MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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"Y-You have a boyfriend, Dara? Who?", I heard Donghae ask but I'm too scared to look up.

"Me", a deep voice behind me interjected. Then, I felt my seat spun and the next thing I know, I was facing Jiyong. His hands were rested on the sides of my seat, trapping me with his arms as he smirked at me.

"Hello babe"

His husky voice is intoxicating. I found myself staring on his wet lips as he bit it while grinning. I was sitting there, trapped between his arms while his face is just a few inches away from mine with an overly y smirk....

<*takes a deep breath*>


It's over. My ovaries are history. His hotness is just...gahhhdd!! I can't even think of a far more superior word to describe it. He is a walking soft p0rn! GAAAHHH!!! *diesssss

I swallowed hard while my heart thundered with an unfamiliar beat as I continuously stared at his lips.

KISS MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!, my mind screamed. Oh sh!t, I'm turning into an entirely different (and ) woman! My body is uncontrollable! I don't know what's gotten into me but I was (unconsciously) slowly leaning forward to have a taste of those soft, luscious lips when my seat spun again and I was now facing the shell-shocked Donghae and Tiffany. I felt Jiyong's chest reverberating at my back as he chuckled softly. WAAAHH!!!

This jerk! I elbowed him forcefully as I felt my cheeks getting hot.

But when my eyes landed on Donghae, I stiffened. Never have I seen him with a very stoic expression, far from the smiling and playful drinking buddy that I know. He was looking intently behind me - at Jiyong. I glanced sidewards and saw Jiyong staring back at him with equal intensity.

I cleared my throat nervously, grabbing their attention, including Tiffany's (she's still here?).

"Jiyong, this is Tiffany and of course, you've met Donghae before", I made the introductions as he occupied the empty seat at my right while Donghae is at my left side. Since it's a round table with high seats, we were all in close proximity with each other.

I thought a solid silence will ensue after the introductions, but I was wrong. Donghae gunned down Jiyong with questions without even a trace of smile on his face while Tiffany leveled up on flaunting her s! Is she trying to seduce Jiyong?!

Everything became chaotic. I don't know whether I should answer Donghae's questions or cover Jiyong's eyes because those demon s are evil!

"You've only known each other for a short time, how did you two become a couple?", he asked.

"I asked her to be my girlfriend, she agreed. That's just it.", Jiyong simply said and Donghae doesn't look a bit convinced.

"Dara wouldn't readily agree until she has gotten to know more about the person", Donghae then met my eyes and I felt like my breath was snatched away from me as I saw pain in them.

Oh my God, is this really what I want?

"D-Donghae..uhm, you see, I...", I stuttered as I tried to explain but Jiyong cut me off.

"I guess she already know me enough", he said.

"When I met you the first time, are you already together?", Donghae asked.

"Uhmm...", oh crap.

"Yes", Jiyong replied.

Donghae was taken aback and looked at me with an unreadable expression.

"I'm sorry I lied to you", I mumbled while biting my lips. I felt guilty because I'm lying to him even now. And I'm so confused as what to feel with his reaction. I should be happy since he didn't take it lightly and seems to be visibly shaken by the fact that I have a boyfriend. But, I'm not.

An uncomfortable pause followed which was broken by Tiffany. I've never felt so thankful for her unwelcome presence this evening. She serves some purpose after all!

"Are you also here for the seminar, Jiyong?", she asked while strutting her humps. Argh! I take back what I said.

"Nah, I just happen to be in the area", he said and glanced downwards.

The jerk was looking at Tiffany's cleavage! I discreetly kicked his foot while pretending to fix my hair, but they just continued chatting. Grrrrr!

"The cocktail drinks in this bar are amazing. I particulary like....the ", she said while putting the olive in . OMG! Can she not see that I'm sitting here?! I thought she likes Donghae?

"Sounds tempting", he muttered.

I furiously grabbed my bottle while flaming Jiyong with my deathly glare. I can't believe they're talking about a drink with ual connotation in front of me and Donghae.

"But, I'm not really into sweet cocktails", he added.

"Aww, too bad. is a real delight", Tiffany placed her glass on the table, her hand almost brushing Jiyong's arm. I quickly pulled the hem of Jiyong's sleeve! GAAHHH!!! If she dares touch Jiyong, I swear I will eat her brain!

I sighed deeply afterwards. They are such a perfect combination - the jerk and the . I can't help but think this is how he gets girls to jump on his bed. There was a tiny squeeze in my heart, but I chose to ignore it.

I continued with what I'm doing - drinking one beer after another. I stiffened when my eyes fell on Donghae. I didn't realize that Donghae was staring at me the entire time. He was observing us. I gave him a timid smile and diverted my gaze while gulping down my drink. Tiffany was still engaging Jiyong with her casual talk, making my blood boil.

"That's enough", Jiyong suddenly said while pulling the bottle away from me.

"I can handle my alcohol", I protested. This jerk! After flirting with the b!tch, he's now paying attention to me? I tried to snatch the bottle again but it turns out I'm really beyond my usual beer intake. When I leaned forward to grab the bottle back, I didn't realize I was about to fall off my seat - face-forward.

Everything happened so fast. Donghae hugged me from behind, snaking his arm around my waist to prevent my fall while Jiyong stood in front of me, wrapping his arms around my body and resting my face on his shoulder, his hand holding the back of my head.

"I got her, man", Jiyong said in a firm voice.

Donghae lets me go and went back to his seat while Jiyong checked if I'm fine.

