose, intoxicating him. He then grinded his in her fully clothed womanhood. Dara'eyes snapped open in surprise when he felt his bulge and started to freak out. She voiced out her protests and tried to wiggle free from his grip, but her partner is already too consumed with lust.

"Jiyong! Stop!"

"Shut up", he hissed. God! Doesn't she realize how heavy his balls are right now?

"Y-You're scaring me", Dara's lips twitched and was about to cry. GD exhaled exasperatedly while looking at her pitiful form. Good grief, what did he do to deserve this?

"Arasso, arasso. SShhhh", he gave her a gentle kiss on the cheeks and stared intently at her. He brushed the strands of hair away from her face and rubbed her cheek with his thumb.

"We shouldn't do this", she added and bit her trembling lips to stop her tears.

"Okay, babe. Don't cry. I'm not gonna do anything", he sighed and gathered her in his arms, stroking her back to comfort her.

Dara buried her face on his chest while wrapping her arms around his neck. Her heart rate is still far from normal. He rested his chin on her head as he cuddled her tightly.

"I was just staring at you when you were sleeping. I didn't do anything", she whimpered defensively.

"It's alright, Dara", he gently replied while sighing frustratedly. He wants to throw a metric ton of solid weight just to ease the pain in his groins.

'Sandara Park, you'll be the death of me', he thought.

He can already picture his tombstone.

Kwon Jiyong.

Death with Full


"Go to sleep", he softly whispered.

His tender voice is scarring her. She knew she made him upset again. But what can she do? She was confused.

"I'm sorry. It's my fault", she meekly said.

"No, it's not", GD d her arms and pressed her closer to him.

"Close your eyes, it's way past your bedtime", he added.

Dara snuggled on GD's warmth as she drifted to sleep. GD remained awake, blankly staring at the wall while Dara was contentedly lost to dreamland.

He looked again at the message on his phone and sighed heavily. He was ordered to settle some problems in China. And he's being summoned by the Dragon Head himself to his office when he gets back - in utmost secrecy. No one should know about their meeting. This is the first time that he'll meet the Dragon Head in person, and he has a very bad feeling about this. He dialed TOP's number and gave him instructions regarding their next assignment.

"Prepare everything. Book our flights three days from now"

After hanging up the phone, GD gazed down at Dara's sleeping form. He leaned forward and sniffed her temple.

"You're such a handful, geek.", he then planted a soft kiss on her forehead and sighed.

"Jerk...", she mumbled on her sleep. A smile broke on his face as he lightly brushed her swollen lips with his thumb.



Donghae texted me asking if I'll go ride with him but Jiyong went crazy again and insisted that I should ride with him. His eyes were focused on the road as we drove home.

I CAN'T LOOK AT HIM!!!! Kyahhh!!!

Oh Sweet Jesus, I thought I was going to die of massive heart attack when I felt Destruction!!! I really thought I was going to meet his weapon in flesh! How would I introduce my hymen to it? - Hymen, meet Destruction. Destruction, meet hymen.

KYAAHH!! ! My toes are curling at the mere thought of what happened (or what might have happened) in the suite. GAAHH! I can't wait to tell Bommie!! We are so going to spazz our way to the afterlife!

There was a huge grin on my face just thinking about it. ? What ? Me ? As far as I'm concerned, I'm only 80% now (yes, there's a percentage, bite me).

"I can hear your ed thoughts", Jiyong chuckled while playfully covering my face with his palm.

"Aisshhhttt, tch!", I whimpered and turned my face away from his grasp.

He glanced at me momentarily and smirked before concentrating on the road again. Ottokae! MUST.NOT.LOOK.AT.HIS.LIPS. I fixed my gaze straight ahead, noting the clear sky, the trees, the flowers, the scener-...Oh my God, please stop biting your lips!...Wait. Why am I looking at it again?! Gaahh!! I'm going nuts here, people! Just a moment ago, I can't look at him. Now, I can't take my eyes off those sinful lips. I'm...going...crazy...

