MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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"Can I spend the night on your apartment? Just for tonight", he asked while deeply staring at me.


"You can't be serious", I said (just for confirmation. He can't be serious, right?).

He frowned and lets go of my arm while letting out a deep sigh.

"Why not?", he asked while looking on the road ahead.

"Because it's inappropriate! You're a guy! I can't let you spend the night in my apartment!", my falsetto voice is making an appearance as I tried to reason out with pure disbelief written on my face.

"I'm not going to have with you", he replied.

GAAAHHHH!!!! How can he say that so casually?!!!!

"Unless you want me to...", he continued in a serious tone and glanced at me with a glint of mischief in his eyes.

I furiously took off his coat that he lent me and threw it at him. He caught it while smirking but it was immediately wiped off when he saw my outfit again, his eyes lingering at the ripped strap of my dress. His eyebrows immediately connected and he averted his gaze.

"I'm going to kill that ba$tard", he muttered in a dangerous tone, making me flinch.

"Jiyong, stop it. I'm fine. See? And this ripped strap is because of my clumsiness and not when that man grop-"

"Please. Don't say it", Jiyong cut me off and blew some air as if he's just restraining himself from erupting again.


"Go upstairs and sleep. I'll just stay here for a while", he said.

"Just go home and rest. Why would you want to just sit here?"

"Because I can't stay put after what happened to you, damn it! He fcking d you, Dara! I seriously want to kill him!", he blurted out and raked his hair with his fingers while turning his head away from me.

I bit my lips as I studied him. Except for Bom, nobody has gotten so messed up of worry because of me. And seeing how the usual nonchalant and uncaring Jiyong can get so infuriated when I get into trouble really touches me. It actually makes me wonder if Donghae will do the same thing. It also makes me wonder if this is how Jiyong acts to the previous girls who rented him as well. Both thoughts gave me an uneasy feeling so I immediately shook them off of my mind.

I got off the car and slowly made my way to the apartment building. I looked back and Jiyong was just sitting in the car watching me.

Tch. Aigooo..

I retraced my steps and warily stared at him while standing at a near distance from the car. I slightly nodded my head signaling him to come with me. A small smile formed on his lips and he immediately followed.

I began walking again towards the apartment while questioning myself why I always give in on his demands. I was still busy cursing my stupid stupid self when his arm suddenly s around my waist. Then I felt something soft on my bare shoulder and I heard a soft smooch sound. Did he just.. Did he just kiss my shoulder?!!

I stopped walking and gawked at him. He just flashed his boyish grin like a kid who got caught doing what he's not supposed to.

"Oopps", he said. He then unwrapped his arm and walked ahead of me as I stood there - stupefied.

My mind short-circuited...

He kissed my shoulder.

He kissed my shoulder.

He kissed my shoulder.

He kissed my shoulder.




He was sitting on my couch while cuddling the chicken on his lap. I, on the other hand, was standing in front of him while pacing left and right with my arms crossed over my chest like a drill sergeant.

"Do NOT kiss me on any part of my body, understand?", I sternly said. I have to set the ground rules again after we both agreed that I'll continue renting him as my boyfriend.

He cocked his eyebrows and followed my movements with his gaze.

"What if I sensed that you want me to kiss you?", he asked, seemingly amused.

"That won't happen!", I shot back in a high-pitched tone.

"Okay, babe"

"And don't call me babe when it's only the two of us!", my voice is getting squeakier, I almost sounded like a chipmunk.

"Arasso. Anything else?", he asked while smiling slyly at me.

"Hmm, that's all for now. I'll tell you when I come up with something again. Why did you bring that chicken here? I told you to leave it at the backyard."

"I need to bathe her. She's dirty. Look"

I immediately stepped back when he was about to show me how dirty the chicken is. I can never understand how he can hold it! I was only able to relocate it on the backyard by tying a loose thread on its neck and pulling it like a dog.

"If you want me to bathe you too, I won't say no", he said and winked at me. The nerve!

I shot him the nastiest look I could muster and raised my fist at him.