"I'll punish you later", he warned me, but it just sounds oh so y. *Kyahhh!!

"Uh-oh", I whispered playfully on his ears, my cheeks slightly brushing against his. Ottokae! Dara, I don't know you anymore!

A smirk formed at the side of his lips as he helped me steady myself on my seat. He then leaned forward and whispered back on my ears.

"Don't taunt me. I told you I'm rough"

KKYAAAAHHH!!!!!!!! *diesssssss

I think my heart exploded. Is it me or is it getting really hot here? I started fanning myself with my hands.

Tiffany twitched in irritation and rolled her eyes. She then tried to engage Jiyong again in another conversation. And the jerk willingly replies to all of her questions!

I pouted and looked longingly at the bottle of beer he snatched away from me. I need more alcohol to shut Tiffany's annoying voice off my mind. Jiyong suddenly stretched his arm and playfully covered my whole face with his hand. Argh, jerk! I slapped his hand away as he chuckled and went back on chatting with that woman. Hmph!

"Dara..", Donghae suddenly called out.


"Mani marte?", he asked. I gasped in surprise. He's speaking to me in Elvish language!

What happened?

I knew he was talking about him and I. I just couldn't find the right response for that so I remained silent and just stared directly at his eyes.

"Amin dele ten' lle", he gently said.

I am worried about you

My chest constricted.

"I'm fine, don't worry", I assured him.

"Vanimle sila tiri", he smiled at me.

Your beauty shines bright

The softness in his eyes is making me guiltier than I already am. I dare not open my mouth because my voice might break. I didn't expect this from him.

"Amin naa lle nai"

I am yours to command.

I bit my lips and bowed my head with what he said. He's telling me that he'll always be there for me. My head throbbed and my heart hurts. I'm so confused right now.

He then chuckled bitterly and chugged his drink.

"I'm off", he ruffled my hair and pinched my cheeks, like what he usually does. Sadness was evident in his eyes but he still smiled at me. I was about to say something when I felt a pain on my waist. What the hell? I glanced down and saw Jiyong's hand pinching my side. I lifted my gaze and he was frowning at me. What's up with him?

"Tiffany, I'll walk you to your suite", Donghae offered.

I sighed deeply as they were about to leave.

"I'll see you around, Jiyong. Bye, Dara", Tiffany said. No, you won't see him around! Duh!

"Yeah, see you later", Jiyong replied. What?! There will be no later, jerk!


Dara was stomping her feet as they walked on the street. She was still furious with how GD accomodated Tiffany's advances. It's odd that her thoughts are preoccupied with that instead of thinking about her situation with Donghae, but Dara is too consumed with annoyance to even care.

"That went well", GD nonchalantly remarked.

Dara snappily whipped her head and faced him with furrowed eyebrows.

"No, it did not. You were flirting with her!", she accusingly said.

"Who? Fany?"

"Oh, now she has a nickname"

"She told me to call her that. And I was just politely answering her questions", he reasoned.

"Come on, you were staring at her gigantic chest!",

"Ah, that. Of course, I can't ignore those eyecandies", GD jokingly replied but Dara wasn't half-amused.

"Argh! Jerk!"

"What's with you?"

"You're my boyfriend!", she angrily screamed as she stopped walking.

"M-My rented boyfriend. So you shouldn't be flirting with front of me", she added and diverted her gaze while crossing her arms over her chest.

GD smiled as he looked at the fuming tiny woman before him. She's so cute when she's angry hahahaha! Her expression alone is enough to make his trip here all worth it. GD was actually supposed to just check on her and head back to his office at the headquarters immediately since he just sneaked out right after the meeting with the Straw Sandal. He didn't even bring his men with him since TOP will certainly make sure that he won't live another peaceful day for the rest of his life for eating his words. He said he'll just wait until Dara gets back but it's been bugging him since last night so he decided to pay a quick visit.

Everything that happened so far was out of the plan. Dara was not supposed to know that he's there but he ended up revealing himself. Actually, all his plans are being messed up because of Sandara Park.

Which is kind of disturbing...

He shook off the uneasy thoughts. He's the Deputy Mountain Master of the Triad - a mobster boss of the mafia world. He shouldn't forget that. He's just doing this for his own amusement. Nothing more, nothing less. He will walk away from all these when the time comes.

"You're funny when you're jealous, geek", GD noted in an amused tone.

"I AM NOT JEALOUS!", Dara shrieked hysterically making him laugh. Ahhhhh, yeah. This is the reason why he agreed to this ridiculous setup in the first place. So he can experience blissful fun once in a while.

"Arasso", he shrugged his shoulders and shoved his hands inside his pockets while wearing an unconvinced expression on his face.

"!", Dara muttered under gritted teeth and glared at GD like she's about to leap towards him any moment and rip his head off.

"Uh-huh", he then started walking, leaving her behind. He glanced back and smirked teasingly.

GRRRRRRRRR! Jerk!, Dara breathed in deeply to prevent herself from erupting. She trailed behind him while mumbling incoherent words.

"Yah, wait up. You don't even know where I'm staying", Dara called out.

"Let's head to my hotel suite first. I brought your phone with me.", he replied without even glancing.

"You went inside my apartment while I'm not around?! You creep!"

"I went to check our pet. You just let her roam around the backyard without enough food. You're a bad mommy"

"What are you doing here by the way?", she asked.

"Just some stuff. Then I went out of my way just to check on you, even if you didn't text me", GD accusingly said.

