Mission: Destruction



Krystal Jung likes Lee Taemin. But he likes her best friend Choi Jinri and the two of them hit it off immediately.

Choi Minho felt it weird for his best friend Taemin to be going out with his little sister Jinri.

Minho and Krystal have the same hidden agendum: break Taemin and Jinri up and when they found out they both have the same intentions they began to team up to carry out their mission.

How would Taemin and Jinri fare with the schemes that the people they love set out to them?

Would Minho and Krystal be able to break one couple…or make another one out of themselves?


This fic is inspired by f(x)'s So Into You. I don't know what the lyrics of the song meant, but when I was listening to it, this plot with Minstal, Taelli, 2Min, Jungli in a tangled, different sorts of relationship just popped in my mind.

To all who gave love to my Minstal fics Love's Way and Beautiful Stranger, I hope you'd like this one as well. Cutie poster made by Rifa_ Namstar of Snow White Graphics Shop.  

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Thank you!

And I also want to thank one of my readers, pandagirl84 for also making me a cute poster I just can't let it go. Check it out in the third chapter! Thank you, Vivian. :) 

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Chapter 4: I hope you will continue this story.
Chapter 2: Waaahh ! TaeStal !
ElGone #3
Wait what is the main pairing of this story?! :))))
[deactivated] #4
Chapter 4: waa,your story is great...please update soon :)
Hahaha this story is great its veryfunny!! Please updateeeeeee~~ <3
XD The nose picking part was just too funny! love this story! <3 Taemin and Sulli are so cute >w<
auuuh... nice story, new fans here author-nim^^
i love almost all of your story, esp MinStal related^^
update please T_T
Hello! New Reader here! I found your story so captivating! ^^
Teehee :P
Minho and Krystal are so cute together!
hunhanballz #10
Lol I'm glad I found this. This is really cute! In the end though I'm all for TaeLli and MinStal :) update soon