Dear Jerk, It's War !

Paper Heart
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Luhan would have returned in his room directly after the show was done, but he wanted to congratulate Jongin for his amazing performance.


This was the only reason he used his VIP pass to go backstage.


The only reason.


This was also the only reason he was rooted at his spot as a smirking Sehun marched towards him.


And this was the only reason his heart felt like jumping out of his chest.


The only reason.


"So, how was it?"


Luhan was too perturbed by Sehun’s sweaty neck to hear his question. Only after, a bit too long time, he focused on Sehun’s face and saw one of his eyebrow raised in confusion.


Luhan could feel his cheeks warming. Get your together Luhan! “Huh? You– what?”


"The show, how was it?" Sehun repeated and thankfully, he didn’t seem affected by Luhan’s weird behavior.


"Oh, that." Of course that idiot! "It was okay."


"It was awesome." Sehun rectified.


All of Luhan dizziness faded away behind a deep frown at that sole sentence. “Why are you asking me if you’re already convinced by your own judgment?”


"Why did I ask if I knew you were going to lie is a better question."


Luhan narrowed his eyes. “I’m returning to the room.” At that, Sehun chuckled and Luhan took it as a clue to leave, quickly. Not because he liked the sound, no. He was just tired.


But Sehun had to halt his steps by grabbing his arm and say with an amused tone, "Why are you such in a hurry, hyung?"


Hyung. The only sign of consideration Sehun ever showed him was that single word if Luhan didn’t count that day the younger bowed at him. It was an accident as Sehun had mistook him for Baekhyun. Luhan didn’t understand how Sehun could have confound them since they looked nothing alike apart from their “little height” as Sehun had innocently pointed out. A pity some teachers were talking in the hallway, Luhan wouldn't have had to keep his clenched hands by his sides otherwise.


"I need to study," Luhan replied, pulling his arm out of Sehun’s hold. Without looking back, he made his way towards the dorm.








"You ."


"Yes, that’s why I’m beating the out of you!" Luhan retorted, his body swaying by how much force he was pressing on the game controller’s buttons. He looked like a retard according to his roommate, but Luhan couldn’t care less about his remarks. He knew that Sehun was saying them lest of Luhan winning against him.


Unfortunately for him, that was exactly what was happening.


It was one of those rare nights when Sehun and Luhan put their hate for each other aside and worked together to kill the time. One of these rare nights when there was nothing to do. Well, Luhan needed to study but it seemed like he forgot about it after Sehun had told him that he couldn’t beat him. Without wasting a second, Luhan had sat on the couch, took the second controller and was ready to rip that smirk off of Sehun’s face.


The brat knew how to get Luhan do what he wanted.


But for the first time, Luhan was glad he accepted

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