MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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credits: OhItsLai - daragonlai

Note: The information below about the Triad Organizational Structure came from

This is a must read. I'm so proud of BIG BANG - A letter from Korean VIPs to International VIPs


I furiously stood up and headed towards my bedroom. I was about to close the door when his hand suddenly stopped it, a mischievous smirk forming on his lips.

"What?!", I asked irritably.

"Can I sleep beside you? I promise you'll get a better view of weapon for destruction", he said and winked at me. Man, I want to rip him into shreds!

"You and 'Destruction' will sleep in the couch!"

I slammed the door shut so hard that the hinges almost fell off. I can still hear the jerk laughing his off after embarrassing the crap out of me.

ARGH! Kwon Jiyong should be publicly stoned in the city square. I-HATE-HIM with burning passion!

First and foremost, nobody gives a damn about his stupid weapon for destruction. At least, not me! What? I was just staring because I was curious! It's amazing how he can still stand upright with that big ego of his!

And doesn't he get tired of teasing me about my ity? No sir, apparently not! That ...GRRRR!! Whenever he utter the word , it's as if he half-expects me to burst into a holy light and cure all kinds of sickness.

Anddddd......for the record, I don't want to have with him, DUH! I'd rather blast my own skull or be incinerated with bolts of lightning. Who knows what he's hiding down there! I mean, is it even normal that his bulge is so HUGE?! Gaahh! He's a mutant, I tell you!

My goodness...That jerk amazes me beyond words. It's like he was tasked to piss the living hell out of me day in and day out. He'll do everything in his power to DRIVE.ME.NUTS.

I collapsed on my bed and stared at the ceiling. Gosh, what have I gotten myself into?

Then, I heard knocks on my bedroom door. GAAHH!!

"Babe!", he called out in a teasing tone.





"Don't you babe, babe me!", I angrily shouted.

"Open the door, let's talk. I can't sleep and I know you can't too"

"No way! Your weapon might destroy my room!"

"Just use your miraculous hands to restore everything in order!", he sarcastically countered. OH MY GAHHDDD!!! ~ ~ Here he is again, making his magnificent comeback.

"Shut the hell up, you insufferable human being!", I screamed and covered my face with my pillow. I swear, if every man is like him, humanity will perish!

"Open the door, geek. You know I can pick the lock. Either you let me in now or I'll open this while you're sleeping"

Yeah, speaking of that, where the hell did he learn to pick locks??

Left with no choice, I strode towards the door and opened it. He was leaning on the wall with his arms crossed over his chest, his face partly shadowed by the darkness of the living room. Dammit, he's really hot.

"What? If you want to talk, let's talk here. Don't step inside my room", I sternly said.

He stared at me with penetrating eyes and with a blank expression on his face. KKYYAAHH!! Jiyong, stop doing that for Pete's sake! You're already sinfully hot as it is! Wait, what?? No no, I did not just say that! Shucks, I must be going crazy. I need to get a grip of myself.

Here's the plan - I will make sure he won't go anywhere near me.

"I'll sleep beside you", he announced in a serious tone while looking intently at me.


Okay, why am I being giddy?!!! What the hell happened to my 'I will make sure he won't go anywhere near me.'? This night is not very promising, especially to my hymen.

I quickly recovered my sanity and held my ground.

"No, you will NOT", I said and was about to slam the door shut but he pushed it forcefully, strode towards my bed and collapsed on it face-down.

WAahhh!! Ottokae! This jerk just wouldn't listen to me!

"YAH! GET UP!", I pulled his right leg but he wouldn't budge. I was about to pull him again but the faint yellow light from my bedside lamp illuminated his back and his tattoo caught my attention. It's a circular dragon tattoo at the top right of his back, below his right shoulder.

It was quite mesmerizing, actually. I unconsciously touched his right shoulder as I was so drawn by his tattoo. I traced it with my fingertips while frowning in curiosity. Jiyong is the first person I knew with a tattoo because, well, I'm not really surrounded by badass people like him. I leaned forward and inspected it some more, continuously tracing it. Whoahh..

