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Some of you probably already know I have changed the forward, as Gene Wolfe said, "You never learn to write a novel, you learn to write the novel you're writing." The one-shot has changed from it's original form, which is also why the poster and background changed. I like both posters and I don't want the original poster to fly away and be forgotten b/c it reminds me of how theis one-shot was supposed to be. I am putting both poster and it's background [obviously with proper credits] so you my readers can see it. 


Do leave a comment on the story! This is a contest entry so good comments = better chance of winning or doing well in the contest. Personally I think it would be nice to win, although its not my main goal but if I'm going to enter a contest I have to try. I love comments almost more then subscribers (long rant that may one day be explained in a blog post!) and let me know how it is. For those who saw me on K-Industry on Crack [clicked my name and browsed through my stories] let me know which genre you prefer my writing, comedy or this weirdangstfluffsliceoflife thing. Originally I wanted to use actual baby pictures of Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin but the pics are too blurry for the poster. So I used Moonbin's picture to repersent young Yoochun, [Moonbin played mini Yunho in DBSK's mv Balloons, I know what you're thinking shhh don't judge]. Inhwn to repersent young Junsu [Inhwan played mini Junsu in DBSK's Balloons] but in the character list I used a picture of Kim Min Chan, and Leo to repersent young Changmin [Leo is one of the mixed children MBLAQ had to take care of on Hello Baby! and is a child ulzzang.


9f05ad27c4b93568bef9df68b8a2173a.jpg                                     25ccaaf2132b4b1b772c14a9f0720c68.jpg (500×300)

Poster  & Background credit goes to : Planetariums who used to be a graphic designer at this shop called ➳COFFEE & CAKE {Rawr Graphic Shop} [which used to be called The Boy's Name] 




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