The Window [on hold]


When Sehun's parents told him he had to move from his hometown to the city of Seoul, he was devastated. He was leaving everything he loved to make his parents happy. His best friend, his school and his beautiful girlfriend Minah were now hours away from him.

  He thought his life was going to miserable until his eyes landed on the beautiful Nari. His new neighbor, classmate and friend. Their houses were close to each other and their rooms were side by side, making it easier for him to look at her from his window.

He tried his best not to invade her privacy by looking at her through his window , but she was such an interesting and mysterious person that Sehun couldn't help but feel curious about her and study her a little bit more.

Would his curiosity turn into love? will he find her atrocious and forget about her? Will he find out her darkest secret?

We do not now but I've always believed that curiosity killed the cat.






~Handsome and athletic

~18 years old

~Smart and a little bit cocky.



~17 years old

~loves books

~Smart, funny and a little sarcastic.



~17 years old

~ Sehun's girlfriend

~Love Sehun and will do anything to keep their relationship




~Sehun's best friend

~Hates Minah

~his motto is "Bros before Hoes"

~Goffy, hates studying and loves life.




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