The Leaf is Loose

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GOTzy one shots! Second one-shot: The Second Lead Guy



GOTzy one-shots or two-shots depending on me. 

Stories might or might not be linked to the other stories. 

1. Jr. x Suzy : You are such a moaner. 

2. Jr. x Suzy x JB : The Second Lead Guy


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Ynahissueweetie #1
Chapter 1: Lol. Hahahahahahahah.
kyiwii #2
Chapter 1: LOL! that was cute ^_^
gigi_jjang #3
Chapter 2: Its beautiful authornim, i like the way u make it from Jr POV.
gonna waiting for more from u ^^
bhadra001 #4
Chapter 2: very well written!.. Thank you for sharing. :)
Chapter 2: if i can give drop thousands comments here on how beautiful your story is, i will do it immediately. This fanfic is too good. And JBZy is my favorite. Together with JrZy. Thanks for making this wonderful fanfic