This whole situation confuses the hell out of me. I know I like Donghae but why am I having this strange feeling whenever I'm with Jiyong? Curiosity? Probably. Jiyong has this mysterious air around him and you just can't predict what he's going to do next. Or maybe I'm just getting attached to him because of the stupid things he did to me? If it was Donghae, will I have the same weird feeling that I'm having right now?

I-DON'T-KNOW. I don't want to think about it. I've somehow managed to reach this age without being passionately kissed and he's the first one to do it, so I deserve this little ounce of giddiness. I'll set aside the thinking for later, at the very bottom of my To-Do list.


Okay I have no next point, I just want to let that out kekekekkeke. Bommie! I need Bommie! The giddiness is killing me!

"You're smiling like a maniac again", his voice forcibly pulled me out of tra-la-land.

"No, I'm not!", I shrieked. Am I? Gosh.

He chuckled and pinched my nose. Actually, we haven't really talked about what happened last night. He seemed cool with it so I didn't bring it up either. Yes, because I'm cool too. (And a tough b!tch, in case you forgot)

That and because I really don't know what to make of it. Before I fall in the sea of confusion again, I realized we've already reached my apartment.

He carried my luggage up to my apartment after checking the damn chicken in the backyard. I threw my bag on my couch and faced him. He was leaning on the door with his arms crossed, looking at me with an unreadable expression.

"What?", I asked as I averted my gaze.


Awkward. I hate awkward.

"uhm.. So, the Annual Company Acquaintance Party is near. I'll just text you the details", I said to fill the dead air.





He sighed and strode towards me. He then stood in front of me and was about to say something but decided against it.

"Nothing. I'm off"

"Oh. Okay. Take care. And thanks", I said.

"Can I have a kiss?"

KYYYAHHHHH!!!! My heart literally jumped out of my chest and ran in full circles around me while squealing! Why the hell am I being giddy?!

Fine, why not? He gave me Tony Tony Chopper anyways. I tiptoed and gave him a quick peck on the cheeks. He looked at me and smirked.

"That wasn't the kiss that I was talking about. But I'll let it slide for now", he said.

Okay, there goes my heart again, running crazily. Shucks, this is BAD. I'm supposed to think of Donghae!

This is guaranteed disaster.

"I have a gift for you in your luggage", he called out before leaving.

As soon as he went out of the door, I ran towards my luggage and searched for his gift.


It's his white brief! With a smiling face on the crotch!

The sight of it had me thinking of Destruction again! OHMYGAWDDDDD!!! <*fans self>


The Deputy Mountain Master unit were busy preparing for their assignment in China. Ammunitions had to be pre-arranged just in case they have to do battle with the unknown entity that has been wiping their 49ers.

There's so much to do, but GD's thoughts were wandering elsewhere. He didn't tell Dara that he'll be gone for a few days. But why is he bothered by it? He has no obligation to tell her where he's at. And how about the kiss that they shared in the penthouse suite? Why does he keep replaying it on his mind? Nah. She's nothing to him. Or is she? Damn. TOP should seriously quit screwing him up in the head.

"So...", TOP, the devil, appeared out of nowhere as if hearing GD's dark thoughts. GD cocked his gun while looking intensely at TOP like he's going to blast his skull if he hears one word about that fcking twenty million won again.

"I was just wondering, boss, if you're really not going to text or call Dara to inform her that you're going somewhere", TOP asked while throwing his hands in the air in surrender.

Texting and calling a girl is really not his style. That's why he seldom initiates sending messages to Dara. She should actually be thankful that he's even replying to her messages. Come to think of it, Dara is probably the only girl who has received the most number of calls and messages from him. Lucky woman.

"She doesn't need to know", he flatly answered.

TOP sighed and shook his head in resignation. GD's badas$ attitude is hindering his absolute success on their bet.






credits: marbie

[ The next day ]


I squealed as I entered her office during coffee break.


