Our Ghostly Cupids


Hara met an accident 4 years ago with her boyfriend Daniel. And ever since that incident, she had been seeing and hearing, communicating in particular to ghosts. And so, she also started seeing her DEAD boyfriend.


“Everything happens for a reason.” Daniel reasoned out.

“Maybe you’re right Oppa. Maybe there’s a reason behind this tragedy. But I wish I would know what the reason is. Losing you this early must have a great reason.” I sighed.


“I love you so much that’s why I have to let you live. Live a normal life. I hate to break this to you but you have to accept the fact that I won’t be with you for the rest of your life. I’ll soon have to leave you.”


She had finally accepted that fact and got used to living with ghosts around her, Daniel in particular.


Hara was the granddaughter of the Woo’s head maid, Lady Mae. All her life, her grandma have been serving the Woo’s for years, including Mr and Mrs. Min (Hara’s parents) before they died. Now that her grandmother grew old, her capabilities weakened but still insisted on continuing her service to the family. But something came up that had made her decided to retire. And so, Hara volunteered to replace her on protecting the Woo’s youngmaster.


Hara and Daniel was searching through the Woo’s Mansion to find Mr.Park’s office – the guy that replaced Mr. Woo Jong Dae (Jiho’s dad) ‘s position, when they stopped at an open window. Only to find a guy suddenly appeared of Hara’s very eyes and landed right above her.


“AAAAHHHHHHHHH!” they both growled in pain.

Hara was about to tear his head off when she saw Daniel. He had warned her and made her remember about what she said “change”.


“Are you okay?” the guy lends a hand. Hara took it and brushed off her pants. She didn’t responded right away for she noticed someone was behind him.


(Ooops. Too many spoilers. Haha)


What does that “someone behind him” have anything to do with the Woo’s youngmaster?

What challenges awaits for Hara?

Can she handle protecting the youngmaster?

Why is this fic titled “Our Ghostly Cupids”?

Why am I asking to many questions?
Is the author crazy? Hahaha. Okay I’ll stop now.



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 Oh my. It's been centuries since I last created a story. Well it's simply because I'm already in college, I became busy.

But since it's summer vacation and I'm here at my house, bored, (while everyone are out and having fun *sobs* ), I thought I'd use the time to create the story I've been wanting to write eversince. It's starring two of my ultimate biases, Zico and Daniel ! *fangirling*

And of course, y'all know I use my original character "Min Hara" as the female main role.

I'm sooooo excited to write this dream fic of mine. I hope you'd share my excitement as well.

I wish you'd subscribe and comment. I really do. It would mean a lot.

And lastly, you may find some scenes that are familiar scene to some tv shows, (you know, I really love watching televisions and so my story reflects it. hahaha) It's where I actually get inspiration to create my stories.

I got some ideas from there, but the flow of the story is originally mine.

Well in particular, I've got the idea of the ghost thing from "When Two Worlds Collide" where Daniel of DMTN was the main role. I really wish to read the story again but the author had to delete it because of the plagiarization issue. (The original story is from Meg Cabot's "The Mediator") I don't want to copy or plagiarized any story, I just want to get insipiration from them, I just wanted to make that clear. So yeah,

Please do not plagiarize .

No copying.

No saving.

Please do not make any copy.

This is an original by me, eunica_hija posted here in asianfanfics today (April 17,2015) ..

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