"You're the one who ignored me first", she mumbled.

"I was busy", he nonchalantly replied.

Dara exhaled loudly. She should really be used to this uncaring side of GD but it still worries her whenever he suddenly disappears.

"Can you please text me even if you're busy? It bothers me when I don't hear from you", she said.

"If you sent me a message first, I would've replied"

"I was thinking you were accompanying your other girlfrie-...clients. That's why I didn't text you", she answered and fixed her gaze downwards as she felt a stinging pain again with the mention of GD's other clients.

GD stared at Dara's sullen state and chuckled lightly. He then stopped walking and waited for her to reach him.

"You worry too much", he amusedly said and pinched her nose. She groaned in protest and pulled away from GD's grip.

"Aigoo, you and Donghae always pinch my face", she unwittingly remarked.

"Hmm...Well, that's the only similar thing between you and Donghae. He's a perfect gentleman", she added.

GD's lips twitched. He doesn't even know why he wants to plant a sniper bullet on that guy's skull right now. He spun on his heels and took long steady strides, ignoring Dara's pleas to slow down.

He then furrowed his eyebrows when he saw TOP's hand emerging behind a tree with a big sign saying Twenty Million Won. That really needs to be sent in a remote island far away from him. How the hell did he even know that he's here, by the way? His right-hand man is really good at sniffing where he's at.



He is, hands-down, the most unstable person I've encountered. His mood swings boggles my mind. I'm sure there's a certain science into it.

I ran beside him and glanced at his stoic face. Hmph! What a grumpy person.

It turns out he's staying at the same hotel as we do. What the hell, I thought there are no vacant rooms? The moment we entered the reception hall, I cowered behind him. There were a lot of scary-looking men wearing black suit and lurking at every corner of the hall. I casted Jiyong a worried look but he seemed unperturbed of their presence.

I darted my eyes left and right. Whenever I met their eyes, they will surprisingly avert their gaze or turn their backs at me. Whoah! Creepy! I nervously grabbed a fistful of Jiyong's shirt as I trailed behind him.



"There's something weird going on here. Look at all these suspicious men", I whispered.

"Don't be silly, they're probably guests here", he said dismissively.

"I doubt it", I hissed. Is he blind?

"If you're scared, just stay close to me", he lifted his right arm over my head then wrapped it around my body, pressing me to his side. I heard a deep voice yelling 'Twenty Million Won' emanating from the back of the couch and when I looked at that direction, I saw a head hiding behind it while the people sitting on the couch are covering their faces while laughing.

"Jiyongggggg, let's get out of here. Pali!", I pleaded as I s my arms around his waist because this whole situation is scaring the crap out of me.

"Yeah, let's do that.", he said between gritted teeth while glaring at the people on the couch.


The penthouse. The PENTHOUSE?!

You have got to be kidding me! What is the R.A.B. company paying these people? Gold bars?!

I gawked at the spacious and elegant living room as well as the panoramic view of the area and the night sky. There are no walls separating the living room and the bedroom but it was artistically partitioned by expensive-looking ensembles. I can't even bring myself to step on the carpet, I don't think I'm worthy enough.

"Come on in", he said like this is just an everyday setting to him.

"How did you afford this? Is your company paying for your stay?", I asked incredulously.

"Yeah. Stop asking questions", he pulled me inside and guided me towards the bedroom. I ran my hands on the white sheets of the California King-size bed as he was getting my phone.

"Want to stay here with me tonight?", he whispered behind me, making me yelp in surprise. I turned around and stepped back, forgetting that the bed is just a near distance behind me. I tripped backwards at the edge of the bed and the next thing I know, I was bouncing on the softest mattress ever. Oh myyyyy, I'm never getting up here for the rest of my life! It's sooooo soft and fluffy!

The bed bounced again as Jiyong sat beside me.

"Like it? Just grab your things from your suite and stay here. I'll drive you home tomorrow", he said. That's when it hits me - Donghae! Omo, I still have to talk to him! I bolted upright and grabbed my phone from Jiyong.

"I have to go. Donghae's probably waiting for me at our room. I'll just text you", I started heading towards the door while Jiyong followed me from behind.

"What do you mean at our room?", I heard him ask in a dangerous tone. I tentatively glanced back at him and my steps automatically doubled its pace when I saw his grim expression. Seriously, what is wrong with him?

"Nothing. Bye!", I said as I half-ran away from him.

I quickly opened the door but he slammed his palm on it, shutting it firmly while I froze in fear. He then grabbed my shoulder and turned me around to face him.


"Are you and Donghae staying in one room?", Jiyong was breathing heavily as he glared at me furiously. Okay, I'm scared now. I don't even know why he's acting all crazy.

"T-There were no other vacant rooms"

The entire vicinity was suddenly filled with a ruthless air as if happiness has been out. It literally feels like there are a thousand Dementors chilling nearby.

"You're...staying...with him?"

The lights actually flickered in fear. I can tell he's going to be on berserk mode again. Jiyong's grip on my shoulders tightened while his eyes turned into tiny slits.

Oh God, save me please.

"Y-Yes", I answered truthfully....because I'm that stupid.

His eyebrows furrowed.

And he instantly turned into a jedi.

"FCK! DARA!", he pushed me against the door making me wince in pain. He completely morphed into a whole new level of craziness.