We giggled like school girls and danced crazily. We then sat at the couch facing the glass wall with a view of the city. Yes, her office is huge and luxurious since she's like the pseudo-Queen Bee of the Marketing Department. My office is like a hole compared to hers.

I started recounting the events that happened in the seminar including the juicy details. And as expected, we spazzed like no other.

"....then, Jiyong kissed me....passionately", I dramatically said.

Wait for it....


We were bouncing on the couch while throwing our heads from side to side as we screamed on top of our lungs like we've completely lost our minds.

"With tongue?", she suddenly asked.



Hahahaha! This is so fun! Our squealing-fest went on for a few minutes until we both got tired.

"Just make sure you won't fall for that guy, Dara. Experiencing these kind of things is okay as long as you don't involve your heart", she said.

I sat there, motionless.

"Yah! Don't tell me...", Bom stared at me incredulously.

"Of course not! I like Donghae!", I defensively said. No, I will never fall for Jiyong the Jerk. I shouldn't.

"Good. Now, we'll stick to our plan. Introduce your rented boyfriend on the Annual Company Acquaintance Party, put on a show for one month, then pretend you've broken up with him. Simple as that. Since from your story, Donghae is a bit shaken by the news of you having a boyfriend, then you have a good chance!", she excitedly narrated.

I just nodded in agreement even if I seriously doubt that this whole craziness will be just simple as that. As you might have already deduced, Bom is the pioneer when it comes to getting both of us in trouble. I have a nagging feeling that this fiasco that we've initiated will blow out of proportions someday. But I kept my mouth shut. We've already started this, might as well finish it. Plus....I'm still not prepared to say goodbye to Jiyong. I'll just think about it once the end of rent period is near.

"Have you talked to Donghae?", Bom asked.

"He hasn't called or texted me since yesterday. And I actually don't know what to tell him", I sighed heavily as the complications of this event started to sink in.

"Tell you what, you should act like you normally do. Just let things flow on its own course", my genius bestfriend suggested.

The hell. I'm not even sure if I could look at him in the eyes if it's just the two of us.

"Okay", I weakly replied.

The things a woman will do for the man she likes. *sigh

Other girls would've confessed just to end it once and for all. But I'm too much of a coward to do that. Instead, I opted to rent a boyfriend to stir up more dramas.

There are plenty of idiots out there. I'm apparently one of them.



A day before our scheduled flight to China, our unit was lounging at one of the Triad's warehouses in the middle of the night after checking the artillery. When mobsters finished their tasks, this is where the fun starts. Just like any other bored people with no criminal records, we often play cards while puffing cigarettes and drinking alcohol or screw around like a bunch of rowdy pupils in a classroom.

Tonight is no different. We were all sitting on the crates while chatting the night away with bottles of beers in our hands. Our boss was being his usual noncommittal self, but we're used to it.

So here we are doing our sh!t when a weird phenomenon happened.

Jiyong's phone beeped indicating that he received a text. He pulled out his phone, read the message...then he chuckled. He replied. Another message came in after a few seconds. He chuckled again then he replied. And another one came in. He CHUCKLED and he REPLIED.


I looked around and everyone was as flabbergasted as I am. We all knew he's not much into texting or calling. No one, in the history of human civilization, can make our boss glued to his phone, make him chuckle at whatever the hell the message was and reply to it multiple times in a row.

We're seeing a miracle.

Nobody was brave enough to ask who it was, even if the curiosity is killing us. Jiyong was in a foul mood since last night and with all these guns inside the crates, na-ah, we don't want to be blown up to pieces by a moody dragon.

"Uhmm...Boss, who was that?", Youngbae risked his life and asked. Thank you Youngbae, you will forever be remembered.

