Hello, Mr Teacher

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Woohyun got his apartment on fire one night, lost place to stay for the night and his hot teacher named Sunggyu who lived next door offered him shelter for the night. When Sunggyu's parents made surprise visit the next day, they were shocked with the two without shirts on bed and decided to do something with it.

GENRE : slight-angst, fluff, forced marriage

AU : high school, teacher-student

CAST : Woohyun, Sunggyu, Hoya, Sungyeol, Dongwoo, Mijoo, some more kids

SOUNDTRACK : To Be With You by Park Chaewon

NOTE : i should not post this yet but when frenchsha was done with this amazing poster, i could not hold myself anymore and this au made myself more giddy than i already was. i always have faith in this type of relationship, admired it because i am one of the proofs that such relationship could work (my mom is my dad's student). as i said, there might be something ual but i dont know yet. dont put too much hope.

WARNING : PG-15; top!gyu y!gyu alert

POSTER CREDIT : frenchsha in Cookies N' Doodle Graphic Shop

INSPIRATION : main idea inspiration from this manga for the prior thing that caused the marriage. dont judge me for reading it, it was from long time ago.


《 currenly in a major editing process 》

update: 06/02/18




let's see when will these appear haha . sly and y sunggyu on the go.

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ineedthetoilet #1
Amoreno2 #2
Chapter 20: This story was amazing and so sweet from start to finish. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story with us authornim:)))))
Chapter 20: Sulky cutie nam woohyun!!!!

Once again, Congratulations Ika. You are awesome!! Keep fighting
Chapter 13: This couple is so cute ^^, need to stop this Nam fan club craziness XD.
Chapter 21: 2nd time reading thisssss.... it's so goood.. i love reading your stories... keep it up author nim ?
ill_llamanati #7
Chapter 21: Yayyyy that’s cool!! I will be reading along with all the edits!!! Good stories shall be re-read more than twice
Congratulations on getting featured!
Kpopmilf #9
Chapter 3: Sweet
Chapter 17: Okay its keep bugging me since i re-read this story. Sunggyu is a teacher. Woohyun his student at his last semester and.. Urrgh how could i say it?
Too much kisses lmao... Woohyun is just a high schooler yet he got that damn kisses like everyday (i don't mind it honestly bcoz i looooooovee fluffy things) and how could gyu resisted his lust lol