Black Pearl

The wind breeze at the sea is calming. The reality stings me. At this very place, I lost something precious,very precious that cause me to be lost here with an empty feeling aching in my heart. No matter how hard I try to remember, I can't manage to fanthom the puzzle causing it to be a hole in every memory. If I try to hard to remember it,I'll end up fainting. That's why mom and dad discourage me to remembering.

"Something is worth forgetting,darling.Try to let it go.Maybe then you'll be cure by this sickness."

I try to let it go but the memory keep on teasing me. It keep on appearing an illuminated face that I can't find the similarities from every one that appear in my memory box. It came to me in the form of dream that each time I wake up the face will continue to fade leaving me. Just like a habit, everytime I feel down or I miss the moment that I can't even remember, I try to sleep to be wrap, embrace by the unknown feeling that misteriously makes me feel etraordinary at ease. I feel so calm, so loved whenever I dreamth of him who I can't see. The pain i have been suffering seem to be healed when i dreamt of him. It was a waste that everytime I wake up the feeling vanish, the guy face blurred from my vision that I can't remember how his facial looks like. But one thing for sure, I'm postive that he has an angelic face with a heart warming smile. The only thing that I can remember is his scent. How sweet he smell, how that alluring scent lingers around me whenever I dream of him and when I woke up I still can remember his scent. But why?? why ? why can't I remember him. It's so frustrating that I end up not wanting to wake up. To be numb in the dream of him. Sleeping is the only way I can be with him so I 'll be with him if I sleeps. Mom and dad got furious at me, preventing me from sleeping.


"You'll be numb, paralysed if you continue sleeping like this." Dad tries to shake me up whenever I try to sleep that piss me off because I need to  meet him.

"LET ME! That's the only way I can be with him. Why can't you understand that." I screamed at the top of my lung at them. Wrigling trying to get their grip off me. Pushing them away so I can be free.



Dad slapped me. The pain stings and spreading on my cheek.

"YOU should stop this. He won't come back for you! He left you! He throws you away like a trash and yet you want him! YOU, UNGRATEFUL...."

He lift his arm to slap me. I close my eyes waiting for the impact but there's none of it. When I opened my eyes Mom is holding his hand, patting his back asking him to calm down. She usher him to leave my room. When he left mom went to the door and llooked back at me.

"You need to learn how to let him go, dear. He left you and Jimmy. Jimmy needs his mom. Come back,RIN.Please." 

Tears started to form on my eyes.Prickling my eys trying to fall down but I hold it back. When, mom opened the door a child's head popped out looking at me and her.

"Mama?! Nana, why awe yo keuring? Mama?"\


Tears begin to fall from my eyes, falling so heavily like a rain. I whimpered trying to wipe the tears, holding it. THe child run into my room getting on my bed more to prowling over my bed.

i sniffed my tears and look at him.

"Mama dun kueree(cry)". he said while wippimy tears. Kissing my cheek, looking at me with care with his deer like eyes. It's really beautiful and shining I guess he has his father eyes,huh. It's soo beautiful that I cries again when i see him.

"Mama?" I could sense curiousity in his voice. Then..

"Rin." I hear his voice.

Oh, why is it I hear his voice from my son. I hug Jimmy closer. Yes this is my only connection with him. My son Lu Jimmy. I kissed his temple so many times that he wriggles for space.

"Please don't go. Please."

I plead him, kissing him all over his face that I don't want to let Jimmy go as he has HIM in him. The only memory of me and him is Jimmy.

"Nae, mama.JimJim is hewe(here).JimJim naber lep mama."

Jimmy said hugging me and kissing me all over my face just like what I did  to him earlier.

Mom is right. Jimmy needs me. I need to be strong for him.

I hugged Jimmy and kissed him. Swearing to myself that I'll never leave my son hanging alone like what I did before. because I am his hero and he is my life.


I inhale the air giving myself a boost to recover from the pain of that previous flashback. Then, my sense smelll something so private to me. This scent. That cherry blossom scent. The sweet calminng cherry blossom smell that rfemind me of him. The one that I had been despearately trying to remember for tha past two years. I hold Jimmy hands trying to sense where the smell comes from as I walks along the beach. I try to look for a figure that I might recognise and I see him. A person that makes me stop walking.///

"Mama, waeyo?"