All of our ears perked up, like hound dogs hearing the sound of a running prey. The as$holes smoking at the corner even ran towards where we are, forming a crowd in half-circle around where Jiyong is sitting. We were like trick-or-treat kids waiting for our halloween candies. Whoever it was that texted him lightened up his mood (Youngbae, you're safe my friend!). He was all smiles as he was looking at his phone.

"Dara", he flatly answered.

"YEAH!!", I raised my fists up in the air and yelled. The others whistled and clapped their hands as they cheered for me.

"Twenty Million Won, who's your daddeh!!", I screamed while ing my hips. The entire warehouse erupted in full chaos. Seungri and Daesung were fighting who will win between me and Jiyong. Others started to make their own bets on the side.

You see, the two of them is like our own K-Drama series, we always look forward to what will happen next. A mobster boss as the boyfriend, a techy geek as the girlfriend? ANNNNDDDD, a cute little chicken as their pet? Fcking I-N-S-A-N-E, I tell you!

Let's take a quick recap, shall we?

G-Dragon - He strikes fear even to the deadliest of criminals and mobsters. Even if you're holding a knife, or wield a samurai, he will just scoff at you, break your limbs and walk away while whistling. GD is already scary by default. GD with furrowed eyebrows? DAMN. Even the angel of death will scurry away.

Dara - I can't even begin to describe how adorable and funny she is. She may look like your ordinary gal but she has a surprising feisty side especially when provoked. And I salute her patience to our boss' pranks and antics. Other women would've probably cried tears of molten lava, but not her. She fights back, and she's funny as hell when she does that.


I wonder what was on Dara's text message?

"What did Dara say?", Youngbae asked again. I love you, Daddy Youngbae!

"We're deciding the name of our pet chicken", Jiyong answered.

Chaos ensued when everyone started pitching in their genius idea - ranging from cute to kickass chicken names. Bare in mind that these people are mobsters from the prided Deputy Mountain Master unit:

Kung Fu Chicken (wow, badass!)

Kung Pao Chicken (mehhh)

Lunch (Oh come onnnn!)

Dinner (*yawn)

Supper (Seriously, are we still not done with that kind of joke?)

Cotton Candy (What? Who said that?)

Cutie Honey (Cuti-..Seriously, who's gay here?)

Chicken Stew (Someone's hungry)

Lemon Chicken with Sesame Seeds (Someone's hungrier)

Drunken Chicken Fist (Ohh, so we're now into fighting styles, eh?)

Mauser 98K Sniper Rifle...Chicken (Uhhh..We're getting technical here.)

FLUFFY MUFFY! (*bricked)

I approached Jiyong while the others are still engaged with naming the chicken.

"Boss, I noticed you've been taking this boyfriend services way too seriously", I teased.

"No way. I don't care about that geek", he stood up and walked away. I smirked as I chugged my beer while staring at his retreating back.

Oh Jiyong. Your badas$ery will come back and break your heart someday. And I will be there, cuddling your crying form while whispering the most annoying words ever invented by men - 'I told you so!'






credits: cupnoodles


He's been avoiding me. I was walking on the office hallway earlier when I saw him. He immediately retraced his steps as if he didn't see me when clearly, he did. And he's not replying to my messages either.

What's happening to us? This isn't how it's supposed to be.

"Hey Dara, have you double-checked with the suppliers if they can deliver in time for the party?!", I saw Krystal striding towards me while holding the list of decorations again.

This girl will die in my hands someday.

"No. I'm sure they will be able to deliver so there's no need to bug them. Seriously, you should chill", I said with a bored expression.

She scowled at me and dramatically exhaled. She was so pissed off that I thought centipedes are going to ooze out of her nose.

"Don't you realize the gravity of the situation here? The IT department will be put to shame if we just chill. Any mishaps can happen!", she exclaimed.


Krystal, Krystal, Krystal. You are so damn crazy that you fascinate me to no end. It's just a bunch of decorations, for crying out loud! You're probably the only idiot who gives a crap about the whole thing.

