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"I hate alphas. They're all cruel beasts." In a world where an alpha and an omega are destined to be mates, Sehun is desperately trying everything he can to escape his fate.




+ Kris, Chanyeol, Yixing



✽ i am very excited bc this will be my first omegaverse story hehe.

✽ this fic is inspired by a doujinshi i read once in the shingeki no kyojin fandom. kudos if you know which story it was C:

✽ lovely poster by lynnryan, thank you bb 






“You know you have a destined person for you somewhere out there, right? Omegas are not like us betas―you have an alpha mate you’re supposed to be together forever with.”

“It doesn’t matter. I will never fall in love with him. I won’t make the same mistake my mother did.”



◼ STOP ◼

“So you don’t want me, is that what you’re trying to say?”

“I doubt you want me, either. We barely even know each other.”

“No, but…” Jongin takes a step forward, and Sehun automatically takes a step back. “Can’t you feel this… gravitation, between us? When I’m close by you, I feel like I can take on the whole world, yet my heart is constricting so painfully at the same time, making it hard to breathe. Don’t you feel the same?”

Yes, Sehun thinks. “No,” he says.




“Have you heard the story of the red string? They say that you are born with a red string tied to your ring finger, and on the other end, is your soulmate. It’s a bit like how mating works in our society, isn’t it?”

“But what happens if your soulmate cut the string himself? What happens if he doesn’t want you?”

“Do you want him?”

A pause. “I do.”

“Then… I guess you’ll have to fight for him, and reconnect your strings into one whole again.” 


[destinare] 160718: c26 posted! THE END!! it's completed!! ^o^

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Chapter 27: I am interested with the epilogue/sequel~~~
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Chapter 26: yayyyyyyyy they're happy~~~~ :D
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Chapter 25: they should get married soon because sehun is already pregnant,,,
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Chapter 24: good,,jongin and sehun are finally solved their problem,,,and making out~~~
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Chapter 23: krisyeol is cute :D
test jongin to make him understand,,,yeah kai is right,,,
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Chapter 22: Kris's father is sehun's father,,,,so kris is sehun's brother, his real brother,,,,
and yes,,,,jongin's fault,,,he is leaving sehun and hurt him,,,,and Kai saved sehun many times,,,,
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Chapter 21: I am so glad Kai is coming in the right time~
no one can't hurt his mate~
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Chapter 20: What!!! this is jongin's fault!! you leave sehun with your father!!!
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Chapter 19: Kai is Jongin too,,,,no rival here,,,
they just split the personality between jongin and kai,,,,between jongin and the alpha,,,they're not twin,,,
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Chapter 18: Jongin, Kai,,,,I don't care they're still one person and stuck in the same body,,,they loved sehun,,,so no problem for me,,,