"Did he do something? Did he...SH!T I'M GONNA KILL HIM!", he clenched his fists until his knuckles turned white. He then planted his curled fists on the door, trapping me between his arms. His chest was heaving up and down like he's trying to calm himself, but obviously failed.

"Jiyong..", I placed my hands against his chest, intending to push him away but he wouldn't budge.

"God, Dara. How can you make me this mad?", he was staring at me with eyes that were almost begging me to end his misery.

"Nothing happened. Donghae isn't like that"

A momentary silence passed between us as our gazes locked.

"Nothing happened?", he asked again while looking intently at me.

"He slept in the couch", I assured him.

He leaned his forehead on the door, pinning me with his body, as if energy has been drained from him.

"Jiyong, what's wrong with you?", I asked as I rested my chin on his shoulder while stroking his back. Why is he so agitated by the fact that Donghae and I slept in one room?

"I thought he did something", he sighed deeply. A welling surge of emotion filled me as he wrapped his arms around my waist and squeezed me, as if assuring himself that I'm fine. It amazes me how protective he can get when he thinks something bad happened to me.

Is this still part of an act?



Seungri, Youngbae, Daesung and I immediately ran and dispersed when Jiyong's screaming frenzy subsided. Wahahahhaha! I can smell it! The fresh scent of Twenty Fcking Million Won!!! Woohooo!!!

Good thing I was able to follow him when he sneaked out! I also brought the entire Deputy Mountain Master unit just in case.

I can almost sympathize with Jiyong's wrath because he told me that he didn't touch Sandara Park when he spent the night with her. Of course, I didn't believe him at first because let's face it, we're insatiable beasts who'll hump any available va-jay-jay (va-gi-na). *wink wink

The poor man's balls must've swelled the size of coconuts but he endured it. I can't even begin to tell you the excruciating pain brought about by a throbbing . Seriously, if I was Jiyong, I would've burned the entire neighborhood if I learned that my woman jumped on another man's bed after I restrained myself on touching her! But I knew that the reason for his wrath is entirely's his first time to get jealous. And he doesn't know how to handle it.

I'm happy for him, of course. In our kind of business, it's rare to find love. Cheesy, I know. But come on, how will we even find one when our asses are always being chased by bullets? To us, it's like a miracle. But Jiyong is your typical stubborn and proud who never believe in those cheesy stuff.

I can predict with 100% certainty that his pride will lead him absolutely nowhere when it comes to Sandara Park. And that bothers me, because I know this chance may only happen once. (And because I don't want to pay Twenty Million Won for heaven's sake!)

But I understand where he's coming from. Not many girls dig the stuff we do. There are too many sob stories within the Triads that most of us gave up on the idea of finding our better half. Instead, we just settled on increasing the number of our concubines.

Sulli is just one of Jiyong's concubines. He has plenty more scattered on different areas, in case we have an out-of-town business to attend to. But recently, he's just using Sulli. He has a certain liking to that girl because she reminds him of himself - strong-willed and ambitious. Sulli only caters to Jiyong when it comes to ual business. To other VIP guests, she's just an ordinary hostess. She doesn't let any men touch her no matter how much they offer her. With the amount of money Jiyong has given her, she could already leave the club and find another type of job. But the girl is obviously smittened by our boss that's why she chose to stay.

The door opened and Dara and Jiyong came out as I hid myself. It may be the end of Donghae's generation if Dara wasn't able to pacify our boss.

With all that damn kung fu sh!t that he was trained for, he can be pretty intimidating and damn scary when angry. If you really really piss him off, it's your time to die. I wouldn't even try to cross him. If you see a furious G-Dragon coming your way, the only way to save your sorry is to either fake your own death or lie unconscious in a puddle of your own urine so he will take pity on you.

"The dragon has left his lair", I whispered while pressing my earpiece as Jiyong and Dara headed towards Dara's hotel suite.

"Hyung, please stop playing with the earpiece. You're creeping me out", I heard Youngbae answered.

"We can totally see them from here, so you don't need to report", Daesung chimed in.

"He just wants to say that line because he thinks it's cool", Seungri butted in.

I peeked from my hiding place and saw their heads sticking out of their respective hiding places, looking at me. I gave each one of them the finger.







credits: kyoptagirl -

I slid on the couch while staring at nothing in particular. So many thoughts are running through my mind. This whole ordeal is really draining.

We're already back at Jiyong's suite after getting my luggage. I decided to stay here with him since it won't make any sense if I'm staying with another guy considering my supposed boyfriend is here. It'll be suspicious if I do that.

Donghae wasn't in our room though. When I texted him to ask where he is, he simply replied that he went off somewhere. When I informed him that I'll be staying with Jiyong, he didn't text back afterwards.

This is the kind of reaction I want from him. I should be happy. But, why does it feel like this is the beginning of us drifting apart? After my staged break-up with Jiyong a month after our Annual Company Acquaintance Party, will Donghae and I be able to start things over? Will he see me in a different light after knowing that a guy can snatch me away anytime?

Can I rent Jiyong again? Wait..where did that thought come from?

"Hey geek", I looked at him with a deadpan expression.

"Do you always wear grandma ?", he asked and lifted his finger with my dangling on it! FCKKKK!!!!! NOOoooooooOooo!!!!

"KWON JIYONG!!!!!", a great shriek of terror escaped my lips as I dashed towards him in the speed of light! He ran away behind the couch and held up my bra on his other hand. GAAHH!!

