MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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"I want to RENT you", Dara sets an envelope full of money and a contract in front of a man with short hair wearing stylishy ripped denim pants and a jacket over a white shirt, sitting cockily before her.

Unknown to Dara, ten men in dark suits seated at the tables surrounding where she is have released the locks of their gun, ready to blow her skull off. The guy in front of her raised his eyebrows in amusement and gave a slight signal to his men that he's fine. They all obeyed and swiftly hid their weapons.

"What kind of services do you think I'm offering?", he uncrossed his legs and leaned closer, allowing Dara to have a better look at his features. Hmmm, not bad. He's HOT. A badas$ and quite rough-looking, but cute., she thought. A small smile formed at the corner of the guy's lips due to her obvious staring.

"Do you like what you're seeing?", he teased. Dara cleared and tried to regain composure.

"Not bad. You look better than what I actually expected. As I've said, I want to rent you. I've drafted a contract so you'll have an idea of what I expect from this whole setup. If you want to add anything, just tell me and I'll revise it", she said in a business-like tone, failing to notice the confusion that crossed the guy's eyes.

He picked up the contract and read it. He has only read the first line but it already made him burst into a fit of hysterical laughter. As soon as he finished reading the whole thing, he was almost rolling on the floor from too much laughing. The men in dark suits have their mouths gaping open while looking at him.

"B-boyfriend Contract?? Bwahhahahahahahahaa!!!!", he held his tummy, oblivious to the fact that Dara is rapidly becoming a giant tomato.

"Hey, what's so funny about that? Your company told me I can draft my own contract", she said. Suddenly, a realization dawned on her. She clamped shut and looked at him in horror. She's not on the wrong table, is she??!!

"Oh my gosh", she muttered under her breath and looked around. She caught sight of a man not too far from them, sitting on a table near the glass wall and seemingly scanning the people entering the restaurant. The man is also wearing denim pants and white shirt.

With bulging eyes, she slowly turned her head back to the guy in front of her who is still busy laughing his as$ off while scanning the pages of the 'Boyfriend Contract'. She can feel her toes curling up in embarrassment.

Dara covered her face with her palms and groaned. This day incredibly .



All I want is for the floor to open up and swallow me...

I've never felt humiliated in my entire life. Oh gosh! I want to die right NOW. How can I fck up this much? I was just supposed to meet my soon-to-be rented boyfriend, let him sign the contract and the deal is on. How did I manage to sit at the wrong table? Oh right, I should've asked him first if he's the one sent by R.A.B. (Rent A Boyfriend) company! Arrrghh, how can I be this stupid?

Just because he's wearing denim pants and white shirt (and not to mention he's HOT), I already assumed that he's the one I was supposed to meet. GAWD!!! I feel like a moron! Scratch that, I AM A MORON! Stupid stupid Dara!

Now what?, my mind is rapidly drafting PLAN B to escape this freakishly HUMILIATING situation. But my mind immediately ceased into a halt the moment he stopped laughing and looked intently at me.

"So, you don't have a boyfriend, huh? And you badly need one?", he smirked at me. FLOOR, please open up and swallow me NOW!

" mean", I stuttered while searching my useless brain for something to say that won't make me look a lot stupidER. I failed. He probably thinks I'm a pathetic old maid desperately searching for someone to feed my aching hormones. Please, I'm begging you, kill me now....

Left with nothing to say, I snatched the contract from his grasp and prepared to leave. I was about to stand when he grabbed my wrist.

"Why are you leaving? We haven't straightened out the deal yet.", he said. I gasped in surprise. But..I thought I'm at the wrong table? I glanced at the guy seated at the glass wall who is now looking at his watch. Okay, this is confusing.

"What deal? Are you really the one sent by R.A.B. company?", I asked while eyeing the man in front of me suspiciously. A short silence followed.

"Yes", he smiled at me and took the contract back. I find it hard to believe, especially after he laughed like a lunatic at my expense.

"Oh yeah? If you really are the one sent by them, what's my name?", I asked. Good thing I haven't mentioned my name to him yet and I haven't signed the contract either so there's no way he can know it unless what he's saying is true.

"Sandara Park - working in an IT company as a Project Leader", he glanced at me tenatively then went back to browsing the contract again. My forehead creased as I studied him.

The man by the glass wall already stood up and is now going to the door. As he passed by us, I caught sight of his face. ULK! He's fugly! I don't want to be mean, but he really is! There's no way I would rent someone like him!

I shifted my attention to the guy sitting in front of me and smiled inwardly.