I was leaning on the doorframe of the bathroom as I watch him bathe the chicken. He is now wearing my younger brother's jogging pants and shirt that I found in my closet.

"Why are you good at fighting?"

"We were all trained to protect ourselves", he simply said.

He is always elusive whenever I try to ask him personal questions. I wonder if he's hiding something. His face is devoid of emotions again - the noncomittal Jiyong made its return. *sigh

Jiyong was fully focused on what he's doing so I grabbed the chance to study his features. I must say, he just stands out with the way he looks and the way he carries himself. He is really hard to ignore with that authoritative air around him that commands attention wherever he goes. I'm sure a lot of girls swoons over him and admittedly, a lot of girls may still want to rent him despite his insufferable attitude. I bit my lips just by the mere thought of it. I didn't know I can be quite territorial. But this is all an act, so I have to keep my emotions in check. Fortunately (or unfortunately - whatever), my heart already belongs to Donghae. I've invested too much feelings on my stupid drinking buddy that it's already hard to let go.

Three years. Three damn years of admiring him and yet he doesn't seem to notice. I'm not sure whether I should congratulate myself or bang my head on the wall for being successful in hiding it. We're always being paired together in the office and a lot of people are teasing us that we look good as a couple, but he just laugh it of. I still kept on waiting because the way he treats me always renew my hope.

Whenever I tell myself that I've waited enough and that I should move on, my decision will be shattered when we're together. Donghae is a sweet and caring guy not just to me. But the way he cares for me even if I'm just a friend is vastly different with the way he acts towards other people - which led me to believe that there's a future between the two of us. I've already reached this age without so much of a clue about relationships since I was contented with what Donghae and I have, thinking that we will progress somehow...someday.

But nothing changed.

I heaved a deep sigh and tilted my head as I continued staring at Jiyong. I wanted to experience having a boyfriend but I didn't know things will come to this.

Lee Donghae. I'm tired.

"Hey geek", Jiyong's voice snapped me back to reality. He was looking at me quizzically.


"I said, hand me that piece of cloth. Why are you spacing out?", he asked.

"Oh, sorry. I was just..uhm..thinking", I handed him the cloth to dry the chicken. He grabbed it and frowned at me.

"You were saying Donghae's name a while ago"

"Oh gosh, I did?!", I gasped and covered my mouth. Why is it that my thoughts always finds their way to my mouth?!

"Nope. I lied", he nonchalantly said without looking at me and busied himself in drying the chicken.

I pouted my lips in annoyance. Fine, he caught me. So what?

Silence passed between us. I just cannot find any good retort after he caught me thinking about Donghae.

I wonder what other reasons girls have to rent a boyfriend. Do they have the same reason as I do? And what is it like to be a rented boyfriend? Isn't it hard for them to pretend to be in a relationship with different women? How about their own love life?



"Why do you have this kind of job?"

He momentarily glanced at me and continued with what he's doing.

"Because I have to"

Okay, that's vague.

"Were there a lot of girls who rented you before me?"

He let out a soft chuckle and answered without looking at me.

"That's confidential"

"You're not taking my questions seriously", I whined.

"I do. I'm taking you seriously", he smirked and stood up to wash his hands on the sink.

GAAAHH!!! What a flirty jerk!

"Tch. Next question. Do you have..uhm...a g-girlfriend?", whoah, why am I stuttering all of a sudden.



It feels like everything is in slow-motion: the running water on the faucet, Jiyong's hands grabbing the soap, the chicken moving its head. My brain is taking in everything like a frame by frame video capture. Fck, what's happening to me?

Rewind. Rewind. What was my question again? I remember asking him if he has a girlfriend. And he said...Yeah. He has a girlfriend.

Jiyong has a girlfriend?





What's the date today? Where am I?

"You okay?", he asked as he walked towards me while wiping his hands with the white towel.

"H-Huh? Oh, yes. Of course.", I fixed my eyes on the bathroom tiles as he stood in front of me. I was wiggling my toes to distract myself from the uneasy feeling that enveloped me. Sh!t. Why am I finding it hard to breathe? The chicken must've been consuming the extra oxygen.

