Park Shin Hye, the only daughter of one of Korea's most influential conglomerate company executives, decided to live a totally opposite life in order to escape the deranged murderer of his father who threatened to revenge and kill her as well. She disguised herself as a poor lass living in a humble abode in fake prosthetics in order to look ugly and different. Shin Hye now finds herself under a new identity concealed under a new name Naru. One day, she got hired as the exclusive make-up artist and stylist of the Bangtan Boys who is on the stage of financial struggle after the Boy In Luv era. The boys are now tasked to find the girl named Shinhye who was revealed to have invested a huge amount to Big Hit Entertainment way before her life changed. 


Little did BTS know that Naru is an epitome of beauty concealed under fake ugly make-up. Naru finally meets her ultimate crush Jung Kook who never expected will be part of a roller-coaster ride of chasing and hiding games from Naru's series of kidnappers and murderers.



Action, Romance, Drama, Comedy






If it were not for the sudden clanking of the unclean utensils near the sink, I wouldn’t have woken up.

“Gumps!!” I sobbed as I called out in anguish of my Persian white cat which seemed to be messing up again with some filth from last night’s dinner with the Parks.

I pulled back up my dark black comforter and stuffed myself on the bed even more. But something in my mind built up faster than I could close my eyes.

“Oh crap!” I finally sat and zoomed straight to the bathroom almost stomping on Gumps who just approached my room, probably to check if I’m okay. I have been yelling Oh crap since I woke up. Well if only cats could talk, Gumps would’ve already asked me why.

“I’m late I’m late I’m late holy crap!”

Okay. Let’s cut the crap. This obviously panic-induced twenty three year-old girl is running late for her very first photo shoot. Scratch that. I’m obviously not the model. I am a make-up artist.


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