"By the way, what's your name?", I asked.

"Kwon Jiyong", he replied without even glancing at me.

"Nice to meet you Jiyong. You can call me Dara", I said. He didn't even bother offering his hand for a handshake. I pouted in disappointment. Well, I guess I just have to accept the fact that he's really rough around the edges.

At least he got the looks, unlike that other guy who passed by us formerly sitting at the glass wall. This day doesn't afterall. Lucky!


The man named Youngbae, seated behind Jiyong shifted uncomfortably. The one in front of him named TOP placed his thumb and pointing finger on his chin while frowning.

Youngbae lightly kicked TOP's shoes to get his attention. TOP just shrugged his shoulders in response, indicating he also has no clue what their boss aka G-Dragon is up to. He sighed in frustration. They really don't need complications right now. Why does this girl have to appear in front of GD at a crucial time like this.

GD looked directly at Dara's eyes and caught her staring at him. She immediately diverted her gaze. He chuckled as he placed the contract on his lap.

"Dara, the thing is I don't want to sign any contracts. My conditions are simple, I'll act as your boyfriend when we're in front of people that you know. Otherwise, I'll act however I like when it's just the two of us.", GD watched Dara with amusement as she fumed with anger. He can literally hear her brain thinking what an as$hole he was. She was about to protest but GD cut him off.

"But, since I won't sign any contract. You're not entitled to pay me until the 'rent period' had lapsed. And, I won't complain whatever amount you give me. Don't worry, the company knows about how I operate. My agreement with them is that I'll give them 30% of my earnings, whatever amount the customer gives me. And oh, by the way, I may not always be free because I also have other customers so please, don't monopolize my time.", GD continued.

YB and TOP behind him almost choked on their drinks. Why is their boss lying and why is he accepting that fcking proposal?! Is he out of his mind?

"Aren't you on the losing end with that kind of setup?", Dara asked.

"My customers are always more than satisfied", GD winked at her. Dara rolled her eyes. He's cute alright, but really really cocky!

"I'm really uncomfortable without a contract. What if you reveal the truth to my friends? What if you take advantage of me?", Dara crossed her arms and arched her brows.

"I guess you just have to take my word for it. I won't rat on you. And I most definitely won't take advantage of you, I'm not a big fan of flat-chested girls.", he said matter-of-factly.

Dara's jaw dropped to the floor. Kwon Jiyong is an insufferable human being! Unfortunately, she needs him especially because February is near.

She thought of replacing him but suddenly remembered the guy by the glass wall. Eeeewwww. What if R.A.B. company sends a guy that's not as good looking as Kwon Jiyong? An idea popped in her mind.

"Don't I have a free one-day trial before I can decide if I want to rent you as a boyfriend?", Dara pulled out the old magazine and showed him the company's advertisement.

"Fine, when do you want to do the one-day trial?", GD asked, trying to stifle his chuckles.

"Next Saturday. Let's go on a trial date", Dara gathered her things and offered her hand to GD.

"Looking forward to doing business with you, Kwon Jiyong", GD accepted her hand and tried to keep a straight face. She had only taken a few steps to leave but GD bursted into a fit of uncontrollable laughter again. Dara let out an irritated sigh and didn't even bother looking back at him.

Jerk, she thought and started marching out of the place.

She went out of the restaurant, turned right and continued walking. Upon reaching the corner, Dara started dancing crazily; waggling her head and shaking her hips while twirling around on her spot. She's pretty damn happy for finally finding someone (who's really HOT) who'll pretend to be her boyfriend. She didn't realize people from the restaurant can still see her.

When she twirled around again, she saw Jiyong - trying not to die from laughter. She ran the hell out of there in record time.


GD was still chuckling as he scans the pages one more time. His thoughts were cut when his left-hand man, Youngbae, spoke from behind.

"Boss, should we check her background? What if she's a bait?", he asked without turning around.

"A bait? I doubt it. But do gather any info about her and give it to me", GD smiled to himself. He then looked up and nodded at one of his men seated behind where Dara was before who was quick enough to stealthily look at Dara's wallet to give GD the details that he needs to convince Dara that he was the one sent by R.A.B. company.

"But this is not the right time to....", Youngbae's words were cut off when he saw the Straw Sandal and his entourage approaching.

"They're here", Youngbae whispered.

GD's smile widens.

Sandara Park will surely have the shock of her life if she finds out that she has just rented the Deputy Mountain Master (second in command) of the Triad, G-Dragon.


Hmmmmm... anyway..

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