"That's enough, geek", Jiyong's voice snapped me out of my trance. I lifted my gaze and saw his face resting sidewards on the pillow, directly staring at me with an unreadable expression. He then grabbed me by the waist, rolled over while lifting me, and made me lie beside him on the bed.

"Aigoo, Jiyong. If you really want to sleep on the bed, I'll sleep on the couch instead", I declared.

"No, it's not that. I can't sleep so let's talk until we both doze off", he responded lazily.

"It's inappropriate! ~ ~", I whined.

"Who gives a damn. It's just the two of us here.", he said as he lied on his back, staring at the ceiling. His goofiness is now gone. I furrowed my eyebrows as I studied him. Whenever he has that stoic stare of his, it's actually pretty intimidating. Like everyone has to abide to whatever he says. Where is his confidence coming from?

"Who are you, Jiyong? I just can't read you", I muttered as I shifted my position to lie on my side, facing him.

"I'm your rented boyfriend, ain't I?"

Silence engulfed both of us, only our breathing can be heard. I feasted my eyes on his features while he was preoccupied with his own thoughts. I gazed at his jawline, his cheekbones, his prominent nose, his lips.

Who are you, Jiyong?

"What a weird rented boyfriend you are. You never listen to me", I blurted out. A smirk broke on his lips as he turned his head sideways, meeting my stare.

"Boyfriends aren't just meant to follow their girlfriends, Dara. That's what pets and robots are for."

I pouted while scrunching my nose.

"I think you're smart, judging from how sarcastic you are. So, how come you have this kind of job?"

"Still not done with the questioning, eh? Let's talk about something else", he said as he shifted his position as well to lie on his side.

We're now facing each other....on the bed....with the yellow light coming from the bedside lamp....and just a few inches of space separating us... Do the math. I suddenly become more aware of his presence and of the way I look. Gosh, this is so not good for my heart! And he wants to talk about something else?! UWAAHH!!! I can't even...

"W-What should we talk about?", gahd, please stop stuttering!

"Why did you want to rent a boyfriend?", he asked.

Oh. Is that it? Okay, that's a safe topic.

"For a pathetic reason, actually. I just want to show this guy that I can be someone else's girlfriend. That someone can be interested in me", I answered somberly.

"And by this guy, you mean Donghae", he said. I nodded in response. Just a mere mention of Donghae's name makes me sad.

"You like him that much, huh?"

Donghae's smiling face and kind eyes flashed before me, making my heart constrict for a second.

"Yeah..", it came out almost as a whisper.

There was a momentary pause between us.

"Boring topic, let's try another one", Jiyong said while frowning, obviously not interested about the tragic tale of Donghae and Dara.

Great. Just as I was about to go dramatic and give him my legendary speech about how Donghae and I are friends and how he treats me so well and how my feelings develop as he was always there for me blah blah blah, he suddenly decided on jumping to another subject.

I'm positive his next question is something that will make me want to butcher him.

"Why were you staring at my thing earlier?", he asked while flashing his evil smirk.

I knew it, I knew it, I KNEW IT! He's going to rub the fact that I shamelessly stared at his thing for the rest of the night. Or for the rest of my life!

"I was NOT staring at it!", I snarled at him and lightly hit his arm.

"You're curious, aren't you?"

"I'm not, you jerk!"

"Have you seen one in flesh?", Oh my God, of all the questions in the world, why this?

"Of course!! I've seen a ....m-male organ"

That's a load of bullcrap right there. Unless the babies' male organs (like Ta Jun's) are counted.

"Babies are not counted", he knowingly said. Crap.

"Uhm...well..hmmm..have I seen an adult's male organ?", I asked myself, trying to remember if I did.

"Male organ? We call it p3nis.", he grinned mischievously while I felt my cheeks heat up. GAHDDD!!! Why is he doing this to me?!

"I know what it's called, thank you very much", I sarcastically countered.

"Oh yeah? Do you know what it's for? I'll give you a hint, it's not only for peeing", he was now chuckling at my stupefied face.

"ARGHH!! KWON JIYONG!! Get out get out GET OUT!!", I kicked his thigh multiple times while panting angrily. JERKKK!!!!



is already bubbling with rage. Doesn't she know how funny she looks? Dara scrunched her nose and bit her lips while trying to push me off the bed. She really is amusing, that's why I love to .

