The Kingka and the Flower Boy.


What happens when a young boy from the countryside arrives at an elite Seoul high school and meets the Kingka on his first day? The boy then enters a contest to find the high school's 'Natural Flower', but what will happen when he finds out what the 'prize' is for winning?

Kdrama original idea.


"Oh... I... fine, okay, just please stop looking like a puppy?" Jeta finally relented after failing to think up a good enough excuse to not be in a group with Minhyun and Takuya, though he flinched when the whispers started up.

He looked around the classroom as he nearly started to shrink into himself, though he looked over at Takuya as the older boy was able to get the other students to completely change subjects with just a look! But what did one of them say? Who has to move in where? However, before he could try to think about that any more, Takuya's voice rose up and made him look over to the Kingka, tilting his head and straightening up a little more as he listened to when they had extra time after school and that they would be studying for all of the classes.

"Alright, sounds reasonable. Studying for all of the classes instead of just one is actually a very mart plan," He said after some thought, nodding to Minhyun and Takuya. "Yeah, I'm in," He agreed choosing to ignore what Minhyun was saying for the moment as he ruffled up his own hair again, moving it out of his eyes then looking up as the bell rang for Photography class. "I'll see you in Biology, sunbaenim," Jeta said with a wave before quickly heading off to his second class, slipping in and taking the camera he had used the day before and sitting down and stretching out his legs.

Maybe things wouldn't be too bad, though he still was trying to figure out what that one person had said. Who was going to move in with who, and why?


Main Characters

Kim 'Jeta' Suyeob

- Young man from the countryside, newest student at the elite
  Jisoon High School in Seoul.
- A kind boy by nature, he was considered the prettiest
  boy in his neighborhood, a flower boy of 'natural beauty'
  whose looks were not influenced by plastic surgery.
- Attending the elite school on the wishes of his late grandmother,
  who wanted him to get a good education. He is currently working
  on making a whimsical garden in memory of her, due to them
  gardening together in his hometown.

Terada Takuya

- A senior and Kingka of elite Jisoon High School in Seoul.
- He is mysterious and outwordly cold to most people other
than his closest friends, and everyone in the high school
consider him the most gorgeous man in the whole school.
- Not much is known about what he does outside of school
other than studying, and people are too nervous to ask
him or his friends. Not like he'd tell them anything though.


Other characters

The other members of Alpha:BAT
The other memebers of Cross Gene
Other various Kpop groups
Random people

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