Dear Fate, Why ?

Paper Heart
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Luhan sighed.


"This is never going to stop…" He found himself mumbling the same thing every morning for a week at the sight of pink and white letters atop his books in his locker.


It all started when Luhan's dream of being accepted in Seoul X university came true. His sadness to leave China was replaced by excitement as he had watched with glee the modern exterior. He had stepped in the lobby and felt lost in between a crowd of students wearing the latest brands from fashion designers. He had sensed numerous looks directed towards him and he could feel the word Outcast slowly and painfully being engraved on his forehead.


Despite his first impression, people were nice to him, showing him the directions in this immense building. He even made a friend the first day; Baekhyun, the person who had accompanied him to his room. They had walked an endless hallway and Luhan was thankful Baekhyun was talkative; it was a good distraction to not think about his sore legs. He had landed on the country at 6 in the morning and had to come visit the school directly after since he was a semester late.


His new friend had waved at him and walked away after leaving him in front of his dorm door. He had watched Baekhyun's retreating back with a smile. Luhan had been so anxious about his accent and far from perfect korean, he didn't expect everything to go on so smoothly.


But Luhan mostly didn’t expect who his roommate was going to be.


The bored gaze he received when the door opened after a few knocks had made Luhan drop his smile immediately.



Luhan couldn't believe his luck.



His roommate was Oh Sehun.



Oh Sehun.



His ex-boyfriend.



His ex-boyfriend.



Luhan, for sure, wasn't awaiting for Sehun to welcome him as his first words were "Find another room" but, slamming the door in his face? Luhan had knocked again, acting like what he thought was the most civilized way possible in a situation like this one. However, the quiet calls of Sehun's name soon transformed in shout that appeared effective if Luhan counted the student getting out from an adjacent room to calmly ask him to shut the up.


Luhan had been offended.


But more than that, he had been frizzing in the cold hallway because the jerk had refused to open the door for a few hours.


Baekhyun had been quite shocked to hear that as he had explained that Sehun bow to everyone and was a hard working leader of a dance crew.


Luhan had scoffed. He couldn’t believe nobody knew who Sehun really was. And he couldn’t believe that even if he exposed it, no one would believe him; he had recounted his amazing encounter with his jerk of ex-boyfriend to the principale, hoping that Sehun would be sanctioned but no, of course no. Luhan had almost been sanctioned for lying. Unbelievable.


And on top of that, Sehun was really popular. Like, really popular. Girls, boys, certainly dogs. Luhan had let out a nervous laugh when he found the first letter in his locker. The sight was so oddly familiar, it was almost painful. It had been six years but it seemed like he was still not over it.


Sighing, Luhan put the letters into his bag along with the books for the remaining of his morning classes.










"It’s a personal invitation, be happy."


Luhan scowled at the black and white sheet on the cafeteria's table then up at Baekhyun. “Happy? He hates me. Why does he want me to come?” he asked bluntly, recalling his first week with his roommate. Sehun had b

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