"Here, sign these order slips", she said afterwards. I started signing just to shut her up. You see, her voice isn't the most pleasant to the ears.

A dark smirk formed on her lips as she gathered the documents and walked away.

This b!tch is up to something.


Here I am hiding at the rooftop, trying to calm myself because my panic meter is so close to exploding.

Krystal got me. I knew it, she's made of pure EVIL.

She made me sign up as one of the speakers for this afternoon's Product Demo without me realizing it by hiding the form in between the order slips. She knew I would rather die than stand in front of people to <*gasp> speak! I'm okay with conference calls and meetings, but I will faint if I try to present in front of a big group of people. I tried to retract but our department head wouldn't hear any of it since no other person volunteered.

Public Speaking. I hate it SO VERY MUCH.

My last recollection of public speaking was during college when I was tasked to introduce the guest of honor during one of the Department Seminars held in the auditorium of our university. The entire faculty and student body were there, staring at me in awe as I breathe loudly at the mic. That was the most terrifying five minutes of my life.

I can still vividly remember every damn second of that torturous experience. I was sweating at every fcking pore of my body. My vision was getting blurry as I stupidly tried to read the cue cards. I managed to pronounce each word incorrectly, not forgetting to croak like a frog at each punctuation mark.

I hid for weeks. After that fiasco, I spent every freaking night praying REALLLLYYY hard that I will never see my classmates for the rest of my life.

If I go on stage again to do public speaking, I swear I will need a team of medics to resuscitate me back to life even before I can introduce myself.

And now, here comes another chance to humiliate myself. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's afraid to speak in front of so many people - which is the reason why nobody volunteered to do the Product Demo.

I sighed heavily as I sat on the concrete bench while scanning the view of the city.

"Dara", I almost jumped when someone called me. I glanced behind and saw Donghae holding two cans of soda while looking at me with a blank expression. He sat beside me, opened the can and gave it to me. I smiled and thanked him, but he just nodded his head in response with the same serious look.

A soft breeze blew on our faces as we both stared at the skyline. Silence that is nowhere near comfortable enveloped both of us.

"D-Donghae, did I do something wrong? Are you mad at me?", I finally said when I couldn't take the awkwardness any longer.

"No", he flatly said. I bit my lips as I fixed my gaze on the can that I was holding. This is my first time to see Donghae act so distant and cold, and it's breaking my heart. I'm so used to his smiling face and cheerful attitude.

"I'm the one who did something wrong. I'm angry at myself", he added.

"What do you mean?", I asked in confusion while sipping my soda. He stood up and swung his leg on the bench to change his sitting position. He was now directly facing me while I sat sidewards, facing the city view.

"If I tell you, will you break up with Jiyong?", he suddenly said, making me choke on my drink, spitting some in the process.

I was coughing for my life as he chuckled softly. He pulled out his handkerchief and wiped my lips while gently staring at me. It's so painful to see that look in his eyes; to see his smile wiped off his face.

"I hate myself for being a coward", he whispered as he leaned forward and pressed his lips against mine. I was so dumbfounded that my brain had a momentary delay before everything sinked in. It was just a quick peck, and he was already walking away when I woke up from my trance.

I stared disbelievingly at his handkerchief that he placed on my hands.

Oh God! What just happened?!

That afternoon, I also found out that Donghae volunteered to do the Product Demo, saving me from possible embarrassment.






credits: bepu27

It was already past 6PM and everyone probably left home. I was sitting in my office while massaging my temples as I tried to analyze what happened earlier.


Ugh. This can go on forever. My head will probably explode before I can come up with the proper answer. I started gathering my things when I felt a chill run down my spine as if someone is watching me. I looked at the glass wall behind me and on the buildings outside. Weird.