"Uhm, have a girlfriend", I mumbled.




I lifted my gaze and met his eyes. He then pinched my nose and I slapped it away instantly.

"I'm not really getting any clear response from you, am I?", I asked, a smile breaking on my lips.

"Our pet is clean", he announced, ignoring my question.

"Your turn", he scooped me up and wanted to put me in the bath tub. I squealed and wiggled free. This jerk!

I stormed out of there and slumped on the couch while pouting. Why is he like that?! One moment, he's serious and frightening, then he'll turn into a playful jerk. What the hell! He's screwed up in the head.

I heard his footsteps and saw him holding the straw basket with the chicken inside it. He placed it down in front of us and occupied the space beside me. I glared at him and sharply turned my head away while crossing my arms over my chest. Hmph!

"Tantrums again?", he said and nudged my elbow.

"You're not answering any of my questions!"

He just smirked at me and much to my utter shock, he started taking off his shirt!

"GAAHH!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!", I shrieked in terror while sliding away from him.

"I can't sleep with my shirt on", he simply said.

My eyes widened in disbelief while gawking at his bare chest. Then my eyes roamed around his collar bone, his lean muscular arms, his abdomen...


"Put your shirt back on! You're in my apartment!", omigosh, I can't take my eyes away from his upper body. *nosebleed ~ ~

"Stop talking to my s, they won't answer you"

"KYAHH!! JERK!!", I rapidly hit his arms, marched towards my bedroom and slammed the door shut.


Dara collapsed on her bed face-down and began kicking her legs like a kid while muffling her screams with the pillow.

Jerk Jerk Jerk Jerk Jerk!!!, she was furiously chanting on her mind when she heard the knocks on the door. Who could it be but that evil ba$tard himself.

"There's no one here!", she screamed and buried her face on the pillow once again.

"Open the door, geek"

"Go away!"

Then there was silence. And after a while, she heard a couple of clicks. Her forehead creased as she lied on her back while looking at the door. Then it opened, and she abruptly bolted upright. Dara blinked twice while looking at half- GD cuddling the chicken by his waist with one arm.

"How did you get in?!", she asked in astonishment.

"I want to sleep beside you", GD announced, totally ignoring her question.


"I want to sleep beside you", he repeated.

"No freaking way! Get out!"

"I can't sleep", he reasoned and shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. Dara gawked at him like he has completely lost his mind.

"So? Should I sleep on the couch instead?"

"No, we'll both fit on the bed", he said as he leaned on the doorframe.

Dara shut her eyes in frustration. The urge to leap towards GD and pull his hair in every direction is becoming very strong.

"Don't you know the reason why I can't let you sleep beside me?", she asked irritably.

"Hmmm...Because you're a miraculous and your body lights up in the dark?"


"I told you I'm not going to have with you", he reasoned.

"GAAAHH!! Stop saying the S word in front of me!"



GD chuckled in amusement at her reaction. She always cringe at the mention of the S word. He now has another weapon in his artillery to piss her off.

"It's bad enough that I'm letting you inside my apartment! Jeezz..", Dara blurted out in annoyance.

"You were with that Donghae dude yesterday", he suddenly said.

"How did you know that?"

"Sources. And you let him inside your apartment", he continued while eyeing her.

"He's different. He's Donghae!"

A deep crease formed on GD's forehead. He then suddenly threw the chicken towards her and closed the door.

Dara was screaming in terror as the chicken runs amok throughout the bedroom. It was pure disaster. She speedily crawled out of bed while the chicken flapped its wings and followed her. Terrified shrieks filled the room as she quickly ran at the corner.

GD was leaning on the door outside with his arms crossed as he heard Dara cursing him and his future generations. He's pissed off for reasons unknown to him.

"Jiyonnngggg ~ ~", he heard Dara called out pleadingly after a while.

GD remained on his spot, deciding whether to prolong her agony or rescue her from chickenzilla.

"Jiyo-o-ooonngg ~ ~ ~"

He opened the door and saw a pitiful Dara pressed on the wall while the chicken gladiator cornered her. A soft chuckle escaped his lips at the sight. The chicken took one step forward and Dara squirmed in fright while shutting her eyes firmly.

