Blood Sister

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Eight years after the fateful events during which three of South Korea’s biggest crime syndicates were taken down when ex-convict Xiumin betrayed his blood brother for a normal civilian life, Luhan has broken out of jail and he’s on his way to disrupt Minseok and Semi’s peaceful life.  To make matters worse, an incredibly important mission of Kai's has gone wrong in China, meaning that the sole remaining member of Luhan's arch-nemesis Mighty Mouth is back on the scene to hunt down Luhan’s little sister, and he’s convinced that Minseok and Semi know where she is.


This is the sequel to The Blood Brother Code.  While you'll probably still be able to read and enjoy and understand most of Blood Sister without having read TBBC (which is a bit of a different genre, to be honest), enjoyment and understanding will probably be increased if you have read the first installment.  If you can't be bothered to read TBBC (since it's almost a hundred chapters long) or don't want to (because I know that psychological mind games aren't everybody's thing, whereas this basically has none and is much more along the lines of action/adventure), here is a synopsis of the plot that tells you everything you need to know.  There is also a spin-off about Jongin called Blood Bound, which can be read as a standalone.

The Blood Brother CodeBlood Bound

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Also, there will probably be character death, most likely action, and a bit of violence, but I'll do my best to make sure it isn't graphic.  There shouldn't be anything in here that needs rating.


Not all the characters from TBBC will be appearing, but I'm bringing back as many as I can.  You can expect Agent Kai, super-smart Lay, sidekick Jongdae, Luhan, Sehun and Xiumin for definite, most likely Kyungsoo as well.  There will probably be a lot more action than there was in TBBC.  Tags will be updated as I go along.


As usual, I don't own EXO, their image, anything branded to them or SM Ent etc. or to any other artists whose names are used in this story.  The story itself is fictional.  Please don't plagiarise it.  Also, please don't nag me for updates (or tell me to "update soon!") or call me "authornim".  I wish to go by "Korey" on here, and updates will come when they come and not before.  (Side note: I don't allow any translations of any of my works.  Any translations are therefore plagiarism.  The only place you can read Blood Siste is on here, and in English.  If you spot it elsewhere, please let me know.)

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FEATURED: FRIDAY 1st May 2015.

Wow.  This is... er, actually a little scary, considering that Blood Sister has only been on the site for ten days, and only posted for about seven of those because I had it drafted for a little.  It's exactly six months since TBBC got featured (on a Friday as the months changed, too – such deja vu! – and honestly, I'm not totally sure how to handle how highly some of you seem to think of my writing skills.  It's making me really emotional.  I'm far from the best author out there.  But thank you.  Thank you so much.  I'll do my level best to deliver something of the highest quality I'm capable of.

So, with TBBC, I went through and looked at the number of Xiumin-related stories that had been featured.  When TBBC was featured, there were 4600 fanfics under the Xiumin tag, and it was the first Xiumin/OC fic to be featured, out of four featured stories on that tag.  Blood Sister is the seventh on the Xiumin tag, and there are now nearly 5300 fanfics there.  Xiumin's on the rise, ha ha!  TBBC and Blood Sister are still the only Xiumin/OC ones, which makes me weirdly proud.

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24/04/16 The chapters I wrote for the 20th didn't fit right and I wanted to give you decent ones, so I'm currently redoing them. Sorry for the wait :/

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Chapter 58: I'm crying, though his passing was very peaceful and he died a hero. And I'm happy for Sehun and Weiyi, glad things turned out well for everyone else. I'm going to miss these characters very much. I'll probably head over to Blood Bound now because Jongin. I know I said DMAD was my favorite of your stories but after getting back into this au, I'm not so sure. TBBC and Blood Sister are definitely among my favorites too. Anyway, great story.
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Chapter 57: Luhan is... I dunno what to say. I KNEW he was hiding something but this is still hard
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Chapter 56: Why Luhan? T.T
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Chapter 54: Weiyi, you go girl! That was freaking awesome
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Chapter 49: Phew, that was a close call. And they finally kissed, yay!
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Chapter 47: Mushy fluff indeed. We need more of it :3
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Chapter 45: Great think Sehun's so competent surviving outdoors because they'd be screwed otherwise
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Chapter 44: Aw Tao! Long time no see :3 I'm so glad they escaped - their stay was beginning to give me anxiety
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Chapter 40: I'm with Xiumin, Lulu's hiding something...
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Chapter 39: This chapter is really nice... family talk gets to me