Jimmy looks at me and look back infront where he can see that guy. A guy that stand infront of us with the beautiful babyfaced look, a beautiful sweet smile and..... THAT EYES. the same eyes as Jimmy's. That beautiful shining deer like eyes.

"Ahh, Baba." Jimmy said and wriggles his hands from my grip. Jimmy runs towards him and that guy lift Jimmy up into the air and I can hear my baby laugh. His sweet laugh. That guy kiss Jimmy, tickling him and they both laugh together. When they stop that guy looks at me still hugging Jimmy with his one hand and his other hand signaling me to come near them. 

"Rin~~~~ Here."

My brain tries to refuse but my body just casually walks towards him. I don't know why is my heart beating so hard to him. This is hard Is he the one that I'd forget? When I almost reach him, he shoved his hands around my waist embracing me with Jimmy in his other hand. He placed his face on my neck. I could feel his hot breath spreading all over my neck. He hold my waist tighter as if he is afraid that I'll slip away from him.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't yell at you. I shouldn't ask you to leave."

His sweet soft voice rings through my ear canal. I'm so confused but I feel so complete in his arm.

I try to breathe the I smell it again. That cherry blossom smell that I remember clearly only scented on this one particular guy that accompany me in my dreams. The guy that I loved. My head's spinning, the pain throbbing back into my skull.

"ACKKK.. URGHHH.' I growl and he look at me with a concern look.

"Rin, wae? Are you hurting somewhere?"

 i kneels down holding my head gripping my hair as the pain is killing me. I could feel the memories running back again, spinning dancing in my memory box as I look at his shining eyes. I growl again as the pain is unbearable.

Jimmy cfies as he sees me in pain. That guy look confussed but he tries to calm Jimy down and help me in the same time.


I hear myself calling him and i can see it clearly again my lost memory. The memories of me and him... Luhan..

The man I love dearly. How our fist date goes and how it terribly ended as the rain pours like a war. When he shelters me with his school coat and we ran towards the bus stop. How he cares about me, how he allways kiss the nape of  my neck as his signature sign of saying goodbye. How we shared our first kiss under the moonlight, lighten by the light of the lamp post when the first snow fall. I remember how he proposed me, how my  parents rejected our marriage. How he gently make love with me trying not to hurt me. The way we always play together. How he calmly treats me everytime my hormones went wild when I was pregnant of Jimmy. How he kiss me before i born Jimmy. HOw happy he was when Jimmy was in his hands. He thanks me a hundreds time for JImmy.

"Thank you, darling. Thank you for being my angel and giving me My best buddy my own junior, LU JIMMY. Thank you my linlin. Wo ai ni."

How we struggle to raise Jimmy and ohh.. how we got separated. How I lost control when I saw Luhan and Bora. How I selfishly accused him and how I meanly threaten him to leave. When he told me to leave, I fiestly leave him storming out of the house with the three year old Jimmy who was crying for his dad... and how I lost my memories of him. How i lost everything about him. Tears streaming down my face again.

"No, no. Don't cry Linlin. "

Luhan said while wipping my tears with his thumb. Jimmy stop crying and he hiccup as he tries to muffle his whimpers. He opens his arm wide signaling me to take him. I hug Jimmy and cry with Luhan beside me, patting my hair, hugging me and Jimmy tightly.

"I'm sorry, Luhan I'm sorry for leaving" I said while hugging his waist with my right hands.

"shhhh, don't cry please. I'm the one who was wrong. I should have been more wise. I'm sorry."

he wipe my tears and softly put his lips onto mine. His warm lips sparks something inside of me. somehow I feel complete. I kiss him back and slowly feeling the love flow from the kiss. When Luhan bite my lower lips, JiMMY push us away.

"Baba, sthap squeejing mama's face."

The innocent boy said that makes both pof us laugh still connecting our forehead I couold clearly see the love in his eyes.

"Never leave me again Linlin. My heart beat just for the is no moment that I forget you. that I almost gone mad searching for you everywhere. Don't ever leave me again."

"No, I'll never ever go away from you again."

Both of us smile and walks away from the beach with his hands intwinning with mine and with Jimmy in my hands trying to pull his Baba closer to him that our chest collides. My memories are back. MY heart feel complete with a smile from him and a kiss that wake me up in the reality of his love. maybe I am a heir of sleeping beauty afterall..




***** THE END*******

Hey guys sorry if the ending id really know how to end the story act..

AHahha if u are confuse why lu


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