" The Evidence "

Hidden Feelings..
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" Any signs of Hyo.?" Jessica asked after they seached everywhere.

Everyone just bowed their head and sigh

"We don't have one." SEohyun added as she started crying she was really worried to her Unnie of course who would not be worried if there friend and a member of a family will get lost.

"Us either nothing" Leeteuk added he doesn't want Hyo to be in a dangerous place all alone by herself.

"Let's just continue tomorrow" Yoona give up already ad walked away.

Then Siwon and DongHae got angry at how she's not even worried or anything.

"Are you guys that happy huh.?" Siwon faces Yuri instead of Yoona.

"What are you saying.? "Yuri can;t looked at him eye to eye like before.

"Oppa! How can you talked like that.?" Yoona starts acting so that they will be the victim.

"Were not filming Yoona" Hae added as he holds the real map.

Yoona, Yuri and Sunny were speechless.

"So how many of you guys will betray your members?" Sungmin intruded as he walks with the fake map.

Everyone started to stare at Sungmin with a confuse looks on their faces.

"What's that thing.?" Heechul asked pointing at the map with.

Then Sooyoung smells something fishy about it especially to the three..

"This is not the one" Sungmin shouted to Sunny and shows the map.

"There is a cave in this place so why also join it."Sungmin raised his voice and throw it to their faces while glaring at Sunny , Sunny just felt sorry.

"I- I didn't know it has" Sunny aswered with a shacky voice.

"Okay stop it! We should go to that place" Fany replied preparing their things.

"Yeah! Then let's go" Kangin added as he get his things.

Then they started to searched for Hyo even though it's already dawn they didn;t stop searching for her.

"We're supposed to enjoy not be worried" Yoona mumbled as they continue to searched.

"Then stop looking it's easy" Taeyeon shouted to her for the first time she's really sick of Yoona these days.

It's been one day since Hyoyeon didn't go back yet.

Their the 2PM take care of her.

They washed her wounds and cleaned it after that Hyo was awake.

Hyo opened her eyes and asked " Where am I.?" She asked looking around.

Their the 2PM were relieved she's okay now they told themselves.

Then they start preparing their food and handed some thing to HYoyeon so that she can change and wash herself.

"Who could do that to her.?" Wooyoung started to begin the conversation.

"Yeah! It's too much" Jaebeom added as they started to eat.

Then someone suddenly called Taecyeon it was Yoona.

"You guys are so bad" Yoona told him as he accept the call.

"Not as bad as you" Taecyeon talked back to her he was not in the modd.

"So you really have Hyo.?" am I right.?" Yoona added with a sweet voice.

"Yes! " Taecyeon paused and Yoona starts laughing evily but he remind how Hyo was badly hurt because of them.

"That's why I love You " Yoona added now she can rule the stage that was she thought.

"Yes! we don't have her why.?" Taecyeon made his decison to not let them know.

"Did I heard you wrong.?" Yoona cleear   she can't belive Taecyeon doesn't have her.

"Nope! You already change the plan" Taecyeon added he was totally pissed off.

"What.?" Yoona stops laughing when he heard all of it.

"I'm gonna eat no bye" Taecyeon off his phone and sits to the chair.

"Not yet " Nichkhun asnwered looking at her room.

Then yo get out slowly because her legs are also injured even though her clothes are simple it's still looked good on her.

"Thank you ! for letting me stay and being my guardian" Hyo bowed they just nod and smiled at her.

"We're not leaving unless we found Hyoyeon." DongHae shouted it was the last day of their vacation and still they didn't saw Hyo.

"But you need to promote as a Super Generation " Their Manager replied it was the start of their tour.

"How about Hyo.?" Ryeowook asked directly he also cared for Hyo and not just him but everyone well except for those three.

"Yeah! We don't want to leave her" Seohyun added, of course Hyo was like her mom not just her but to all of them.

"Then okay for two weeks you should find her or not were going to leave her." Their Manager still give them a chance of course he still cared for Hyo.

The members just nod and bowed , then their Manager as well leave the island to take care of their tour.

After thirteen days Hyo's wounds are starting to recover she can slowly dance.

"Hyo can you teach us some moves for our comeback.?" Junho asked some helped.

"Eh? But why me.?" Your the dancer" Hyo answered she was shy to teach them there were both idols.

"C'mon your the Queen show us" Wooyoung cheered for her she wants to see Ho danced..

Hyo just sigh " Okay then but don' expect so much " Hyo started to dance popping and locking all the way.

But Hyo doesn't want to hurt herself and feel betrayed that's why she stayed for a little longer to calm herself.

DongHae just close his eyes and touches HYo's bed he misses Hyo's sweet smile and voice so much.

Hae just sigh when he thinks that tomorrow is the final day to search for her and tears started to fall from his yes.

"Hyo please come back" He added as he take a rest after the searched.

The fourteenth day came but still no sign of Hyo everyone started to cry they want to see Hyo and be with her.

"It's time" Their Manager bowed his head and they told them.

They started to cry even more what if she's hurt or something.

"Unnie ?" Seohyun and Sooyoung added they don't want to leave Hyo.

"Don't worry  the rescue team will searched for her no matter what happens." Their Manager tried to cheered all of them. They just nod and entered their private plane because they don't have a choice.

"Do you want to be our guest for our comeback.?" Taecyeon asked.

Hyo jsut started at him and thinks whether she'll go back to her group or not?

Then she finally made her decision after along confusion.

So guys what do you think?

What group will Hyo choose?

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