"And your bra size is Are they really that tiny?", he scrutinized the garment and looked at me teasingly. OHMYGOSHHH!!! I was trying not to have a heart attack from embarrassment as I ran after his . WAAHH!!

"I think you can just use a handkerchief to cover your s. I bet nobody will notice"

"HAND THEM BACK!!!", I screamed in hysterics. Oh my God, if those are the undies that I already used, I will die! I WILL DIE! But I will kill him first!

"Guess where I got them. From your laundry bag!", he announced.

I bet the color has drained from my face. I was stupefied beyond words. I stopped running and stared at him disbelievingly.

"Jusssttt kidding.."

A surge of raw fury enveloped me. This jerk! ARGGHH!! Someday, I will haul his to a faraway galaxy!

I strode towards him and grabbed my undies from his grip. He was laughing like a hyena as he dodged my punches.

"I. HATE. YOU", I declared and marched away from him. I grabbed some clothes from my luggage and decided to take a shower to wash off the murderous thoughts that has been haunting me ever since I met Jiyong. I can't believe a total dickhead like him still exist in this world!

I was too consumed with my anger that I wasn't able to appreciate the wide-array of bath soaps and bubble baths lined up on the tub. I just furiously scrubbed myself while cursing Jiyong under my breath.

I must admit, after bickering with Jiyong, I felt better again. It took my mind off the whole dilemma that I'm currently facing. He can be a very interesting jerk sometimes. Uncaring and noncommittal but very protective. Serious but playful. A jerk.

I smiled inwardly as I dried myself and put on my pink pajamas. That guy surely knows how to drive me nuts. I'm sure this night will be no exception. I must prepare myself for endless banterings and for his y teasings...Did I just say y?! I meant irritating teasings.

I opened the door and voila, the jerk was sitting cockily at the edge of the bed.

"'Sup, "

Hereeee we go...

I rolled my eyes and ignored him as I proceeded to the vanity mirror. He's up all the sunshine in me, seriously.

"I'm just going to take a shower, geek. Don't even think of snooping around my stuff. You might find something that your heart might not be able to handle", he said and winked at me. I pretended to gag as he chuckled while entering the bathroom. He really doesn't get tired of ridiculing me about my ity, does he? He probably thinks s are primitive lifeforms who haven't discovered the use of fire.

I was about to go to the living room to watch TV when my phone caught my eye. I decided to text Donghae and ask if he's already in our room.

I the TV while continuously checking if there was a reply from him. I wanted to call him but I knew it's going to be awkward so I decided against it.


What have I done?

I roamed my eyes around the penthouse suite. I grabbed the universal remote and started playing with the lights. There were a variety of lights to choose from but I opted for the yellow dim light to reflect my sulky mood right now. I pushed some more buttons and a music started playing on the speakers conceled on the ceiling. Whoahh! The drapes of the glass walls are also controlled by the remote. Man, this kind of luxury is something that I never dreamed I would be able to experience.

I was having fun fiddling with the remote when I saw a black bag beside the bed. I bet it belongs to Jiyong. I furrowed my eyebrows as I looked at it, and a brilliant idea popped on my head!

I ran towards it, sat on the floor and opened it while smiling like a maniac. I fumbled inside his bag excitedly. My face sank when I saw that there's just a couple of clothes inside. I continued to search it until...


Jiyong's briefs!!!

Black. Gray. White. I looked at them one by one with wide eyes. My heart was beating crazily as my hands came in contact with the fabric that's covering his....happy anatomy. Or, as he called it, his weapon for destruction. GAHH!!

I knew I shouldn't be doing this but the temptation is too hard to ignore! I unfolded one and lifted it up. Fufufufufufu, so this is his undies, eh?

"They're not your size"


Oh my God! OH MY GOD!

Jiyong was leaning on the bathroom door with only a towel around his waist, his wet hair dripping. He started walking towards me. I was in a daze while silently praying - 'Please Lord, just take me now'!

" "

GAAHH!! I'm about to pop out of my own body because of humiliation.

"I was just taking my revenge to what you did earlier!", I shrieked.

"You can take the white one if you like", he smirked at me and grabbed the black brief from the bag. I gasped in horror as I realized that he's not wearing anything underneath that towel! *nosebleeddddddddd ~ ~

I'm officially dead. This is just my soul talking.

I ogled at his as he walked towards the bathroom again. Oh my gosh, I can't take my eyes off that y tushie!

"Oh, you want me to wear this brief here instead?", he started unwrapping the towel from his waist as I screamed in horror and turned my back at him. I buried my face on my palms as I sat on the floor, slowly melting in shame.

"All done", he announced. I stood up and faced him to start another war between us but all those thoughts vanished as soon as I saw him standing proudly with only his black briefs!

"OH MY GOD, PUT SOME PANTS ON!", I quickly turned around again as his exuberant laugh filled the room.

Shucks! I saw it! The monstrous bulge! A sweat formed on my forehead as I started visualizing it again. Ottokae! What's happening to me?! Maybe it'll be better if I stayed with Donghae.

"Jiyong, I'll just sleep on Donghae's suite tonig-", I gasped when Jiyong grabbed my arm and spun me around. His blazing glare made me take a step back in fear.

"Don't even think about it, geek. You're making me look bad as your boyfriend.", he hissed.

"A-Arasso", I said and he immediately released me from his grip. He sure takes his boyfriend job seriously, doesn't he?

He picked up his bag from the floor and fumbled through it. He was now wrapped with a towel around his waist.

