To Whom Do I Belong?



Gong Minji (2ne1) is torn between three guys! One is her boyfriend Taemin (SHINee), one is her Bestfriend Baro (B1A4) and one is her Soul mate Changjo (Teen Top). What will she do? Will she be able to make the right decision or would something happen? Read to find out!



A/N:Hello everyone in AFF! (^^) So basically, I’ve been so busy with school and now that it's already our semester break, I’ve decided to write my first fanfic! This Fic would contain 9 to 10 chapters so I can finish it fast before school starts again! Who do you want Minkkie to end up with? I will update as fast as possible, if laziness struck me then you shall wait! hahaha JOKE! Well, enjoy reading! <---- TRAILER

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JOyyfull #1
Please update soon ! ~~ i love TaeMinzy but then again there are alot of TaeMinzy stories out there it would be nice to see someone else with Minzy ^__^ ! ~~~
no updates gurl?
[deactivated] #3
Yeah!! i like it soo far,... Hope you update soon!!!
TRawww #6
totally subbing this story. <br />
I love Taemin and Minzy ^_^ <br />
i like taeminzy the best kyahhh
Omo! It's hard to choose!! I'm more of a taeminzy shipper so I'm gonna go w/taeminzy