Soul Eater


Soul Eater AU


Author's note:

But also not entirely Soul Eater AU. Not everything in Soul Eater* is applied in this story. I made up and added a bunch of things.

No heavy . Only small mentions of it. And I don't know whether this belongs in the fantasy or supernatural category. Maybe in between. Definitely a love story. Don't let the poster fool you.

*Soul Eater is a manga and has an anime based off of it

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Chapter 20: YOU WROTE A REALLY GREAT STORIESS!! I am such a big fan of Revotion and when I saw that you have another fic, I quickly read it and FELL TOTALLY LOVE ? great job! Thank you for sharing us some wonderful fanfics ?
Congratulations on getting featured!
Chapter 5: I thought Yixing was dead, but now I'm curious on what happened to him and Luhan to end up like this
good job!!
Chapter 20: Oh god! I think I'm in love!
This is just amazing!
Thank you so much for writing this fanfic!
baoziben #7
Chapter 20: I finish this and ohmygod thank you so much for writing this story (ಥ‿ಥ) I want to say a lot of things but I don't want to be spoiler brat so, nah, I'll just say thank you and thank you so much for writing this and other story too (◑‿◐)
baoziben #8
Chapter 9: Whyyy?! Whyyy?! First, I was hurt deeply because it's Yixing. Second, now I am hurt because they still love each other and I feel so wrong for expect Luhan will love Sehun ヽ(´□`。)ノ Third, it will be easier for me if and only if Yixing really betrayed Luhan, but he isn't and I feel so wrong twice (ToT). My heart is aching. It's too much, too much, I feel like I want to burst crying *sob and click the next button*
baoziben #10
I'm bookmarked this for tomorrow (lol, let's see whether I can wait it till tomorrow or just simply back here in few minutes later xD)