#01The Fallen

The Carnifex
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Chapter One | The Fallen

He was breathless after running up the staircase leading to the rooftop. He kept on looking behind him hoping to lose her sight of him.

He never wanted this. He never wanted to kill those people. He knew he was not himself during those times, and if he could only get away from the menace he’d brought to himself, he would’ve done it the first time he realized he’d be trapped inside this curse. But he always trusted her. He always did.

He found a perfect hiding place. Behind a broken exhaust, he sat with his knees to his chest. Sweat all over his body, he was trembling so hard. He somehow knew it’ll be his last day if he cannot get rid of the shadow. He couldn’t hear the distant noise of their school grounds. It was supposed to be the enrolment for the next school year, but for him, it would just be another months of torture from the dark spell of death. The other working exhausts were too loud for him to hear a door creek.

Few seconds later, he noticed he could hear them. Silence buzzed into his ears and he looked around, even peaked behind to see if she had already caught up. A familiar cold began to creep up inside him, this time, he was sure she’s already there. As he faced front again, he saw her, standing few yards away.

He stood up slowly and shakily. Her face was pale as it had always been. Despite the blank expression she had, every time Choi Jong Hun looks at those eyes, he h

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