The mere mention of a male can make her blush and go berserk, hahahhahaa! I stopped teasing her before she commits suicide.

"HMPH! You're a conceited !", she said after getting tired of pushing me off. I pinched her nose in response, she's too hilarious. She became silent afterwards.

"Don't do that again, okay?", she seriously said while looking intently at me.

"What? Pinching your nose?"

"What you did earlier to the man who d me. Don't get in trouble because of me", she answered.

I stiffened. Damn, I don't want to remember it. It's driving me insane. Being a mobster, I'm used to dealing with all kinds of crap with a leveled mind. But when that fcktard d her, I felt like air has been knocked out of my chest. And my body just moved on its own accord. Same thing happened when I saved her that night at the bar.

I sighed heavily and stared at her worried face. I normally don't care about girls except when I need my release. And Sulli is already doing one hell of a job on that department.

Maybe I'll do the same thing if it happened to Sulli? I dunno. I don't care. I just want Dara to be safe while I'm in her life. Once this whole setup is over, we'll go in separate ways. I just don't want to think about it right now while I'm still enjoying her weirdness.

"I won't get in trouble. I'm TROUBLE, remember?", I flicked her creased forehead with my forefinger making her furious. She attacked me again with her weak arms as I laughed at her infuriated face. She grabbed the pillow and was about to hit me with it but it slipped from her grip, and the pillow flew in the direction of a glass shelf on the corner.

"OH MY GOSSSHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", she screamed in panic as the pillow hits the shelf. She immediately runs towards it and inspected the stuff inside.

"What happened?", I asked as I went beside her. She sighed in relief after inspecting if the glass shelf and the things inside it are fine.

"THIS....This is my treasured collection", she smugly told me, like I'm one hell of a lucky guy to witness her precious collection. Should I cry now?

"Oh", I flatly said. She looked at me with disbelief, as if I'm a lifeform unworthy of staying on earth because of my uninterested reaction on her precious collection.

"Oh? That's not the proper reaction when you see my babies!", she exclaimed.

"Your babies?"

I looked at the displays inside the glass shelf and saw...well, plastic figures, stuff toy, books....Holy fck, what is that?

"What's that?", I asked while staring at what appears to be a monster's head.

"Wax Head Figure of Shinigami from Death Note anime"

Uh-oh. She has officially transcended the acceptable geek level.

"That one is a light saber", she continued while pointing at the displays one by one.

"And that?"

"Harry Potter's magic wand", she replied.

Damn, she's hopeless. I think Dara and TOP hyung are from the same mothership.

She then started blasting out some weirdness that I could not comprehend. I'm not even sure what language she's using, and frankly, I don't want to ask.

"You didn't understand what I just said, did you? I used the Elvish language in Lord of the Rings. Quenya is the language of the High-Elves while Sindarin is the language of the Grey Elves", she proudly explained.

Oh boy. I take back what I said. Dara OWNS the entire mothership. There's no way in hell anyone is as alien as her.

"How about you? What do you collect?", she suddenly asked.

Hmmm.. Guns? Knives? All my stuff include things that one can get arrested for.

"Nothing", I replied as I collapsed on the bed again.

She was about to protest, but decided against it. Perhaps she already realized that I won't listen to her anyway. I patted the vacant right side of the bed and she grudgingly lied down far away from me.

Dara's phone beeped and she grabbed it from the bedside table. She frowned upon reading the message.

"*sigh Our department head is being a pain again. He wants me to join an out-of-town seminar", she complained.

"Then, tell him you don't want to"

"I can't do that"

Bah! If it was me I'll punch him straight to the face. WHAPACK!! Stupid needs to die.

"Inform me when and where that seminar is, alright?", I reminded her. Who knows what kind of danger she might be into, I need to send some of my people to watch over her.

"Arasso", she rolled on her side to face me.



"Tell me something about you, please", she said.

A soft laugh escaped my lips. I'm so tempted to tell her that I'm a mobster boss of the Seoul Chapter's Chinese Mafia, otherwise known as the Triads, just to see her reaction. I'm sure she'll just accuse me of lying. It's bad enough that I gave her my alias, G-Dragon.