"By the way, Tiffany might drop by later", he suddenly said. My eyebrows almost shoots up to the ceiling.

"WHAT?! WHY?!", my voice immediately hiked up. One mention of that woman's name makes me go a little nuts.

He tentatively glanced at me and continued with what he's doing.

"When she learned I'm staying in the penthouse suite, she asked me if she can look around for interior decoration reference since she's planning on having her place renovated"

"And you actually believed that? She's a psycho b!tch from hell, don't talk to her", I muttered grudgingly.

"I only agreed 'coz I thought she's your friend"

"She's not my friend, I only met her today! She's obviously flirting with you!", I shrieked in annoyance. I'm abusing my vocal cords today by screaming too much.

Gahhd!! I hate her. How can she openly flirt with Jiyong knowing that I'm his girlfriend? And this jerk even accomodated her. I bet that's because of her big jugs! I looked at my deflated chest and scorned at its sorry sight. Dammit, I look like a pancake on a plate because of my flatness.

Jiyong placed his bag aside. He didn't seem to find what he's looking for.

"I forgot to bring my trousers, I guess I'll be sleeping with my briefs only. Aren't you lucky?"

"Then wear your denim pants", I sternly said.


I was about to protest when we heard knocks on the door.

"I bet that's Tiffany", he said and looked teasingly at me.

"Get dressed", I snarled at him.

"What will you do if I open the door wearing only my underwear?", he smirked evilly at me.

"Jiyong, don't embarrass me", I warned him, but he started walking towards the door while unwrapping the towel!! GAAHH!!!

"KWON JIYONG!!", I screamed in horror as I ran towards him after picking up the towel!! He was already opening the door so I leaped like an olympic athlete and quickly wrapped the towel on his waist. I just gripped the ends with my hands because he wouldn't let me secure it by tucking the ends together.

"H-Hi", Tiffany greeted while looking curiously at us. She then gawked at Jiyong's torso and seemed to be highly impressed with what she's seeing.

"I-Is this a bad time?", she asked.

"Yes!", I said.

"No, come on in. I'll just get dressed.", Jiyong opened the door and invited her in. Tiffany just nodded at me and gave me a lopsided smile.

"Feel free to look around", he added as he showed her the living room. I probably looked like a lunatic right now as I followed him around while securing the towel on his waist. And the jerk is enjoying this! Instead of walking directly to the bedroom so he can get dressed, he walked here and there, dragging me with him.

Sh!t! After this, I swear I will send him flying off the stratosphere!

Jiyong then finally walked towards the bedroom, grabbed his clothes and proceeded to the bathroom. I heaved a sigh of relief. Tiffany was looking around, marveling the luxury of the place.

"I'm glad you don't mind that I'm here, Dara. I just need to see the decorative ensembles in the penthouse suite", Tiffany suddenly said while looking at me with a hint of displeasure in her eyes.

"Yeah, Jiyong asked my permission a while ago and I agreed since you're Donghae's friend", I replied. Lies.

I then just stayed in one corner, not bothering to engage her in further chit-chat. When Jiyong came out of the bathroom wearing denim pants and white shirt, her eyes immediately lit up. She was ogling at him like she wants to make sweet, passionate love to him. GAAHH! I'm going to kill her!

I was on high alert as Tiffany hogged Jiyong's attention. I was following them around like a wandering ghost, which is obviously getting on Tiffany's nerves. Jiyong was glancing at me from time to time and smirking at me like he's enjoying my frustrated expression. I will chop him to pieces, this jerkkkk!!

I finally got tired of following them around and feeling utterly stupid so I just sat on the couch while Jiyong showed Tiffany the balcony.


I really can't understand this jerk. I fiddled the hem of my blouse while pouting and realized I'm wearing a very childish pajamas. It's a pink blouse and pants with teddy bears printed on them. I looked at Tiffany and saw the huge difference between us. She's (this is really painful to admit) y and womanly. I just don't have the curves that she has. Is that the reason why Jiyong is paying attention to her?

I felt a stinging pain again in my heart but I figured this is just my ego talking. I glanced at the two who are still conversing by the balcony and decided to momentarily go out. I'll just be in the corridor though to allow myself to breathe. I'm sure I will not be missed.


GD's eyebrows furrowed when she didn't see her sitting on the couch. He immediately went inside and roamed his eyes around.

"Dara?", he called out.

"Maybe she just stepped out for a while", Tiffany said while running her hand on his arm.

FCK!, he thought. She can't go out wearing only her pajamas! Yes, the guests usually walk around in their sleeping attire but Dara should NOT do that! He immediately headed towards the door, totally ignoring Tiffany.

When GD didn't see her on the corridor outside of his suite, his heart started pounding painfully. Just the thought of her inside an elevator or walking around the hotel with various men gawking at her tiny form wearing her tissue-thin pajamas is driving him insane.


He saw one of his men lurking at the corner and called him out.

"Yes, boss?"

"Tell the whole unit to look for Dara and immediately report her whereabouts", he instructed.

His men immediately mobilized and in just a matter of minutes, one of his men reported her location.

"Boss, she's at the hotel's recreation area"

He was immediately escorted there. A string of curses spurted out of his mouth when he saw Dara in the middle of a bunch of nerdy guys who are obviously charmed by her cuteness as she pouted while wearing a disappointed expression.

"Please sir! Let me buy it! I'll pay you twice the price!", she said and clasped both her hands while looking longingly at the stuff toy held by the guy.

