The Carnifex

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Oh Sehun only wanted to be the ordinary school guy he always used to be, but fate seems not to be on his side this time when he comes back to his hometown after losing his parents in a car accident and transfers to a school filled with nothing but terrifying series of deaths for the past five months--all concluded suicide cases. But setting those aside, he was more curious about a famous girl classmate who always seemed so friendly and cheery around other people but strangely cold and blank when it comes to him.
As he deepens his curiousity and develops his attraction to her, he later discovers himself entwined and compelled to the horrifying truth behind her existence that caused the dark mysteries of their school. He has no choice but to play the death game. Now both of them must find their way out of the curse that imprisoned their souls, to stop themselves from hurting more friends and other people and escape their imminent death from the hunter who's been tasked to execute them and from the shadow that has bound their lives to eternal darkness.

Death is just around the corner. All must take the curve.

Genre : | Dark | Horror Supernatural | School Life | Suspense | Mystery | Gore


"You can be a king or a street sweeper,
but everybody dances with the Grim Reaper."
~ Robert Alton Harris

Mysteries in Lockhart Academy began five months ago, when a female sophomore student was found lying on the ground of one of the girl’s lavatories, dead with her slashed throat. Investigations concluded the case to be suicide, but students and teachers were terrified for the four following months, wherein there had been four consecutive deaths, one person for each month, and all of it concluded as suicidal cases. Such phenomena had turned the attention of the two infamous paranormal investigators, who had been investigating on similar cases that happened ten years ago in a different city, to their school. Due to these events, the school administrators decided to cease enrolment for the next school year, until the death cases are cleared, but there had been protests against the school’s administration’s decisions which led to the revocation of the proposition of the school. Now, with these oddities left unsolved, Lockhart Academy continues for the next school year as the shadow that had been lurking inside its premises waits for its next victims.

All events appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real occurrences is purely coincidental.

WARNING: | This story contains violence and may include matured contents such as brutality and gory narrations.

Latin Terminologies

Carnifex (Carnifex Mortis) - Executioner (Executioner of Death)

Servus Mortem - Servant of Death

Mortis Nuntius - Messenger of Death

Angelus Mortis (Ordinis Custodem) - Angel of Death (Order Keeper)


Author's Note | Hi! This is my first authored fanfic and please bear with me if some of the desciptions are gory. I'm also a scaredy cat when it comes to horror fictions but I'm usually a fan of bloody movies like zombies and serial killings. This fiction describes a different Oh Sehun, but I hope you'll like it! ^_^
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