"There's nothing notable about me", I replied, trying to dodge her questions.


"You don't need to know anything about me, Dara. People like me....we just pass by someone's life. We should be forgotten"

She pouted while staring at me.

"I don't like that. There's no way in hell I will ever forget you", she suddenly said. I stared at her as an incomprehensible warm feeling enveloped me. Tch. This stupid innocent geek.

"Come onnnnn...What are your hobbies? What do you do to relieve stress?", she asked again.

"To relieve stress? ", I replied.

She stiffened and suddenly turned quiet. O-kay, what now? I was expecting her to throw a fit because I used her dreaded S word again.

"Uhm....W-Who do you do it with?", Dara averted her gaze as I furrowed my eyebrows. She's seriously asking me this?

"Women", I simply said.

"I know that, sheezz...I mean, where do you meet these women?"


"How do you get to meet them?"


She groaned in frustration and turned her back at me.

Man, I can't handle s.



Stupid jerk.

I really can't get any clear answers from him!

"Dara..", he called out and poked my back.

Hmph!! I'm ignoring you!

"Fine, you win. Take my body. I'm all yours!", he teasingly said.

Wow. I haven't felt this way before - this feeling of wanting to throw every available piece of furniture at a person. I rolled over and faced him again.

"I'm not interested in your body, you arrogant pig!"

"s amaze me", he blurted out while staring at me. Oh my God, I seriously want to punch him cold.

"Do s have their own form of writing? Language? Culture?", he continued.


"What are we, a tribe?!", I exclaimed incredulously. He just smiled mockingly at me and inched closer to my side of bed. Alarm bells are ringing on my head as I moved away.

"Hey geek...", he started. I was already preparing my arsenal of profanities to curse him up to the afterlife.

"Why are you so curious about my life?"

"I'm not! You're the one who's always talking about it", I muttered under gritted teeth. There's a tiny squeeze in my chest whenenever he mentions it and I don't know why I feel this way. I mean, I know he has already done it. Just look at him! just doesn't sit well with me. Argh! Whatever!

I sighed furiously and hid my face under the pillow.

"Wanna see what a looks like?", he whispered at my covered face and chuckled. ARGH!

"JERK! JERK! JERK!!!!", I alternately kicked and punched him as he continued laughing.

"Curious ", he countered.


"Alright, enough", he said as he stopped my legs from kicking. I flung my arms, intending to hit him, but instead I accidentally toppled the bedside lamp. Jiyong was able to catch the lamp but the top part of it (which is made of steel) still hit my forehead producing a loud clank sound. OUCH!

"! Babe, you alright?", Jiyong worriedly asked and hovered above me, scrutinizing my forehead. I remained silent as my mouth twitched in pain and self-pity.

"This is your fault! You're always bullying me!", I whined.

"Arasso, arasso. Where does it hurt?", his face was dangerously near mine as he continued inspecting my face for any bruises.

"Here..", I rubbed my forehead. Thankfully, there's no bump. He then focused his attention on the painful part that I pointed and softly blew at that spot. I swallowed hard as my throat became dry because of his gestures. How can he be a complete then turn into a very caring person afterwards? Is this still part of the boyfriend services?

"Better now?", he asked while lightly rubbing the spot with his thumb.

I wasn't able to answer. I think my heart stopped as I was staring at him - gently nursing me....stroking my face...staring intently at me...

"Dara...Does it still hurt?", he whispered. His minty breath breezes through my face, making me shudder. He brushed the strands of hair away from my face and directly looked at my eyes. I felt like I was drowning with his intense stare.

I can almost feel his lips against mine as he hovered above me. And my mind has already spawned a thousand not-so-innocent scenarios!! GAAHH!!


"Huh?", I swallowed hard as my throat became dry.

He suddenly smirked and bridged the gap between us, tilting his head. His lips is now only a centimeter from mine, making me almost pee in anticipation.

"I'm not allowed to kiss you, remember?", his lips brushed against my lips in a feather-like touch while he talked. THEN... he pulled away while I was still hyperventilating like crazy!