GD sat at the edge of the bed and took his sweet time in watching her horrified expressions.

"Jerk, get that monster away from me...", Dara whispered as if the chicken will understand her.

He just planted his palms on the bed and leaned back lazily like a boss while eyeing her.

"Jiyonnnggg ~ ~", she whined.

"Why are you so afraid of our pet?", he asked.

"That poultry is not our pet!"

GD suddenly strode towards Dara, scooped her up and shoved her to the innocent chicken. Dara shrieked in fright while clinging onto GD's neck for her life.

"Here, chicken", he said while shoving Dara on the chicken's face.



I have a secret.

Yes, I'm afraid of the damn chicken because who knows when it'll go berserk and peck my legs with its beak. But when Jiyong lifted me up and when I breathed in his scent...O.M.G., I don't even care anymore if the chicken will drill a hole on my as$ just as long as I can sniff Jiyong's skin.

"KYAAAHH!!", I let out some fake shrieks and buried my face on the crook of his neck. I inhaled deeply and damn, he smells so fcking good! I think my hymen has been shattered to pieces! GAAAHHH!!! I wouldn't even be surprised if I see my ovaries rolling on the floor.


"KYAAAHH!!", I unleashed a phony scream again and this time, I pressed my face on his bare chest. Gahhhddd, THIS.FEELS.SO.EFFING.NICE. I tightly wrapped my arms around his neck and almost purred like a cat as I brushed my cheeks on his skin.


"KYAAAHH!!", yup that was fake as well kekekkekeke. I contentedly snuggled on his warmth and unconsciously shut my eyes..AAhhh ~ ~ Omo, ed thoughts go away!!

"Hey, geek", I opened my eyes and saw a playful smirk forming on his lips.


"Why are you still screaming? The chicken already left the room a while ago"

No way.

GAHHHHDDD, no way!!

I looked at the open door and saw the chicken chilling on the straw basket located outside. My heart stopped and my mind went blank... Fck u chicken! WAHH!! I'm busted! Why does this have to happen?!

"Got-cha", he teasingly said. My eyes widened as I gasped in horror.

OMOOO!!!! Did he see what I was doing?! I buried my face in my palms as I felt my blood rushing towards my head. Oh God, I can't live anymore!

I peeked through the spaces on my fingers and saw him staring amusingly at me.

"", he teased.

GAHH!! I'm about to combust into flames and disintegrate into a pile of ashes, I swear!

I wanted to get down but he wouldn't let me. I wiggled my body but he just clicked his tongue while holding me tightly as he strode towards the bed.

"Fine, I won't sleep beside you. Who knows what might happen.", he mysteriously said while intently staring at me.

What does he mean by that?

His face was only a few inches from mine as he carefully tucked me on the bed. I gasped in surprise when he suddenly leaned his forehead against my forehead.

"Goodnight", he whispered and gently brushed the tip of his nose against mine.




Jiyong killed me.




credits: OhItsLai - daragonlai


I can't sleep. ~ ~

I think I've burned massive quantities of calories because of him.


He's really something. Well, firstly, he drives me nuts!!!! When I'm with him, there are fleeting moments when I am so tempted to carve his eyeballs out or split his skull open. Not once did I ask myself 'Why did I rent this good for nothing as$hole?!'. He always finds new and improved ways of embarrassing the crap out of me. The jerk won't stop teasing me until I explode into a million particles. And don't even get me started with that damn chicken he insisted on being our pet!

But.....whenever I'm in trouble, he will beat the living daylights out of anyone who tries to harm me. He may seem uncaring and noncommittal but he actually pays close attention to my needs and protects me. We always bicker about the most trivial things but it's surprisingly fun - bantering childishly about everything and trying to outwit each other.

I wanted to know more about him but I felt like he really doesn't want me to dig in his personal details. He's a ball of mystery.

Is he already sleeping?

I got up from the bed and made my way towards the living room. I opened the bedroom door slowly and peeked - squinting my eyes since it's quite dark except for the pale light coming from outside. I saw Jiyong lying on the couch with his right arm across his eyes.