"This is not for sale, miss"

GD instructed his men to disperse as he strode towards her.

"I'll do anything!", she bargained.

"Anything?", the bunch of guys chuckled and exchanged meaningful glances at each other, making GD's blood boil. He sure is going to raise hell if one of those idiots dare to touch her or say anything that has a distasteful meaning behind it.

"Dara, let's go", he called out and pulled her away from the group. He wrapped his arm around her possessively and started walking, dragging her away.

"Tony Tony Chopper!!", she whined and looked up at him while pointing at the reindeer stuff toy with blue nose wearing a red hat. He just frowned, not understanding what she meant. Dara stopped walking and tried to wiggle free.

"If I have to carry you up to the suite just to get you out of here, you know I will. You're wearing pajamas, Dara", he sternly said.

"I want that. It's a limited edition Tony Tony Chopper stuff toy from 'One Piece' anime. I'll just convince the guy to let me purchase it. Please", she looked at him with pitiful eyes while pouting. It took him his entire willpower not to ravish her lips because she just looks so adorable right now.

"I promise you, you'll have that. Now, let's go", he softly said. Her eyes widened in excitement as soon as he said that, making him roar in laughter.

"Y-You're just joking?", indescribable disappointment crossed her face as she thought that GD is just joking about his promise of getting that stuff toy for her.

"No, I'm not, you silly geek. I'll get that for you, I promise", he pinched her nose as she simultaneously jumped and squealed with delight.

"Dara, stop being too adorable in front of many people", he furrowed his eyebrows and darted his eyes dangerously at all the men within the area who's been staring at her.

"Hurry, talk to him!", she gushed, ignoring what he said. The bunch of nerdy guys were looking curiously at them, still waiting for Dara to approach them again to bargain for the stuff toy.

"Let's go back now. I'll get it later", GD said despite her protests.

He then inconspicuously waved his hand on his men who have been listening to their conversation the entire time. He nodded his head and they already understood what to do.






credits: jomi25 - Joan Constantino

I was pacing back and forth in front of the door while waiting for Jiyong. He went out for a while after sternly reminding me not to roam around wearing my pajamas. I'm not entirely sure what the problem is but that is the least of my worries right now. He has to successfully get Tony Tony Chopper! I want that stuff toy so bad I'm willing to sell my soul for it.

It'll be one of my babies! I'm already picturing its place on my glass shelf. I can't wait to tell Donghae!

Omo...I ran towards the bedroom and checked if there are any message from him. There's none. He didn't reply. I bit my lips in worry. This is the first time that Donghae didn't reply to my texts. I know he has read it since he's pretty much glued to his phone because of the nature of his work.

I slumped on the bed and rested my chin on my palm while staring at my phone. Should I call him?

Just then, the door beeped and Jiyong entered. I immediately abandoned my phone and threw it on the bedside table. I stood up and was about to ran towards Jiyong but he already reached the bedroom with an unreadable expression.

Oh no. Please don't tell me he wasn't able to convince the guy to let him buy Tony Tony Chopper.

I looked at him then tried to peek at his back because he's hiding his hands. But whenever I tried to peek behind him, he would turn his body, blocking whatever it is he's hiding from my line of vision.

"Jiyonnnggg.... ~ ~", I stomped my feet in frustration. The excitement is already killing me. Did he or did he not get Tony Tony Chopper?

When he finally revealed his hands gripping the reindeer stuff toy with blue nose and red hat, I squealed ecstatically! I snatched the stuff toy from his grasp and jumped towards him, wrapping my arms around his neck. When I realized what I was doing, I immediately released him and just sat at the edge of the bed while marveling my treasure.

I have Tony Tony Chopper!! I'm the happiest girl in the world!

"Geek", he said while smirking. I just stuck my tongue out at him playfully.

"How'd you do it? The guy said this isn't for sale", I asked.

"I'm very good at convincing people"

"How much do I owe you?"


"What do you want in return?", I asked. I already prepared myself for a round of teasings or a loathsome favor from him, because he's still a jerk.

"Just don't disappear on me again", he simply said.

Well, that was...unexpected. And sweet. I bit my lips to fight the smile spreading on my face. I just nodded in response while fixing my gaze on the stuff toy. I can't look at him, KYAHHH!!! My heart is beating erratically for some reason.

He then stood up and headed towards the living room. I put Tony Tony Chopper aside and followed him. He then removed his shirt and lied on the couch as I stood on a near distance watching him.

"What?", he asked.

"Are you going to sleep there?"

"Yeah. You might compare me again to Donghae so to save some nagging, I'll just sleep here", he nonchalantly replied.

I puffed some air on my mouth and sat at the couch while he was lying there. He then placed his right leg on my lap, trapping me between his legs. I lightly pounded his leg resting on my lap in rapid succession with my hands to massage it.

"Jiyong, don't sleep. I'm still not sleepy yet", I complained.

He softly chuckled and stared at me. I can't remember when it started but I noticed I'm more comfortable to show my real self to Jiyong without worrying about what he'll think about me. Maybe because he has already seen me at my worst? Or maybe because he doesn't seem to care whether I show my temper or throw tantrums? I'm not sure myself.

"Arasso. There's a box of chocolates on the table courtesy of the hotel. Help yourself", he said.

I looked at the box on the coffee table and opened it. There's even a bottle of wine.

"They're chocolates with liquor inside. You might get drunk if you eat too much", he warned me. But it has fallen on deaf ears because I love chocolates! I started stuffing them in my mouth one by one.