Damn you, SELF-CONTROL!!

Wait. I should be thankful, right? So why am I pissed?

"Yeah, you're not allowed to kiss me", I mumbled while pouting.

"Haven't you experienced intimacy with guys? Hugging? Kissing?", he asked in a husky tone. Kwon Jiyong! Stop doing this! Can't you see I'm a heartbeat away from a full-blown heart attack?!

"N-No..", I sheepishly mumbled.

He suddenly swung his leg over me and pulled me closer to him, cuddling me in his arms.

EEPPP!!! Danger!

"MMhmmm, comfortable?", he asked while tightly hugging me. I was as stiff as a log!

GAAHH!! Patron of ity, please guide me!

"Don't you dare do anything stupid!", I warned him while planting my palms on his chest, trying to push him away.

"I won't. I can't handle s. I'm not the gentle type, I'm always rough.", he flatly said.


H-He's always....rough? <*GULP>

Oh gosh. Here they are again - green thoughts contaminating my pristine mind!

"Wrap your arms around me", he instructed.

"No, thanks!", I sternly said and tried to wiggle free.

"Come on, ", he pulled my arm and placed it around his torso. He then pushed my back, pressing me towards him.

"See? It's not that big a deal. You won't get pregnant by doing this", he said. My breathing became ragged as his arms rubbed against mine. Ohmyyyyy, it feels so damn good. And his manly scent with a faint perfume is making my mind a bit hazy.

"You're warm", he suddenly remarked. You bet I am! I'm about to melt into a puddle of shame, in case you haven't noticed!

When he started stroking my back up to my waist, I lost the ability to think! He squeezed me closer, crushing me against his body.

"Mhhmmm...", OH.MY.GOD. Did I just moan?!!!

He sighed, tilted his head to stare intently at me and brushed my lips with his thumb. I almost jerked back at his touch.

"Stop . You're giving me a hard on"


Please excuse me while I die.



Mhmmmhmmm...Feels sooooo good....

I snuggled some more at the comfortable warmth beside me and brushed my cheeks against it with my eyes still closed. This morning seems so different but I can't recall why. I inhaled deeply and was welcomed by a familiar scent that makes me want to stay in bed for the rest of my life.

I can get used to this

I planted my face on the source of the manly scent and...wait...Manly scent? WHAT THE...

My eyes immediately snapped open and I almost jumped off three miles away from my bed when I saw Jiyong's bare chest. My heart is thumping loudly while my mind is blasting Oh crap Oh crap Oh crap over and over.

I bolted upright and squinted my eyes, making sure he's not just a product of my (ed) imagination. Oh mannn, we really slept together! Good thing he's still asleep so I can mobilize my countermeasures - which is to act nonchalant and cool about the whole damn thing even though the loud pounding in my chest is undeniable. (GAAHH! I slept with a man!)

I was about to quietly crawl out of bed when something caught my attention.

W-What is that protruding in his pants..<*GASP!> His flagpole is raised!

He then shifted his position and before I could make my great escape, he swung his left leg and pinned me down with his thigh while his arm trapped my upper body. I frigging LOST my mind.


I was already speedily reciting a prayer in my head as I tried to wiggle free..

Our Father Who Art in Heaven Hallowed be Thy Name...


W-W-W-What is that poking my thigh? *hyperventilate hyperventilate

I gazed at my side and saw the biggest shock of my life! My eyes are as round as saucers as I looked at his flagpole pressed on my thigh!! EEEEKKKKK!!!! I was RAPPING the entire Our Father while twitching my body to get out of his grip. OH MY GOD! Lead us not into temptation, PLEASE!

I heard a soft chuckle and my eyes immediately darted upwards, meeting his sleepy eyes. Oh my, are all men this gorgeous when they just woke up? His disheveled hair and lazy smirk makes me want to do things that I will surely regret later! He pulled me closer and hugged me tightly, his hands gently rubbing my arms while his face is buried on my pillow.

"Good morning", he hoarsely said. That y voice! *diesssssss

And it is still poking my thigh!

"YAH! Get off me!!", I angrily said while trying to wiggle free.