Damn, a half- guy is lying on my couch kekekekeke. Bom is going to be so proud of me! I bet she'll cry tears of rainbows!

I wonder how he looks like when asleep. I tiptoed my way towards him and peeked over. Hmmmmm.. I can't see his face because his arm is on the way. I sat on the floor and hugged my knees as I stared at his peaceful form.


Such a handsome man. And he's my rented boyfriend.

I'm pretty sure he's a heartbreaker. He gives me the impression that he's not the type who believes in mushy stuff like love, valentines, anniversaries, etc. He does everything according to his whims and could care less about what other people might think. He can say whatever he wants without fear of the repercussions. And have I mentioned he is so damn hot?

I roamed my eyes around his body and for some bizarre reason, I kept on glancing on that part. GAAH!! I immediately cupped my face as heat flushed on my cheeks. OMO! Why am I having these weird thoughts?!

I looked at his face again and I'm quite sure he's already fast asleep so I continued with my stupidity. I'm just curious, so don't judge me. I darted my eyes on <*cough> his impressive bulge. Did I just say impressive bulge?! Ottokae, I don't know myself anymore!

I swallowed hard and tilted my head in awe as I stared at it. I wonder what it looks li-...



He's awake! OMG! RUN DARA!!!

I wanted to dash towards the direction of my bedroom in full speed but he wrapped his arms around my waist before I could even escape! Otokkae! OTTOKAEEEE!

I tried my best to free myself but he pulled me forcefully and I ended up sitting on his lap. OH MY GOSH!!! I was about to jump out of my own skin, I'm not kidding!

"Sneaky geek", I felt his breath on my nape as he huskily whispered. *diessss ~

"I didn't do anything!!"

"You were staring", he calmly said. He saw!!! WAHH!!

"No, I wasn't!"

"Yes, you were", he then tightened his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. I stiffened as I felt his chest pressing on my back. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

"What am I going to do with you, Dara...", he hoarsely said and bit my shoulder lightly. My eyes popped open!

Oh gosh, my ity!

I felt a slight tingle all over my body which is really foreign to me. My vision is multiplying. Help!

"Let me go!", I screamed in panic.

"Mmmhhmmm..", he leaned back, dragging me with him since he's still hugging me from behind. He then rested his chin on my shoulder, his cheeks brushing against mine.

My stomach was frozen solid. Crap, what is he doing to me?! And why is my body not cooperating with my brain?! If he can hear my thoughts, it will surely sever my dignity because my mind right now is full of naughty images that I will not dare admit. KYAHH!

"Just a few more seconds", he bargained.

Jiyong is acting like a total nutcase tonight. Far from the calm and uncaring jerk that he is.

Curiosity consumed me. I stopped struggling and gave in...just a few seconds, he said. It wouldn't hurt. And the way he holds me is different, I feel safe and contented.

You're flirting with disaster, Dara, my logical mind butted in but it was completely shut down when I inhaled deeply and his manly scent filled my nose. I swear, his scent is almost illegal!

He gently d my arms while still trapping me in a hug.


"You're really amusing, Park", he whispered directly on my ear, making me flinch at his breath. OMO, please stop using that y voice, I beg you!!!

He softly chuckled while unwrapping his arms. He lifted me up and placed me beside him on the couch.

"There you go, you ed geek"

"YAH! I was just watching you sleep! You also watched me sleep during the Girlfriend Training!", I accusingly said.

"I was staring at your drooling face that time. While you...You were staring at my weapon for destruction"

W-Weapon for destruction? Omo, how big could it be to be that destructive? GAaah!! Stop it, stop it, you useless brain!

Thank goodness it was dark because I'm pretty sure my face is already in the deepest shade of red.

"You really should stop imagining things.", he amusingly said.

"I'm not!", I vehemently denied.

"Shall I show you how babies are made?", he teasingly asked.


I furiously stood up and headed towards my bedroom. I was about to close the door when his hand suddenly stopped it, a mischievous smirk forming on his lips.


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