Cry Hard Enough


How hard would you cry to get someone back?

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Swiftwind #1
Chapter 1: This was so sad and skillfully written, it really made me tear up...The language perfected the heartbreaking feeling of loss and pain. I'm touched that they care so much for each other TT
moongrl #2
ㅠㅠㅠ.ㅠㅠㅠ So well-written! I feel my heartstrings tightening from reading this!
Chapter 1: I just... my bias.. *goes off to read all your oneshots*
sunshine1996 #4
Chapter 1: aww so sad :((
Chapter 1: ;A; Sungminnie ~ ;;_;;
Chapter 1: *Sniff* Wow... Such beautiful writing!
this was so sad... ``><``
I cried.. I can't imagen any of Super junior dying.. Its just too sad!
[deactivated] #7
crap. gawd i wish i hadn't read this, but at the same time i'm glad i did. this oneshot deserves a bucket of tears... it's immensely beautiful and heartbreaking. the weather made it worse.
seriously, how could you write such a perfection?
I'm reading this again for the second time and am finding myself sobbing so heartbreakingly.<br />
Gosh, I'm speechless. In not a lot of words, you've captured the grief of the OC perfectly. I could actually imagine myself with all the members trying not to cry, the skies crying, and well, my tears at Sungmin's grave.<br />
You're a really good writer, hope to see more angst oneshots from you!
YesungLover #9
T_TT your so good..
Tearing up. Why. Why. You're so good at this >.< Almost all of your ff makes me cry T.T