"Stop wiggling, you're rubbing Destruction", he sleepily said.


"Get off me!! Jiyong!"

His next action almost catapulted me directly to my grave! He suddenly sprawled his body ON TOP OF ME, pinning me down with his weight!! Destruction is now holding me captive AT GUNPOINT! OMMA!!!!

I tried to push him with all my strength but he wouldn't budge! I'm already on the verge of tears as I continuously whined but he just wouldn't listen!

"Ugh! Jiyong I can't breathe"

With that, he wrapped his arms around me and rolled over, bringing me with him. Our positions are now reversed as I lie on top of him. This is not any better at all, ottokae!

"Jiyooonnnngggggg ~ ~", I whined like a kid while hitting his arm. He opened his eyes and stared teasingly at me.

"Hello", he huskily said in a y drawl. *diesssssss again

Good grief, how many times have I died this morning?! He's the soul out of me like a Dementor! Fck, I need a Patronus Charm...

I planted my hands on the bed, trying to get up but he wouldn't let me. WAAHHH!! Any more of this and I'm literally gonna burst into flames! Logical thoughts is almost impossible whenever he's being this playful. I can handle all his verbal teasings but this, this is making me feel some unfathomable sensations that I'm not supposed to feel! HOMYGAHHDDD! I need help..badly.

"I'm getting angry", I weakly warned him.

"I'm scared", he flatly said while stroking my back. Uwaahh!! S-T-O-P it!!!

"Uh-oh", he said while looking intently at me.


"I'm getting hard again", he whispered.

"GAAH!! I don't wanna hear it!! I don't wanna hear it!", I screamed as his boisterous laugh filled the room.


Dara was sitting at the corner of the couch while hugging her knees, curled in a tiny ball as if she's been victimized. She has already taken a bath and dressed up to go to work but she's still waiting for GD to finish showering. She's still pissed off with his teasings.

GD emerged from her bedroom with his hair still wet and strode towards her. She immediately whipped her head sidewards in annoyance.

"What's with the tantrums now?", I heard him say.

"You're always teasing me, you ed jerk!", I complained. He just chuckled and ruffled my hair.

"Are you pissed off because nothing happened, huh? ?"

"YAH!", she turned to him and lightly kicked his thigh.

"At least you've now experienced hugging and cuddling. Just consider it as part of boyfriend services", he jokingly said.

"So this is how you keep your clients, huh? What other types of services do you give to the other girls who rented you?", she snarled at him. He ignored her question and just shrugged his shoulders.

"I have to go, geek", he stood up and pinched her nose.

Dara furrowed her eyebrows. GD confuses her.


As soon as GD entered his office at their headquarters,

"Good morning, Twenty Million Won! I mean...Good morning, boss!!", TOP snickered while inspecting his Sig semi-automatic pistol.

GD ignored him and went directly towards his desk to retrieve his Glock 19 9mm gun. Yesterday after the meeting with the White Paper Fan (financial adviser of the Triad), he received a call from their Computer Analysts who were asked to trace the call on the assassins' mobile phones (note: read Chapter 7). Fortunately, the mobile phone where the call came from is still so the Analysts were able to utilize the cellular triangulation technology to pinpoint its exact location. It zeroed in at a certain area in the outskirts of Seoul.

They were about to mobilize and ambush the location yesterday, but GD got held up because of what happened to Dara. So he sent a message to TOP to gather the unit today instead.

"Where's the maknae?", GD asked, noting Seungri's absence. Just then, the door opened revealing Seungri who was still huffing from running.

"Sorry, boss. Whew! I was just beating up some bastards on the other block. So, what are we up to today?", he asked.

"Just the usual", Daesung replied.

"And by the usual, you mean...."

"We're going to kick some asses, you moron", Daesung replied.

"...and kill people", TOP added while looking at himself in the mirror, making sure that not a strand of his hair is misplaced.

"Yeah, and kill people", Daesung said.

"Oh. Alright, alright", Seungri went to the weaponry to get himself some guns.

Youngbae shook his head in amusement. Is he the only who's weirded out by this whole conversation?

"Boss, we're all set", Youngbae announced as Seungri strapped the sniper rifle on his body.