"Dara, eat slowly"

"Want some?", I offered him a chocolate and he willingly opened his mouth. I carefully placed the chocolate inside before he...GAHHH! I knew he'd do this!! He bit my fingers and wouldn't let go!

"Jiyong!", I angrily screamed and slapped his arm. He chuckled as he released my fingers from his bite.

"How was your seminar?", he asked.

Oh my gosh, I started bombarding him with stories about Murloc and Orc as well as of the other species contained in that ecosystem. I felt like a heavy burden was lifted off me as I started recounting the events. He was listening attentively and laughing with me. Ahh, I just love this relaxing feeling. He opened the wine and we started drinking while chatting the night away.

"Wait, I need to teeth before I sleep", I was already slurring and my mind is a bit hazy. I think the wine and liquors inside those chocolates finally hit me. I stood up and the room started spinning.

"You're drunk. I'll go with you", I heard Jiyong say as he lifted me up and carried me to the bathroom. We brushed our teeth together. I was giggling uncontrollably as I looked at the mirror.

"We're like husband and wife!", I giddily said while my mouth is still foaming with bubbles. Uh-oh. I AM drunk.

After brushing, he lifted me up again like a bride and tucked me on the bed. I was staring intently at him the whole time.

"Goodnight", he said and pulled out. That's it? Why is he acting so distant all of a sudden. He's not even insisting on sleeping beside me. Just because I compared him with Donghae?

"Jiyong, you can sleep here. The bed is so big we can sleep at opposite sides", I offered. Don't get me wrong, this is his suite after all. He smirked at me and my eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he started undoing his pants.

"Okay. I'll sleep on my briefs, Destruction can't breathe", he said and pulled down his pants.

"OHMYGOSHWILLYOUGETDRESSEDYOUJERK!!", I screamed while covering my eyes with my hands. I'm already tipsy as it is and him being almost is not helping at all to calm the warm feeling spreading through my veins. Gaahh! I'm scared for the future of my hymen whenever I'm with him.

"Fine. But I won't zip it", he said, put on his pants again and crawled on the bed. He really took the opposite side, far away from me. It's really weird. What exactly did I say about him and Donghae? From what I remember, I only said Donghae is a perfect gentleman.

Whatever. I turned my back at him and tried to sleep.

"Goodnight", he called out.

"Goodnight", I responded without glancing back at him.






My head is still spinning and my heart is palpitating because of the alcohol but I can't doze off. I wonder if the jerk is already asleep.

I closed my eyes and pretended to shift position. I lied on my side facing him and peeked with one eye. He's lying there, seemingly sleeping. I opened both my eyes and studied him. His relaxed breathing and his unmoving form tells me he has really dozed off. But I'm taking no chances.

I closed my eyes again, rolled over towards his side and peeked with one eye again. I was now almost beside him after bridging the distance between us. He's really sleeping!

I roamed my eyes on his face...and his body. Good grief, why am I becoming a creepy woman whenever I'm with him?!

My eyes landed on his prided weapon for destruction. OMG! He really didn't zip up his pants! I can see his black briefs and....and....and his impressive bulge KYYYAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!

I cupped my face as I stared at it with awe. I didn't realize that I was already sitting and hovering beside him like a vulture. I probably looked like a maniac as I stared at that part with wide eyes. Only the black briefs is in the way for me to see his Destruction in flesh.


Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy... It's getting really hot here.

Jiyong is like a jinchuuriki! He has a beast inside his pants that should be sealed with a jutsu to protect the world from chaos!

(Writer's Note: Naruto anime: jinchuuriki - human host for a tailed beast, jutsu - ninja technique)

My gaze fell on his lips. It looks so soft and luscious and...inviting.

It's probably the alcohol because all my inhibitions are thrown off the window. I leaned forward, wanting to have a taste of that sinful treat. My heart fluttered painfully as a realization came knocking on my head. What am I doing? Jiyong is just my rented boyfriend.

My lips is only an inch above his lips but I didn't kiss him. This is just wrong. I glanced up and was stunned when I saw him looking at me. I was breathing audibly as our eyes met. 


"Ooopppps", I muttered in a raspy voice.

He pushed me down on the bed and hovered above me. My heart was pounding crazily and my mind is already shutting off all logical thoughts.

"I was trying to control myself, Dara", he said in a hushed tone.

I swallowed hard. His eyes were burning with something that I can't identify.

"This ual tension has been between us for a while now", he hoarsely whispered on my ear and bit my lobe. I whimpered as I tried to push him.

"Should we do something about it?", his y drawl drove me to the edge of my sanity.


"Boss, the hired killers successfully eliminated some of the 49ers (ordinary Triad Members) in the Shanghai chapter."

"Good, I'll report this new development to our Alliance Leader. Send some of the hired guns to attack the 49ers in the Seoul chapter next"


The Dragon Head reclined on his seat while looking at the night sky.

"Inform the Deputy Mountain Master to fly to China and investigate. And schedule a meeting with the leaders of the Yakuza and the Mafia family. I need to talk to them about this madness", he instructed.

His men bowed and left his office.

The Dragon Head sighed heavily and looked at the pictures of GD with Dara stealthily taken whenever they were together.

"Playtime is almost over", he whispered while staring at them.



I know what you guys are thinking hahahhaha! NO! My resolve is firm! MUST.NOT.WRITE.RATED.CHAP. This should be a wholesome fic! (Oh God, help me please!)

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