The Sad Man, The Broken Man, and a Boy

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On what is suppose to be the happiest day in his life, Lee Donghae was left on the altar by the other groom for another man.

But this isn't the story of how it all happened. This is the story of the aftermath when you, the runaway groom's widowed older brother with a toddler son and a dead wife, invited him to join in on your life drama. 




"Why would you do that?"


"It's the right thing to do, Hyukjae,"


"No, right thing to do is you standing in that altar with Siwon next to you, exchanging vow, be grossly in love and share that giant 5 tier cake i swear could feed a small nation. It's not you, almost crying your eyes out running away with me from 'family feud the real experience' with your brother as the enthusiastic host while mine is probably on a plane with a last minute ticket with Kibum on the way to ing Viva Las Vegas,"




Spend the last weeks before my graduation watching horrible romantic drama with a couple of friends and during one of them this popped into my mind: You know how there's the story when a guy was almost married to some girl or vice versa, probably because of family's pressure and stuff but then realize they're in love with someone else and left the bride or groom before or during the wedding like a Taylor Swift MV? Yeah, most of the time we saw the runaway bride/groom happily ever after with the person they ran away for. 

Now i wanna try a story about the person left on the altar. Because this is something i'm curious about.

Hope you'd enjoy the story, and any feedback is welcomed! 



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eunoia0813 #1
Chapter 4: To save you from my ranting, I will just comment here at the last chapter. Hihi.

Do you know that feeling of almost crying bec after everything there is their sweet, sweet happy ending? I just felt that. And that didn't happened for the tons of fics I've ever read! I can't even begin with how much I love this bec there are so many reasons. I previously said that I love Hyukjae's character, and unsurprisingly, I actually LOVE THE THREE OF THEM, Hae and Henry included. Every line after their dinner, when Donghae is pondering about everything hurt. Hahaha. Like I feel so attacked because I haven't felt that in a while. There are soooo many scenes that made me crazily in love with this more too, not to mention that despite that the latter chapters are all from Donghae's and Henry's POV (epilogue not included), Hyukjae is still stealing my heart with his lame but totally win wittiness. And gooooosh, his proposal. I mentally squealled and cood at fell in love all over again with them (at 4am because my sister is sleeping on te other bed.)

There are so many things that I want to say but I think you get the point that I totally love this. No wonder it got featuted! Very beautiful story! I look forward to reading more from you and expect to fall in love everytime. Hihi. Thank you for sharing your wonderful writings and writings skills to us. *sends cookies and virtual hugs*
eunoia0813 #2
Chapter 1: It's freaking 1:30 AM and here I am reading chapter 1!!!!! This is soooo goood! I love your characterization here. Don't even get me started with Hyuk's bec, oh myyyy. Such development in his character and his funny side comments and witty replies. Gosh. It honestly weirded me out at first upon noticing that it's in the second person pov but you have slain me with this fic. It's ridiculous but I don't want to finish reading this but i also wanted to sleep. Haha.

Sorry i am blabbering. Anyways, got to finish this before the sun rises. Lol
Chapter 4: omg omg omg omg omg omg Hyukjae and Henry are so cute! I love how you wrote the last chapter in henry's point of view, makes things a lot more amusing lol
Loved this story so much, the plot was perfect and the way you wrote it in first person from different people's points of view made it more interesting and easy to understand their thoughts. There was just the right amount of angst to get me fuzzy and tearing but not break out the tissues which I really appreciate. I hope you write more stories like this!
mukupriya #4
Chapter 4: Loved it
felineminseok #5
Chapter 4: "Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy--"

"You're going to keep that up until you're either blue in the face or i do exactly what you asked me to do, aren't you?"

^^^THIS PART omg correct me if i'm wrong but.... isn't that same conversation in ur other fic Camouflage Contract?? :ooo OMG LOL I LOVED HOW YOU ALSO PUT THAT CONVO HERE. that's so cool it's like finding an easter egg or smth... also henry is their son here too... and obviously you have a thing for a prosecutor!hyukjae? xD and apparently also for broken siwonxdonghae .__. that's so cool though bfjfjd

anyways, as usual, i loved everything--thought process, emotional process, character development--you did it so well, /again/, you're amazing. one would think that a groom--that was left by his groom--staying with his said runaway groom's brother who is a widower with a son and then ending up falling in love is such a weird, odd... situation, but somehow you made it all work without making it feel like it's odd. ugh. i love how you do your stories. i also liked that tiny part at the end where hyuk's wife made an appearance... gives some sort of acceptance feeling for donghae in the family :') aaaahh i should be sleeping rn bc i have 7am class tomorrow but sleep can wait, you're amazing. thank you! <3 <3
37 streak #6
Chapter 4: Seriously, I'm so close to crying TT it's very beautiful and written very nicely. It's not rushing, the plot is amazing and the ending is awesome. Stories from their point of view and Lawyer Lee HyukJae is so cool!!! I loveeeeee it!
Chapter 4: So sweet story, I read this while listening to "Still You"by D&E. I don't understand any words they say but it send me to crying to laugh with ups and downs of this story.. lovely.....?
Chapter 4: Beautiful as always❤️
seventeendaisies #9
Chapter 4: One of the best eunhae angst ff I have ever read! Love your ffs!
silverbluesea #10
Chapter 4: congratulations on being featured.

i dont like angst but i read your stories. :(

and i cried. hard. :((

i cried when read 1951 and i cried while reading this too. wait, i remember reading One Minute, One Second and sobbing like a mess a long time ago.

i dont like angst but i read your stories.

that's how amazing you are as an author, imo. your stories gave me angsty, sad feelings but there were fun, funny, happy ones too here and there balancing in your stories, sometimes fluff, making me satisfied after reading one of your stories.

thank you for writing and sharing for us. i hope you'll continue writing in the future. i'll wait patiently, dear author. ^^