"Let's roll", GD muttered.




Why is he not texting me? Or calling me?! I shouldn't be the one to text him first, right? Or should I? WAHHH! I don't know anymore!

I rested my face on my palms while staring at my mobile phone. What the hell happened to that jerk? He hasn't contacted me ever since he slept in my apartment.

"Boyfriend still hasn't texted you, huh?", Bom slumped on the seat and placed her bag on my desk. I gloomily nodded in response. Office hours is already over but I can't bring myself to get up and go home. I can't stand the sight of my empty apartment nowadays.

"Well, why am I not surprised? Probably because you gave him blue balls", she continued while chuckling. Yes, she knew what happened because I told her. I never learned my lesson. My bestfriend is someone who'll betray me for a cup of Starbucks coffee but I still tell her everything.

"Bom. I'm not in a very forgiving mood right now. I will pull your hair, I swear", I warned her. She just scrunched her nose and puffed her cheeks cutely.

"So grumpy! Hmph! Have you told him that the Annual Company Acquaintance Party is nearing?"

Oh crap. I forgot! The party is by the end of this month. And, I still have to take care of the decorations!

"And have you told Donghae that you already have a boyfriend?", she added.


"Good grief, then what's the point of renting a boyfriend?", Bom frowned at me and I leaned back in fright.

"I don't know how to tell him...", I meekly said.

"Gosh, you coward! Text Donghae now, tell him you two need to talk", she snatched my mobile phone and shoved it on my face.


"Stop whining. I'll clobber you with this phone", she sternly said.

I pouted and grabbed the phone. Then...I snatched my bag and dashed towards the door, leaving my furious bestfriend behind.

"Sandara Park!!!!!", she screamed.


As soon as I'm out of the office, I immediately hailed a cab and headed to Insa-dong to order the decorations that we need for the party. I still need to talk to some of the suppliers.

It was getting dark when I finished taking care of things. I walked out of the flower shop, a bit disappointed since they can't guarantee that they'll have a supply of red roses by the end of this month. Krystal will flip again, not that I care. But since I'm the assigned leader to take care of the decorations, I also want everything to go according to plan.

I was walking on the street with my head bowed down. When I lifted my gaze, I saw a bunch of guys walking towards my direction. The guy in the middle looks familiar. I stared at him curiously with furrowed eyebrows. It's Jiyong! When we're at a near distance, I called out his name.


He tentatively glanced at me....and walked past me without acknowledging my presence. They all entered a place called YG Underground Club.

I remained rooted on my spot trying to absorb what happened. After all that cuddling and hugging and almost-kissing, he has the nerve to ignore me? My chest constricted as I stupidly stood there when my phone beeped. I looked at my phone and was surprised to see a message from Jiyong!


Just one word, but I imagined him saying it with a husky voice like that morning when he woke up in my apartment. Just one word, yet here I am trying to suppress the smile that was about to break in my lips.

That jerk..

I was about to reply to his message when my I received another text again. This time, it was from our department head.

Out-of-town seminar has been moved tomorrow. You'll be attending with Lee Donghae. It'll be a two-day conference. Further details has been sent on your email.

Two days? Alone? With Donghae?!!!!


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if u write a book i think im d first person to buy n get ur to sign it. i luv ur style of writing <--thank you!

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So love the story ^^
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Missing this ❤
S2nancy 25 streak #3
I’m reading this for the second time because it’s soooo good! Great job!
3shhaaa #4
Chapter 1: Reading this for the second time!!!
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eve_young #6
Chapter 38: Ah.. glad ive found this one.. it is really worth reading.. its totally packed.. im really inlove with this story.. thank you authornim..
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Chapter 1: im back to reading this again.. <3
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Chapter 34: This chapter never failed to make my heart aches.T.T
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Reading this again. Coz why not! <3 <3
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Chapter 37: I finished this in less than 24 hours! I have my phone with me all day!!! This is so good! I'm blessed that the book is already finished by the time I read it. I can't imagine the agony of waiting for an update. I'll probably drink the earth dry to satiate my thirst for this story if I happen to be one of the early readers. Thank you so much