I was about to leave when I noticed another thing. Two of the action figures I had on my shelf were misplaced - Sakura was in Kurenai Team while Hinata was in Kakashi Team. Not that I'm complaining because I ship Hinata and Naruto, but I'm very particular with the order of my action figures based on their teams. Did the cleaning ahjummas arrive earlier? I just shrugged it off and arranged them back to their original places.

On the way home, so may thoughts are swirling on my head. Surprisingly, I found myself thinking about Jiyong again. I was so caught up with being giddy with the new experience that I didn't realize he might be doing the same thing to his other clients. Just the thought of it is making me restless.

I pulled out my phone and checked if there are any messages from him. The jerk isn't texting me again. I smiled when I remembered our banterings last night regarding the name of our pet. We eventually didn't come up with any since both of us wouldn't bend to each other's suggestions.

Damn it. Why am I even thinking about that jerk again when I'm supposed to be going crazy because Donghae kissed me?

I was about to enter my apartment building when...


"KYAAAAHH!!!", I shrieked in surprise and clutched my chest. It took me a few seconds to realize that it was just Jiyong, standing in the shadows with his hands shoved in his pockets. He began laughing at my stupefied face afterwards.

"Don't do that! JERK!", I hit his arm with my bag and exhaled furiously.

I was still catching my breath when his next statement made me froze.

"I'll be gone for a few days", he said.

"You're leaving? Where? When? How long?", dammit. Why am I acting like this?

"Just a couple of days. I'll just be out of town"

I'm not sure why, but my mind immediately concluded that he'll be with his other clients. Just like what he did when I was on a seminar. And it doesn't sit well with me.

"Are you going to be with your other clients?"

"No", he nonchalantly said.

Oh come on.

"J-Ji, that night. the penthouse suite....Do you also do that to other girls?", my unstoppable mouth has a life of its own! God, Dara.

He sighed heavily and met my gaze.

"Don't ask questions if you can't handle the truth, Dara"

I flinched at what he said.

My mind came to a screeching halt. And for some unknown reason, my heart ached. Not even the thought of Tony Tony Chopper was able to ease it.

"Just...stop worrying too much, alright geek?", he gently said while cupping the side of my face.

His soothing voice. It's the most ruthless of all.

"I'm just your rented boyfriend after all"

Sh!t. Why is it hard to breathe.

"I know", I mumbled and turned my face away from his hand.

Of course I know that. He's just my rented boyfriend. But...why does it feel so real?


'Women', GD thought as he stared at Dara's crestfallen face. He even went out of his way just to tell her that he's leaving even if it means eating up his words and putting up with TOP's annoying remarks later.

He really can't understand women. Is it really surprising that he's kissing and doing it with other girls? He's a normal guy with needs. She should be thankful that nothing happened between them that night even if his little dragon was about to spit fire and burn the entire hotel to the ground. He was ACHING beyond words but he stopped himself because she fcking cried!

Besides, he's just her rented boyfriend so what's with this drama?

"I need to go", he said afterwards.

"Okay, take care. Text me", she replied weakly. GD sighed in frustration as he walked towards his car.

Things with Sandara Park is getting complicated. Maybe he should start to rethink about this whole situation before it screws him up.

After GD left, Dara went inside her apartment more confused than before. Why does she care so much about what Jiyong does? He's just her rented boyfriend. She should be thinking about Donghae.

Maybe she's just confused because she got used to Jiyong's attention. Yes, that's probably it. Donghae is the one she likes. This whole madness started because she wants him to get interested in her. And it looks like she's succeeding, so she should be happy. She should be happy. But why isn't she?

Dara shook off the uneasy thoughts and went to her bedroom. She furrowed her eyebrows and looked at her window. She felt it again - as if someone's watching her. Which is odd since she's at the second floor and there's no house or building outside of her window.

She roamed her eyes around her apartment and checked the bathroom and the closet. She's alone. She's probably too tired with the events that happened today that she's beginning to imagine things.

Dara pulled out her clothes from the closet and tossed it on the bed.

The hidden camera zoomed in when she started ing her blouse.




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