In The Deep End: Thoughts on the Mind


Where I express my personal feelings on topics such as KPOP, everyday life and of course, AFF in general.


This is a journal/diary of my thoughts on the world today. Nothing too special, just those boring documentaries you're forced to read during History. 

Think of this as thoughts, Raw, unedited thoughts poured out into a journal. We all know when we want to say something but can't say it because it's so hard to put into words.

Honestly, I'm quite scared to do this. Some of you peeps out there would probably kill me for making such comments, but you know what? I'm going for it. I'm going to place all my feelings into this collection. This is what I like to call freeform. Because nothing matters here. Nothing. 

If you've clicked this-congratulations to you! You've either decided to really give this a shot... or hate on me and send me death threats. But, please refrain from doing that, may I say, because you might be the author of a bad!fic or crack!fic with absolutely no depth and meaning to it. To which, I actually praise you for thinking of something so one-leveled and with no meaning because that 's 'ard.

See what I mean? In fact, bam, that's a really good starting topic. Writing in general on AFF.

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