Storm's Tales (K-Pop One Shots -- Requests Available)



A collection and series of one shots written by me, Storm. Characters my vary from one group, to a few members, to a cross-overs. Whatever comes to my bizarre mind. Plots may or may not include mature content but those stories will be marked as mature, don't worry. Adding on, plots may vary from the idol world to an alternate universe where they're not idols and may be members of the supernatural. Who knows?

Yes, I will do requests. If you want a one shot, please use this format in the comments:

Idol Group:
Specific Members (specify if you want it specifically written with you as a character or an OC as well as idol members): 
AU* or Non-AU:
or no :
3rd POV/1st POV***:

*AU - alternate universe. A reality where they are not idols.
** Plot/Prompt: Please, please, please provide me with a plot or prompt. This could be a fully detailed plot where you want L.Joe and Chunji to take a break from practice and they go on a date where they confess their feelings. Or, it could be a prompt like a simple quote. As long as I have something to work with.
*** POV: Please specify which point of you. If you want you and an idol then it will obviously be 2nd POV/You. If it's 3rd POV or 1st POV please tell me whose POV you want it in. For example: "Zelo watched as Yongguk stepped into the car/ I watched as Yongguk stepped into the car." or "Jinhwan's gaze swept across her, memorizing every detail; she was perfect/ My gaze swept across her, memorizing every detail; she was perfect." Know what I mean? Great!

Also, please be patient when it comes to requests. I'm a full-time university student and I have other things to do but I will try my absolute best to try and complete your request.

Thanks for reading! ♥





EunKyu: Junhoe x OC (Violet)




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