chapter 2

Do I Love You?


"prince Kim, dinner is ready" I turned to face my personal maid."can you send it to my room?" She shuffled on her feet a little. "im afraid I cannot, chairwoman  wants you to be present tonight" I turned around again standing in my body mirror. "tell your chairwoman im not interested. I'll be leaving" I grabbed the jacket from the nearby loveseat and brushed pass the maid. "prince!" She called after me as I stampeded down the steps. "woobin do not leave this house!" I turned to face my mother "what could you possibly want to discuss over dinner. I have better things to do then talk to you chairwoman 😊" she rolled her eyes at my arrogance. "your future is far more important than any horseplay you have in mind." She Crossed her arms over her chest and gave me the mother stare. "why do we need to discuss my future again" I crossed my arms mocking her exterior. "unfortunately you are the heir of kings industries. Pretty soon you will have to stop your foolishness and take on responsibility. And I refuse to watch this company go down in your hands" she gave me another smug look  before walking away her black pumps clanking On the marble floor. I turned towards the door again. "im serious Kim woobin do not leave out of this house" her voice sounded from the other room. "Aish" I ruffled my hair before giving her direction a glance and going back upstairs.


My father, the chairman. Sat at the head of the table and my mother sat across from me. The table remained silent until one of the maids handed my father a document. I watched as he flipped through the pages nodding. "call them tomorrow. Inform them that they got themselves a deal" my mother smiled at my fathers words. Her eyes made way to me and she smiled. "now for our discussion"

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