The Best Feeling is When You Look at Him and He's Already Staring

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Sunny is practically head over heels about the smart, quiet, rich, pretty boy of their school Lee Sungmin. Every girl actually is. Yet like the rumors, no, facts say that Sungmin never and will never fall in love.


“YAH! Lee Sunny, daydreaming again.” Her seatmate and friend Kim Taeyeon smacked her head as Sunny has her head rested in her palms trying to pout for an imaginary kiss. Sunny rubbed her head as she watched her seatmate giving off her ajuhmma laugh while fixing her things. Sunny went back to her dreamland hoping to find Sungmin in there. And there he was in her imagination, standing right before her and Sunny puckered her lips again trying to kiss the Lee Sungmin. But, it wasn’t imagination after all for Sungmin spoke and asked if he could borrow a pen. Sunny was shocked that Sungmin was actually right in front of her! Her classmates especially the girls laughed at what she did earlier. “S-sorry. I was j-just uh…”

“Daydreaming?” Sunny eyes widened since Sungmin never give off any comments like that! He’s just plain quiet and smiles, or says “It’s ok,” and only talks during class hours! Even their classmates’ jaws dropped. HOW COULD LEE SUNGMIN TALK TO PLAIN AND SIMPLE LEE SUNNY? All of them thought. Sungmin gradually took a pen from Sunny’s pencil case leaving Sunny extremely shocked from what he just did.

“D-d-did he j-just—“ She stuttered.

“Yes he did, my friend, yes he did.” Taeyeon assured her.

Days have passed and Sunny has been noticing that Sungmin is everywhere wherever she goes. For example, during their P.E. class, she was playing volleyball and Sungmin was sitting in the bleachers reading his book.


Sunny POV

“Yah, Sunny-ah. I think Sungmin Oppa is looking at you.” Yoona whispered causing me to look at him. But he was just reading his book. Wow, looking at him makes my heart flutter and even lose my focus. Hyoyeon accidentally hit my head with a volleyball!

End of Flashback

Then in the library.


I was looking for a book about cooking when I passed by someone I unexpected, Sungmin. I quickly looked away to hide my blush. I looked up to see what section this area where Sungmin is, the cooking section. Is this what you call fate? I found a ladder and climbed to reach for the book I wanted but unfortunately, the ladder was unstable and I fell! I closed my eyes expecting a big thud on the floor because of a massive impact of my back to the floor. But instead, I felt two strong arms supporting my body. I took a peek to who this person is and my eyes widened when I met his eyes. Those two dazzling eyes are locked into mine. I felt like time stopped and we were just in that position for almost a minute. Realization came to me when I felt his struggle. I’m not a very light girl honestly. He immediately looked away. “T-thank you.” I said before running away.

End of Flashback

And there are more times when Sungmin’s road crosses mine. RIIIIING! Oops, that’s the bell for the next period which is art class. Mr. Kim told us to draw a person whom you dearly love. And as I was expecting, all the girls would obviously draw Sungmin except Taeyeon. I was thinking about his face when he stood up and went to the back of the room.

No One’s POV

Sunny tried not to look at Sungmin just for once. But she can’t help herself but look back at him. Just then, Sunny realized Sungmin was already looking back her while walking to the sharpener located at the back of the room. Their eyes were glued together not until Sungmin bumped into Mr. Kim who was just beside the sharpener.

“Mr. Lee, are you going to sharpen that…?”

“Y-yes sir.”

“You know, sometimes you’ll be stupid in love.” He said with a smile. “Now, Mr. Lee Sungmin here…” He announced to the whole class while putting his hands on Sungmin’s shoulders, “just went to the back of the room to sharpen his PEN just to get ANOTHER glimpse of Ms. Lee Sunny.” Sungmin’s eyes tripled in size as he saw the pen he was holding. Sunny looked away containing her smile and blush.

After everyone was done drawing, Mr. Kim announced that we should show our sketches to the class. When it was Sungmin’s turn, everyone’s attention was onto me. He drew me! He drew me while I was sketching. “The first time I laid my eyes on you I never wanted to look away. When you look at me, I try my best not to get caught looking back.  I’m too afraid to confess but I think the whole class got me today. Sunny-ah, let’s go out sometime.” He finished off with a smile. My heart raced as he was walking towards me. He bended down to my ear and whispered, “Saranghae.”



I dunno what I'm doing. Sorry if this is boring. Made it last midnight. o.o

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