Into the Forest of the Fireflies' Lights




She can only remember summer.

Of the love she could never receive.

Of the lips she could never taste.

Of the warmth she could never take.

And of a boy with smiles so soft, being consumed by the fireflies’ lights.


Hello, I'm back with another story! Here's a little gift for you all because Eternity just got featured! Yay! Thanks for all the support, guys!

This one is STRONGLY BASED on this short movie called Hotarubi no Mori e. I watched it. I didn't have much expectation on it. But then I cried myself to sleep because it was so beautiful. I apologize in advance because my current writing skills will probably ruin the whole thing and fails horribly to grab the essence of the movie. I wasn't satisfied with how the movie ended so I decided to change some parts and even wrote some new scenes. I'm probably butchering the beauty of their characters but I've tried my best. I just really want to share my view of this story with everyone, especially you guys my precious readers!

And I realized that I haven't really said goodbye to Luhan yet so I dedicated this story for him, and for my friend Sekar who got her heart crushed badly from his decision to leave the group. I've confeyed my feelings through this story. No matter what, I will still love him.

Anyway, without further ado, happy reading guys! I hope you love this story just as much as I do.


*I wrote this story based on my own interpretation of the movie. I may have missunderstood some parts so I recommend you all, if you like this story, to watch the movie. It's a japanese animated film that only lasted for half an hour but I swear to God, you won't regret it.

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ilovekorea37 #1
Chapter 3: This is so sad... I'm literally crying rn
nanayeolxx #2
Chapter 3: this is so beautiful im cryinghsbs
060306 #3
Chapter 3: It made me cry
Chapter 3: Im a crying mess now....Great job authornim (T__T)
Chapter 3: And I'm crying. Wooo
Ayy this got published on my birthday
Chapter 3: TT.TT My tears won't stop!!! TT.TT
Lovenhope #8
Chapter 3: Aww a sequel please
I'm crying T.T They are so great together. I want one like him too
Love love love :) :) :)