With the deadly prejudice Omegas face, Youngjae has made it his sole mission all his life to never be found out as an Omega. With his broad shoulders, the fake scars he scrawls across his face every morning and his elaborate ruse with his Omega friend Minki, it's becoming progressively easier to keep up the disguise—thankfully, since working as an executive financial consultant unfairly demands an Alpha male. It all goes well till Youngjae goes into his first heat, and it just so happens the Alpha heir of the corporate finally shows up at Youngjae's branch.




Pairing: Daehyun/Youngjae, Junhong/Youngjae

A/N: Trying out a/b/o verse for the first time! Here's some basic terminology: Alphas are the top of the hierachy who can impregnate, Betas are the normals with no special abilities, Omegas are the lowest in rank, are self-lubricating and can bear children. There will be but it'll be very infrequent, so I hope the description and the tag aren't misleading. ;; Chapters with are marked with M!



Jung Daehyun — 28

Yoo Youngjae — 27

Choi Junhong — 26

Thanks for the feature! TvT I'm in the midst of editing Oasis, I'm a bit embarrassed of the earlier chapters because they were written some years ago, so sorry if there are inconsistencies!!

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liningthread #1
Chapter 19: i was just talking to a friend about fanfiction and explaining why i think Youngjae in Oasis would make a good example of someone belonging to the precariat and i thought i could share lol everything below is copy pasted~

>anyways he’s not always in the right. his hatred is very blinding and limiting and alienates him from his own people including his best and only friend. so as far as he can’t overthrow the social order on his own, he’s doing his fair share /trying/ and i’d like him to be able to build meaningful relationships first before he breaks down ?
>and i keep thinking about this fic cuz damn he’d be a prime example of the precariat
>insecure employment, lack of social benefits and full citizen rights, can’t build lasting relationships due to external factors
>my boy is the executive financial consultant and yet he’s always living on the edge fearing harsh consequences and because of the fact he’s lying about who he is he’s got no occupational identity either. very precarious.

[it's a really good fic! it takes on a heavy topic and this makes it my favourite tbh. i don't know if you've had this concept in mind but the fact your character can be signed into a narrative of real life experiences shows how complex and realistic his struggles are. thanks!]
Chapter 19: My heart melts with jaelo ㅠㅠ they are so cute I hope they get together
NasuSo #3
Chapter 19: <3 <3 <3
15 streak 1 points #4
Chapter 8: Urgh I love this story a lot! A friend of mine told me to read it. And it is actually the first B.A.P story i am reading, BUT i am enjoying my stay to the fullest. The way you portrai youngjae is so neat. I love how he tries to be as independent as possible! And somehow dae is a very fascinating character as well. In general your characters are very well made (Heechul beeing one of the best) Also junhong. Omg he is so adorable. I cannot.
Anywayyyys i cannot wait to keep on reading!! Fighting author-nim♡♡
dr_who 1 points #5
Chapter 19: I still think youngjae should end up with junhong. <3 they'd be soooo cute together ;,,,,)
+and also you can update anytime you want with any amount of word count as you like. personally i don't mind at all :)
reslaresla #6
Chapter 19: Ee.. Is Jongup will be Youngjae's mate?
liningthread #7
Chapter 18: Every time i reread Oasis the second-hand embarrassment is killing me. Daehyun is hopeless... especially how he tries to be so specific and scientific about it lmao
Thank you for continuing Oasis!
Chapter 19: Loved the update, shorter chapters are okay too! Whatever works for you it’s fine~
Chapter 19: I wish Youngjae choose Daehyun.. U know.. To solves his heat problem.. And Daehyun being salty over Youngjae's word in finding mate.. He starting to likes him..

Haa.. l can't for the next chapter. I won't mind 3k words as long as u update.. Keep it up.
Chapter 19: ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
lots of heart for you~ thank you for updating this fic, ily! (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)